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The definite intentions of the Government

I with retard to Federal Government House

and grounds were stated In the Legislative i Assembly yesterday afternoon

Mr Fitzpatrick asked whether statements appearing in the press with regard to the future use of the building were correct Ac

' cording to these statements the Government

bad decided not to renew the lease to the Commonwealth but to use the building for librar) purposes and to construct a public drive through the grounds and along the har bour frontage to Mrs Macuarie a Chair Mr I itzpatrick further asked if the Acting Pre mier bad any knowledge concerning the state mont in the press that morning that the Act

ing Prime Minister of the Commonwealth was now making arrangements for acquiring a residence for the Governor General In Mel bourne permanently

The Actins Premier replied -I haxe to sa) that the statements appearing in the news

papers are as far as I hale seen them all correct with one exception viz the state

mont which attributes to the Government the intention to make a driv around portion of Tarm Cove As far as I know that has never been even contemplated or suggested I m)self made a remark some time ago about forming a drive donn to the Point but not around Tarm Cove this apparently being a gloss on what I did sa) .part from that everything else I have seen in the dally press on the matter is co-rect. It is a fact that

I the present lease expires earl) in .ugust

It is a fact that in March last this Govern ment wrote to the rederal Government in | for-ning them of our desire to use the build

Ina; ourselves on the expiry of that lease (Hear hear) \ erv recen ti) indeed we re celic-d our first ansi/cr to that communica tion saying that the. red»ral Government de

sired to extend the lease W-e again wrote informing them that It could not be done An interview between the Acting Prime Minister and miself took place last Frida,

and as a result of consideration we were able to give the matter in Cabinet this morn ing the Government decided that while we did not wish to embarrass the Federal Gov ernment in anj way and are quite préparée to mee their wishes for a fe-v months further b) allowing them to receive Lord Denman in S)dne> at Government House v e neverthe

less intend to Inform the Federal Government that wc. ha e not in an) wa) de parted from our original plan and that in a very few months the) must make other arran_emcnts for the accommodation of the Go-ernor General

With regard to the future use of the build Ing what has been seen in the press docs indicate the present intentions of the Gov etnment though it will be necessary to ob tain an expert report on the matter before wc can finall) say whether the building as it 'stands will need an) modifications or addl

| tlons IA e certainl) propose to make of

the grounds a public park and of the build

ing some great public institution within the next few years

Mr Fitipatrlck In the event of it being determined that the building shall be used tor public library purposes will that deter minalton interfere with the arrangements made for the completion of the National Lib rar) in the Domain'

The lcting Premier No If used as a librar) it will only be a temporar) arrange

ment pending the completion of the National Librare The information we have at pre

sent shows it will be a matter of some years I before the new building Is ready to take the ! books collected In the Bent street building The accommodation there is utterl) inade

quate The books are overflowing the shelves week by week as fresh supplies come in and It will bp neco_sar) to make some temporary provision for their storage It is our intention to use space in Govern ment House temporarily for the accommoda tion of these books and when the Na tional Library is ready to shift the books there and uso Government House for other


Mr Wood Has the Acting Premier actuallv intimated to the Federal Government that he Intends to withdraw this building in a eer I tain time or refuse to allow them to have

the use of it after a certain time _m I | to gather it is his intention to do so or has

I he actually done if

The Acting Premier The intimation sent to the Federal Government was that w<> could not contemplate any further Federal use of the building on the termination of the present lease Mi letter to that effect w is sent several weeks ago As a result of the inter tew I had with the Acting Prnn.. M ni'ter last Frida) we have modifled taat I letter to the extent of to day agreeing io

otter the Federal Government accommodatle n of the building for a few months longer certainly not beyond the end of the p e*t,ut


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