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Family Notices

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BABBAGE.-January 13. at 3 View-street, Chatswood,

the wife ol F. E. Babbage, of a son.

BARCLAY.-January 26, at 26 Wiltord-btrect, Newtown,

to Mr. and Urs. J. 0. Harelay-a sou.

BERTRAM.-January l8, at Ormond, Arthur-street, Mar

rickville, to Mr. and Mrs. David B. Bertram, ol Mosman-a daughter.

COHEN.-January 21, at Woodstock, Ncwland-strcct,

Waverley, the iiife ot Albert Cohen, of a son.

DAVIDSON.-December 31, at Tamworth, the wife ol

P. S. Davidson, of a son, Leal Stewart.

FLATT.—January 30, at Marloo, North Sydney, the

wife of John Flatt—a son.

COLDING.-January 27, at her residence, Ilillmeads,

Archer-street, Chatswood, the wife of W. II. Gold- ing-a daughter.

COW.-January 13, nt her residence, Banksia, I.ind

.ay and Elcho street«, Hamilton, the wife of Harold Gow, of a son (.Villborn).

BANSARD.-^Ianuary 20, at Tamcrama, Rylstone, to

Dr. and Mrs. Norman W. Hansard-a daughter.

HOAD.-January 19, at lier residence, the Phnrmacy,

Quirindi, the wife of li. W. Hoad, chemist, of a

KING.-January H, at Thelma, Surrey-street, Stan-

more, the wife of Ernest O. King-a daughter.

LAWSON_January 30, (by cable), at Bondi, Kingsway,

Great Crosby, England, the wife oí John Lawson (nee Phillips)-a daughter.

LEWINGTON.-December 30, 1907, at Malua, Waratah

sircet, Chatswood, the wife of E. B. Lewiugton-a daughter.

MILNE.-January 15, at lier residence. Henley, Parra-

matta River, the wife of William Milne, of a son.

OSBORNE.-January 21), at Aston, Bcllcvue-hiil, the

wife of II. Hope Osborne-a »on.

POLLE.-January 2S, 10O8, at 17 West-street, Padding-

ton, the wife of Ernest E. Polio-a son.

PUTLAND.-January 25, at her residence, Myse, Waver-

ley-crescent, Waverley, the wife of E. G. Putland, of a daughter.

REYNOLDS. - January 20, 1908, at Nurse Black's,

Osborne House, Lavender Bay, the wife of A. J.   Reynolds - a daughter.

6HEAD.-January 21, at her residence, 24 Ilaybcrry

strcct, North Sydney, the wife of A. J. Shcad-a


SHELLEY.-January 30, 1903, at Canlmhla, Stanmore

road, Petersham, to Mr. and Mr«. E. II. Shelley, Cobar-:i daughter.

STEWART.-January l8, at North Ya««, the wife of

Hugh Stewart, of a son.

BTANGER.-January 29, at Beecroft, the wife of O.'

H. Stanger, of a son.

BTOKES.-January 26, at Ivanhoe, nighficldiroad,

Lindfield, the wife of Thomas IV. Stokes-a son.

THOMAS.-January 36, at Avarua, Thornleigh, tile

wife of Cecil W. Thomas, ot a «on.

¡IFALKLEY.-January 15, nt 29 lCdgecliff-road, Wool-

lahra, the wile of A. S. Walkley-a »on.


ABBOTT-ROBERTS.-December 11, 1907, at tie Metho-

dist Church, Bourkc-strect, Sydney, by tile Rev. M.* Scott Fletcher, M.A., Alfred E. Abbott, of Turra- murra, to Ethel Mary, youngest daughter of Mr«. J. Robert», ol DOO Dowling.slrcct, Mooro Park.

ARUNDELl/-WEST.-December 2t, 1907, at St. Ste-

phen's Church, Newtown, by Rev. W. Leslie Langley, George Arundell, second eldest son ol Mr. and Mrs, T. Arundell, Newtown, and Maud West, second young- est daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. West, of Auburn. AYRE-GRUN.-On January 11, 19..S, at St. An-

drew's Church, Summer Hill, by the Rev. Canon john Vaughan, Henry Medgley, only Bon of the late Jonas Ayre, late ot Oeorgeslreet West, Syd- ney, and Mrs. Emma Ayre, of Duo, Glebe Point, to Eleanor lone Nathalie, filth dillgbter of tile late Sydney Samuel and Mrs. Margaret Steward La Fleur Grun, of Westbourne, No. 4 Denison-roud, Lewisham.

