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Family Notices

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BRAUND.—January 8, at Dee Bank, Harriette-street, Neutral Bay, the wife of Henry D. Braund—a son.

BROOKS.—November 25, 1913, at Tua Tua, Labasa,

Fiji, the wife of Arthur Weston Brooks—a son.

BUCKHAM.—On December 27, 1913, at Nurse Macna-

mara's Private Hospital, Randwick, the wife of   Alec. H. Buckham—a s0n (John Hope).

CAPPER.—December 17, at St. Peters, West Maitland,   the wife of Basil Capper—a daughter.

CRAWFORD.—January 3, at Nurse Primrose's private

Hospital, Braywood, Livingstone-road, Petersham, the   wife of R. Finlay Crawford—a daughter. Both well.

CREAK.—January 5, 1914, at Wenoonah, Northcote-

street, Haberfield, to Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Creak—a   daughter (Phyllis May).

CUTHBERT.-On January 2, 1914, at Brookly Private

Hospital, Kogarah, the wife of Chas. D. Cuthbert- of a daughter. Both well.

DAY.-December 22, 1913, at 94 Booth-street, Annan-

dale, the wife of Phillip Day (nee Nellie Kilpat-

rick)-a daughter.  

DEAN.-December 10, at Charlemount Private Hospi-

tal, the wife of Charles Dean, Beach-road, Darling

Point-a son.

ELLIS.-December 19, at her residence, Connaught, Bin-

ning-street, Erskineville (Rose), the wife of Leo Ellis-a son (Henry Leon). (Melbourne papers please


FARRUGIA.-January 7, 1914, at Morton-street, La-  

kemba, the wife of F. J. Farrugia-a daughter, Doreen


FITZPATRICK.-December 29, 1913, at Mansfield, Mar-

garet-street, Rozelle, to Mr. and Mrs. A. (Bert) Fitzpatrick-a daughter (Avis). Both doing well.

FORSYTHE.-December 13, at Rosa, Parramatta-road,

Summer Hill, to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Forsythe (of Pitt and Goulburn sts)-a daughter (Beryl Joyce).

GALE.-December 18, 1913, at 132 Lord-street, New-

town, to Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Gale-a son.

HOLBURN - December 27, at Vailima Hospital, Neu-

tral Bay, Sydney, the wife of George S Holburn -

a son.    

HORSLEY.-November 29, 1913, at Nirvana, Camp-

bell-street, Bexley, the wife of G. H. R. Horsley-

a son.  

HORWOOD.-November 29, at Somerset-street, Mosman,

to Mr. and Mrs. W. S. G. Horwood-a daughter


LITTLE.-December 30, 1913, at her residence, Wallace-

street, Braidwood, the wife of W. J. Little-a son  

(Robert Morrice).

MARTIN.-November 16, 1913, at Malumnah Private

Hospital, North Sydney, the wife of John Martin, George-street, city-a daughter.

MILLS.-December 31, at Cambawarra, Katoomba, the

wife of A. J. Mills-a son.

MORAGHAN.-December 17, at Nurse McMahon's Pri-

vate Hospital, Glebe Point, to Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Moraghan-a son (Thomas Kevin).

OLSEN.-November 24, 1913, at Marmora, Raglan-street,

Mosman, to Mr. and Mrs. C. Olsen, a daughter.

PENDER.-December 29, 1913, at their residence, Illala,  

Mosman, to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pender, a son (John

Leon Basil).

PERKINS.-January 2, 1914, at Gowan Brae, Roseville-

avenue, Roseville, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. A. Per-

kins-a daughter.

PIKE.-December 31, at Wanstead, Mountford-avenue,

Guildford, the wife of Stanley A. Pike-a daughter

(Ralda Ellen Moore).  

PROUDFORD.-December 22, 1913, at her residence,

Penshurst, Ebley-street, Waverley, the wife of J. J.

Proudford-a daughter.

REDDING.-January 8, at Nurse Sturrock's private

hospital, Drynane, Park-parade, Bondi, to Mr. and

Mrs. Ernest Redding-a daughter.

REINES.-January 2, 1914, at her residence, 553

Hunter-street West, Newcastle, the wife of Maurice Reines-a son. Both doing well.

ROBYNS.-December 19, at Glengariff private hospi-

tal, Adelaide, the wife of W. A. Robyns, The Pines,

Norwood-a son.

SLADEN.-December 20, 1913, at her residence, Rus-

sell-street, Vaucluse, the wife of L. A. Sladen - a


SMITH.-January 3, at Nurse Sturrock's private hos-

pital, Drynane, Park-parade, Bondi, to Mr. and Mrs. James Dean Smith, Brisbane-a son.  

STEVENSON.-December 30, 1913, to Mr. and Mrs. F.

