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. Their Excellencies the Governor General and

Lady. Denman, accompanied by Viscount and]

Viscountess Masscreene and Forrard, and Miss Quirk, and attended by Captain Nutting, lunched with Flag-Captaln Bruen, R.N., on H.M.S. Drake yesterday.

Captain Gllpln-Brown, R N., of H.M.S. Chal- lenger, paid an official coll on tho Governor

General yesterday.

Their Excellencies the Governor-Goncral and Lady Denman gave a garden party at Government House yesterday.

His Excolloncy Lord Chelmsford attended the funeral of tho late Mr. J. R. Dacey, State Treasurer, at Botany yesterday after-


Yosterday afternoon Lady Chelmsford was present at the garden party given by their Excellencies the Governor-General and Lady


This afternoon Lady Chelmsford will pre- side at a meeting of the National Council of Women at State Government House.

On Tuesday afternoon next Lady Chelms- ford will preside at a meeting In connection with the Young Women's Christian Associa-


On Wednesday evening next his Excellency and Lady Chelmsford^ will dine with the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress. ?

On Thursday next his Excellency will open the Hunter River Agricultural Show at Mait-

land. ,

On Friday afternoon next Lady Chelmsford will preside at the annual meeting of the Bush Book Club, and in the evening his Excellency and Lady Chelmsford will be present at the ball on board H.M.S. Drake. ,

On Saturday ^next his Excellency lays the foundation-stone of a new parish ball In con- nection with the Chalmers-street Presbyterian Church. On Saturday at noon Lady Chelms- ford will open the Arts and Crafts Exhibition; and in the evening his Excellency and Lady Chelmsford will attend the concert in the Town Hall in nld of the Warrant Officers and

Sorgeants' InBtituto.

The Prime Minister,. Mr. Fisher, returned from Jervis Bay yesterday. To-night be w.ill leave by, the mail train for rrlabane.

The Premier, Mr. M'Gowen, started on his postponed country tour last night

Tho Minister for Lands, Mr. Beeby, who hur riedlyreturned to the city to attend the fune- ral of the late Treasurer, left by mall train last night. In company with Mr. Pago. M.L.A., for Temora. Mr. Beeby will take the plat- form with Mr. Holman *at Temora to-night. Mr. Beeby goes to Barmedman on Sunday, and from thenco to Hillston, via Yalgogrin and Rankin Springs. Ho will later go on to the Yanco Irrigation Farm, and travel In the Rive- rina district Mr. Kelly, M.L.A., 'and Mr. Morton, M.L.A., will leavo Sydney to join Mr. Beeby to-night. Mr. Scoble, M.L.A., will meet tho party at Barmedman.

Amongst the passengers by the R.M.S. Orama is Mr. G. F. Sutherland, who was re- cently appointed as assistant« lecturer and de- monstrator in mechanical engineering at the University of Sydney. Mr. Sutherland re- ceived his academic training at the Royal College of Science and at fho Central Techni- cal College, London. Ho served his engineer- ing apprenticeship at Aberdeen, and subse- quently was employed in the drawing offices of the, Fairfield Shipbuilding Co. at Glasgow and tho Humber Company, of-Coventry. His work at the University will bo largely in con- nection Avith the design of machlnory.

In a letter to tho secretary to the Depart- ment of External Affairs (Mr. Atlee Hunt), the Administrator of Papua, Mr. Staniforth Smith, says It Is his Intention on leaving' Paris to travel through Russia and Siberia to Vladi- vostok, whence he-will take steamer to I Thursday Island, and thon go direct to

Papua, i

Tho Comptroller-General of Customs (Mr. N. Lockyer) will leave Melbourne early next woek for Queensland on an inspection tour. He will be-away for about six weeks', during which time the Collector of Customs for New South Wales (Mr. S. Mills) will act as Comptroller-General in Melbourne.