BOYD - MARR. - January 1, 1908, at the Lewisham

Methodist Church, by the Rev. J. J. Boyd, Cecil Shardlow, youngest son of the late John Boyd, Goulburn, to Ella Mary, second daughter of J. Clanan Marr, Dulwich Hill, Sydney.

BRAND-BRAY.-On Boxing Day, December 26, at St.

Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Phillip-street, Sydney, by the Rev. John Ferguson, James, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. John Brand,.of Annandale, Sydney, to Boronia, youngest daughter of Mrs. J. S. Bray, of Sydney.

FALLON-LOUGUREY.-January 29, 1908, at St Vin-

cent'« Church, Ashfield, by the lit. Rev. Dr. P. V. Dwyer, Bishop of Maitland, John Aloysius, youngest «on of late P. E. Fallon, of Sydney and Albury, to Eveline Mao*, eldest daughter of E. A. Louglircy, Erq., of Ashfield, Sydney.

rORSYTII-LAING.-On January 2.1, 1908, at 83

Spencer-street, Summer Hill, by Rev. J. G. Morrl*! Taj lor, John Oswald, second «on of John Forsytn, Esq., of Rosewall, Ryde, to Sophia, second daughter of W. V. Laing, oí Harrington. Manning River.

HOPKINSON-NEWELL.-December 25 (.Xmas Day),

at St. Anne's, C. of E., Homebush, by the Rev. II. J. Rose, Elsie Mary, fourth daughter ol William Newell, Homebush, to James FredeneU, only wn of D. N. J. Hopkinson, of Cooma.

HORSFALL-FOSBERY.-January 25, at Christ Church.

Sydney, by the Rev. Frederick Albery, M.A., Richard Ernest, son of John Sutcliffe Horsfall, Esq., of Widgiewa, Narrandera, to Ada Kate, second daughter of the Hon. Edmund Walcott Fosbery, U.M.G., M.L.C., of Eaton, Darlinghurst.

LAWRENCE-SCADDAN.-December 24, 3907, at Cor

nulua, Müntiigiie-blreet, Ralmain, by Rev. Martin Luther Johnson, B.A., Charles Alfred, only son of Captain Lawrence, of the Harbours and Rivers De- partment, lo M.dicl ltetter, eldest daughter of Joseph Scaddan, Balmain, Sydney.

LENNEBERG-ROTHOUSE.-January 13, at the Great

synagogue, by Rabbi Cohen, Theodor Lenneberg, son of I. M. Lenneberg, of Southport, Queensland, to Victoria Rothouse, of Sydney. At home, Mervella, Albemarle-avenue, Rose r..iy, from 5th to 9th inst.

LEWIS-EUSTACE.-January 4, 1908, at the residence

of the bride's mother, Mrs Eustace, Bangor Cottage,   South Brisbane, by Rev. W. Poole, Harold George, youngest son of Mr. E. P. Lewis, chemist. Orange, N.S.W., to Eunice (Birdie), fifth daughter of the late Rev. A. E. Eustace, of Brisbane and Bundaberg. MORISON-DALRYMPLE.-January 6, 190S, at Glas-

gow, Thomas, eldest son of Wm. Morion, Esq., l'ol loltshidds, Glasgow, to Maud, daughter of the late W. II. and Mis. Dalrymple, Glebe Point, Sydney. (Br cable.)

JttUMFOßD-CORMACK.-January 2, IDOS, at St. John's

Church, Darliiiphurat, by the ltcv. L. T. Macdon- ald, Edward, eldeBl son of H. Mumford, of Granville, to Annie, eldest daughter ot W. B. Cormack, of lyd- dington.

MJAIiB-MACABTNKY.-January 35, 3008, at St.

-Matthew's Church, Bondi, by the ltcv. It. Noahe, B.A., father of the bridegroom, the Ilev. Ileginald Robert Noako, B.A., F.1.ÍJ.C..M., of Coopernook, Manning River, grandson of the late Canon Taylor, to Ada Isabelle, cider daughter of John Al. Macartney,


PBOSSER-SCnAUMAeTN-.-^Tanuary 16, IPOS, at St. I

Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney, by the Rev. T. II. Distill Morgan, U.A.. Ciun Owen Prosser, eldest son of the late Kian Prosser, of l'orthaniel, Darling: Point, Sidney, to Mabel Frances, second daughter of John Frederick Schauniann, of Yamba, clarence River, N.S.W.