L. R. Stevenson, of Glenorie, Joseph-street, Rock-

dale - a son.

STRINGFELLOW.-December 26, 1913, at 27 Lord's

road, Leichhardt, the wife of Stanley Stringfellow, of a daughter (Grace Ruby Isabel).

THOMPSON.-December 29, at Carlisle, Lane Cove-

road, North Sydney, the wife of J. B. Thompson-

a daughter.

THOMPSON.-December 29, 1913, at 371 Lane Cove-road,

the wife of J. Thompson-a daughter.

TYERS.-January 2, 1914, at 34 Nelson-street, Wool-

lahra, the wife of T. W. Tyers, of Toora, Nevertire

-a son.

VICKERY.-January 3, 1914, Virginia, Redmyre-road,

Strathfield, the wife of Stanley Vickery-a daughter. WALKER.-December 19, 1913, at Clareme, Railway-

parade, Penshurst, to Mr. and Mrs. William Walker- a daughter (Willena Norene).

WATSON.-January 1, 1914, at their residence, Wes-

tella, Hawkesbury-road, Westmead, the wife of Horace Collis Watson-a son (Horace James).

WHITNEY.-December 25, 1913, at Blandford, Wood-  

ward-avenue, Strathfield, the wife of J. H. Whitney-

a son.

WRAGGE.- December 13, at his residence, Mornington,

Gunnedah, the wife of Hugh Moffit Wragge, of a



BURTON-SHAW.-November 26, 1913, at St. Andrew's

Church, Summer Hill, by the Rev. Canon Vaughan, Arthur William, second son of William Henry Bur- ton, of Lewisham, to Violet Dorothy, daughter of Frederick Shaw, of Summer Hill.

DOWLING-SMITH.-January 7, 1914, at St. James'

Church, King-street, by Rev. F. W. G. Greville, John, second son of the late Wm. Dowling, Esq., of George's Plains, Bathurst, to Ruth Elinor, second daughter of J. Bealby-Snilth, dentist, Sydney.

GLASSOP-HUGGINS.-December 11, 1913, by the Rev.

C. Jas. Tinsley, at the Stanmore Baptist Church, Leslie Thomas, third son of Ellen Glassop, of Stan- more, to Elsie Maude, eldest daughter of the late George and Emily Huggins, of Petersham.

HAMMOND-LARKIN.-December 31, at the Sacred

Heart, Darlinghurst, by Rev. Dean O'Hara, Walter Hammond, Sydney, to Elizabeth Josephine, second daughter of J. J. Larkin, Mount Keira, Wollongong. HARMSTON-SMITH.-On December 31, 1913, at St.

Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Phillip-street, Syd- ney, by the Rev. John Ferguson, Roy Graham, of Forbes, second son of Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Harms- ton, of Werriwa, Ashfield, to Elsie May, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Smith, of Aledna,

Mount Carmel.

HARRIS-PIKE.-November 29, at All Souls' Church,

Leichhardt, by the Rev. H. S. Begbie, George Fred- erick, third eldest son of the late George Frederick Harris, of Redfern, and Mrs. Harris, of Leichhardt, to Edith Jane, second eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pike, of 177 Albany-road, Petersham, late of Wellington, N.S.W.

HEPPELL-PARISH.-January 3, at St. Oswald's,

Church of England, Haberfield, by the Rev. S. E. Maxted, M.A., Frederick William, second son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Heppell, to Doris Minta, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Parish.

ICELY-SHARPE.-December 11, 1913, at St. Alban's,

Leura, by the Rev. Walter Ellis, Cecil Stuart, son of the late Charles Icely, of Goimbla, near Murga, to Ruby Isabel, daughter of the late Ernest A. L. Sharpe, police magistrate, Forbes.  

JOHNSTON-CLARKE.-December 29, 1913, at the

Manse, Woollahra, by the Rev. F. B. Cowling, Noel Byron, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon John- ston, Annandale, Harkness-street, Woollahra, to Nita, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Clarke, of Verona,


JONES-ROBINSON.-December 6, 1913, at Kogarah  

Congregational Church, by Rev. W. Touchell, Oliver G., son of Mr. and Mrs. Alderman W. J. Jones, J.P., to Marjorie, second eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Robinson, of Sans Souci, late of Rockdale

and Watson's Bay.

LINDSAY-LITTLE.-December 17, 1913, at Presbyte-

rian Church, Manly, by the Rev. Alex. Simms, B.A., Thomas Herron Lindsay, of Belfast, Ireland, to Elsie, only daughter of the late Joseph B. Little and Mrs. Little, of Melbourne, Victoria.

