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The Ballarat Regatta took place on Saturday | afternoon, under perfect weather conditions, and  

in the presence of a large crowd. Although the   water in Lake Wendouree is extremely low every-

thing passed off without accident and the full mile   course was utilised with plenty of room to spare

for the competing boats. This year the entries were not quite so numerous as usual, the support accorded by the metropolitanclubs being far below         the average. The racing, however, was quite up to the usual high class standard of the Ballarat       Regatta.

Wendouree was the most successful club winning the maiden sculls pairs, fours, and junior pairs, Ballarat winning thechief race of the day, the     senior eights. The same club,s crew also won the   speciall maiden fours. The remaining wins were     distributed amongst South Melbourne, Barwon,   Yarra Yarra, and Civil Service clubs.

The race forf the senior eights was the event of

the day, two crews - Ballarat and Albert Park being verv evenly matched, whilst the third com- peting crew, Essendon, were only half a length    

behind. The two first-named crews rowed a dead-     heat; in the row-off Ballarat won by a bare canvas        

after a most exciting race. The performance of the   Albert Park crew was meritorious, the crew being   composed mainly of men rowing their first race in   senior company. South Melbourne's win in the   maiden eights was popular and well deserved. The         crew had been rowing together for some time, but

until Saturday had not quite managed to be first,     Civil Service won the senior pairs with a good com-       bination, but it is only fair to state that Cochran and Lawrie, the Ballarat club's champion pair,  

rowed two severe races in the senior eights. Barwon won the junior four, and the Wendouree maiden   four was easily the best of its class.    

A new departure at this regatta was the in- clusion of a handicap sculling race. The Vic-  

torian Sculling Association had suspended its       usual monthly race on the Yarra, and several of   its regular competitors started in Saturday's race.  

B. G. Kelly of the Yarra Yarra club, starting from scratch, mnaged to win, although the Civil     Service representative appeared to have the race        

well in hand right up to the finishing-post. The     following are the details of the racing: -

Maiden Sculls.-Wendouree- C. Hutchins. 9st.   7lb., 1. Ballarat, Ballarat City, and Civil Ser- vice. Won comfortably.    

Maiden Pair. -Wendouree- W Andrews (bow), lOst.; A Fry (stroke) 10st 7lb., 1. Ballarat City,   2 Corio Bay,3. Ballarat also competed. A     splendid race between the two first crews. The   stroke of the Ballarat City crew collapsed on the finishing post.

Special MaidenFour for men weighing lOst,     and under. -Ballarat- N Selman (bow), 9.2, J Brown (2) 9.0; K Berryman (3) 9.12; B. Gal-  

lagher (stroke), 9.11; G. Woolcott (cox)-1; Corio Bay, 2. Wendouree, Barwon, and Colac also started. Won by about a length, after a good race.

Maiden Four -Wendouree-G Fenton (bow), 1.0; H. Leggo (2), 12.0; C Portelli (3), 11.7; A.     Davies (stroke), 10.8-1; Ballarat, 2. Corio Bays   two crews also competed. Wendouree won very


Maiden Eight. -South Melbourne-G. McKay   (bow), 10.0, E. Staff (2), 10.4; W Allen (3), 11.0,     N. Giles (4), 11.8; E Borrman (5) 12.0, G. Tull}y (6), 11.8; A. Crook (7), 10.4, F. L. Loud   (stroke), 10.4, e. James (cox )-1, Barwon, 2;   Wendouree 3. Ballarat and Mercantile also com-     peted. The winners rowed well, and won fairly   comfortably.

Handicap Sculling Race.- Yarra Yarra (B G Kelly 12.0) 1; Civil Service (C. H. Holmes, 11 4),   2. The winner conceded the second man 14sec.,

but caught him at View Point, and won. The   other competitors were C. Ehins (Ballarat City),   M. Commons (Ballarat), and P. Daw (Wendou- ree)

Junior Pairs -Wendouree-G. McKee (bow),  

10.0 H. McDonald (stroke), 11.0, R. Geddes   (cox.)-1; Ballarat, 2 Mercantile and Rich-   mond also started but none of the crews could keep up with the winners who won very easily.

Junior fours-Barwon-H Storrer (bow), 11.2; R Forrest (2), 11.6; N Freeman (3), 11.10, C.     Collyer (stroke), 10.6; C. Ricketts (cox)-1;   Colac, 2; Wendouree, 3. Won comfortably by a length and a half.  

Senior Pairs. -Civil Service-H. C. Parker, 12.4   (bow); N.S. Walker, 12.4 (stroke), F. Burdett   (cox.)-1; Wendouree, 2. Ballarat also started, but stopped rowing before traversing half the course. The metropol tan crew appeared to lead throughout, and won by a length.  

Senior Eights. -Ballarat-S Evans (bow), 11.8;   J. Allicey (2), 10.7; W Lawrie (3) 10.10; G.     Pattie (4), 10.4 H. Mudie (5), 11.5; N. Redfearn   (6), 11.7; E. Cochran (7) 11.10; E. Lawrie   (stroke) 11.10; G. W oolcott (cox )-1; Albert   Park, 2; Essendon, 3. This was a magnificent   race Ballarat and Albert Park rowing almost blade for blade over the whole course. At View Point the Albert Park crew were slightly in the lead, but Ballarat drew level, and at the judge's   post they were together, having finished a dead

heat whilst Essendon were barely a length be- hind. In the row-off the race was almost a   repetition of the first heat but at View Point Ballarat just managed to get their boat in front, although Albert Park appeared to have led up till then, and, with a magnificent spurt, won by a canvas.

GEELONG, Sunday - The following entries have been received for the Barwon regatta next Saturday: -

Handicap Sculls. -South Melbourne, Wendouree, Ballarat, Banks, Civil Service and Barwon.

Maiden Pairs. - South Melbourne, Footscray City, Albert Park, Wendouree, Ballarat, Banks, and

Corio Bay.

Maiden Fours (Special). - Essendon, Wendouree, Ballarat, Barwon, Corio Bay, and Colac.

Maiden Fours. -Essendon, Hawthorn, Albert Park, Banks and Corio Bay (two crews).

Maiden Eights. -Richmond, Essendon, South Melbourne, Wendouree, Ballarat, Banks, and Bar-


Junior Fours.-Wendouree, Mercantile, Barwon,

and Colac.

Junior Eights. -Richmond, Fo0tscray City, Civil Service, and Corio Bay.  

Senior Eight. - Essendon, Albert Park, and Bal- larat.