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ADDISON. -March 2, at Maudville, Kenilworth-street.   Waverley, to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Addison, of Admar.   McDonald street, Watsons Bay-a son (Douglas      


ALEXANDER (nee Elizabeth Campbell). -To Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Alexander, 8 Commodore-street, New-   town-a daughter (Gwendolin Edith)  

BELL.- At their residence, 90 Rowntree-street, Balmain     the wife of A . E. R. Bell - a daughter (Royer

Evelyn Edwina)          

BERRY (nee Muir Hunter). -February 23, at Loom-     berah Private Hospital, Tamworth, to Mr and Mrs     David H. Berry - a son.  

BOND - Feburary 26 1915, at Nurse Watson Brown's   private hospital Cardiff, Kensington, to Mr and       Mrs E. F. Bond 'stanford, Kensington- a son

BRECKENRIDGE.- February 26, at Stirling, 19 Cowles-       road, Mosman, the wife of Chas. P. Breckenridge-a    


BUTLER - Feburary 18, at Sourabaya, Java, to Mr       and Mrs W. Butler-a son (by cable )  

BYRNE - Feburary 28, at Nurse Scurr's hospital. Mel-   rlose Marrickville road, Dulwich Hill, the wife of Mr   C. A. Byrne(Waggs)-a son        

BYSOUTH (nee Ruby Brignell). -January 15, at Nurse  

Gee's private hospital, Randwick, to Mr. and Mrs.     P. H. Bysouth, of Warwick, Andrew-street, Little    

Coogee - a son.

CARROL. -February 28, at Levuka, Queen's-street       Mosman. To Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Carroll -a daughter

(Hazel Marie).  

CHEETHAM (nee Esme O'Brien). -February 16, at      

their residence, Kalang, Fortescue-street, Chiswick,     the wife of Percy H. Cheetham, of a son (Harold Claude Leslie). English papers please copy.  

CLAYDON. -March 5, at Nurse Sturrock's private hos-      

pital, Drynane, Park-parade, Bondi, to Mr. and Mrs.   T. Claydon, Leysdown, Council-street, Waverley - a      

daughter (Esme Josephine).  

CROAL. - February 17, at Strathmore, Regent street     Kogarah, to the wife of D. Croal--a son  

DALE (nee Molly Fox). -February 19, at Braemar, Brady-street, Croydon, the wife of Raymond S. Dale,         a son (Keith Frederick).      

DARGIN (nee Bruce). -February 26, at Glengariff, Nurse Macnamara' private hospital, Randwick, to      

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Dargin, of Randwick - a son (Bruce Lorraine).

DENING. -March 2, 1915, at Nurse Milner's private

hospital, Hawthorne-parade, Haberfield, to Mr. and        

Mrs. John Dening - a daughter.

DOVE (nee Slater). -February 20, 1915, at Uralla, Mes- siter-street, Canterbury, the wife of Walter H. Dove, a son (Ronald Walter).

EATON. -February 14, 1915, at Kingston, Ocean-street  

Kogarah, the wife of Sydney Edward Eaton (nee   Grace Briggs), a son (Lancelot Sydney).      

EVANS. -February 12, at her residence, Macquarie-    

road, Auburn, the wife of William Evans (nee Ethel   Greaves), a daughter (Mildred Jean).    

FERGUSON. - February 10 1915, at Nurse Meyers, 18

Phillip-street, Enmore, the wife of David Ferguson,       Tambar Springs - a son.

FINLAY. -February 26, at St. Ives Private Hospital,     Cootamundra, the wife of John Norman Finlay,            

Bongalong, Muttama - a daughter.        

GEDDES. - March 1 1915, at Nurse Kinch s private hos-

pital, The PoplarS, Church-avenue, Quirindi, to Mr.   and Mrs. George Frederick Geddes, of North-street,       Quirindi -a son (Clifford George).

GILFEATHER. -February 24, at her residence, Ascot,      

62 Wetherall-street, Leichhardt, the wife of W. B.       Gilfeather - a daughter.

GORDON. -February 27, at Balmoral-avenue, Croydon     to Mr. and Mrs. David Gordon, a son (John William  

David Lee).  

GREEN. -February 28, at Glengarry Private Hospital,   Mosman, to Mr. and Mrs. R. Rae Green, a son  

(Henry Rae).  

GRIFFITHS. -March 1, at Nurse Scurr's hospital, Mel-     rose, Merrickville-road, Dulwich Hill, the wife of         Mr. Bert Griffiths, Dulwich Hill - a son.

HACKETT. -February 18, at the Rosiery, Double Bay,  

to Mr. and Mrs. S. Hacket, a son.

HEDGES. -February 21, at Nurse Whiting's private      

hospital, Neutral Bay, the wife of R. W. Hedges -


HENDERSON. -March 2, at Nurse Macnamara's private    

hospital, Glengarriff, Avoca-street, Randwick, to Mr.   and Mrs. J. S. Henderson, Carlisle, Naremburn, North Sydney - a son.

HENRY. -February 18, at Glendara, Fraser-street,               Marrickville, to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Henry - a daugh-

ter (Rita Ellen).

HIGGINS. _ February 13, to the wife of B. J. Higgins,

North Sydney - a son (Thomas Foley).

HIORNS. -February 27, at Hampton Court, Darling-    

hurst, the wife of Claude L. H. Hiorns - a daugh-


HOGBEN. -February 24, at Buckhurst, Waratah-street,    

Katoomba, to Mr. and Mrs. E. Hewlett Hogben -a

daughter (Patricia).

HUFFA. - March 1, at Nurse Macnamara's private        

hospital, Glengarrif, Avoca-street, Randwich, the wife       of Clarence A. Huffa, of a daughter (premature) -

lived 4½ hours.

HUXTABLE. -February 19, at Cook-road, centennial  

Park, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Huxtable - a daughter

(Lucy Isabel).  

LAURENCE. -February 17, at Belle Vue, Victoria-            

street, Strathfield, to Ernest and Isabel Laurence - a son.

McDONALD. -February 22, at her residence, Dunehm,      

Thompson-street, Drummoyne, the wife of Garnet         McDonald - a daughter (Violet Betty).

McKENSEY. -February 4, at Ardee Private hospital,        

Orange, the wife of E. A. McKensey - as son.