MATSON-HARRIS.-December 20, 1913, at All Saints'

Church, Woollahra, by Rev. H. Wallace Mort, Peter

Matson to Rosie Harris.

MORLEY-BRAILEY. - December 27, 1913, at All

Saints', Petersham, by the Rev. G. G. Fielding, James, third son of E. Morley, of Summer Hill, to Hilda, second daughter of J. G. Brailey, late of Blayney and Waverley.

O'DEA—KILMARTIN.—January 7, 1914, at Holy Cross

Church, Woollahra, by the Rev. Father McHugh, Alphonsus Cornelius O'Dea, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. O'Dea, of Mount Gambier, South Australia, to Norah Gertrude (Lily) Kilmartin, eldest daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. M. Kilmartin, of 96   George-street, St. Peters. South Australian papers

please copy.

PARSONS-GRACE.-January 2, at St. Canice's Church,

Sydney, by the Rev. Father Sherron, Charles Leslie, youngest son of Mrs. C. Parsons, Victoria, to Vera Maude, eldest daughter of Mrs. H. Grace, Potts Point.   PETRIE-MACKENZIE.-At Cabar-Feidh, View-street,

Woollahra, on the 17th inst., by Rev. W. A. S. Anderson, B.A., David, eldest son of the late Cap- tain David Petrie, Arbroath, Scotland, to Annetta, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Mackenzie, Cabar-Feidh, Woollahra.

PITT-POOLE.-December 8, at St. Andrew's Church,  

Roseville, by the Rev. L. J. McDonald, Nigel Hronlc, eldest son of Charles B. Pitt, of Trevellyn, Milson's Point, to Winifred Eunice, only daughter of William T. Poole, of Roseville.

RAIN-HARCOURT.-December 16, 1913, at the Presby-

terian Church, Neutral Bay, by the Rev. R. H. Waugh, M.A., Robert J., second son of Mr. W. Rain, Learmouth, Victoria, to Ethel Mills, only daughter of the late George Harcourt, and Mrs. Har- court, formerly of Deasland, Ginninderra.

RUSSELL-POOLE.-January 3, 1914, at St. Andrew's

Church, Summer Hill, by Canon Vaughan, John   Herbert Russell, second eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Russell, of Newtown, to Violet, third eldest daughter of Mrs. Toole, Gladesville, late of Summer


SMYTH-PRENTICE.-December 13, 1913, at St.

Thomas' C. of E., Enfield, by the Rev. A. C. Mosley, Frederick, third son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smyth, of Burwood, to Violet G., eldest daughter of Mr. Rowland Prentice, ol Strathfield.

ST. CLAIR-SMYTH KING.-December 29, 1913, at St.

Philip's Church, Sydney, by the Rev. Canon Belling- ham, Leslie Harold, son of Mr. John J. St. Clair, Mosman, to Enid Vera, daughter of Mr. G. H. Smyth-King, Mosman.


GILL-WILLIAMS.-January 11, 1864, at the Manse,

Jamieson-street, Church-hill, Sydney, by the Rev. Dr. Lang, John Monro Gill, boilermaker, youngest son of the late Charles Gill, builder, of Padding- ton, to Sarah Catharine Holmes Williams, third daughter of the late James Williams, contractor, of East Maitland. Present address: Bowden-street,  



ATKINSON.-December 17, at her late residence, 200

Marrickville-road, Marrickville, May (Phyllis), aged 28 years, beloved sister of Eva, Florence, Eric, and Stanley Atkinson. (Suddenly.)

BARNSLEY.-January 3, 1914, at 64 Elliott-street, Bal-    

main, Bessie, dearly beloved youngest daughter of B. and E. Barnsley, aged 2 years and 7 months (sud- denly).

BRIGGS.-January 7, 1914, at Dorrigo, Frank, infant

son of Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Briggs, late of Drummoyne, and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Green.

DOHERTY.-January 9, 1914, James Francis Doherty,  

aged 48. "After life's fitful fever, he sleeps well."

JOHNSON.-January 7, 1914, at Balmain Hospital,

Henry Edward Johnson, aged 57 years. Interment took place at Field of Mars Cemetery, Friday, the

9th inst.

MANSON.-November 17, at Tam Olrig, Scotland,

James Manson, farmer, aged 88 years, dearly beloved father of William Manson, Melrose, Brandon-street,   Randwick. Deeply regretted.  


ISMAY.-September 17, 1913, died at sea, Herbert

Dawson Ismay.

McQUADE.-January 9, 1914, at her parents' residence,

Kinsale, Regent-street, Kogarah, Virginia Francis (Virgie), dearly-loved daughter of Patrick W. F. and Maud F. McQuade, late of Balmain, age 7½ years.


MOORE.-January 9, 1913, at his late residence, Syl-

vania, Henry Charles Moore, late of Weber and Co., in his 38th year.

