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Family Notices

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NEWNHAM—PETT.—December 11, 1854, at St. Peter's

Church, Collingwood, Melbourne, Harriet Pett, of Sevenoaks, Kent, England, to Alfred Newnham, of  

Ryde, Isle of Wight, England. Present address, Forbes.     DEATHS.  

ARMSTRONG.-December 10, 1914, at North Sydney,

Ada Anna, beloved wife of Thomas Sidney Arm-   strong, of Gerringong, and daughter of the late Joseph Grice, of Wilde's Meadow, aged 42 years.  

CROOK.-December 10, 1914, at the residence of her  

daughter, West-street, North Sydney, Eliza Jane  

Grace, aged 76 years.  

CUNNINGHAM.-December 9, 1914, at her residence,    

Lillyville, Belmont-street, Alexandria, Fanny Cun-     ningham (nee Butterworth), widow of the late Ald. Joseph W. Cunningham, J.P., and second daughter   of Elizabeth and the late Thomas Butterworth, of Lambton, Newcastle, N.S.W., in her 57th year.

CUNNINGHAM.-December 9, 1914, at her residence,  

Lillyville, Belmont-street, Alexandria, Fanny Cun-     ningham (nee Butterworth}, widow of the late Alder-   man Joseph W. Cunningham, J.P., and beloved mother of Rachel Stewart, 101 Beattie-street, Bal-

main, in her 57th year.  

CUNNINGHAM.-December 9, 1914, at her residence,

Lillyville, 225 Belmont-street, Alexandria, Fanny,   widow of the late Alderman Joseph W. Cunningham, J.P., dearly loved mother of Ethel Dierks, Muriel Stuart, and Ivy Treble, in her 57th year.

HAGAN.-December 10, at her residence, 16 Curtis-road,

Balmain, Barbara Hagan, senr., aged 85.  

HATFIELD.-December 9, at Prince Alfred Hospital,  

Isaac Bolam Hatfield (Bert), beloved husband of Hilda Jessie Hatfield, 4 King-street, Randwick, aged


HORDERN.-December 8, at Stramshall, Auburn-road,  

Hawthorn, Victoria, Cecilia, widow of the late William Hordern, aged 79. A colonist of 77 years.

McKENZIE.-December 10, 1914, at his late residence,

Tulackard, Abbotsford-parade, Abbotsford, Walter  

Parlane, in his 55th year.

McNALLY.-December 4, 1914, late of 65 Marriott-  

street, Redfern, Bernard McNally, aged 48 years. In-

serted by his loving brothers and sisters. R.I.P.

PORTUS.—December 9, at Cobham, Ashfield, Nel-

lie, wife of John Portus. Interred Rookwood,  


RINTEL.-December 8, 1914, at Geelong, Victoria,

Myrr, beloved husband of Sophie Rintel, and brother of Mrs. Philip Joseph, of Coogee.

THORNDIKE.-December 10, 1914, Herbert John Kel-  

lett, dearly loved infant son of Herbert J. and the late Blanche Thorndike, aged 6 months. Suffer the

little children to come unto Me.

WHITE.-December 9, 1914, at his late residence, 74

Denison-street, Newtown, Thomas, dearly loved hus-   band of Amelia White, formerly of Range Villa,

Burrawang, aged 70 years.

WHITE.-December 10, 1914, at St. Vincent's Hospi-

tal, Sydney, Patrick Kinchela White, aged 69 years.  


WILLIAMS.-December 10, 1914, at her late residence,  

Fletcher-street, Auburn, Sarah Jane, relict of late   John Joseph Williams, late of Hawkesbury River,

aged 57 years.


BOURNE - In fond and loving memory of our dear

father and grandfather William Bourne, vvho departed this life on December 11, 1913, aged 78 years and 10


One of the best that God could send,   Beloved by all, a faithful friend  

Called home from those who deeply love,   To gain a glorious life above.  

Inserted by his loving daughter and son-in-law, Fred, and Mary Watts, Wold's-Avenue, Hurstville.

BOURNE -In loving memory of our dear father and

grandfather, who died December 11, 1913. Inserted bv his loving daughter, son, and grandson, Edward. Alice, Charlotte, an d Herbert Darke.

CONNORS. — In loving memory of our dear mother,

Johannah Connors, who passed away, at Kogarah,   on the 11th December, 1913. R.I.P. Inserted by     her loving daughters, Catherine and Mrs. J. Maude, CONWAY. -In loving memory of my dear husband

and our dear father, Andrew F. Conway, who de- parted this life on the 11th December, 1901. Gone,   but not forgotten. Inserted by his loving wife, Caroline Conway, and children, Ellen, Alfred, Frank,

Ruby Conway.

