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BRISBANE, Saturday.

Ness- South Wolca and Queensland -met on the Ex> hlbition Ground this afternoon, under Rugby Union rules, In the presence of 4000 spectators. The sveathcr ss-as rather bleak. The teams were:'- , .

Ne»- South Wales.-Fdll-ba :,' Dsvycr; three-quarters, Gilbert, 1'rcntlco, Campbell, Gregory: halves,.Hodgsen, Wood (captain); forwards, George, Buckley, Clarkcn, Hale, Prowse, Stewart, Fraser, Hirschberg.

Queensland.-Full-hack, V. Carmichael ï three quarters, Stanley, ,1. Carmichael, M'Larcn, M'Cabc; halves, Guilfoyle, Athow: forwards, Kent, Oxcnhant (captain). Topham, Murphy, Emmerson, Shaw, Kilby,

gsvenson. ' s '

Referee, Jlr. P. Ferguson.- ' ..'

Queensland started with the advantage of a fairly strong wind. The game was for some time un- eventful. New South Wales showed superiority in scrum w-ora, of ss-hlck there was a great deal, and the passing by the baoka proved excellent. b Queens- land, on the other hand, mulled many passes,' although some of the back men showed up well. .Wonderful llnc-klcklng by both full-backs svas a great feature of the game. Toss-arils the end of the second half Queensland became more aggressive, and looked Ilka scoring, intercepting a pass from Wood, who svat securing from nearly every scrum; M'Cabc made a dash for 'the line, but-waa downed by Dwyer. Ths ball travelled close to the corner flag, where Kent got over, hut was recalled. New South Wales relieved, but Queensland got another nish on. Emmerson secured and passed to Athow to Jt'Cabe, but the ball ss-as lost near the New South Wales line. Serum svork fol loss-cd for. 10 minutes, right on the line. After a I little play in Queensland territory, Jlurphy got away, and passed to Stai ley, svho scored near the Corner Oag. Stanley's kick failed. Play became much moro open, both sides getting In some good dribbling rushes. I. Half-time scores:-Queensland 3, New South Wale»


. On resuming, Fahey ployed in place of-Prowse, who Injured one of his-fingers. New South Wales got to work at once. ' Woods passed at the centre to Gilbert to Campbell, svho got to the line before being downed. , Queensland, however, relieved. More success attended

the next effort. 'New South Wales were working near the Queensland line, when the ball went across from a dribble, and Gilbert picked up and scored. Prentice failed,at the kick. Queensland began to put sim into their 'svork; but New South Wales, was saved by Dwyer'« sure line-kicking. New South Wales then got on a great rush, and through smart work by Fahey anrl Clarkcn play was carried to the Queensland line, whera a scrum followed. Woods secured, and passed to Pren- tice, svho dashed for the line, .but was downed when a 6core seemed certain, and Queensland relieved. Ths attack was rapidly changing from end to end, svith .ths balance somewhat in fas-pur of New South Wales. Scrums were altogether too frequent for spectacular play, and the game ss-as comparatively tame. New South Wales' next score caine from a splendid rally. Hodgcns passed to Prentice, who transferred to Gilbert, who fell bs-or the line. Prentice added the extra points. Queens- land answered svith a great rally, and carried the ball dosvn the field In fine style. It went over, the line,-but New Sodth Wales sas-ed. Nesv South Wales -now cams again with the ball at toe. Campbell picked up, and transferred to Prentice, svho scored 10 yards from ths posts. The kick by Prentice again failed. Queens- land gradually worked the ball down again, when Mur- phy got over, but svas held off the ground, and.ifcw South Wales saved. Queensland soon again knocked for admission, but Nesv South Wales relieved, and ths svldstlc ended with play in Queensland territory. Scores: Now South Wales, 11; Queensland, 3. The mother State's victors- was largely due to the magnificent com« ¡(?¡nation of the three-quarters, Gilbert, Prentice, Camp» i bell, and Gregory, all playing splendidly.

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