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A complimentary smoke social was given by the   metropolitan branches of' the Hibernian Australasian

Catholic Benefit Society to the Grand Offices     and' delegates to the district conference at Sargent' s   Cafe, last night. The newly elected Grand president Brother J C Brady, was in the chair, and there were present representatives from the various Catholic Societies.   After the toast of the King had been honored, the      

the toast "The Archbishop and Clergy" was submitted       by Brother Grainger          

The Reverend Father Finian (Williamstown) Responded     He said that Archbishop Carr did not       need any commendation as his work in Victoria     was a sufficient evidence of what he was Bishop Mannix was a man after his own ideas - a   fighter. was one thine which I>- Mannit   lad d D'* He had l-onpht the prcat que*tion o' ( utrolic education,* before the pub i

and he had rJonc it in a wa> in which it bad n,t ben don- before

BrotW I T Keane proposed the toast, ' Irelasd,


Tbe Her Fatlitr "Vteirtr Ofansfi-Irf) propowd he toan oi The Land We Lut In Vustrali» .oqU pun through the war \i least the men »h-* t_id «lent would come back oxpencrced anil w__] I

e w_* =_re be of M.mce in tlie ca_e of an* fut ir> cce-in to defend Au traita

Oticr toart honoured were 'The \i<itor« arl Tie Pre*, and a \_ncd mu.ic_il rroprannn. o£

i tenia "j_ rinden.-.