COOPER -In loving memory of our dear little daugh

ter, Elsie Jean, who passed away December 11, 1912,

aged 4 years.  

Two years have passed since that sad day,   When our dear Jean was called away;    

God took her home, it was His will, Forget her, no, we never will.  

Inserted by her loving parents, Charles and Emily


COOPER-In loving memoir of our little darling, Elsie Jean, who departed this life December 11, 1912.  

Gone from among us, oh, how we miss her.

Inserted bv her loving granddad, aunties, and uncle, C. Cooper and familv, Akron, Central, Bankstown. CROFT -lu memoi v of im dear mother, Hannah Croft,

who died December 11, 1892 To memory dear. Insert- ed by her loving daughter, li. Groj, Manlv.

DUNN-In loving memory of my dear husband and

our father. Thomas Honrv Dunn, who departed this life December 11, 1913, at North Svdnej, leaving a sorrowing wife and famllv to mourn his loss. At rest. Inserted bv lil-, loving wife and children.

DUNN -In loving nieinorv of our dear brother, Thomas

H. Dunn, vvho depaited this life December 11, 1913. His ena was peace, hi» enies are none. Inserted by his loving sisters, biothei in-law, Mrs. A, YVatts, Mrs. Y.hman (Newcastle), Mrs Hilder.

DUNN-In loving mentor} of my dear brother, Thomas

Henrj Dunn, woo departed this life December 11, 1013 f-fe in tho arms of Jesus Inserted by his loving sister and brother in-law, Agnes and Frederick Davis. EDWARDS-In loving memorj of our dalling daugh-

ter and sister, Eva Mav, «ho departed this Aii De- cember 11, 1913, dged 5i months

. Gone, but not forgotten.

Inserted by her Io. ing father, mother, and bro-1 ther, John and Rebecca, and Leslie Edwards.

EWING-In loving memory of my dear husband and

father, Samuel Lwing, who departed this life De ts-,b:r II, 3018, aged 43 year» Inserted by his lov- ing wile and children, Emily May Lwing..

GAY.—A tribute of love to the memory of my dear    

sister, Jane Gay, who passed away December 11, 1913. Dead, but not forgotten. Inserted by her   loving sister, Mary Ashton.

HOWES -In fond memorv of our dear mate, 'William

Howes, who departed this lite December 11, 1800. , rive jears have passed since that sad day,

?".hen our dear mate was called awaj. I fjod took him home, It was His will, I Forget lum, no, vye neier will

Inserted by ins true mates, C M'Dougall, A M'Donald, J O'Niel, J. Horre, Ted Robinson, L. VAclch, W. O Lauchlan.

INGRAM.-In loving memory of my dear husband, W11.

Ham Event Ingram, who died on the 11th of Decem-

ber, 1013.

A husband true as ever breathed u Ha«. pacsed ayvaj from earth,

I But jour memory lives within the heart

Of ona that Knew your worth.

Inserted by his loy ing wile. Mary Ingram.

SEELEY -In loving memory of my dear mother,

Catherine, who departed this life December 11, 190S. Inserted by her loy ing, Rene Garland, Perth, W.A.

At rest.

KEELEY -In loy ing memory o( my dear sister, Cath-

erine Kate, who departed this life December 11, 3003 Inserted by her loving sister. Emily Phillips.

Uone, but not forgotten.

LAMB? RT.-In loy Ing memory of our dear father, who

departed this life on the 11th day of December, 1011. Inserted b\ his loy ing sons, Robert, Thomas,

and Hermon Lambert.

LAMBERT-In loimg mernoo' of our dear father,

?who departed this life on the 11th das of Decem- ber, 1013. Inserted by ills loving daughter and son in law, and grandchildren, Mrs and Mr. Elmes, also Edna, Edie, Norma, and Clarile Elmes.

LANGLY.-In lowng memory of Violet Langly, who

died December 11, 1007.

Clay to its narroyv home beneath;

'" Soul to its rest on high. _ ) -J j, ' I who have seen thy look, in dcath

i Need never fear to die. ' ".  

A. Smith.

MARSHALL-In loy ing memory of my dear husbaui

and our father, who departed this life December 11. 1011, ago 67 Inserted by his loving wife, and children, .Nellie, Ruth, Crosby

MILES -In sad but loving memory of Henry, dearly  

beloved and only child of H. and M. Miles, who de- parted this life, at North Sydney, December 11, 1913,  

aged 11 months.  