Mr. C. G. Wade was confined to his room yesterday with a sovere bronchial cold, and was consequently unable ,to carry out his in- tention of attending Mr. Dacey's funeral. Mr. C. W. Oakes, however, attended in a represen- tative capacity.

A valedictory social was tendered to the Rev. J. E. CnrruthorB and family prior to leaving Mosman for Lindfield, and was pre- sided ovor by Mr. J. E. Bishop, senior circuit i steward of the Mosman Mothodist circuit. , Mr.- Carruthers -was presented with a study

chair, Mrs. Carruthers with a silver flower stand, and other members of the family also

rccolvcd tokens of regard from _the Sunday


Professor Haslam, who occupied the Chair of Classics at the Canterbury (N.Z ) Collego for 32 years, has resigned on account of the

stato of his health.

During the week a rounoln was held in Sydney of the "Old Boys" of the Church of England Grammar School, Melbourne, 30 being present, among whom were Mr.. William Hutchison, Chief Engineer for Construction to tho. New South Wales Railways (In the chair), Messrs. T. D. (Tom) Watson, George Henty, Shuter, Dawborn, F. Wegg Horne, and William Dunn. In proposing tho toast of the evening, the chairman said that tho "old school" could claim among the "old boys" mon who now stood high in respect of tbolr fellow-men, such as .Mr. Alfred Deakin, Judges of the Supreme Court of Victoria, and

medical men.

Tho New South Wales Minister for Education (Mr. Carmichael) arrived in Adelaide yester- day, and was entertained at lunchoon in Par- liament Houso by the realce Ministry.

The Scots Collego Old Boys' Union annual dinner took placo at the A B.C. Rooms on Tuesday, speeches being delivered by Dr. BarkaB, G. W. Robey, Tom Lamb, and Dr. Archie Asplnall. Principal Aspinall responded to the toast of tho collego.

Among the passengers on the lost steamer Koombana was Mr. George H. Simpson, aged 46, the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Simp- son, Tostón. Liverpool-street, Roso Bay. He waB assistant-onginoor in the Public AVorks Department , Western Australia, and was go- ing on duty to Broome His wife and family of six children' are In Perth, where ho re-


Mr. R. J. Fairbairn, an old resident of Mos- man," and a llfo member of tho Warringah Bowling Club, leaves Sydney to-day in the Medlo on a trip to the old country. Mr. Fairbairn for the lastoight years has resided at Gloucester, whero~hc is engaged In pas-

toral pursuits.

Mr. J. J. Rouse, of Kodak (Australasia), Ltd.,'entertained the local and visiting pre.s photographers at a dinnen at the Cafe Fran- çais on Wednesday night. The usual toasts were honoured, and Mr. Rouse invited those present and other permanent press photo-] graphers to be bia guests at the third dinner to be given in Melbourne on the evening of|

Oaks Day in November next.

Mr. Wallace F. Henderson, president of the Mail Branch Association of New South Wales, and formerly secretary, Avas on Thursday last 1 tho recipient of several presentations from the


At tho meeting of tho Water and Sewerage Board yesterday, Alderman T. H. Barlow, one 'of the representatives of tho City Council, was elocted vice-president.

The death of Mr. A. D. Fraser, a well-known Sydney accountant, occurred at Aola, in the Solomon lBlands, a couple of weeks ago, in his 54th year. Mr. Fraser was managor of the 'Malaita Company, Ltd., and wont to tho Solo 'mons about 12 months ago to supervise the

affairs of the company. Ho contracted fever and died after a short illness, his wife and two daughters being with him at the last. Mr Fraser, who was, till he entered business for himself, accountant for F. Lassetter and Co was connected with a number of religious and philanthropic organisations, and was bish

lv resnectèd. Ho was a member of the corj-| mitteo that carried out the arrangements for the last Chapman-Alexander Mission, treasurer of the Egypt General Mission, secretary of tho Homo for Incurables, and a member of tno local council of the China im*n4 MlK-atu

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