McNAMEE (nee Taylor). -February 28, 1915, at Nurse        

Nettleton's hospital, Waverley, the wife of Stephen J.     McNamee, Sundower, Centennial Park - a son

MAYO (nee Stella Richardson). -February 19, at Ben  

Ledi, Chatswood, the wife of Chas. R. Mayo - a daughter.  

MITCHELL. -February 24, at Helenie private hospital,

Church-street, Randwick, the wife of George F.   Mitchell (nee Lot. Cochrane), Centennial Park,    

of a son.

NICOL. -March 4, at her residence, Gordon, Carter-

street, North Sydney, the wife of Alex, Nicol - a daughter. Scottish papers please copy.  

ORMISTON. -February 19, at Gunnedah, the wife of

J. J. Ormiston, dentist -a daughter.  

PECK. -February 10, at 89 John-street, Woolahra, the      

wife of F. A. Peck - a son (Francis Cyrus).

PHEGAN. -March 4, at The Bungalow, Nurse O'Neill's        

private hospital, Chatswood, to Mr. and Mrs. W. G.

Phegan - a daughter.

PRING. -February 19, 1915, at Wongalee, Strathfield,

the wife of P. G. Pring - a daughter

SCOTT (nee Louise Hughes). -March 4, at her resi-    

dence, Brownroyd, Walter-street, Auburn, the wife   of Walter Scott - a son ( Walter Alexander).

SECCOMBE. -February 28, at Nurse Macnamara's        

private hospital, Glenganriff, Avoca-street, Randwick, to               Mr. and Mrs. L. Seccombe, Evesham, Millie - a son

SPEEDI. -February 21, at Newcastle, to Mr. and Mrs.      

Robert A. Speedie - a daughter.

THOMPSON. -At the Commercial Bank, Tocumwal,  

New South Wales, the wife of Cecil Henry Thompson a daughter (Joyce).

WALKER. -February 25, 1915, at Nurse Fyfe's private            

hospital, Alloa, Moss Vale, the wife of A. E.   Walker, Wilde's Meadow, of a daughter.

WALSH. -February 2, 1915, at Waine-street, Pennant      

Hills, to Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Walsh - a daughter

WELSH. -February 8, at Merrigang-street, Bowral, the        

wife of John Welsh, Swanly, via Moree - a son

(Selby John).  

WHITE. -February 28, 1915, at 30 Wellington-street,      

Waterloo, to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A. White - a son (Clarence Arthur).

YOUNG. -February 2, 1915, to mr. and Mrs. H. E.    

Givvs, Nhill Estate, Youghn - a daughter.


APTED- EWART. -January 16, 1915, at St. Stephen's  

Newtown, by the Rev. L. T. A. Pearce, B.A., Edward   Percival, elder son of James Apted, Newtown,     to Aletha, only daughter of Mrs. A. Ewart, late of


BAKER -CREGO. -At Hurstville, on Saturday, January  

30, 1915, Horace Burdett, eldest son of Sydney Herbert Baker, of London, England, to Frances Bourne,       second eldest daughter of the late Edward Bourne, and   Mrs. Crego, of Manly and granddaughter of the late   William Crego, of Sydney.

BEAGLEY-CLIFFORD. -February 1, 1915, at St John's  

Church, Darlinghurst, by the Rev. H. C. Leplastrier,   Laurence Wilfred Beagley, of Bondi (late Croydon England), to Oliver, only surviving daughter of   Mrs. S. Clifford, of Kensington, Sydney. Home papers  

please copy.  

CARTER-COULSON.- February 6 1915, at Methodist  

Church, Forest Lodge, Sydney, by the Rev. J. W.    

Leadley, assisted by Rev. A. J. Carter, Harold Rufus,     youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Carter, Brighton-      

le-Sands, to Myra, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs.     H. Coulson, Forest Lodge.    

CULF - McKNIGHT. -January 2, 1915, at St. Nichael

and All Angels' Church, Brisbane, by the Rector, the   Rev. Walter Thompson, Charles Carrington, only son       of the late Charles Walter and Mrs. Culf, of Hobart   (Tas.), and grandson of the late Walter William Culf,       of London (Eng.), to Essie Mildred, third             daughter of the late Thomas and Mrs. McKnight, of      

Warksworth, N.S. Wales.  

ELSON-DUNDAS. - January 26, 1915, at St. John's  

Church, Parramatta, by the Rev. S. M. Johnstone, B.A., Walter Shaw Elson, of Nottingham, England,           to Eva Sarah Dundas, only child of the late William   and Anne Dundas, of Darlington and Mittagong.         FOSTER - WOODS. -February 20, 1015, at St. Thomas'  

Church, North Sydney, by the Rev. Horace Crotty,     M.A., Bruce Randell, third son of Mr. and Mrs s.       Foster, of Bowthrone, Hinton, to Hilda May, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Woods, of Essex, Albany-          

street, North Sydney.  

FURBER - CORBETT. -February 8, 1915, at St.    

George's Church, Hurstville, by the Rev. Dixon         Hudson, Thomas Maynard, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. T. F.Furber, of Neutral Bay, Sydney, to     Irene Favis, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Augustus       Corbett, of Forest-road, Peakhurst.        

CIRSON - BURNS. -January 23, 1915, at Methodist  

Church, Stanmore, by Rev. W. E. Bromilow, D.D.,       Frederick, only son of Mrs. Gibson, of York, England,         to Winifred S., eldest daughter of J. P. Burns,           Esq., of Leura, England-avenue, Marrickville, Pre-         sent address, St. Meva, Bray-street, Mosmoan.      

GOLDMANN - WOOLF. -At the Great Synagogue, Eliza-    

beth-street, Sydney, on February 28, 1915, by Rabbi         F. L. Cohen, Saul, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Goldmann, of Brisbane, To Nancy (Gladys), sizth  

daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Woolf, of Bathurst-   street. English papers please copy.  

GREEN - SCOTT HOLLAND. -February 16, at St.

Philip's Church, by the Rev. Canon Bellingham,     Stanley E., eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Green,     Woollahra, to Flora, third daughter of Mr. Edward       Scott Holland, of Newcastle.    

HARRINGTON - RYAN. -February 3, at Holy Cross  

Church, Bondi Junction, by Rev. Father O'Riley,   Patrick Francis, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick       Harrington, of Bondi, to Mary, yougest daughter of Mrs. Phillip Ryaan, of Rose Bay.  

