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The Icr'o of Government House hy üi|

! State to the redirai authorities Is shortly

. to espire and the State Go»ernmcnt li COD

sldering the advisability of devoting tile bulli i lag to an entirely ne»» lite rho Acting

I'ren 1er IMr Holman) and the \cting Primo Minister (Mi Hughes) nie tr coûter on "5 mnttoi to da} Hie c,o\ernmeiits plans In icgnrd to what la to ho done »»Ith the haust aod grounds nro In n nebulous stile at ire sent but tho principal Idea is that It shoull bo turaed into a National Museum oi Arts.

As stated In the Herald yesterday It li proposed to thro»» open the grounds to the publie 'Hie Acting Chief Secretar} his conn to tlio conclusion that something must tia dono In the wa} of extension of Hie Sydney Hospital In Macquarie street nnd the unly way In which tho site can he enlarge! Is hy encroaching on th" Domain He Is re commending thnt this shoal i be done but on the understanding tint tho grounds ot Government House »»ill replace »»hat Is I03UI tho Dom tin lnnd b} the people

Oao of the reasons that has Influenced tin Government In taking this no»v view 01 Hu future of Sydney Government Houso Is that the ruhllc Library tins for somo time be a considerably troubled for v» int of space Itoom In »»hlch to place thousands of vuluabla booka which arc no»v l}ln_ Idio In sundry cor- ners o»»ing to tho lack of shelf space is re- quired Willi somo comparatively slight al tcrations Government House v»hich is only used at intcnnls during the }ear caa be

turned Into a library Tho driwlngroonj * tnd the dining room on the ground floor it is suggested mbjht bo thrown Into one lu Gio upper sion similar alterations could bj made so that there would ho tvro largo rooms, ono ibo»e the other oa the cdStern side o[ the premises thus making room for a lar.o libn TV To this will bo rcmo»ed the wholo of the treasured volumes of the Public Library whoro the} »»111 remain until tho National Libral. Is finlshcl AMion that comes to pass the books »»III agria b» trinsforrel to ne»» quartern an 1 t'10 present Government Houso »»ill become a museum of arls

Tin remo»nl Is pnrt^of n general lulldln; scheme of Co» eminent oflicos The Stale to dny Is paving a large sum In rent lo »irlous places scattered all 01 cr Sjdni)

The Tallvvav Department for Instance Isla Iluntci street th Pi bile Scnlcc Commis sloners nre in O Connell street the \grirul

tural Department Ins lis olióos In nany places «unie being dow ii it Circular Qjiy In makeshift premisr-j, Phils ire »»eil na 1 lured for tho erectloa of a blnel of buildings

lu »»hlch all theso and others »»ill be con


The Public Llhrnr» stnndb on the corner of Brldgo and Macquarie streets On the cor nor of Bridgo and Phillip streets are the Go vnrnment Printing Odíeos BoUveen the 1st ter nnd the Public Corlis Building is a Ta cant piece of land hidden behlnl n hoarding It is Intendod to shift the printing oKce to the Bocks nre 1 and »» Ith tho Public Llbnry remo» ed to Go»eminent House 4 large silo fronting on three btreets will thus be avail

nble including the vac mt lnnd Preparations for tho plans of the buildings to bo erected aro 1101» being made and It Is expected that It will not be at any ver} distant date »Then a commencement »vill bo made On the Mac quarie street bide of the block liere arc a number of privately o»»ned residences whether somo of those »» 111 bo resumed as pirt of the site Is not known The Go»ernment intends however to accomplish a gathering together lu ona centre It not oa one Hite of all tho oflicos of tho SUte administration Includhs tho Treasury which Is at present Inslgnlfl cantl} housed in Macquarie blreet.

In tho vlcinit} of the hospital there is a scheme also of aoble proportions for provid- ing handsome Go»ei_uieut buildings to graco a lino thoroughfare Iho position tho Stato stands in with regard to tho Ko»ii Mint pre mises is being Inquired into »»ith a »lew to the sito being secured the Mint being removed to Da»»es Point If this lb accomplished Klug stieet »»111 probibl» bo run through to the Domain the lu»» courts belüg built on tbo sito of the Mint The hospital sito frontage on tho Domain »»111 be mo»cl out 200 feet anl similar!} land will he nindo available lor grounds for Parliament House and the Na-

tional Lihrir}

The I ederal authorities ha»c been Informed ot the Stato Go»ernmeiitb Intention to resumo Go» eminent Houso on tho expiration of tho lease-In August-and »»hat »»ill he dono lo provide a residence in S}dno» for the Go vernor General is not koowa "Mr Hughes on bein», questioned on the subject last night, said he know not'ilm about it He observed tint he had como from Melbourne to consult »»Ith Mr Holman on the ¡.ubject of the trans

fcrrcd properties ind other ran ter» bul not In regard to Go\eminent House

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