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Quite 4000 people were present at the agricultural I Ground to wilnets tint, maten wnith was i fine oxpo1

j non of Isorthera Union rules Uith onlj u few minutes io j _»o South turnt, i what _e_mcd to be certain defeat into ¡a highly meritorious urto-y, their wondtnul utaung

pewtrt. enabling ti em to secure the \crdict b> 14 p-jinu io 10 At S-i Mc__cn¿cr led his side into the ucld South following a mi mi te Hier

1 cVree Mr r MMihon

Messenger kicke 1 olf from f» Riiulwiek end îiiRt suurctl a free ,umo-t hume liiteJy but Messenger s effort, il though a j,ood ont dil not FCCU-C tho two point« feouth xuUiea Unvis pitting in nome eft-ctne

worlc but wild pi__ing lost bout h i chance The t-zcr j preswit Mcssong r dieu marl ed right in front of ! bonth ti goal this time miling no mistake Uit-t, 2 I South ml Ilio wa» even for i while, until Anier&on

pceur.d, and m ide a dash for the Hue, but he \ _s Í ti trklcfl hy Mewnru-, and laid out for Mina mlnutc

A "knock on" clou to the line ga\e South a ttniclj relief, but little ground wa« gamed Messenger w« -Mtii in the hmeJight with a dodgv run, rut le WAS tackled at the -"> Hot woik in Southe territory oc ourred, until Conlin relieved List were now I layirg like a hook and taking advantage of e\er\ oppnrumitv

They obtained 0 pointa in __ many minute»-tile first two for u free " tho second two from a ron tv, tud another ' free ' for off snlc making the 6ix

-Xee_enger's kicking was a ru elation, the cro^d cheering cnthusiastiealh Hie next item of in

torcst waa some good work by the South'« forwards. winch brought the ball close lo Last a gool lino, and from a Berum the hall caine out to Rosewell, who raced over Conlin failed to convert, the kick being a. poor one Hie interval arrived with the scores mt altered Foatcrn Suburbs S, South S}due> S

On resuming I^ast it once forced the pace, Mow_n

ger, and subsequently Frawley, making Une efforts. I lhe latter --vas almoBt through when he MIS forced

out at the corner South then took a hand, a good I passing bout (in which H Butler waa the last to re I ccive) resulting in Sou tit's total being increased to ti point-*. Hallet failed to add the extras. hast then became dangerous, Messenger being here, ther«. lund c\erçwhere, rendering his side great assistance, es

he s*emcd to he perfectly at home on both wings. On j uue occasion he * marked' in a good position whfkt I hing prostrate, but Trawley was not successful in hist kick the ball going a little wide Pla} was unlntercs 1 ing /or ¡i few minutes the tackling of South still 1 cep j ing at a high standard |

\ndorson tried to get through, but was not fast enough Scrums became frequent. South being the Sr»t to initiate a passing movement in which all their three quarters participated Anderson avas grassed at half way with only the full back to beat Of! side against the red and green gave Messenger another opportunity in the goal potting line It was his eighth kick at goal and his fifth success in the match the ball sailing over beiutifullj South then started to press, the j-kstinj, showing great improvement A brilliant run by anderson who skirted the Uno hilf the length of the field ended In Ids securing a trj It was uncon verted The excitement was lutcnsc, and South were playing with wonderful heart lime mid again thtt down and caentually Anderson again electrified the crowtl bj gathering m and roshlu" oaer It wis a graud trv Hallet couaertcd Hie aahfstle then blcav, South aainnine, a memorable contest by 31 points to 10 NiAVTOWN ROMP OVER NORTH SYDNEY

BY 35 TO 7

Played at North Sydmj oval belorc about 2500 spectators and »on bj Newtown bj S6 points to 7

Hie t,ame was late in starting owing to lato finish by the second graders Both sides were at full strength, Pakeri turning out for North Sydnev though lame larly North Sidney pressed, but avere thavartcd bj a well Judged run by Nell Neavtoavn aairc awarded a free klelc, which cleared their lines

but good kicking by rekland enabled North to press again S M I arianc jual ffmlcd with a length} kick from a free for interfering 1 tom a penalty kick to Newtown in a good position, Hawkes scored New town Í uno down well, the brothers lanisuoith pats ing prettily nad leaving Barnett to score an easy try ntrht out The kick failed