HARRISON - STAPLETON. -January 23, 1915, at St.  

Augustine's Church, Balmain, by Rev. Father Rohan,       Oscar St. George Harrison, youngest son of Mrs. C.     F. Harrison, of Balmain, to Gertie, youngest daugh-     ter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stapleton, of Balmain,     late of Bega. Bega ppers please copy.  

HILLS - AARONS. -February 8, 1915, at St. Matthias'

Church, Paddington, Sydney, by Rev. S. J. Field-      

ing, William Edward, only son of Mr. W. Hills, late       of Birkenhead, England, to Aimee Nanima, second   daughter of the late Mr. Joseph Aarons, of Wel-

lington, N.S.W.    

HOPPER - MOORE. -February 15, 1915, at St. Joseph's,    

Rozelle, by the Rev. Father Moynagh, William   Emmanuel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hopper, of Peter-     sham, to Maggie, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs.         Robert Moore, of Springfield, O'Neil-street, Lilyfield.         JONES - BOOTH. -February 2, at St. John's Church

Balmain, by the Rev. G. F. B. Manning, Sydney Evan, second son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Jones, of     Loswich, Queensland, to Olive Phillis, youngest   daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Booth, of Snails   Bay. At home, Hospital, Rydalemere, 22nd and 23rd  


LANGDON - MARTELL. -January 30, 1915, at Sydney Bay, Hobart, Clyde THomas, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Langdon, of Hobart, to May Bethie, daughter of    

Mr. and Mrs. H. Martell, of Glebe Point, Sydney.  


LOUDEN—JOWETT.—January 28, at St. Stephen's  

Church, Phillip-street, Sydney, Archie, third son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Louden, Hurstville, to Daisy, eldest daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. A. Jowett, Hurst- ville. Present address, Eli-Elwah, Boundary street,  


McILWAINE - DWYER.---On February 11, at St. Mary's I Cathedral. Charles A V Mcllyyalne, of Rhodes

voungest eon ot the late -William Mcilwaine, Mel bourne, to Cecilia, yotuure_t daughter of Mrs Callie ine Dyvyer, Stan's} street

McINERNEY—THOMPSON.— January 21, 1915, at the Sacred Heart Church, Darlinghurst, by the Rev.  

1 rancis 1 ltrpatricl«, Daniel McInerney, of Bally Calla lioorayyatha, son of lolin M Inernc} 1 sq , of Mil spaa Point, to Berj), daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Roche Thompson, llic Hermitage, Dundas.

McNAMNRA-BROWN. -February 6, at St. Paul's Albion

biou Park, î» S.M , by Father Poyyer, Rhodcnek In 1 gram, eldest son of Mrs fe McNamara, of Maul}, to

Ivy Mai ella, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs 1 A Brown, Beacllirroye, îallah, lyeyv South Males.

MACKELLAR - LAMBERT. - January 9, at City Temple, Sydney, by Evangelist H. G. Harwood, Cecil Stuart,  

eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Mackellar, of Ash-   field, to Flora Lambert, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Lambert, of Glebe Point. Address: Talls-

wanta, Rhodes.  

MILLLR-COPELAND. -February 27, 1915, at St.    

Phillip s, Auburn, by the Rev. A 1 A Fraser, rector. James, eldest son of Mr and Mrs I Miller, of Am} street. Lidcombe, to 1 lirabcth Madeline,

second eldest daughter of Mrs. Copeland, late of  


MOORE-CORBETT. -October 1, 1914, at St. George's  

Church, Hurstville, by the Rev Dixon Hudson, Guy Edwin, eldest son of Mrs Moore, of Artarmon and the late William Moore to Rubie Muriel second   daughter of Mr and Mrs. Augustus Corbett,

Forestroad Peakhurst.

MORETON - FINNEY. -February 27, 1915, at St. ' Michael s, Darlinghurst, b} the Rev r R Fleier

Arthur Preston second son of Mr and Mr« H More ton of Kensington, I ondon, to Ada Burdett, onl} daughter of Mt and Mrs T Finne}, of Rand«iel

PERRY - BURDON. -February 5, at Congregational    

Church, Marncl ville, b} Rev Fred Priest, Stuart, [

son of Mr and Mn_ G II Perry, of NLimcky lile, to l,lad}s, diuirlitcr of late Mr »nd Mrs T L Bunion, .«} dney

PISTOLA - CATTON. -February 11, 1915, at Our Lady

of tin Rosary, Kensington road Kensington, by Rey M Kith}, Vincent, Eccond son of tile late Gcoige Pistola and Mrs. Pistola, of Mascot, to Nellie only daughter of Mr and Mrs. J D Ialton of hoiisin.r'oii, hSl!

REID - POLLOCK. -January 9, at St. Philip's Ken-  

?dilston, london, Du iel Brunsl ill, son of Day ii

Reid, of Pi mille, to Madge, daughter of Mr«, Robert |

Pollocl, of N\ ellington, IN 7

SHAW - HILLIARD. -January 16, 1915, at Christ Church,   1 fet Laurcnoi by the Rcy NV G Hilliard, lil,

Arthur Dun! sixth son of Charles Heno ^iiyy, of

strathfield to Ii ene Kate eldest daughter of tin | lite Nlptii Lrnest and Mr* rieanor Priscilla Hilliard,

late of Petersham

SMITH - FOGELIN. -December 5, 1914, at St. Stephen's   1 Chuicll of 1 ligland Chatswood, 1» Rev Onl 11

yyin Hand ill N\ illnm onl} son ol Mr and Mi-, Thomas K Smith of Naremburn to Anne Cecelia

yomge-t daughter of Mr and Mrs Carl logelin of|

NN llloufíhhy

WILES - BOOTH. -January 6, 1915, at St. Michael's

Church N iiuclu«c hy the N encrablc Vrchdcacon I) Nrci In ino, NNilham Harry, eldest son of Mr and Mr, Il-irry Miles of Moss Nale to Minnie T, second diughtir of Mr I lellx Booth, of Sami dun, Kent road. Rose Bay