O'CONNELL.-January 6, 1914, at Aberdeen, N.S.W.,

Martha Jane, the beloved wife of M. E. O'Connell,  

aged 58 years. At rest.

O'LEARY.-December 27, 1913, at her daughter's resi-

dence, Robert-street, Newcastle, Mary, relict of the   late Patrick O'Leary, beloved mother of Madge and Mollie, Charles-street, Enmore. Interred Cooranbong


SHAPTER.-January 9, 1914, at her residence, 95

Reservoir-street, Surry Hills, Agnes, dearly loved wife of Phillip Shapter, and dearly loved daughter of James William and Christina McVicar, of the Colo, near Trunkey, N.S.W., aged 41 years.

SHEPPARD.-January 9, at Berhampur, Wahroonga,

the residence of her sister, Mrs. W. E. Morris, Edith, widow of the late Rev. George Sheppard, B.A. Service at St. John's Church of England at 3.30 p.m. this day.

TAYLOR.-January 2, 1914, at East Kempsey, Isabella,

widow of the late Rev. John Taylor, Presbyterian minister at Kempsey for 25 years.

TRIMMER.-January 2, at her late residence, 98

Morehead-street, Redfern, Harriet, dearly beloved wife

of Alfred Trimmer, in her 43rd year.  

VENTEMAN.-January 9, 1914, at Enovelle, Moncur-

street, Marrickville, Mary, widow of the late William Venteman.      

VILLIERS.-January 8, 1914, at the Royal Alexandra

Hospital, Camperdown, Albert George, dearly loved son of George Frederick and Lillian May Villiers, youngest grandchild of Louisa Wilkinson and Eliza- beth Villiers, both of Enmore, aged 7 months and 2 weeks. At rest.


ARTHUR.-In loving memory of my dear wife and

our dear mother, who passed away at Balmain, January 11, 1911. Sadly missed.

BLAKENEY.-In loving memory of our dear son,

Patrick Bav, who departed this life January 11, 1013, at Launceston, Tasmania. Inserted by his lather and mother, P. and K. Blakcncy. .

BLAKENEY.-In loving memory of my dear brother,

Patrick Bay, who departed this life January 11, 1013, at Launceston, Tasmania. Inserted ,by lus lov- ing brother and sister, Tillie and Ted Garfield.

BLAKENEY.-In loving memory of our dear brother,

Patrick Bay; who departed this life January -11, 1013, at Launceston, Tasmania, ,I»«rteu hy his loving sister and brother. Beck and Will Ilannll.

BLAKENEY.-In loving memory of our dear brother,

Patrick Bay, who departed this life January 11, 1013, at Launceston. Tasmania. Inserted b,y ms loving sister anti brother. Fanny and Will Spackman. BRYANT.-In loving memory of mv dear husband

and our dear father, William Owen Bryant, who de- parted this life January 10, 1007, at Enmore,- 1-I.P. Inserted by his loving wife and children. -

BRYANT.-In loving memory of our dear braU»«.,w,'>

Ham, who departed this life January 10, 1907. In sorted by his fond brothers and sister, Thomas, Ed- ward, and Mary. From sin and sorrow free. .

BURDEN.-In loving memory of my dear wife, Clara,

who departed this life January 9, 1912.

I often sit and think of you,

And of the pain you bore;

Would it be right lo wish you back,'

To go through it once more? Inserted by her lonely husband.

BURDEN.-In ever loving memory of our dear mother,

who left us for a better home on January 9, 1912. In- serted by George and Daisy Sadler.    

BURDEN.-A tribute of love and undying memory of

my dear and loving mother. Clara Burden, whom Cod called home to a in0« peaceful world than ours on January 0, 1912, at Cotswold, Moore-street, Leich-

hardt, aged 47 years. ,

What _ home without my mother?

What arc all the joys I mectf When Tier loving smile no longer

Greets the coming of my feet?

A faithful mother, tme and kind, '

No friend on tills earth Uko thee will I And. Two years have passed, and none can tell The loss of my mother 1 loved so .well.

There arc days of bitter anguish, when my tears be-

gin to fall.

But tho parting from my dearest mother Is the

hardest of them nil.

Inserted by her still sorrowful daughter, Nellie.

BYRNES.-in loving memory of our dearly beloved

father, Bernard Byrnes, who departed this life Janu- ary 11, 1000. R.I.P.. At Smithfield Grange, Coogee. Inserted by lils' loving children, Bertie, Charlie,

Lionel, Katie, Ethel. .

