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U the first displnis of spung f minons Hie piettic-l of the s! iris au tho'c consist m" of ot ti ituined w ith llotmce- ihe\ aie not tggic«¡mel\ full and lhe\ had one merit denied lo al) the othei s Ihej weie !>lt light round the bottom The plain skirls appeared almost without exception to hine the fullness set cluelh oici the hips the lesulls beint, tint an nppcaianee of breadth nu» Riven tepon ill. aeiop« the bael and lhat tin giealei weight it tin sides ciused the sluU to clio, their* so that at the flout and bael thej weie shoitei than nt the side*- \n one could call such nu clfcit 1,1 leefiil and it will be nceesoan lo insist tint diessmal era ihould 1 unid against it

Some of the ladoied eostuinis baie eloscl. pleated bkirts the pkdts being at

iiiigcd clued, in the ccnlie of the front and at the bael H is noticeable that all of these baie the pleats secuied so as to lie quite flat so tint these skuts appeal lo be miali witto« ii than the plain ones Hie little sliaighl 13ton coat« made quite Himph nie len becoming and so nie the sleci i less liudu e eflccts used chiefly on the blouse pot (ion of tin ce picic suits and on cotton tioeks V ici. pretil result is obtauu ii b\ means oi a long slcei ed blouses of fine lawn wolli undei u simple sleeveless fioik of pale ciiibroulei ed eiepo J he sleeves in such flocks ate of Hie bishop Bille linished wit li little bands and fulls oi pictti cults nt the wrist I lu combina lions of millennia ni some nt the lioel s aie inteiest nig J afiela silk is used ni com

binntioii willi union silk niiisbn and even | with i ultim voile, vi Inlst ni tim kel tine ks it is nindi np with -.loth and with veiv eli en, ci tilt < as mut h of the one mate ii ii benu used as (lu othei io lint ncithci can be ilciciibeel as 111111111111-. 'I Ins Inshion will unlit it posHibh (o two np leniiitmis wltirh would not bo long 1 iimifji to use alone foi the «nie ducks If wc* itniird the dusses mipoitcd toi models as lcprcacnt


mg Hie extremes of the fnaliion of the dal, a« I think we iustl> ma. there is much to commend in the new stjlcs Xo one is m Hie mood for exlraveganies, and when ive have toned the btjles down to still our tempeis and the times wo si j i 11 piobablj look, and feel, quite comfortnblc and pic

turesqtie Jil pictures this week leptcsei t two quiet stvlcs of dress suitable foi pie =ent wear, und u *cry picttj midsummer ¡.own which shows n quite new nnd vcrv d nilli liltlc I ton made of lice This tjpe of lillie coil «ill r pi edict be veiv popu lal especinlh when in ide m fine cm biolden insteid of lice