WILEY - GRAY. -December 26, 1914, at Dulwich Hill,

by the Rev Richard Jennings, John K , younger son of Mr J. Wiley, of Petersham, to Ruby E. youn-

gest daughter of the late Mr George Gray, of  


YOUNG - PARSONS. -January 8, 1915, at the Manly

Presbyterian Chnicli, by the Rey Alex Simms 11 N William Ric eklest «on of Mr and Mrs Tames lonna- of Clelie Point tolnid tontine, onl} daughter of Mr and Mrs I'arsons of Nnieliffi

ZIONS - LAZARUS. -On January 28, 1915, at the Great

Sinigogiic fey lucy hi Rnhli Cohen, assisted by the Key N D Wolinski Louis eldest son of Mr nnd }'r« Henry Zions, of l'uddmgton, to Ftlicl Alice only diuiriiter of Mrs 1 siller Lnzanis of Middle Pari alilhoumc, and the late Lcyyis Lannis, ejf

Ben iigo


ADAIR. -March 5, 1915, at his late residence, Ocean-

yieyy Mill» street Carlton, N\ illiam dearly loyed husband of Christina Adair, aged "7 }ears

BENSAR. -March 4, at Queenscliffe, Manly , Norma,  

infant daughter of Montague and Im Bcnsar, aged 7

n onth<

CHERRY. - March 5, 1915, at her late residence,  

Bethany, Pittwater-road, Gladesville,Emma Louisa,           dearly beloved wife of Claud Cherry.

EVERY. -February 9, 1915, at Glen Innes Hospital,        

the yy-ifc of lohn 1 veo, of Coogee, late of Glen Innes -iged 51 years

GEORGE. -March 5, 1915, at Hazeldeen, Guildford,  

Milliam Ilroiyn George, aged 78 years, brother cf Mcandci George

GRAY. -February 23, at Mater Misericordiae private      

hospital I rank, deirly bcloycd husband of Kate Griy,

ogee! f2 year-, it I P

GREEN. -March 4, at the residence of his parents,    

10 loyyer Tuppei street Marncltylllc, lohn Trie beloyel son of I red and Ngncs Green, aged 11 years

Nt rest

HUNTER. -March 5, 1915, at Coast Hospital, Little    

Bay, Telin eldest son of Alfred Hunter, of NNcbb street, Croydon, aged 20 }cars

MACDONALD. -March 1, 1915, at Sydney Hospital,    

Mid Heto-i Bilbimie eldest sun of the late Rev Dr Macdonald M A or s0nth Melbourne, N letona

and bcloycd husband of Lily and father of Basil Macdonald of NNayerley

March 4, at her residence, Everley, Nicholson-street  

Burwood, Jane, daughter of the late John Kennedy Hume, of Gunning, in her 88th year.

NANN. -March 3, 1915, at her residence, Alice-street    

Sans Souci, Alecia Nann, in her 89th }car At


PORTER. -February 27, accidentally killed at Liver-

pool Clnrli3 Porter, dearly bcloycd father of Har old an! Sarah Porter, Nalima, George'« Riycrro-id Innell aged 70 }cars Interred Liyerpool C of 1 Cometer} March 1

RYAN. -February 27, at Sydney Hospital, Timothy    

Ryan, dearly loyed husband of Johanna R}an, of 4. Smith street. Surry Hills

STANFORD. -March 5, at her brother's residence,    

Murninitiecn- N letona Maud, widow of the late 1 met Stanford, uteel 44

TURNER. -March 5, 1915, at Glencoe, Cobar-st, Peter-    

sham rlizaboth Turner, dcnrl} bcloycd «A ¡fe ot G R Turner, late of North Botany, aged T7 years

VINDIN. -March 4, 1915, at his residence, Morella,

Ratnsa} street Haberfield Hnrrv Fdmund, bcloycd husband of Harnett Nindln aged IT

VOGT. -March 4, at Wamberal, Philip, eldest son      

of Mr Philip Nogt, accidentally droyyncd, aged 10


VOLLER. -March 1, at Freeman's Reach, Windsor,  

Diana, bcloycd mother of A F Noller, llntchin son street St Peters, in her OSth }car. At rest Queensland papers please cop}

WELSH. -February 17, at Bowral, infant son of John      

and Edith Welsh, Swanly, via Moree.    

WERRY. -March 4, 1915, at his son's residence, Harwood,      

Island, Clarence River, John Werry, aged 75  

years. At Rest.

WHITBREAD. -February 22, at Royal Prince Alfred

Hospital, Joseph Chandler Whitbread, aged 51 years.


AMIES. -In loving memory of dear Jessie Amies, who      

fell asleep in levus Mir h T 1014 aged 25} }cars

NNaitinp; until the morning 1 rcai «-,

And the «dillons flee ayva},

Oh yyliat joy will be the -looting

NNith our girl on conder shore,

?Where she yvaits lo giye us erreetmg

NMien the liïbt of this Mes o cr

Inserted by her loying mother. Bisters, and bro


BLAKE -In loving memory of our dear daughter and

our sister, Charlotte Maxwell, who died Mardi T 1011 Inserted by her lovuig father and mot!i"r,

brothers and sister»

BLAKE. -In loving memory of our dear niece and  

cousin Charlotte Maxyycll Bla'ie, who departed this life March 7, 1013, ac,cd 37 years Inserted by ner loying uncle and aunt Harry and .anny Ball, and cousins, I lossie and Reg

BRAYBROOK. -In loving memory of my dear wife  

ami our dear mother, Lillie Rose, who departed this life on 7th March, 1013 Inserted hy her loying bus

band and bong

BRAZIER. -In affectionate remembrance of our dear

mother Mari llrai-iir, yiho departed this lile Ni ireh 0 1J13, aged Ti }cin> also dear Dad, James Brazier yiho pas eel alyn} Deceinue- 15 1011, lereel 71 yeirs at their residence, 1 inden House Laurel Grove, Pcnge 1 nghind

Iheir brows ure enclosed n a golden crjwn,

Their tnyc1 stained ganncnta rro nil laid doivn.

