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By the arrlvnl here on Saturday by the Ma kura ot Miss Josephine Cohan. Mr. Fred. Niblo, and Mr. James Manning, tho American contingent for J. C. Williamson's {orthcomiug production of "Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford" was completed, as two other important prin- cipals, Mr. Harry Corson Clarke and Miss Margaret Dale Owen, have already been hero Bomo time sight-neeiug. The new farcical com- edy will be staged at tho Criterion Theatre about a month heneo.

Mr. Fred. Niblo, who will play the star part, has been on the stage 17 years, but Is a buoyantly cheerful and very young-looking man for such a record. Hn describes Walling- ford as one of the longest parts over writ- ten for tho stage, probably second only to Hamlpt, but ho has played it all over the United States with success, and believes that our playgoers will recognise it as a clever comedy. He also starred for two years m "The Fortuno Hunter." the second new piece in tho repertoire, has figured for a number of years in musical comedy, and during a visit to England ho accepted a good engageaient at tho London Palace Theatre both in comedy sketches, and in single turns as a humorist and story-teller. The newcomer is, Indoed, a man of many talents. Some time ago he went to Capotown and Johannesburg with his wife under a nine-weeks' engagement, and thon stayed on for another seven months with a kodak of his own and a blograph'operator, taking moving pictures in Uganda. Nigeria, and other parts of Darkest Africa. The out- come of this adventure was a long serios of illustrated lecturos on "Foreign Travel" in the United States, and as ho and his wlfo ex- tended their travels to Russia, France, and other countries, they ended by lecturing for two years. During his stay in Australia, Mr.

Niblo will use his kodak freely and the news that Mr Corson Clai ko ind Miss Dale Owe i aro to bo In tbo cast his put him in high spirits as ensuring the \merican atmosphere so essential to the successful reproduction of tho ne* pieces

Miss Josephine Cohan »ho ra smill fair

haired and sprightl} will play the character of the stenographer who eventually mirries Wallingford whilst Mr Jainei Manning has a good character part as in Irish Vmerican hotelkceper The neu play was written by her brother a very remarl tblo min and Inci dentalls a inilltonure though Miss Cohen hah tens to e\pliin i klndhcartcd and chiritiblo example of the 3pecics Misb Cohin tdds - "Most of my stage c treer his been passed with this brother as üiief comedian and mj fathci and mother also In tho saline company which became widely popular I suppose I miy say without unduly boistmg that m> brother la regarded as somewhat of a marvel and ii

though the humorists hive declared him quito a little Trust in himself Vmerici is proud of him He is in eccentric comedian, with a broider And moro forcible stylo than IN lill un Collier Ho is proprietor of George M Cohan s Theitre New i ork for which house (where it ran a year) ho dramatise« Wallingford from Chester's magazlno story he also directs three nrhcr %cw York thoatroJ tho Gaiety the \stor and the G and Opera House ind h is just finished building the Grand Opera House Chiciro As an author and also as a composer ho has written composed and produced sc%eral sue cessful musical comedies in which ho his plavcd the contrai chnraeter Little Johnnie Jones George 'viashlngton Junior Run

nins for Office Tho Little Millionaire 41" Minutes from Broadwiy ind Popularity miy bo mentioned I ha\c played many im portant ports In his pleies notablv for two \cars in The Tinki o Prince and wras In the long tour of The 1 ortuno llnntor whioh IT bv Winchcll Smith author of Hrewster s Mil

lions _________-_-.

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