Another pood but ineffectual free kick from mid field by M'Farlanc followed. North Sydney were playniff strongly against their redoubtable opponents. A pretty bout of poising by Newtown waa pulled up for a forward vais. .Marshall kicked a magnificent goal from a mid-field penalty, making' the score G pointa ot 2 In favour of Newtown, who were playing much the faster garn-o. Hawke» and Munn cry hud a last combined run, but tlie bull was carried out* From the scrum Deane obtained, made a brilliant run.< and receiving again, scored finely, Marshall failed with the kick, and elie game was 5 all. North now warmed up to the work, and the mid-field play was more even. f¿ane fell heavily, but was able to resume after attention by tho ambulance.

Burdett initiated a pretty combined run for New- town, and the ball was carried across, only to be lost to North, who aplin pressed, but were repulsed, and several very pretty, bouts of fast pausing by the Newtown three-quarters followed. North cleared with a mark near the corner flag. Newtown came again, and Russell burst through at a great pace, tlieu kicked to M'Cuc. who scored between the posts.

Hawkes converted.

North Sydney pressed, ami were awarded an off-side free. M'Farlnno took the kirk, and a -goal was recorded. Deane burst through from a crowd of players, but WHS well tucki ed. Newtown were tack- ling much better than North. Mid-ßcld exchanges ' followed till half-time, when the scores were-New-

town, 10 points; North Sydney, .7.

Newtown reopened Btrongly, but were pulled up for off-side, the decision causing-son\e ilissatlsfacticn M'Farl-ne was Melted, but resumed after nttontlon. Hawke« smartly Intercepted an oponepnts' pus«, and Newtown pressed. A scrum in front of North Syd- ney's goal looked dangerous, but tho ball was got away. Newtown caine again, and a Koort three cornered run botween Russell. Hawkes, and W, Farns- worth ended in the lortmrntlnned scoring a good try, wide out, which Itussoll failed to com ort,

Newtown still pressed, hut from n five-yards' scrum, with two successive free kicks, North cleared their lines for a time. From a serum Newtown were awarded a free kick in a difficult position, and Russell's effort was straight and Strong: and New- town, willi an oight-point lead, looked io have, the game well in hand. Their superiority at this stage wiis very marked. Burdett nipped a promising North Sydney nish in the bud willi a well-judged low tackle, and Newtown went off with a burst, but the ball was, forced into touch.

Harnett made n good individual rim, fending off three opponents and n pretty run by Hawkes and Russell followed. At length North Sydney had a brief inning», but they never looked dangerous, and Newtown weio soon pressing again, a'pretty combined rush closing with Hawkes receiving from W. Farns- worth, and Retting over for a try, which he con- verted himself. North Sydney wcro now a beaten team, and the game slackened off perceptibly. New- town came again strongly, but a splendid tarklo hy Eckland saved the position. Another beautiful bout of passing hy the Newtown forwards follón ed, in which thev apparently played North Sydney to a standstill, and Hawkes walked over for an cosy try pear the posts, whirl, lie again gonled. Hollara, for North Sydney, was injured, nnd retired.

North ralllled, nnd pressed for n time, Newtown seeming content with their ]9 points' lend. A good individual run by Kckland was tl\e next noteworthy ittm. Newtown weio penalised for Interference, but thev soon broke awnv, and the ball passing right across the field m a run, Noble vrot very near (ho corner flig. lhirdett failed with the kick. Then Harnett made an easy mark near half way, and Rus- sell goaled with a magnificent kick. night away I from the re-start, Newtown obtained possession in I their own half, and JPCuo scored a capital try afterJ

A splendid combined run Farnsworth failed with the kick, and the whistle went with Newtown leading by 35 points to 7. /

Newtown were superior to North Sydney in every direction, but the mid field play was alwavs interest ing, and the game wis fought out in a capital spirit

Newtown are a strong, well balanced side, and it would be invidious to particularise where all pi lycd well There was verj little dribbling throughout. Thia valuable department of the game appears to be too much neglected


