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The popular Moonee A alle, «mise will ag-iui be in use to day when the Oal lands Hunt Chib race __c\cn cents are down for decision, including thrci o\ei jump. 1 he Springbank Corinthian 11 uidicnp and Woodlands Amateur btccpleclnse nie for amateure The race that filled best was the Gowrie Welter, run over hie and

*_uartcr furlongs This is likelj to bring together a large field of smirl sprinters The course may be rea heil hi trim tram, or cab. Kacmg «ill st-irt it 2 o clock














At Victoria Paik m Adelaide to d-iy the Adelaide Racing Club s i\ Meet mg will be commenced V feu Victomn horses are engaged The six event*. Mill be run off m the following ordci (Melbourne time) -Toorak Trial, at h-ilf post 1 o clocl

Victoria Park Hurdle Race, at i qimtci past 2 o clock, City Handle ip it a quartet past 3 o clock. Kensington Stccplcchasi at 4 o'clock, Adelaide Makes (foi two jeir olds), at a quarter to o o i lock ind 1'irk side Stakes (weight for age) it halt piat 5 o clock Iho two clnct nee« m«) re

suit -




The weights to be turned in these two events are appended -


'Seven furlonj_9

st lu

fl 11)

lownit lu i haslem Sea

7 0

Creek ï_re 8 4 Iniginatlcal l'wtolier . 8 1 \uccp_

7 0 7 2

Varrien 8 2 Goldi.ii fortune

7 0

Uiver Prince . 8 0 Ar-, a

7 0

Friar Perfect ..80 Leuco-js

li 10

Bob Soult . ..80 hernia

0 0

San Juan .. _, 7 13 SiUcr Streak

0 0

Bective . , 7 10 Coi .uri.

0 D

Lord Staffa . 7 8


One mile anti out. furlongs

Ft II)

Ft lb

Bon Ton 0 I Hlgliflow-ii

S 1.

PI .to. King " 1 '".'. hamnorc

8 13

"ft assail .. « 1 llalhta

S 1»

Calamus .. 0 1 Vitlelio

S 7

lownit » I Perambulate

i n

Ometo S 13 le boa

0 u

Greek .in- 8 1.

The Victorian .uinpei Pli mouth holds the rij--ht to rim in the Hurdle Rice nt Warwick Farm to dai Ile has been allotted lOst l_lb and ns is top weight with 12st 71b tia connections of Plymouth ha->e no rc*iM)n to feil ¡ig grieved reg-iiding his weight The follow ing arc the weights for the principal nee at the meeting -


One mile and a quarter

st lb

Et lb

Magas 0 0 I'rnc White

r io

It s Puna} 8 1_ I atcban

S 10

Willow t leen S S Hp¡-¡I

0 10

Ocean Blue S 2 Sir '»tginalil

r io

Matouree 7 11 .Algous kirribilli 7 4 t lillie

0 10 r 7

(.uitnU 7 3 Queen Mailfcc Agrippa 7 0 Foil Ilka Mooltan 0 12

u - 0 7

In Brisbane this afternoon the Ç


land Turf Club Autumn Meeting ..

ill be

commenced Acceptances for lo-da\ s chief event, the Stradbroke Handicap were pub lishcd ycsteidaj J he other items on the c»rd include the Kings Plate, weight for agc, one mile and a quarter, and the St Leger, one mile and three quarters and

132 .ards

The V R C committee held a short meet ing yesterdaj to consider d< tails in cornice tion .. ith the meeting to be held at 1 lera ington on .lune j and 7, the profits of winch are lo be deioted to the war relief funds A special effort is being made to ensure a 8iiccrs--.ul gathering Airead, some donations hair been made ind more are expected Vs the inemliers of the com mittce weie desirous of attending the fnne r-il of Mr Albeit Miller the whole of the business in hand could not be completed, and the meeting wah idjonrncd until Mon da>, at a qinrtcr past 2 d cloel "Mi R G Casei, chiinn-in of the V R C lia-s îniitul the booknnki r-. of Victorii lo issiit in making the meeting a success by «ubserib ing to the fund With tlie object of eon sidcring Mr C-isey t. request i generil meet- ing of the Fidented Botikmikers of Vic- toria ha« been i*on\ ened for Monda, at 8 o clock at the club s rooms 4 Ros al lane

1 olio« ing the le id ol the \ 1. C in re gnrd to deioting the profits ot the June meeting to wnr relit f the V A TC committee .cstcrdrj decided thit the profits of the rite meeting to be held at Ciulfiold on lune 11 be donated to the Red Cross Tund In the ordimi-j course of events a profit of .700 oi .KOO might be made but a special effort will be put forward to ensure a murh larger sum than this being netted Members will probabl> be asked to foreso the right to use their member»' tickets to gain admission to the course on tlie dav named Entries for the meeting dose on June 8

In consequence of the death of Mr Al bert Miller Gilton Karl and katwik ha.e been withdrawn from all engagements at the VRC lune Meeting

Results of the Adelnde i lees will be posted at Moonee Valley to-day bj Man den* s Telegram Agency

George Redfearn and V Southall who rcccnth returned from Singapore where thej had been settled for home \ cars w ere yesterday licensed b) the V R C -Redfearn as a trainer and Southall as *i joekc) L Robertbon, in whoBc name tin horses ol the Messrs lje rin until roccnth was also licensed ns a trainer He lues pre. laush been licensed but il w i-. not necessarj for him to take out a license for the pivst season oi two He is still training the Mcssrs

