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Although the University of Queensland was only opened in 1911, the number of students, both male and female, has so far exceeded anticipations that tho old Government House buildings have proved too small for Its re- quirements, and sundry temporary buildings havo bnd to be utilised for some of tho classes. Denominational residential colleges for men students havo boon opened in different locali- ties, but until the sito for tho permanent University buildings is sctttlod on, it Is, of course, impossiblo for the colleges to bo othor than temporarily houspd. This hUB In some casca necessitated the building of extra rooms and renting of near-by hotiseb in order to accommodate tho overflow. It WUB felt from the first that either a hostel or a residential college should bo provided for the women students, but nothing definite waa done on the subject until about a year ago. In tho early part of 1M3 a number of women who were interested in tho subject formed a deputation to the Government in order to ask for assist- ance in establishing a women's residential col- lege. They received scant sympathy then, but nothing daunted, set about trying to raise funds to establish tho collego without Govern- ment aid. Such determination as they showed would probably have accomplished its pur poso in time. Meanwhile the Government Education Department had decided on a new scholarship Bchomo. which will onahlo un in- creased number of State school scholars and young tcachets to avail themselves oí a Uni- versity course. As theGO scholarship holders will como from all parts of tho Stato and in- clude a number of girls, the college committco dcr'ded on another deputation to tho Govern- ment. Tho second appeal for help rosulted in a promise of a X for £ subsidy on all monoy collected up to a thousand pounds, and a grant of _E0O per annum for live years. As tho public subscriptions havo reached the total of £1265 JOs full advantago can bo taken of tho thousand pound subsidy. This generous treatment has enabled tho committco to go ahead with tholr arrangements, and havo the collogo available for students at tho beginning of the 1S14 University term. A house on Kan- garoo Point and an adjoining cottage-which

it is intended to attach to tho main building by a now wing of bodruoms-havo been leased for throe years for the college. By that time it is expected that the now University and colleges will bo built.

MÍBS F. Bago, M.Sc., Melbourne University, has been appointod tho first principal of the college. Although a Victorian and a graduate of the Melbourne University, Miss Bago is not unknown in Queensland. During last year sho actod as lecturer In biology at the Queens- land University In place of Dr. Harvey John- ston, who wits absent from tho State. MI.-is Bage, who is also a Follow of tho Linnean Society, Is well acquainted with University work, having acted as demonstrator lu flic Molbourno University, whero Rho won the MacBain scholarship for research work, and also worked for a year In KIng'B College Lou-: don. Her sympathetic and optimistic dispo-

sition have mado her so many friends in j

Brisbane that her appointment as principal of tho now college Is a very popular one. Miss Bago entered into residence at the college on Fobruary 14. Two days later sho was joined By tho first three students, who all were holders of the Government's new pupil teachers' scholarships . It is a matter for congratulation that Brisbane-with such a young university-has suceoedod in establish- ing a women's college, through which the pathway of the loarner can bo mado so much more rapid and easy, while somo of the cities with older universities aro still lagging be- hind. _"__.-..-__

"~ " KADINA.

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