CAULFIELD.-In sad but affectionate remembrance of

our dear mother, Catherine Caulfield, who died Janu- ary 10, 1004. Sadly missed hy her loving daughters arid sons-in-law, Mary anti William Scale, Gertrude

and William Ryan. -

CAULFIELD.-'Tis just 10 years ago today, we all

remember well .wo laid our dear sister in that cold theil. Rest in peace. Inserted by lier loving sis- ter, Sarah Adlum..

CORRIGAN,-In sad but loving memory of our dear

father, John, who departed this life January 10, 1008. Sadly mlssetl. .

Too far away for sight or speech,

But not too far for thought to reach.

Inserted by his loving .daughter, Ethel, and step- children, Beatrice, Alice, and- Fred.

EVANS,-In memoriam of Margaret Evans, who fell

asleep ou the lilli January; 1013.

The fvcry best that God could send,

A" fond, true mother and my beat friend, ," Rest, dearest mother, thy toll is o'er,

Thy loving hands shall toil no more. . ' No moro thy gentle eyes shall weep. Rest, darling mother, gently sleep. Forget you, mother, I never will.

Though one year has passed, 1 love you still.

Insrrted by her loving son and daughter-in-law, Richard F. Evans and Ellen Evans.

HARTNETT.-In loving memory of my dear sister. Sarah

Elisabeth Hartnett, who departed thin life January 11, 1013, at her residence, 42 North-street, Leichhardt,

aged IS,

No sympathy is needed now, » Your cares arc all at rest.

Oh, happy they who now can say Who loved and served you best.

Inserted by her loving sister, Mary Ann Reeve.

HENDERSON.-In evcr-sorroyvlng memory of Evelyn

Mary Henderson, who passed away January 10, 1903.

Dear still in life, in death, if it might he

Thal word of ours could pierce the sunless sea, Whose,silent waters lwund the shadow land,

Where lies the dreamless souls of Lctho'B band,

Then would wo say, though life with thee so brief, That thine the perfect peace. And ours the grief.

HENRY.-In loving remembrance of our dear brother.

Rob Roy, who passed away January 11, 1011, aged

2 years.

Ero sin could blight or sorrow fade,

Death carne with friendly care.

Tile infant bud to heaven conveyed,

' And bade it blossom Diere.

Inserted by his loving brother and Bistcr-in-law, George and Carrie.

HERTZUAUSER.-In sad hut loving memory of our

darling son, George Edward, who departed this life

January 10, 1012,

Not dead to us, we love him dear,

No1 lost, but gone before.

He lives with us in memory still,

And will for evermore.

InBcrtetl hy, his loving father and mother, also sisters and brother, grandma, and Bobbie. At rest. HOGAN.-In loving memory of my dear son,- Patrick

Francis Hogan, who departed this life January 10,


1 saw him suffering day by day,

It caused me bitter grief,

To seo him slowly pine away, i

And could not give relief.

Not dead Jo me, I loved bim dear.

Not lost, but gone before.

He lives with me in memory sUll,

And will for ever more.,

Inserted hy bis lonely, mother. R.I.P.

HOGAN.-In loving memory of our dear brolhrr, Pat-

rick Francis Hogan, who departed this life January 10, 1013, at iii« late residence, 49 Bellevnc-ctrocl, Glebe. Dead, but not forgotten. Inserted by lils loving slater and brother-in-law, Mary and John

Hickey. R.I.P.

HOGAN.-In loving memory of our dear brother, Pat-

rick Francis Hogan, who departed this life January 10, 1013. Still remembered. Inserted by his loving Bister and brother-in-law, Josephine and Edward

Cummins. R.I.r.

HUMPHREYS.-A tribute of love and affection to the

memory of my dear daughter, Hilda Spicer Hum- phreys, who died January 10, 1010.

1 Still, still 1 sec that earnest face

Turned .to the Lord in prayer;

. Kneeling before a throne of grace,

Slic casts her burden there. Inserted by her sorrowing mother.

HURLEY.-In fond loving memory of our darling «on

mid fond loving brother, Victor, who was acciden- tally drowned at SI. Peters on January 10, lull, aged

10 yeurs and 0 mouths,

.Wc dream we sec your dear, sweet face,

And kiss your loving brow;

And whisper, as wc loi ed you then,

We love your memory now.

Inserted hy his horroiving luther, sisters, and brother. HUnijEY.-In loving remembrance of my darling yon,

Victor, who was accidentally drowned at St. Peters on January lo, 1011, aged 10 years and 0 months.

Little I thought, when Hie New Year came forth,

Darling Vick, your time was so short. If tho grave eould only open,

Many changes you would *cp;

But God knew- best, to Ile s.lit!,

Suiter little children to conic unio Me, Inserted by his loving mother.

