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.Wien (lio- Victorian IU_Hb.ll Irusue was T¿ rheti in 1D0O, aft 11» u few ye-ara of (pii__._e.ice_ it .eut ulouíí uteadily, but tliL last four or the jeara hui witnessed « ^"t mena e m thu n"m ber of ti _m-, tu ..(.tia; the total last -."«m. K_,CI, club benda two Orlcgatcw to the, the voting of a full inc.tiiiE bunt,- _üuut £1 Tim his beeil found an unwiUdy 1_H_¡, and délégua Im.c (Üseu-sed .arimis iiu«tns for o.cixommíí lire tlilHcultj. A special mcotini; w_w hehl on March 25, when a wlitmr on the linea of _mpncan b___, btfl, which would lia\o dime an incalcubt 1« amount of tfood to the K*» ne, una rejected Tie pxopobal britt!., waa that tht>e tunis wlncá pi i¿ed on Rroiuida bcafrut foot lull followed should comprise one bod;, and At.-.uation Uara another, \.ith a minor leipie, the premier league anil uhwiciition teanm to meei for tin. elumpionslup of \ lolorla for which air l^ruok I-..\cr lud pr_

-insert i Bli i cid

A glade _eltf*_l.ü. con temi that the.» luve hu. ,nice m the iiunagv-iiiciit of tht 1UI_.HL 1 .inj frcquentin out voted b\ tlu* I* OIK! C ¡_ra les After the rojution of the abu\umi.Uonc-l M herne tu o Utltfr_t(. from one of the leading elulrç l_i_t convened n iin_.t_i.f_' of clubs on who e grouixli Lcflfnio foptbill waa ¡ilajed It was divided th_t these club» (Melbourne, Uvst Utllmiirnc, _oul¿ Melbourne, 1 itzroy, Carlton, lhchm.nt., si, Kilda, und CoUmpwood) teeerte fi_m tho \J_. torian Ha«-bill League anti form the t lctonu _Lhi°eball Union, which will consist of tfto cr more «níde. Hawthorn, the premier, of ii -__tic_ lost Ki-Uson. were by n untmiinou. .nt, __Ve_l t» join the new bodv This im-unj that ttams Euch ii. Williamstown, Prahran, Northcott, _, 1 itacndon, 1'riston, .North MtHmirni mil othenr will compris*- the \i.ton_n Bat.L_.tll I_-tr,rtit unies. the door of aflihutioii is lilt OJHII to tlitm, \-hrf it is understood will be doiiL when the ,_. tion of the ntw timon is luid down The- tec* pion baa the approval of tho loudon, of tht* lo.-, ball movcmuit, thou_,h tho o_.prct>s at tia rejection of the "Anime«»" etheme. H MI.11 b. inlereatinp; to FCO how the ashoc-htiona of Ne» South ..aloa and South Australia, will aet tmrwdi tho new bodv m view of the ___tablHimcnt of tin Auitraliin IU.el.a_l Council.

Tho annual meeting of tho lea prie will be h«l_ on Thmvhiy .next, at 8 o'clock, at Kropirc Aiade,

Hinder, street