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Family Notices

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BIRTHS.     CRAMP. -June 1, 1910, at Chez Nous, Maher-street,  

Hurstville, to Mr. and Mrs. K. R. Cramp, M.A.-a     daughter (Ethel Victoria).

WILSON.-Mayv 27, at St. Halvar, Longnose Point, the

wife of Edward WiIson, of a son.      

WILSON. -June 4, at No. 2 Orme's-square, Bayswater,

London, W., the wife of Captain Leslie Orme Wil-  

son—a son.


McPHEE - BURFITT - April 28, at St James', Forest

Lodge, by the Rev. P. L. Coonan, V. J. McPhee,   M.B., Ch.M., of Stanmore, son of Mr. McPhee, of     Copperhannia, Trunkey, to Ruby, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Burfitt of Glebe Point. At Home,     July 4th to 8th, at Sunnyside, Stanmore Road, Stan-    



BOOTH. -Tune 8, 1010 it her residence Olee Conlon

mid tl-svood Edith Ellen wife of the bite Stan-

ley Booth late of Chesterfield i jr-de Wiverle)

BRUZAUD. - June 3, at Dr Chisholm Ross rnx-ate

Hospita] Longueville "ft Iter second son of the late Charles James Bruzaud Ksq South Kensington Lon donr_iii lui, tilth year, ifter a long and painful ill- ness 1 tiglish papers please cop)

COOK. - SU» 13 it Royal Prince Alfred Tlospita]

Florence May derri) beloved daughter of tlic late Thomas J Cook, of Newtown and Mrs. Margaret Cook of 6 Eotonvflle-ctrcet Cro'don »t rent

FRANCES. -Tune 8 1910 at hu residence. Hillside foot    

of hi x-street, Balmain Emanuel Frances aged


McGUIRE. -.lune " 1010 at Randwick, Anne, beloved  

wife of Daniel McGuire for man) years a resident of   Sum Hills aged 60 j ears, lULP

MINCHIN.—At Wagga after a short illness, Staple-

ton, eldest son of the late Mr. S. Minchin aged 37


OCHS. -June 7 1310 at Taree, Manning- River, Mm

S Ochs aged Gi years mother of Mr E G and R G Ochs, and Mrs F Michelmann

PUGH. -June 8 1910 at Royal North Shore Hospital

Walter, second son of the late W and A Pugh, in his 22nd year. Dearly loved brother of Reg. Pugh   Doncaster Avenue, Kensington. Western Austalian   papers please copy.

ROBBERDS. --- June 8, 1910, at her residence, Telarah,

Prospect-road, Summer Hill, Sarah Ann, widow of the   late R. W. Robberds, solicitor, Sydney, in her 83rd year. Funeral Friday, 9 a.m., by road to Necro-


TOOP -At 5wr Jrcsidoncn, DefmisoiHítreet AmcIilTe

Thirza, relict of the late Nehemial Toop, aged 70

years. xt rest


ASHTON. -In fond remembrance of our beloved Eric

who depirtod this Hie June 9 1909 Inserted by

A Ashton.

BAKER. -bi loving memory of my dear mother, who

departed this life 1th June 1907

God called her home it wis His will, I But in my heart she is living still, ' Her memory is as dear to day

As on the morn she passed a\xay

Inserted 1 ) her ever lox-ing daughter Edith.

BAKER. -In lovfng memor) of our dear mother »nd

gra iJí |otl ir Mary Baker who departed thiB life     June a, 100" At rest hut1 radi) missed. Inserted bj her lo»-ing daiightir and son In-la»» Mr and Mrs.

J Neil and familv

BATEMAN -In loving memory of our third son, Nor-

man, who died June 9, 1909. Inserted by his lov- ing parents, C. and M. Bateman, brothers and sis-

ters. Gone, but not forgotten.

BATEMAN -In loving memory of our dear brother        

and brother-in-law, Norman, who departed this life     June 9, 1909. Rest in peace. Inserted by his sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Moran.    