BEGAN-NEWBOUIJ).-December 5, at St Annc'B,

Enfield, by the ltcv. FT. W. J. Stevens, Richard, the eldest son ol Richard Regan, of W.A., formerly of Rosedale, Croydon, to Veronica, the only daughter of Charles Iiewbould, of Merrilands. (W.A. papers please copy.

BOSS-.TASKS.-Januarv 13, 390S, at the residence of

the bride's father, by the ltev. T. F. rotes, Hugh Ross, of Osmund, I'enkivil-itrcet, Bondi, to l.ucy Ann, eldest d iiightcr of William Janies, Grosmont, rlood-strect, Bondi. '

SOUTAR - BETTS 1 1908 at St John's

Milson's Point by Rev H Vindin Andrew George eldest son of A. Soutar, Burwood, to Helen Maude Vmdin, only daughter of E. J. Betts, Burwood.

SMITH-LAUDER.-January 8, at St Paul's Presby-

terian Church, Rozelle, by Rev. J Edwards, B.A., Hutchinson William, youngest son of the late David Smith. Ennis co. Clare, Ireland, to Lily Jean Denholm, fourth daughter of John Lauder, Liberton, Norman street, Rozelle.

SWANSON- DALY.-January 21, 190S, at St, Mary's

Church, Waverley, by the Ilev. H. .M'heoivn, Joseph WilHani, second sou of A. S. Swanson, to Dais), youngest daughter of the late Urs. Lockwood, of


TORR-REA.-January 8, 1908, at the bride's resi-

dence, at Manildra, by tho Rev. J. H. Williams, of Cudal. Percy William, fifth son of the late Geo. Torr, Newton ,'builder, to Fanny Maud Rea, fourth   daughter of Robert V. Rea, of Manildra. Address: 87 Wells-street. Newtown. Molong papers please  


VONWILLER-BENNETT.-December 30, 1907, at Fern-

leigh, Rose Bay, by the Rev. B. Macintyre, B.A., B.D., Oscar, only son of J. U. Vonwiller, Bay View, Paddington, to Vera, eldest daughter of Mrs. and the late Christopher Bennett, Camborne, Darling Point. At home. Holmleigh, Middle Harbour-road,   Linfield, February 27 and 28, and March 4, 1908.

WATKINS-HEOVUS -December 23, 1907, at St.

Mark's, Darling Point, Sjduey, by the Rev. Wil- loughby Flower, Charles, fourth son of James Watkins, of Nelson, N.Z., to Vera, youngest daughter of B. Heovus, of Christchurch, N.Z.

WATSON-CAMPBELL..-January 29, 1908. at St. James'

Presbyterian Church, Burwood, by Rev. R. Scott West, Clarence Geoffrey, second son of John B. Wat- ton, Esq., Burwood, to Laura, fifth daughter of Alec. Campbell, Esq., Enfield.

YOUNG—PICKBURN.—October 16, 1907, at Christ

Church, Claremont, W.A., Frederick March, eldest son of Mr. G. F. Young, St. Leonards, N.S.W., to Miriam, eldest daughter of the late Dr. Pickburn, Sydney.  


CRONIN-MAHER.-February 1st, 1883, at Sacred  

Heart Church, Sydney, by the Rev. Denis McCarthy, Patrick, only son of the late James Cronin, of Surry Hills, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late William Maher, of Hurstville. Present address: Short-street, Leichhardt.

IBBOTSON-WATERMAN.-February 1, 1883, at St.

Barnabas' Church, George-street West, by the Rev. Joseph Barnier, Charles Henry Ibbotson to Kate Ellen Waterman, both of Newtown. Present address, 497 King-street, Newtown.  


ROWSELL-JONES.-January 27, 1858, at the residence

of the bride's mother, West Maitland, by the Rev. Benjamin Chapman, John Rowsell to Adeline, youngest daughter of the late Mrs. Jones, of West Maitland. Present address, Terry-street, St. Peters.