And clothed in yyhite raiment llicy rest in the mead NA here tlic lamb dotli loye His saints to lead

Inserted hy their loying son crd daughter in law, Albert and Adi linzier, also their little granddaugh ter Madge I neila Brazier

CORMACK. -In sad but loving remembrance of my

dear son and brother, Andrew (Andy) Mci arlano Cormaclt, accldcntall} killed at Mllson's Point

Mardi 7, 1011 aged 20 jearp Sadly missed and mourned Inserted b> bia loy in. mother and

brother, Jacl

CORNI NCh -In sad hut loving remembrance of our

clem brotlu r, Andren McFarlane Cormacl ncciden tully killed Milson s Point, March 7, 1013 I or get you no, Nye neycr Mill Inserted hv his loving brother and sister in law, Will and Tdic, and little

1 ickle

CORNINCK - Ia loying memory of my dear fnend, Anly,

ace ide nully killed Mirch 7, 11)13 ¡sadly ml«sed In serle! li} N\ in lulloch

CRONAN -In lovinp; memory of my dear husband

an 1 our father lohn Cronan yvho was accidental]} lulled on March 0, 1003. rnBertcd by his loying

yyife and fnmil}

TAULKfe -In loy ino; memory of our dear father, Joseph

1 anils yiho depicted tins life Cth March, 1014

One }car has pnsced and none can tell, 'Hie lo"s of a father yye loyed so yyell

Hut wlulc lie lies, in peaceful sleep, His memory yye Mill alyva}s keep

Inserte 1 by his loving non and daughter in law, Thom is and 1 Isie and grandchild, Gordon

Fli VM Ii - In eyer lovinir memor} of my dear father

anil grandfather, who departed tills life, March 7, 1011 *

1 ar and oft m> "louglits do wonder

To tin grave so far ayyay [I NNhere they laid ni} dear father I

lust one year ago to da> "> " Too lar iiyya« the gwe to see, * But not too far to thinl of thee

Inserted b} his lo>in_r son and daughter In law, Alick and Bella, and grandchildren, Alick and Nlolet 1 raser Neyycastlc papers please cop}

TNSH-A tribute of loving remembrance of our clearly

loy«! only danthter, Hlldi bcloycd yylfe of I. 1 ' Iysli yyho passe 1 avay Marrh 0 1010

lhere is no path of all that once we knew Thal docs not hold some memories of jon.

Pier -emen-berccl by father, mother. Charlie, and I

Vttlc daughter Trixie

CM rfeON* - In loving memory of mv dear father,

Borer Gleeson, yyho departed this life, at lils re ' sldcnce Coonil alla, near Mudgee, on March 0, 1014,

agel 77 }oars

)\n spare of time no lap e of veara.

Can dim my father's past

A lovhu memory holds bim dear,

And -will until tho last

Inserted by his loy tug daugliter and son In law. Marj and NN illiam Uanee

GltANGUt-Tn loying memory of our dear wife nnd

mother yyho died on the 22nd of Febniary, 1013 ' InBcrtod by her loving husband and son and elaugli ter Deep!} regretted

GRANG1 11 -In loving memory of our dear elster and I

niece, Isabel Granger, who died Febniary 22, 1013 Inserted by her loving Bluters, Nora, Jane Stone, and her aunt, Mrs _elu Deeply regretted,

HTN3LFY-In loving memory of my dear husband

and father, who departed this life March 6, 1907,

Inserte, by _ia_lPlii>E_jriie and toUy. «^__L«__'


GREAVES.-In sad but loying memory of mv dear

Husband and our fattier, James Greaves, yiho departed this life March 0, 1011, at his residence, Macquarie

road, Auburn

In life we loved you dearl}. In ce ith wq do the same

Inserted hy Ids loying yyife and children

IINLL-In loying memory of my dear husband, rnneis

St Clair (Iraak) Hall, yyho dipirtcd tins life

March 7, 1914

T oy e s remembrance lasts for ey cr

Inserted by lus loyintr yyiii, lennie-, ind Bileen

IIP NTH- lu loung memory of my deir yyife N miel

I lorenee Hi ith, yyho departed this life Mirih I., 1014, ij-ed .0 yeirs M ret Iiv-ortcd by her Io ing husband, I liarles hilliard Hi ith, and daugh

HEATH - In loving memory of our dear daughter and

sister, Violet Florence, who passed away March 6,   1914. Inserted by her loving father and mother, also brothers, Charles, Alex., Milton, and Frank        

Lamond; also her sister and brother-in-law, Lily and    

Alf James.

HEATH - In loy nur memory of our dear daurhier in

liyy, Nioie' 1 lorenco Heath, yyho departed tliie life March 0 1014 Inserted by her father, mother, and brother in layy Cod s yyill

HOGG -In sad but loy jug remembrance of our dear

son and brother, lad, »ho died March 0, 1014 Inserted b} his loving lather, sutcrs, and brother

m layy.

IIOLGIIIOV -In sad hut loving memory of our dear

fatliei and mother, Day id and Sarah Houghton

It n tyyent} ttirec years suiee we lost you, father. How sadly yye mm you none can tell

It is tyyo }eirs to elm since yyo lost }ou, moteitr,

lïoyy yye« mr-s you none can tell Lulled m heayen.

Inserted by their loying daughter and Bon in law, riomo and Dick Field, and grandchildren

In loving memon of our de-r father and grandfather,

yyho departed this life Ntareli 0 lOOß nge«d 52 years

NVluIe you lie« in peaceful sleep

lour memory yye vull alyyays keep

Inserted by his loy Ing son and daughter In low, Iran!« and Stella M'Onum^s, alBo grandchildren, Fnnl io, Hildi, and Norman

IFONARD - N tnbute of loee to tile memory of mu-

den mother, Mir} \nn leonard, yyho passed t.i«r.y Mir-h n, 1011, aged C- Not forgotten Inse te 1 by her Immer daughter, 1 Hen «-muli, also her grandchildren, Ruby, \ lolct, Clarile, and Roheit Smith. , i -" I ,J LI ON MID-In sid but loving memor} of our dnr

li other, Man \nn I eoilird yyho departed tin» life March 0, ion, ij-ol OS vc ' ->t in pene Inserted hy lier loyIng vso i ighter in Ira,

lune-, and Ndeliue!' 1 conarei

LIONNRD- In t id but 1m ing memon of our dear

mother, lim Ann leonard, yyho departed this life Mirch ot Ii, 1011 Miy her foul lest in peice

lull are lluays ill our thoughts deir mother

'lis sweet to breathe your name, In life yye loied your deirly,

lu death yye li do the same

Inserted by lur loying dmghters and diughter in lan, Li-zle, Clam mill I tliel ni o son and sous in liyy, lack, Inn lloyyirth, and Ilirr} Mihon