HURLEY.-In evcr-loiing memory of mv dear grand

ion and our dour nephew, Vickie Hurley, who was arridcnlully drowned at Ki. Peters on January 10, 1911, aged li yean.. Never forgotten by his loving grandmother anti Mintie*, I'lnrc, Ciss, and Lovie.

LAMBKIN.-In sad hut lol lug memory of my dearly

loved brother, Oswald Poy (Otley), who departed tills life on January 10, 191J, aged 14 jc-irs. nest ¡,,


He lias ¡-one Uki- ?_ (loner cut down In its bloom.

Tram the Mtnshlnc of life' to the Minde of the tomb; Put dealli cannot seiet the bond of our love,

Nor slciil the fond hope, ive hhnll meet linn above. Inserted by his rvor-lovmg Mater, Florrie, and little nicer, Florrie, anti brother-in-law, IVinon Simpson. LANCELEY.-In fond and lmlng memory of our dar-

ling little rrnhlif, who diet! January io, loos ln t-ertetl by lils loving parents, E. I), and N. Lanceley lila Oin, Lane Cave-road, Gore Hill.

McMULLEN.-In loving memory of mv dear son, Her-

bert George, who was accidentally killed on the rail- way, near the Redfern tunnel, Sydney, on January 10, 1010. Inserted by his loving mother, Ann Eliza


McMULLEN.-In loving memory of my dear brother,

Herbert George, who was accidentally killed on the railway, near the Redfern tunnel, Sydney, on Jan- uary 10, 1910. Inserted by his sister, S. A. James. McMULLEN.-In loving memory of our dear uncle,

Herbert George McMullen, who was accidentally kill-

ed on the railway, near the Redfern tunnel, Syd-   ney, on January 10, 1910. Inserted by his nieces, Annie, Hilda, Bertha Johnstone.

MEARS.-In loving remembrance of my dear husband,

John Chillies Mears, who passed away at his refci ilence, Blenheim, Marrielaillc-rontl, Marrickville-, Jan- uary 10, 1010. Inserted by his loving wife, Jessie. NABLE.-In loving memory of my beloved wife, Esther,

anil our beloved mother, who departed this life on January 10th, 1912, Tebeth 20th. I!.I!.U.S. Inserted by lier loiing husband, ions, und tlatiebtcrs.

NABLE.-In loving memory of nur dear mother and

grandmother, IMher Nable, who tlcnarteil this life .luuuiirv 10, on board It.M.S. Orontes. G.Il.H.S. In- serted'by her loiing son, daughter, and grandson, Hurry, Pearl, mid David Nable (Moree).

NEWBERY.-In sail and loving memory of my dear

husband and father, Jumes Charles Xewbery, who died January 12th, 1000. Inserted by hi:, loving wife and faull!/, _ . , . .. ..... ....,,,,. ....,


PARKS.-In loving memory of my dear wife and our

mother, Elizabeth Jane Parks, who departed this life January 10th, 1012.'- Inserted by her loving husband and children. j PARKS.-In loving memory of our dear mother, who

depurtcd this life January 10, 191_ Inserted by her loving daughter and son-in-law, A. and B. Chon ping. "'

PARKS.--In loving memory of my dear mother. Eliza,

beth Jane Parks, who departed this Ufe at Cessnock.

January io, ]0_,

You arc not forgotten, mother dear;

Nor will you ever be;

As long us Hie and memory lasts

I vi ill remember titee.

Inserted by her fond und loving daughter, Lily.

POLLEY.-lu Joiing memory of my dear son and our

urotiicr, » i ham George, who passed peacefully away January, loth, 1913. ' '

Peacefully sleeping, resting at last,

, Lue« weary troubles «ntl sufferings arc past.

Inserted by his loving mother, brothers, «ud sisters,

and little daughter Lillie.

PUCKRIDGE.--In sad but loving memory of my dear

father, Charles Puckridge, who departed this life January 10th, 1913, aged 64 years.

No pen can write, no tongue can tell, What he suffered as he lay ill

But God alone, who thought it best.  

Did ease his pain and gave him rest.

Inserted by his loving son and daughter-in-law,

Richard and Eda Puckridge, and grandchildren. Will-

lie and Florrie.  

RYAN-'" '?vinF ""¡"ory of our darling mother

Ellen1 Hemde Ryan, who departed this life JMU ary li, 1003, at her residence, i Camcj-on-rtreeí

Padding'ton. R.I.P. Inserted by her lming chUdrcn' Bid, Mary', Nellie. Jack. Tom, and Will.8 cnUdrcn>

SPENCER.-In loving memory of Thomas Sydney'

Spencer (Syd.), son of the late Thomas Spencer who laih-seel away January 11, 1012. The Lord guv est, and the Lord tailem away. Inserted by his mother, E. Porter. * '"

STENT. - In, 10SAPB, ",,cnW °í ,°ur ''rar father, Alfred

Stent, who died January stb, 1010; alto our dear mother, Margaret, who died December 13th, 1007 plough lost to sight, to memory eicr dear. Inserted by their loving children. "»erica TWOOMEY. - In «i«"1 memory of my dear daughter

Elizabeth fwooniey, who passed away January 12th 1013, aged 27 year», widow of the late Charlie Iwoomcy, of Flemington. Peacefully resting with her loved one. Lcaving an only child. Inserted by

her mother, J. Anstlc.

