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Shaws, IAA., has been registered, with a capital of £5000 in shares of £1 each, to ac- quire the business of newsagent, hairdresser, etc., at Junee, carried on by Louis Skrymo.

"Cumberland Argus," Ltd., has been regis- tered, with a capital of £25,000 in £1 shares, to acquire the business of the "Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers' Advocate," carried on at Parramatta by T. D. Little and R. S. Richardson under the style of Little and Co.

Morton's, Ltd., capital £5000 In £1 shnres, to carry on the business of stationers, print- ers, etc, and to acquire tho business of print- ers and publishers carried on at Sydney by tho firm styled Morton and do Plater.

Woollahra Pictures, Ltd., capital £1000 in £1 shares, to acquire the business carried on at Woollahra as the Woollahra Pictures.

Ferry and Co., Ltd., £5000 in £1 shares, to acquire business of tailors at 211 Parramatta road, Leichhardt, and 175 Klng-stroet, New- town, known as Ferry and Co.

Hyde Park Residential Restaurant, Ltd., £6500 in 5/ shares, to acquire lease at 119 Bathurst-streot, and carry on business of lodging-house, restaurant, etc.

Roberts' Wireless, £2300 in £1 shares, ot which 2200 are issued fully poid up and 100 as contributing shares, to acquire from Fred. W. Torrington as trustee all rlghis of Wireless

Control Syndicate.

Anderson Bros., Ltd, £10,000 in £1 shares, to acquiro from W. H. and A. Anderson busi- ness of manufacturers and Importers of perambulators, furniture, otc.

Hunter, Odd, and Co-, Ltd., £15,000 in £1 shares, of which 6000 are to be Issued as or- dinary fully paid up (2000 of which aro Is- sued as employees' shares), 1000 as fully paid up preference shares, ¡1000 as preference con- tributing shares, and 6000 as ordinary contri- buting shares, to acquire the business of motor body designers and builders, motor- car agents, carried on in Sydney hy Hunter

and Odd, Ltd.

The Carrington Co-operative Coal Shipping Company, Ltd., is being voluntarily wound up. Messrs. James Millar and Jos. Payne are the liquidators.

The R.M.S. Orsova shipped at Melbonrne for London on behalf of the Orient S.N. Com- pany £23,000 in gold.

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