LI ON ARD-In .d hut loying memory of our dear

mother, Mir} Nnn tconird, yylio deputed this life March 0th, 1011 Mjy lui "oui rest m peace

Gone from nuiong«l ii« oh, hoyy yye miss you,

Loung you iliarh your memory yyill keep, "Neyer till life ends shall yie eyer forget yon,

Deir to our heirts is the plan yyliere -uni sleep

Inserted by her loying dautrhtcrs 1 st her mi! Relll, also sons hi law, Innes Cox and Ted McGoycm, and gramLon lituni}

LIOND-In eyer loying remembranee of mv dear son

(Spencer Sydney), yylio depart«! tins life Nlireh lill, 1011 ilso mi eh ir husband, 1 redenck N\ illiam, yyho depirtcd this life March, 1012

There is loie in remembranee

In erlee! lu Unir loving yyif. and mother, M \ Ilo}<! (Coogee)

LLON D -In foin! rcnieml'rince of our deir brother

(spencer feydney) yylio departed this life Mireh nth, 1011, also our dear fither, yylio depirtcsl this life March «li lil_ Neyir fuigotten li} their loung children, brothers and sisters

I OMI I»-In eyer loying memon- of my deir wife

le linne yylio deiurled thl» life March 0, .013 Infilled by her loving husbind, °pe icer lovell

I ON 1 LL -In loy ing memory or our dear sister,

Icmic, yyho depirtu! this life Much 1011 In Mrtel by her loi ing sister in !ayv and brother, Alice

and Alick Cook.

I ON I 11 -In lunn; remembrance of our deir sister,

léante, yyho depirled this life ith March 101X Inserted hv her sister and brtohcr in layy, Zillah and

Harri lamían

Mel NUI NN -In hung memory of mv dear brotVr, William B Melarían, yyho departed tilts hfi on March C, 1114 Inserted bj his loving brother

C nu

McGUINNESS. - In loving memory of our deir father,

1 nyronce Niijnistus McGuinnis», yiho depirtcd this

life March «til, 1000

1 it lier is goni, hut not forgotten,

Nor s tin good nely ice he pivc,

Syyeeti t thaw lit-, sh ill eyer linger

\nine! mir darling father s grue

Inserted In Ins loung diughter ind bon in hw, Mr

ami Mrs M' lleipy

McMlRHNN -Ii lining memory of our dear son

Doni!d rial u in McMurray, yyho departed this 'ila

March T. toil

Minting plticmlv it tile mer lor the ones he deirly loved

MNNS1 IL-In si! mid lovinc m.morv of our deir son

mid brother Doiic,lis Mansell, accident ill} killed lye leigh Mardi 7, lou . , \

1 ar and olt our thoughts do wander

lo ii grnie not far nyvay,

NNhero yye lud our ihrllng Douglas,

lust one year ago to ihv

In crtcd b} Ids loung fither mil mother, sister, and


MANSELL - In sad and loving memory of our dear

graneiehil 1 uni nepheyy, Douglas Mansell nceiilentilly killed at lioleiph Mnrdi 7, 1014 Inserte! by Mr and Mrs T Dickie, Mr and Mrs li C -erlultt

MANSELL- In loving memon of our deir nepheyy,

Douglas Ice Mannell, yyho depirtcd this life Mirch i, 1014 At rest Inserted 1)} his uncle and aunt, li

I) «e rbutt

MANSELL - In sad and loving memorv of my old

comrade Dougas Mansell, who was accidentally killed   at Eveleigh on March 7, 1914 Inserted by his dear

friend Cecil Tulloh

MASSEY -In loung memorv of my dear mother Mar}  

Nnn Mis'ci, yyho died rth March, 1012 Inserted by her loying daughter and son in layy, Mr and Mrs N Lovely _ , ,

MATHESON -In sad hut loy nie memorr of mv denrli

lovel husband, Nlexiluler Jills (Alec), who ebel Mareil T 1911 Tin vi ill be done Inserted In lus loying v fe Hsie Matin sou

MUNRO- N tribute of ovcrlTtlntr loye to our darling

ihughtrr 1 die, yylio departed tins life, at Lewisham Hospita!, March 7, 1011. igel 20 }ears Neyer for gotten llarl, yye lliuil vic hear our darling daugh

ter siung,

lather MoUie-, weep no more,

Just l'uni rf me iib one yyho liycth On that bright und hippy 'hore

Inserted b} her cycrloymg father and mother D

and 1 Munro.

MUNRO -In sad but loving memorv of our dirlinr

Fister, 1-clic, yiho departed this life at Icyyisham Hospital, on March T, 1011, aged 20 jcirs Sadly


Mo often think oi ela}s gone by,

NVhen yye yyere ill together,

A shadow o er our life is casi.

Our dear one from us ins gone for ever

Inserted b} her nlTectioualc sisters, Kitty and Kellie

nnd little niece. Irene

MUNRO -In fond memorv of our darling sister, Edie

yylio deputed tins lue on March 7, 1011,

Dearest, 1 elie, vol haye left us,

Thou do.t du eil vi Uli angels now, And n yyieath of glory priceless

Sparkles on thy gentle l.iflvv

Insertcei b} her eyer loving brother and sister In layy, Hughie nnd lvel}nn. )

MUNRO -In fond memory of our darling sister and

niece, I die yiho depirteil this life on March T, 1011

In Die bloom of lu r life God called her,

In the pride of 1er girlhood days, ïione know lier bat to loyc her,

None mentioned her mme but in pruse

Inserleel by her clcrloiing brothers, Jim and Bert,

and Uncle flirls

OLIVER - In loung memorv of our little darling

diughter, Niolet Miine], «ho pned ayyay on March 0 1014 aged 12 months

little yye thought yye simule! lose von so soon, l^ncd little dirltng, just in your bloom, Memorv rccallliier, m fine} yye trace

Niolet, our darling your sweet little face

Inserted by her loving parents, May aid George


PORTER- In loying remembrance of our deir uncle  

Tames Griffiths Porter yylio was nceiilentilly I illed March 0 1014 Sully missed Inserted by his nephew and niece, Arthur and kellie Oivcn, and


ROIINSON - In sad hut loving memory of our deir

daughter and sister Minnie Ulai Robinson, yyho fell asleep Mareil 7, 1013, aged 21 years

Two years have pissed sinee tint sid dly When our de ir Minnie wees called ayia}. God look her hnliir-it was Ills »II!, I orget her-no yye never yyill.