BATEMAN -In loving memory of our dear brother  

and brother-in-law, Norman, who departed this life   June 9, 1909. Rest in peace. Inserted by his sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Smith.    

COLLETT. -In loving memor» of my deir son and our  

brother Ernest who (bed lune 9 1008 Inserted by his lora mother sisters and brothers. Nearer my God to lhee.

CURRAN. - In sid but loone memory of roy dear

liublun-J and o ir fathiT Michael James Curran »»ho died MiJdenly at Carlton June 9 1909 Inserted by hit loxing »»ifc -u-d. clul ."> "-1 '*

DOWNS. -In lomifi ineniiiy of our dear mother, Anne

Downs, \»ho dill it llalmain lune 0 1900 IULP lnseittd by her lo»in" daugl tors.

FITZGERALD. -In affei-tioi ate remembrance of my dear

wife and our dear inotlicr Mary Fitzgerald who died at her 1 it<- residence 1 a^ls iwd, George-street, Sydin ham, lune B, 1PW

Farewell, out darling mother, dear, , x i "Sweet thoughts of >ou »e keep

Although fc-x »can. ha»e passed away, ~>- Our gni-f is just as deep

Inserted by her lonng \ tisbind and children.

GRAHAM. -A tritote of everlasting love to the memory

of im <Wrl» belo-ed father James Graham who de ?jparted ti b life lune 9th l^OS aged ess )ears -1 »Vhcn days arc dar1*, ai-d friends are fe»

¿ear father Wv we lout, for »°u

,< Two )ears ba»c passe 1 our hearts still sore.

As time rolls- on we mis» you more

Inserted bv his lovu u daughter and son in-law Eliza- beth and Frederick Walker

HARRIS. -In Kid and loving memory of our dear |

mothor, Elizabeth Harris who di parted this life a* .¿.ydricv HosplUl on lui c J 1!XM aged <9 years. Gone, but lot forgotten inserted b» her loving dauglitcrs Alice Eva Ethel nud MabeL  

JESSON. -In loiing tieno--) of m) dear wife Ann

Jesson »»ho departed Hw life lune 9 1909 At rest but radi) misled, ln-crtcd b) her loving hus bandï Henry Jenson | JESSON. -In loiing memor) ol roy dear mother Ann

Jesson wlo deputed tlus life lune 9 3109 aged 75

year-, loved bv all in sweet peace she sleeps In . eertcd by her loving son Jack.   JESSON. -In lovmi rrcn or) of our f,ood ami faithful

mother »vlio dleil Time 9 1W Dead hut not for j-ottcn. Inserted b> her siTeetionatc son and daughter

jn law Thomas and Clara Jesson

JOHNSON. -In sad but Invmg memory of otir dear

molhcr Fanny, »»ho departed this life June 9th 1001.   aged S" years Gone l'ut not forgotten Inserted b) lier lovini, daughter and non in la»», Mr and Mn,

J W Tomlin  

JESSON. -In loving memorv of our dear grandmother |

who denarted. this life lune J 1909 Inserted by her

grandcliildrenr Harry, Grace, Annie, Arthur, Jack,

and Clarice

KIRK. -In loving memory of our dear husband and

father Thonra Robinson Kirk who passed away on Jrae Otb 19CO at 01 Pine street Svdi.e» aged C2 j ears. Inserted by his loving »»¡fe and children

KIRK. -In loving memory of onr donr f-itlier Thomas

R Kirk Vho depirted this life lune Jth 1909 In I

sorted b» his "loxlng daughter and son in law Minnie   ,apd Percy Harris.   NOONAN. -In loung memory of my dear husband,

Patrick, who died on lune 9 1000

1 our yea« have iias'cd my he lit is sore,

i As time goes on I miss jo« r* «rf mm,

?»nhr lovinc/ binilè »our deir kind face

»> There s W«. S9 worth) Pariel of fUUng your

Insr;rt^deb) hi« loving »vife Mary Noonan

ROBERTSON. -In lo»ing memory of in) dear Tl>nsb-md, William Robertson, »»ho departed this life June 0th,

I often sit and think of lrfm ?> , When 1 um nil Jone .

