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The Australian Life Biograph Company. Ltd., has been registered, with a capital of £6000, in sha/res of £lieach, to acquire tho Australian Life Biograph'Company of Manly.

Thos. Edoli and Co., Ltd.. has reduced Us

capital from (£285,813 to £277,625. diA-ided into 12,125 A, 54,0po B, and 210,500-ordlnary shares of £l,cacb. j

TA'e must have new undertaking's, write Messrs.-Jones and Buzacott in their "Monthly Share List,"! tho greatly Increased capital available recijuires them; but still, it would, be well if morci attention were paid to proved concerns shoKving regular profits under long experienced management. They, at any rate, have fully julstlfled their rights to the posi- tions they oclcupy. .

Messrs. Haridie and .Gorman, report having sold a parcel (of 12 shares in the "Daily Tele- graph" Newspaper Company, Ltd., at £70 per share. ', ' '

.Last month ¡gold receipts at the Sydney branch of the \Royal Mint totalled -i6,6'3 flnp ounces; making) 316.S4S fine ounces since Janu- ary 1. i

The value, of \ the gold receipts for the month was £ltl4l,314, making £l,-i74;,342 since the beginning OP. the year.' i

Sovcreigni. wer*? issued to tho value of £1,421.000, and bt!l\)ion to the value of £49,360 since Januaiy 1 ' '

New Australian s'lver coin hnn been irsued since tne beginning of the year to" the value

of £57,350, and new Australian -bronze coin to the value of, £4580, whlle'Britfsu worn slI-( vcr has been withdrawn to tl)e value of £3000.

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