TWOOMEY.-In ever loving memory of our dear sister,

Elizabeth (widow of the late Charles Twoomey), who passed away January 12th, 1913, aged 27 years, after

a short, sad life.

The midnight stars are shining

Upon a double grave,

Where sleeping, without dreaming.

Lie the two we could not save.

Inserted by her sisters, M. Murphy, D. Warton, and

D. Happ.

WENCK.-A tribute of love to the memory of my

dear mother, Tess, who passed away peacefully at her late residence, 320 Riley-street, Surry Hills, Janu-  

ary 10, 1912.

She has gone from us now, all her troubles are o'er,

She is free from all sorrows and pain,

The trials of this life, which she silently bore, Will never distress her again.

Inserted by her eldest daughter, Winnie.

WENCK.-A tribute of love to the memory of my

dear mother, Tess. who passed away peacefully, at her late residence, 320 Riley-street, Surry Hills,

January 10, 1912.

Years will roll, time will fly, Every leaf will fade and die, The ever-rising sun will set,

But you, dear mother, I'll never forget.' Inserted by her youngest daughter," Ursula,

WENCK.-In loving memory of our dear mother,

Theresa Wenck, who departed this on January 10,


Peacefully sleeping, resting at last, "? Life's weary pain and all suffering.past.

Inserted by her loving son and daughtcr-in-law, Fred,

and Emmie.

WING.-In sad but loving memory of our dear daugb-1

ter. Lucy Vera Melba Wing, aged 14, who depart-

ed this' life January 10, 1011.

Though cast down in tears and sorrow, Though wo lost the one wc loved; / Softly comes the angels' whisper,

Lucy's safe in Heaven above.

Inserted by her loving father and mother.

WING.-In sad but loving memory of our dear sister,

Lucy Vera Melba Wing, aged 14, who departed this

life January 10, 1011.

No more thy gentle eyes shall weep.

Sleep, dear little sister, gently sleep.

Inserted by her loving brothers, Harry, Arthur, Jack,

and Fred.

WING.-In loving memory of our dear friend, Lucy Wing, died January 10, 1911. aged 14 years. Safe home. Inserted, by her loving friends, Mr. and Mrs. J. Myers," also E. and A. Fuller.

WOODHAM.-In loving memory of our dear grandma

and great-grandma, Ann Freeman Woodham, who passed away this life January 10, 1011.

Leaves may fade, but memory never..

Inserted by her grandchildren, Ada Slingsby and family._


Mr. F. PETERSEN and FAMILY, HO Wellington-street,

Waterloo, desire to rcluru THANKS to their maii.y Blinda and relatives for their kind services," floral tributes, letters, cards, and telegrams, and expres- ión« of sympathy In their recent sad bereavement.

Mr. ami Mrs. ACMON 1IUTCHESON and FAMILY, of

liyan-strcct, Lilyfield, desire to return THANKS to kind neighbours andlfriends for floral tributes, cards, letters, and kind sympathy in their recent . sail bereavement, in the, loss of their eldest son, William. Mr. and Mrs. WILUAM DIXON, Grey-strcct, Carlton,

desire to tender their sincere THANKS to tbçir relatives mid friends for their kind sympathy, cards, and floral tributes during their recent sad bereave-


Mr. W. MOULD and FAMILY tender their THANKS

to all friends for their kind and tender sympathy - shown them ¡n their hour of bereavement.

Mr. and Mis. G. B. DAVIES, of San Toy, B"TTod

street, Burwood, wish to THANK their many friends and inquirers for their kind sympathy in tho loss

of their baby, Gordon.

Mr. anti Mrs. HAWKINS and FAMILY desire to return

THANKS for the numerous letters, telegrams, cards, «oral tributes, and expressions of sympathy ex- tended to them by BO many kind friends in their recent sad bereavement in the lo» of their dearly loved son and brother. Willie. '

Mr. and Mrs. BARNSLEY and FAMUtY. of Elliott

street. Balmain, desire to return THANKS to their, many friends and relatives for cards and floral tri-

bute's in their sad bereavement.