Tor menibry is the onl) friend

That gnef can call its own

? Inserted by his loiing wife Isabella Robertson.

ROBERTSON. -bl umI but loving reinenArance of onr *dlar father, William Robertson «I» departed this , l*liï5 1900 JÇed 57 sear, badly missed.

Sleep on dear father und tal e Iii) rest The» miss von most who loved jon liest

1 " Ixot goni. from mcmoi), not gone from lore, r< But (tone to a hippler home above

Inserted In lils loiing duighter and Bon in law Mar piret snd Walter Halford

ROBERTSON. -In loving remembrance of onr dearly  

loir! fallier William Robertson who departed tlus! ,We JWi Mil 1009

' H f Û / ille I hi n 1 ome ii vi- His vnll ' ft it In our 1 rl ' ix li» í bull " i-lls iii in i as I Jr t U

» \s in II 11 r ',c Ia ' *?'

Insert«! 1) 1 loung iUu" lei Bella, Nellie and


ROBERTSON. - In lounc remembrance of our dearly   i laved father William Robertson «ho departed this  

Hfe Juno 0 1909 Inserte! bv his loving sons John, James and Albert    

Not dead to us, v.c lo»«I lum dear, « Not lost but Rime before

Ile In is with us in memor) still _ -, And »»111 for evermore

ROBERTSON. -In cud in 1 loving memonr of roy dear ^-lather and grandfather died lim». 9 1J09 , Rest, urnrv one thv »»ork K o er

' Th» loTlng han l« shall toll no more.

Inserted I » "his loving son and daughter in law fl

anil C Robertson

ROBERTSON. -In fond remembrance of our beloved bro-  

ther in law and uncle William Robertson who de   parted this life lune Otu 1909

' Do not i-f us if » miss lum f r There is such a » c-int place

I , How we miss 1 is lining kindness

And his loir xniiliiif, face

(Inserted 1 y Mr mil Mrs, Charles Johnson and family   SPARKS. -In lo» ins memor) of rnv dear mother Ann

Sparks died IimcO 1'Ml -it-edOl »car« Deid but rnot forgotten Inserted 1) her lo»ing daughter

and grandchildren. Willie an 1 Claude

SPARKEY. - In loving memory of our dear sister,

Edith, who departed this life June 9, 1908. Inserted b» her îovim f ther W Hake and sister and brother m J-iw- Louie anJack Pearce      

WHEELER. - In sad but loxing u emory of m) dear Inis

hand snl "'ir f thor Charles Edward Wheeler »»ho     dud Trme lib 1909 Cone 1 it lot forgotten

Pcirc perfect | nice w lb lo»e 1 on-s f ir swiv

Inserted I v Ira loxing wife ind xons mil daughters.

WHEELER. - In lovin mraion of mr dear father Charles Edward who »»is railed home after a

brief illness on lime I 1900 agc 1 C1 ye ire

Peire perfr t j eine

I ~ W*itli lo» rd oi es fir a»ri»

< In lexiw 1 ?.nnni, we Jie sa'*

And Uio ^_ ,

Inserted li» his loiing daughter Emily

WHITE. -In loving memory of dear wife and mother    

who died at Eastwood, June 9, 1907. Inserted by   her loving husband, Kirk White, and sons (Roy and Lionel), and old friend, Mrs. Herbert.

WHITE. -In loving memory of Flo White, who died  

at her residence May-street, Eastwood, June 9, 1907.   Inserted by her loving sister-in-law, Lena.  


The Misses KELLY of Irceldin Ilalmonl nxemie

"itcJda^ Mr. and Mrs. WALTER CORRICK of    

itrKr-len Crojiaonnieniie rro» Ion Pirl. ind Mr W. H. Kirby, desire to return their heartfelt THANKS

til thu rainy tond inend» for litters telceraros ^rartls

md'beroivenient also t<» Mix. Tumi r for her un I remifiiniT attention during their belovcl rooUiers

illness j

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