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Thora was a gap ïnado in tho ranks of tho old school by the death of Isola Florenco Thompson, M A, for so many yearp a well loved figuro in school history

Some lomember bpt dmlng her early days in the life of the Sydney Girls High School, when she came fresh fiom graduation honouis, one ot the A cry first ' 01 bei s leijiember tlvo middle and later period of her school work very few can think of tho High School with- out her To tho big majority hers W03 a sweet remembrance, affectionately spoken of, loved, endeared. We îevereneed her as ono of Sydney's very clever iwomon, a pioneer graduate In thevold days wo used to sur- round her with birthday books and autogriph books, and we always wanted to Bee MA (Syd ) attached to her name If slid forgot that, as sho often would ha>e done, ive did not hesitate to ask for it Perhaps some of our reverence for distinction has worn off since those days we hnvo leaint to pri¿o somo* other things moro dearly One can safely say that the memorj of her kindness of heart just now stands out first Miss Thomp- son was nlwa>s kind so kind that some of us may have imposed, hut Ave never did It mora than once feke was too tiue-hearted for even tbo average school-girl to desire to impose again Tor she rai ely blamed or found fault, she set her valuo on honour and ten dorness, and the memory of both is en Bhrined At times Ave may havo forgottun that she was one ot our most able Avomen, wo never foi got her way with us

Last yeai word went lound that our e\> teaehei was ill that she would havo to leave her work that her busy Ufo must change to olio of poifoct lest aud quiet There was a very quick rally to show her a little of whnt we thought Within a bato fortnight old girls, some of whom bad not met for 20 years gathcicd one nfteinoon to show their lovo and appreciation of Miss Thompson's work and their rocolleetlon of it

She loved the nppreoiation, but most of all she loved the flowers and tho presence of BO many old pupils, and the thought that carno fi oui' near and far-tor, her This w eelc the news goes out-that sho baa crossed ovei to the bom ne, that for her weakness and pain are ended that rest has dome

Her old girls aro playing theil part fittingly to-day-doctois and nurses in Egypt Trance and England Red Cross workers in oui midst, Beholars t\encheis, writers, mothers of boys and girls will turn over the pago as pagta are so often turned over In theso dajs, Avlth a wistful sadness and a sweet memory of

loving kindness

Some go B1 Irling the happy inlands

And some lire sit oping at nuict inlays, And sonic ore running before the tempest

And some aro 'vvhelmed on the louth som Then here n a Emile for the gay companion«.

And here'« a band for the kind m d true, AMuui wo havo ended the gre it ndy enture,

Dífore the, we'll think of you


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