1 One .ear has passed, our hearts still sore,

As tile time goes on we ml»« him more. Inserted bj his father and mother

1IULLEÎ -A loving tribute to the memory of our

dca. mother, Anna Louisa Mulley, who died 11th De cember, 1013. Inserted by her loving daughters and ton, Alice and Florrie and Dm Rest in peace.

JIURPIU -In loy ing memory of our dear brother,

Patrick Murphy, who departed this life on December

. 0, 1012.

Two years haye pissed since that sad day, I V\hcn our dear brother w is allied nwij, | <iod took him home, It was His Will, j Forget Inn., no, we ..eyer will

I forgotten by his sorrowful sister and brother

inlayy, Mr. and Mrs Hrooks, Mr. and Mrs. Ches- terton, Mr. and Mrs Carr.

SCANES -In loving memory of my dear father, Fred-  

erick John Scanes, who departed this life December

11th, 1911, aged 70 years.  

i Anchored by love, which death cannot 6cver,

1 miss you, dear fitlier, and will for eyer.

1 Inserted bv his loving daughter and ton In law, L.

and J. Grav.

SCANES--In loving memory of our dear brother,

Frederick John Scanes, who departed this life De- cember 11th, 1911. Inserted by his loving brother   and sister- in- law, John and Ciss Scanes.

SIMPSON -In sad but loving memory of Sidney Mil' n

(Sid), the dearly lo.ed husban I of Agnes Simps in late Dora street. Hurstville, »ho wai, accidentally Mlled during shunting oper-u um m Sydney yard 11th ot December 1011 aged IS year6 Deeply mourned and sadly nimcil bj his wife and ht'le

daughters Hilda and Baby

SIMPSON-In lmlng memory of Sidney Milton (SI I),

dearlj lo.ed onl. son nf Thomas and Mary Simpsoi i of I hsev 1-ngland ugrd 33 jeirs

! linee }ian haye passed .ime that sad day

F When our dear Sid yeas called away

j fiod took linn home it w is His will 1 lorget hill, no v\e will

Tnserte.1 hy his (sorrowing mother and father

B1MPS0\ - In lo. ing riloinory of Sidney Milton (Sill)

who departed this life nth December, 1011 aged 3« vear6 V.our memory is as green today as in the hour jon pafsed away Ber'

ELATTIRV. -K loiing tribute lo the memory of my

belo.ed wife and my dear mother, Margaret Slat

ter), v\ho departed tins ltle at her residence, 234 . Denton road lewisham, nceembcr 11, 1001

Rest In peace

I Inserted by her loung husband and daughter, J

»nd A Slattery.

6LATTH1V. -lu sad and loving memory of -ny dear

mother and our dear grandma. Margaret blaker} who departed tins life December 11 1001 RIP In tcrted by her loving diughter and son In law lucv and George .Hollingsworth, Margaret, and Fred

6H.TTP1H -In loin.g memory of our dear mother

apel grandmother, M irgircl Slatter, who departed I this hie at her residence 220 Donifon road, Lei

i (.ham, cn the Uth Decemlei, 1001 Inserted b> her

loving son and danehttri». la\y, lames and Uicc ' Slatt iv, and grandchildren, Margaret, James, Alice,

Thuniij and Frank Slatter.

ÇLATTI-RV, -In ml and loy ing memory of my dear

motbrr, Margaret Sl.ttcn who ¿«parted this life on December 11, 1011, at her residence Margaret y Cottage, Ocultan road, Dulwich Hill bad!) missed, I to memory eier^lear

' rtace, \»orfeel peace

Inserted by her lo. ing ddt.ghccr, Mr* Cilherine

I rawlord

¡WING -I» ever loving remembrance of my dear wife

Marj Emily Wing, who passed away at the Royal Trlnce Alfred Hospital Sydney, December 11, 1012

¡There Is one bond death cannot s»yer.

Lore's, which lasts for ever. Inserted by her loi ion husband, Cecil Wing.


Mr. T. YOUNG and FAMILY desire to return THANKS

to their relatives and friends for telegrams, letters, cards, floral tributes, and tokens of sympathy In

their recent sad bereavement.

Mr. and Mrs. GRAYCON wish lo THANK Nurse Traf

ford, Mrs. Land, and all kind friends for their kind s.vmpnthv in their sad bereavement.

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