Mr. and Mrs. MAGNER and FAMILY, of Jones-street,

Ultimo, desire to return THANKS to the Rev. Di. Toomey, Brother Thomas, Brother Hugh, and mem- bers of St. Benedict's Football team, auto relatives and friends, and all those, who sent floral tributes, telegrams, cards, and letters in their late Bad be- reavement. Home papers please copy.

Mrs. F. KILLIAN aud FAMILY return Ihclr sincere [ THANKS for floral tributes and kind expressions of

sympathy in their recent «ad bereavement.

Mrs. CLAYTON and FAMILY, of ITS Lord-atrect, New-

town, desire to return THANKS to Dr. Fitzgerald, also the many friends and relatives, for their kind services and. sympathy in their recent sad bereave- ment in tlic-loss of their dear husband and father.

Mr. D. and Mrs. WELSH and FAMILY, of 135 Bedford

Blrcot, Newtown, wish to return their sincere THANKS to their friends and relatives for letters, cards, telegrams, floral tributes, and expressions ol sympathy in their sad bereavement; also Rev. Father O'sullivan and I)r. Hosier, of Newtown, the doctors, nurses of Children's Hospital: nlso Tramway Officers' Association and tramway traffic cmployrcs, Newtown


Mrs. W. WADE and FAMILY, of 45 Grecn'i-road, Pad-

dington, desire lo return THANKS to their many .friends ami relatives for their kind services, floral

tributes, letters, cartis, telegrams, and messages of sympathy, also Mr. and Mrs. Wynne. Mrs. Lohan, Miss Swan, the Boilermakers' /Society, Tramway Em- ployees, Randwick, Telephone Staff, Randwick, and Officer« of the Telegraph Receiving and. Denpateh Branch, G.P.O., Sydney, in their recent sad bereave-


Mr. and Mrs. CHRISTOPHER SMITH, of 55 Darghan

street, Glebe, desire to return THANKS to theil many friends and relatives tor their kind services, floral tributes, letters, card6, and expressions of sympathy lu their recent Bad bereavement.

Mr.. J. T. BROGDEN, of Olive May, Coogee, and

FAMILY tlcsirc lo express their aporceiatton of nil kind messages of sympathy received during their recent sad bereavement, and extend their THANKS to the Members of the Redfern Bowling Club and

others for floral tributes.

The FAMILY of the late Mrs. R, COYTE desire to

express their ' THANKS to their many friends for their kindness shown, and the cards, letters, and expressions"" of sympathy received during their re-

pent sad bereavement.

Mrs THOS HICKS and FAMILY, of Blucher street, Mascot, desire to return THANKS to the manv friends and relatives for their kind services and sympathv

in their recent sod bereavement.

Mr. and Mrs G BARRINGTON wish to return TnANKS

to their many (friends foi messages, cards and floral tributes, also nurses of The Cottnges, of the R P A Hospital, during their late sad bereavement

Mrs I BRV «.N and FAMILY return their heartfelt

THANKS to the Honourable Dr J B for his kind and loving care and attention to her late loved husband and their father, lames Brian also to father Kerwick, Sisters of Mercy, to Nurse Sumner for her untiring attention, to our kind friends for their attendance at the funeral, inquiries, cards, letters, and telegrams of sjmpathv in our recent sad


Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAM HARDIE, of 34 Pleasant street,

desire to return their sincere THANKS to relatives   and friends for expressions of sympathy, telegrams letters, and floral tributes in their late sad bereavement, also thinking Mrs. Anderdon, Miss Povey   for their collection, which was kindly given from   the surroundings of Erskineville; also Mr Sparks   for his kindness in collecting; and thanks for those that recovered the body of my dear lost son.

Mrs C. MORGAN, of Gerald street, Marrickville, wishes

to convey her sincere THANKS to her numerous re- litivcs and friends for their lind deeds, words, and tokens of fvmpatlij in her re.ent sad bereavement at

the lo s of her 11 jbflnd, Charlie

The SO\s and DAIKIHT. Rs of the late Mrs. M

llupnaii desire to luider their bil cere HUNKS lo thel min) kind friends for letters, ords, tele Him« a' o members -nd friends ol St Peters Fire Hrlgud. for floral tribute, in their recent sad be


Mr ltOBLItl STUNT7, of Headquarters Fire Station,

wishes to return TIlAMvS to lil« numerous friends fin the nnn> letters, telegrams, and other exprès sions of cjinpath> m bis recent sad beicavcmcnt

M- and Mia lLWSKINS and I \MILY desire to return

IIIAMvS for the numerous letters, telegrams, cards, floial tributes, and expressions of sympathy con vc}ed to them bv so nnnj kind frlcnejs in their re- cent sad bereavement, in the losa of their dearlv I lo.ed -on and brother, Millie

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