17 to 10

ïïetwecn nix and se\cn hundred people witnessed i verj fair game between the above teams at Wentworth


lief cree, Mr I> Hansen

ILtddock kicked off for Annandale, and shortly after wird s dutton got away from near half wa}, and made for the line, he was pulled up, and a free guen to Annandale Tlie kick at goal just failed Up and down phy ensued, until from a passing nibh, Hard castle wis thrown out near Annandale s corner Hickey now secured the ball, passed to Moroney, to "Wright, who scored Hickey converted Glebe 5 to ml

Cleary boon afttrmiids replaced Lynch, who burt his


1 rom tlie ruck Henderson sent a pass to Willean Bryant received from a sérica of passes, ind scored, but Hedlcy's "kick at goal failed. Another attempt to score b3 Briant resulted 111 his being tackled on the line Play continued in Glebe's 25 until Short rot o\cr the line dutton failed to kick tlie goal The scores now were Annandale Ö, Glebe, 5, iVom 1 penalty kick Hickey next secured a goal

making Glebe 7 to Annandale s 6, which score remained until naif time Just before the interval Gray was replaced bj l^ons.

Griffiths set the ball in motion for Glebe on tlie resumption of play A icry good effort by Annan dile to score just failed on the corner, some good pum-ing being shown bj that team Wncn the ball came out Clutton marked, and Hedley kicked a good goal

Moroney ncTt got away, and, racing down the field placed ttic ball between the posts, dutton just failed to bring him down whin following Ilickry converted with a splendidly placed kick M Kivatt nuct secured, passed to Hielt.), who ran up, and stnt it to Clnn wiio scored Hickey added the goal pointa, making Glebe 17 to 8. Haddock shortly afterwards waa hurt, and had to retire Glebe pressed hard for some time Tlie game then aHern tied tip and down the field Annandale showing up gplindidly against Glele .lust before the final whistle blew Hedley kicked a go ti from a free making the scores-Glebe 17 Annandale 10 Annand ile s play was full of promise in botti divi

mons pretty well throughout the game. In the fir-t part of the second half plij was >ery bright on both



Pla>cd at ht. Uuko s Park, Burwood, and won by Balmain bj 25 points to 2

\\ ithin a few minutes of Baulkwcll s kick-off for Balmain, Metcalfe, of Western Suburbs, kicked a pon ulty goal, which waa the onl> score crcdite-d to that club for the match Uo to this the game had been fast and fluctuating, with frequent breaches of the I rules, for wMeh free kicks were awarded, but as soon

as Western Suburb- put up their score JJaluiiin prac ücally took possv&sion of the game, and scored frcolj

At half time the tolly wai. -Balmain, 12 points, Western buburlu, 2 ilic fonner s score waa mau- up of a penalty go_l by ¿lUpatnek, a goal b> a mark from the SJinc pi iver, ind two tries bj Woodard, one of vvhleh was converted by Fitzpatrick

Hie second half opened with a pusing ru_h bj Bal

main, in which Ward Ldvvards, and Qnvts took part, the lastmcntioned running into touch close to the goal line Metcalf, however, saved, and opened the waj to a charge by Western Suburbs, and phy was transferred to lialmiins temtorj httt Woollej gath erin g in the loose put in an excellent nui, which ad vane-cd Balmain s interests to the opposing 25 when, he ¡passed to Craves who transferred to Smith, who registered a trj, which waa converted bj 1 itzp .trick. Io tins point in the second hilf the game coi si M « 1 of interesting exchanges out from now onward Bal- main forcing the pice and showing improv-d com bl nation, sorred fn-elj Ldwards »con forced his waj tlirough the Western Suburbs 'orvvards iu midilcld und with un unimpeded course he ran right ou JJKI scored a trj. which 1 it-patnek converted Just about here a pr.ttj series of passing was shown by latta on to Walker, thence to T Woodward, and on to Ward, while on the other hand Metcalfe v*au cheered for brilliant tackling on two occasions. The last score for the match was obtained by I Woodward, who re gtsicred an unconverted trv The fln.1 scoria wore - Bulmam, 25, Western Suburbs 2, Mr Poulton was

referee .

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