Inserted by her_Ioying father and brother, Day Id

and 1 elyyard Robinson

ROBINSON - In loung memory of our r"ear sister,

Minnie I li?a, yylio depirtcd this life M ireh T, 1013 Inserted by her loung sister anei brother in Ia«,

1 Isie and Herbert Spain

SCOTT - In loyine; memorj of mv deir husband and

our fithci. George Scott «ho depirled this life March 0, lill, it Rozelle nftei a long mel painful Illness Inserted by his loiiner wife an 1 f milly

SMITH - In loying memory of our dear mother, Lilla

I bzahelh Mary "nulli, yyho departed this life March d, 1010

Then is one link flint death cannot sever I ovine; remembrance lusts for eier

Inserted by her loying daughter mel son in la», I 111} and Chirles Sihi, and grandchildren

SWAN - In loving memon of my eleir husband and

our father, lames, «ho deputed this life on Mareil 0, 1013, at Carrington road, Wnvorli}, aged V

NNcep no1 for ck ir fuller who lins pissed away, But care« for Hie« initier «ho n «lill us today, The little reipeet mel loie «e cm «how Arc due to Hie yyulei«, «ho is lett alone luserUi! hi ins loving vufo md family

SWAN - In loving memorv of our deir father, Tames

who dcnirteil this life Mareil 0 101" at Carrington

road, N\ ayerley

Peace perfect peire»

Inserted by his lovuur «ife daiiRhtcr, and s6n in law. Nellie md Alf Allen

TAYLOR - In loying memory or our char son and

lirother. Harold Skink}, who derart «d (Ins life

March 0 1011 Insiitid li} Ins parents and Irolheri

nnel sisters

THORPE - In loung memory of mi d ir lui hind 'ml

our fuller, lames [horne, «ho «as meide mill} lillee] Mareil 7, 1010 Inoerttd b} lus fond «ife, Isabelh, an I children

THORPE-lu loung memory of my deir fillier Times  

Thorpi. «ho «aB iccielenlally lillee! Mirch 7, 101(1 Insertcei hi his foul diughter, Nellie

TOOMEY - In loying memory of our deir d Hehler

Maigaret Illili, yyho eleuirled this Hi Mireh 0 1001 Inserleel li} her loung parents Diyid and

Liivio Robson

TURNER.-In loung memory of our dear ann!, «ho

departed this lifi March 0 lill liuerted l.i lur loying neplic« and niece, Hector and Ninnie Nie Kin non Gone, but «Ot forgotten

WALL - In lovli g memory of mi dear liusbiinl, Tolin

N\al!, died Mareil U, MOI, aired r.) I leinil rest grui! lum, O Inn! Inserlid by his loving wife, ion, am! i) .lighter In la«. Man, Harri, and Ngms Will

WALLACE - In fond nnd loung meium of our deir

mother, Catherine Malhue, «ho dcparleel tin, life Mareil 0, 1010 Insirlul bv liei lniin"- um mil daughter in la», Lrncfit and Anna It I P

WHITE - In eyer loying mernoo of George William

dearly loved and on!) Bon of the hie William and Emma NVhiU, late of Alloc street, Ncivtown, yvho passed to a higher life on March 0, 1600. Inserted W W« SN^IiW« J-_t-efiJä__i_<>__lt«. <______



WHITE - In loving memory of Jane White, who passed  

away March 7, 1914, gone, hut nor forgotten by her sincere friend, Kate Gill


The FVMHV'ii ih» law li VRRin GUI'S desire to

ii turn Hun simile IIIVNhS to all lind lolntlies al d friends for exprès lons of svmpatliv mid floral tributes m the lilt sid bel,aieincnt in the loss o' oin deir mother und osprchlh th in! Di t Honker lu hu I ml attention during her Illness and alio Ihi Roi; I C M Tailor for his kind pistonl

v iii* it ion

Mr I I MOSS an 1 1) VI C UTI R (Miss Behn Moss),

of d Kiposstreel Iti Hun desire ti express thoir simile III\NKs lo tliilr min) 1 hd friends for tekitn ns ktur, Cirl= un 1 «oral tributes of I ind sjmpathi during their ii cent sad bercivcment

Mis 1 NFISON and 1 WIM ol Blael wall, desire

to utiini sincere rilVNks to tho mimi kind friends

uni ncjghhntii« also Nure ( hipinin for kind sun lulhv ni their recent sal hnnicintnt

Mr 10I1N tt, VN and 1331113, ti 3 ictoria street

North Svilnii ritiirn TIIVNKS to nil kind friends mil relatives ilso emploie« of Buzacott, Mircus C1 irl and Mel athles for telegrams letters, and < irds ml floral trlhutis received in their recent sal borcav einen'

The 1 WII,\ of the late Mr IAMLS ELDRIDGE

desire to return theil sincere THINKS to their many kind friends and relatives for their expressions of svnipithv cards letter, and floral tributes daring thoir neent tal bereavement

Mr S I PI RUI VI, ind TAMILY wish to THANK

all friends for kind siinpallu, also letters, cards, and telegrams lu their recent ¡¡ad bereavement

Mr lv (>I1IEN ami FAMin, Mr and Mrs H GLAS1R

mid 1AMI1/3. (Melbourne), and Mr and Mrs M >KUMAR return their sincere TIIVNKS for tele grims cards mid letters of sympathy sent duruig their recent sail bereavement

Mr and Mrs I POOL, of 235 Commonwealth street,

citi return their sincere THANKS for telegrams cards and letters of S)mpathy sent during their recent sail berclvement

The DAbOHTI US of tho late Mrs S A DOSWELL,

r2 Case ide street Paddington desire to THANK theil kind friends for flornl tributes, cards letters, and telegrams in their recent sail bereavement.

