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The Press Bureau has Issued a memor- andum of the German Government re- garding alleged incidents associated with the destruction of a German submarine by   the auxiliary cruiser Baralong on August 19, and Sir Edward Grey's reply thereto.

The Gorman document alleges that the steamer Nicosinn wns stopped by a Gor- man submarino, AVbich fired on tho Nlco- sinn. after the crow bad left the ship. A steamer had been sepn approaching, flying tl)P American flag. While the submarine was dring at the NIcosian the stranger, which proved (o be the Baralong, sud- denly oponed fire, mtliorto she had hid-

den her arms. The submarine began lo

sink, and those on hoard jumped oyer boai'd. Several, while clinging to ropes from I ho NIcosian, were killed by gunfire from '-lie Baralong, and partly by rifle fire of the Bara long's crow. One witness, Curran, an American, states that the com- mander of the Baralong ordered tile men lo shoot a helpless Gorman submarino sen man In the water. Curran and another witness, Palen, an American, nssert that the commander gave definite orders pot to take any prisoners.

The Geraum statement continues:-The commander of ino submarine, while swim- ming, raised his hand in token of surren- der, but wits killed by ii shot ip the neck. Tlio copimandor of the Buralong requested the captain of the Nicosiun to impress upon his CI'CAV the necessity not to say unythlng. No doubt the commander gave orders to kill the German seamen in a cowardly rann nor, also that the crew obeyed tho order, and shared the guilt of murder. The Gor- man Government informs the British of this terrible deed, and takes it for granted the British will proceed Avith a charge of mur- der against the captain of the Baralong, otherwise \l will cqpsider itself obliged to take the serious decision of retribution for an unpunished crime.

The Gorman document includes the affi- davits of six Americans nboard the Nico- tian, whjch is alleged (q haye been carry- ing 850 mules, mid subsequently landed safely at Avonmouth, to where the vessel was towed and docked. Witnesses who shipped as muleteors and superintendents allege that the Baralqng lind largo canvas shields on which the American flag was painted. Four members of tho crow of the German suhinarlno who scrambled up on the NlpoBlin, were found in the engine room and shot In cold blood by a boat's crew from tlio Baralong.


tinrimore IToIHnd, mi American, in an affidavit, said:-I was a member of the crow of the Baralong, which was a dis- guised armed cruiser. On August 10 we picked up a wireless message that ii sub- marine lind sunk the Arabic, nud was attacking Hie Nicoslan. Wo ruslied to the scene. Soi eral of tlio CI'OAV of the sub- marine wore killed by shots in the water. Only one got aboard Ihn NIcosian. After our cipw hoarded the NIcosian wo found tlio Gormans from the hubmnrino on deck. When asked If his submarine lind sunk tlie Arabic lie lefusod to give any Informa- tion, lint 'snid, "Why do you shoot?" A marine then shot him, and threw his body


.T^ M. Garret, nn American, In an affi- davit, said:-Twelvo mon from the sub

marino jumped into the water Most of1 thpni w oro naked Twenty five marines fired on tbe submarine captain wWe no was in tbo water np saw others sirai haly shot After tho submarine was blown UP tbo Nicosian's pomniapder. Captaip Manningi ordered bis mpn to use their oars to bit t German on tho hpad if he swani neat them

James J Chicago, in bis affidavit, said - The Baialong's second shot si_psl)ed the po|iscqpp of tjio Gprmnn gurima*. Ino, \]\Ù

tlilid cauled away the base of Um u>iiliig towoi blowing two Geinians iutp the ah (lijo subipaiine quickly sank After tlie Biilish seamen boarded the Nicosian they S(iw the bodies pf flvp Oermans, eaph with a bolo in tbo farebPad A revolting jjhase of the qffair was wben the bodies were taken on deck some of the crpw of üie NJcosjun kicked the dead fates befpro lluowing the bqdics overboaid.


Sir Edward Grey's memorandum to Mr Page, the Amonoan Ambassador, states - Tlie Butisb note -willi satisfaction, tl)otig|i With some surprise, the German anxiety foi tho principles of civilised warfare to be a, indicated It <S evident tbat to sjngle out the of the Baralong is. the beight of absurdity *


£3I( Edward Grey goes on to suggest that the whole question of atiocities on land and sea might fltly l?e examined by an impar [lal tribunal Ap tlie veiy multitude of allegations against Germany would ovei

load the tribunal, tbc inaii'ry mjgbt; \je con- fined |_p Ihf op incidents within a few hours of lljp Baralong allegations

Biitalp, {Sir- üjdwilid continues, has not accepted the allegations, but, |n any case, the pbprge is negligible eompar-ed wlfh the crimps which seem to have boen de- liberately committed by Geiman officeis Sir Edward Groy recalls that w'fbln dij hours pf tho Nlcpsian incident a German submnrinp torpedoed tlie Arabic, and no ef fort was made to save the crew Forty sc\pn pon combatants lost thpir lives Ibis was an act of barbarism. In tile second incident a Geiman destroyer fired at n stianded British submarine on the Danish coast. Wbep. i he erpw attempted tp swim ashopg tl.e destroyer fired OH thpm iforty pfgbfc hours later a çfprman Mibmfülne (irpii shrapnel on the steamet* Rutl Onp pf tjioso on boqid wag killed pud eight wpro wounded No sfntpmppt can justify tiiat cold blooded cowardly outrage. These Incident^ might, Vfi\]i the case of ttio Bara lpng, be brought fiefprp an impartial court -say, offlcpis of tbo American navy Bri tain wi'l do nil in hop power to furtljei the ipnuiry, and cany opt tlie findings of the Court It Is unnecessary U> reply to thp suggestion that the British navy is guilty of inhumanity The number of Ger man pallors rescued from drowning amounts tp 11Í50 The German navy ba- ño such record-perhaps through want of opportunity.


The "Dally Mail" says that every one knows that naval humanity will emerge unscathed from un investigation. The newspaper condemns the Governments withholding retribution -when overtaken by pirates

The "Daily Chronicle" describes the Ger man allegation in the Baralong case ns a foul chnrge, and that Sir Edward Grey bag

made a fair offer

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