J m s

No horse that docs not possess the sight of both cics will be allowed to run in races at Caullield in future I his regulation has been in force in S>dncj fn some time There arc one or two one-eied hornes in training in Melbourne \ frc-h one ar rued from Sidnej i few dais ago

The following seratchings for the Oak lands Hunt < lub luxe*, to be held to-dav, were rerordid \ e_tcrditi - Springbank Corinthian Handieip-I 1 Bro dual blue (.olden dallion mil Miot Out Hurdle Race-Lord Gre} ind Mrifeness l-owtic Meltcr-Ll Bio iml Menthe

Messrs Campbell and .-on. will oiler it Kirk's Bazai on Mondai at noon without reserve, the following horte« in the estate al the late A. J Randall -Bay mare

Fancy Step (bv Grafton-Fancr Fire) chestnut mare «Vnim (b. Rucnalf-The Tily) a gcldinf, bj 1 inanrc a gc uing lv Kopani i filly foal (trotter) bj Cleeic

Bells, and Bajkeld

The Mooroopna Racing Onh will hold a meeting in aid of the Belgian Xund on June 12 hntrics close on T-ueala.

Postillion who was a god performer in his da) and on going to the stud sired numerous winners was r.eccntly destroyed ni î«e\v South \. ales ne was nv rositano from Citronellc bj Lochiel and wa., owned bj Mr John Jiorthwick

The weight carn d 1 v Re lleaf in the-Canl field Grand "Sntional Steeplccliabe waa list 121b not 1 >st l^lb ns stated yesterday

The horse mosth spoken of m AdelnKlo in connection nilli the Citj Handicap is Bob Soult others mentioned being lownit Greek Fire and Golden Fortimo

On Mondaj entries will closi for the Mentone races to be held on Wodnesdaj

June » nnd for the Ballarat Turf Club meeting to bo held on 1 ndaj Time 11 '

In tlie report of the Bendigo meeting which appeared on Tuesday the Trot waa staled to na. e been won by 420 yards' This

should ltave read 20 vards

lhe two j cor old 1 esbos is to be afforded an opportnnil) of heating the older horao_ at weight for agc m t he Parkside Stakes in Adelaide to-daj Ihr event has only becu won bi a tw o j car old on three ocea-sions bj Vakeel in 189" by Auraria in V*95 and by iorab in 1905

Fntncf- will close next Tucsdaj for the Richmond races to be held on Tuesday, June 8 The proceeds of the meeting will go to augment the funds of St A mccnt s


Mr H- Alan Currie s horses Qnair Bnrn_

and Plash Jack have it is telegraphedirom F Adelaide been scratched for their engage- ments at the ARC meeting to-da.

Midule Park' is informed that the bet ting over the Casterton Cup was i to 1 agst Prince Aryan 5 to I agst loreii. "4 to I agst Vodski lavounte (So ith Mci

bourne) is informed that he "is not entitled

to collect over Porch is be obvionslv in j tended to bair him for tlie Bacchus Marsh meeting i H is informed that the Steeplechase it Bendigo started at 10 minntes past 3 o clock Snbscnbor" (Bal larat) and *W S (Irvin road, Ascotvalc) are informed that their questions will be answered m Tlie Anstr-dasian next week J S (Glenferrie) is informed that Ptali ran second in the Marks Handicap The name waa wrongly given is Plato Tulii B is informed that the 1 rot w ns the fifth mee on the card it Riddell s Creek Punter" is informed that the starting price of Jack Anhöre the Camperdown Stccplecbasc winner wis 5 to 2 not .to 3 is previously given "Daily Reader' (Rich mond) is informed that Dyle started second favourite at 5 to ° for the Flying Handicap ni Camperdown Bright K.irl w is favour


The members of the Knglish Jocker Club paid a graceful compliment to Captain Greer who Ins just completed In« term us senior stew ard It is the i lght of the senior steward to nominate Ins successor and Cip tam Greei nominated I ord \a oh orton who however could not accept owing to his military duties, lhe mcmbeis of the club then asl ed Captain Greer to ict for an other term ina the invitation was aiccpted on his behalf It is seldom i Eenior steward serves more than one temi

The \ew /eil ind jumpci Scots Guard a ton of Cuirassiei is comm" to Australia and is regarded in \cw /elland as a lil civ

runner in the V R C Grand National Steeplechase in Juli

The brood" mare Maldant by Maltster Pendant who was raced a few seasons ago by Mr T Merton is dead She broke a leg at the .rrowhcld Stud i few days ago and was destroyed Pendants progeny have been unluckj as ber Bon Grand Charm who was owned by J Lynch died a few weeks ago

Cctigne who has been spelling since he failed in the A T C Champagne Stakes dur- ing J* astei weel has rejoined 1 t reen s horses in woik at Randwick

According to a \\ estern Australian paper Congo d Tslire w ho t on ome good races in victoria is doing duly in the shafts of a buggy in Western Australia

It is said that although Mr T Anthony Ins performed manv remark ible deeds in the saddle on Lnglish racecourses his best effort in the acrobatic line was in keeping on Ally Sloncr when Hint horse all but carne down at "V-ilcntine s Brook in the re cent I norpool Grind Kational Steeple- chase Mr Antttonv lost the reins ns well as both irons and yet managed to re himself Alh Sloper made another mistake a couple of obstacles faithcr on but still in ina_,ed to win

Sir Charles Nugent a leading Lnglish tr mci his followed tlie example of the Kin*, h tmner R Vlirsli and become b inl nij I His InbilitioB ate £7 000 and his as sets £o0 He attnni ted his banl ruptcj to the wai Mam Australian tnincrs would be in i similar plight in the event of racing being abandoned nero_