Mis, 31RV and ORM\ ASPINVIL desire* to tender

(heir unieio TIIVNKS to all relatives and friends for letter,, tclitrums lloril tributes, etc, also to the nuises and sisters of the Const Hospital, for kind ne«s in 1 attention to their,late douri) loved father 3Ir ID33ARD C R0MBI1 and 3 VMH\ rcspectfull)

desire to c\pro«s their sincere THANKS to all kind friends for then svmpiith) in their Fad bereavement. Mrs <i WHITURI VI) and FVMIL3, of The Avenue,

Strathfield, deslíe to THANK all relatives and inouï» for their lind messages of simpath), floral tributes otc In (heir recent sad bereavement

Mr HARKI SMITH mid 1 WHY of Campsie street

Campsie desire to xettirn Til VNKS «Incercl) to ill those who have shown their kind expressions of Evmpithv to them ni tlielr recent sad bereavement in the loss of hL wife

Mrs 1 s MUR1UY nnd FVMn-Y, of 20 I"nmorc

road, Muriel nile return sincere THANhS to oil friends who fo 1 Inillv evprOfsod their smipathy bl canis letters, mil flornl tribute« In their recent Fid bereavement In the lo«« of her dour grandson omi nephew Henri O 3V c Tillitt, also the Mar ru killie Homing Pigeon Soeict), and fellow work


The I V.3I1I3 or the late Mrs S 3 ROBIRTSON

return TIIVNKS for s"*iinatliies «.pressed to thom ill their recent sad 1 eriaieinent

Mr» lilli mil =ON, of lliitcheson street, Rozelle,

di siro to return TIIVNKS In their friends for then i -.pressions if sviiuntliv letters r-rils and floral tributes during their recent sad bereavement

Mr ml Mrs I BILTON uni FVMIL3 deslíe It

tim IHVNKs to fnen Is fir expressions of tjmpatlij lu their recent sad here ivuncut

Mr C SHIPTON and U1IL11RI N desire to return

thur silicon THANKS to relu lies and friends for the lind iiprisslons of sjnipiith), tehgrims, li* tors card nul flnril Irihuti-s ulso Nurses Itjelan I

.Toms nut Stiiuirt, of lb -outh S)dnc) 3\ omen s Hospitil, New te» ii (or their kin lncss und attention in their recent sail hereivennnt

Mrs 3 1ÎSK1NI and 3*Km1I 3 disirc to return THANKS

ti» Ibeir n am friend-, for expressions of s}inpntiiv, letters telCr,i-im etc in tin ir recent sail bereave mont in tin loss of their dear father and gran I lather Mr 13 I Bretlell

Mr SI 1 Pill N un I Mis SMITH, of 100 Hool street

leith! udt, di in lo mun tlmr sinee THANKS to the mini) olllillls und* cniplo)ies in S)dnei vanl anl nl«o friends for kind s)inpitlii in their

retint sad bcreiveinelit

Mrs I i Al (111 1(33 in I I V311I3 slnrerelv TIIVNh

their mini frn nils for their kind e.pressions of sim patlu in their re out i-ul I ere lunielit

The FAMILY of the late Mr. W. GUBBINS wish to  

rituru THANKS to all km I friml» for letters mil v ruths in thur rcictit sail bonnement in the loss i f thur dear fathci ibo the doctors and nurses of W wini, S)dni) Hospital

Mr au I Mr A GI VNT of Hiorpe s 0'cn Hiller

Lime dr«lrc to return IHWhS to tbelr main fnen Is mil nlitius, ul«o to Dr Whirritt Mr Wnt'iin, Mrs S HiinbliOli Mr 33 Himblion (Rlierview roul) Mrs and Miss 1 ickson Mr Dangar ilso em plums Water Boin! nul AGI Co, und toaiher uni seholirs of 33 ist 31 urn I nile Infants school, fur thur es| rissions of simpitb) omi floral tributes in

thur r lent ii hero element

Sir (» ANGIIb Mr II GAI ! NU, Mr and Mr« \

1 Kurll uni othci rilitu s desire to tender their most spicer I II VNKS lo tliilr ni ni) bl mis for k 11 (\prcsiiiis of sjmpalh) and lloril tubutes durin" lhur neent vir) sid I eleaionient

Mrs 3\ I MARUN nnd 1 AMH\, of Seien Hills, do

ure ti return IllWlvS to thur niilnoious frl ii Is for thur kind o\pn« lons of Mlnpathy, including litters mil flornl tributes, during their re cnt tal

hero ii uiitnt

Mr I I TOO/1 and D VUGHTI R Brighton Mos

ii m de ire to ri turn trutcful TIIVNKS lo doelois und nur mt st iii of bldnei Hospital alo doctor» of Mo man fir lund ittentioii in 1 untirint efforts to thur marli loicd ion and brother Warren

Mrs 1 31 Lt-TT, of 33 isc street, Rozelle desires to

r turn IHVNKS to her moil) fnenels for their ix ire sion- of symputlii, cmls, mil floral tributes

ii o to Mes r- dor Ion Mut, and Soub, und tbrir emploi ces ilso the menders of the Rozelle Me chaniis Institute for their 1 induces during her mint «ad lereavement

Mi riMOPHI II VI PIN nnd FAMII1 desire to return

their in antill THANKS to all kind friends, reí i

lion« mil all neighbours of Chippendilo, ni o of tin Colden 1 leece Club for nil tele

tram litters cards, and floral tributes in the m1 loss of his dear wife anl their dear mother, Catii ernie Ii ilpln

Mrs R IIOIMhS anl IfFI 1TI3 1 S of 7 1 ovvlrr street,

C liiipcriloiin disin lo return their THANKS to thur nain friends for thoir ev.prcs.slon of bjmpitbi

in I floral tributes abo to Rev Mi Bcgbu ( I

Newtown during their snd leroivement in the loss of her husband and their son in lui and brother

in law

Min I ItAMv OR 13 nn 1 3'AMH 3 desire tn return

THINKS to lhur mimi Monis anl roliliics lor thur cxpre sions if svmpatliv, litters telegrams, mid i aid« ml lloril tributes also Dr lull) mid Sis

tors of Mater MiirltorHac I'm ite Ha pit ii, ilsi Bandinistcr and Trauivv iv Iui|Ioves for their III dm sa during their recent toni liresiement

Mr mid Mr I BVICÎ1R and IAMII3, of Pens

hurst, desire to Til VNK the man) fnen Is nnd rcl i tncs 'or their expressions of simpath), cards, let tors, teleprains and floral tributes in their recent sail lire iv cment _

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