BETTS.-January 30, at the Royal Alexandra Hospital,     Sydney, Emily Edith, fourth daughter of the late     Henry Samuel Marsden Betts, of Vale Head, Molong,   aged 20 years.

l! CHAPMAN.-January 25, 390S, at their residence, 60 ti Campbell-street, Balmain, David Hugh, the dearly y beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. James Chapman, aged ft (J months and a half. Sadly missed

'»'? DE LEON.-September 17, 1907, at Karumba, ?Worth ,*.* Queensland, Richard Davis, only son of the late Dr. I Jacob and Anne Selina Davis De Leo«, aged »1 ). years. Queensland, Victorian, and Soutu Auslra /\ han papers please copy.

J1 CDWELL_January 23. 100S, at Leura. Grace Ellen,

. the boloved infant daughter of Horace and Grace

.j Lducll, Bellevui-ttrect. North Syrtney.

f GOW.-January 15. at her late residence, Banksia, i Lindsay and Elcho streets, Hamilton, Susan Harriet, I the beloved wife of Harold Gow, aged 32 years.

I McKAY.-January 27, 190S, at her renidence, 87 Yulc | street, Petersham, Rachial McKay, widow of the late ' James McKay, Berkshire Park. At rest.

MARSHALL -At his late residence, 7 Uralla-street, Newtown, James Marshall, the beloved husband of   Letitia Marshall, formerly of New Canterbury-road,   Petersham, native of Edinburgh, Scotland, aged 46   years. Interred Presbyterian Cemetery, Rookwood.  

>' At rest.

¡"i MOWBRAY_January SO, 1008. at her parent»' reni

i; dence, Quarry Bank, Station-street, Tempe, Florence .; Dalhousie Mowbray, aged 22 years.

b, 0'TOOLE.-January 87, «t Balmain, Beatrice Alccoqao ., ,., (Trixie), dearly loved child of Laurease and ilyi»

, ' 1. is'Sflols» «Ä-Ä JM**AI«l-ajW»to. &£&.-,__,



PARKER.-December li at Vancouver, Cunad», H«n

mh the dearli b loi ed wife of S Parker and dearly behn ed diiihhtcr of William and Matilda Dumbrcll, of Waten len street, Balmain agel 20 j ear«

R»AN - lanuiri 30 3908 at her mothers résidence,

Inipcnil Hotel Richmond N s Wale« Cissie eldest daughter of Alni M J Rjan, and elster of Jack and Mary Ryan, aged 19 years.  

SCOTT-On September 24, 1907, at her late residence,

Richmond, San Francisco, Rose, dearly beloved      

mother of Mrs. B. B. Bendall and Mr. W. H.

Phillips, of North Sydney, aged 61. Asleep in


SHARE -December 27, 1907, Thomas, eldest son of the  

late Thomas and Jane Miare, of Sydney, aged 76

TYT -Jnntinr} 33 IPOS at the residence of her ton

* thch ¡Ile, 20 Darb} aliirc toad, Ijciehhardt, Emily Tye, m her 84th year


BELL\M\ -In loiing rnomorj of our dear son and

brother Fdward Henry (Iddle), who departed this life Icbrinry 3, 3D01 Inserted by his father and mother brothers, and sisters

BELLAMi -In loving memory of our dear Edward

llenrj, «ho dlod february 1 3901, ngod 8 years Safe in the urms of Jesus Inserted bj his lonna: uncle and cousin. Harold Bellamy and Audrey Daw


BMW Li -In loving memory of Trooper Isaac Bow

lo} niio died at Blcxnnfontrln S Africa, 3rd Reg NSW MR, 1 ternary 3, 19112, aged 21 >cars Be loi ed son of Isaac and San Bewley, Murrurundi

BOTTOMM i -In loiing memory of roy dear wife

Margaret tlcxandnna Bottomlej who departed this life lelmmry l, 1903 luicrtcd by her loiing husband

nnd children

CMRIir- In loiing memory of my dear slater, Fva,

who died lobruary 2, 1907 Inserted hy brother


CL\RkE - In memory of Eva Clarke, who departed

this life 1 ebrunry 2, 1907 Inserted by her loi ing

sister, Constance Booth

COOK-In loiing memory of our dear son, Baud Aus

tin Cook, who departed this life hebmary 1, 1SOT Accidentally killed whilst riding Loch Leigh in th« Annlicrsar} lraiidicai

ItcEt, dearest David, Bwcctl> rest,

Ihe} miss you most who loved you best.

Inserted by bia loving mother and father and his two children, Lottie and Daiej Cook

riTZai RALD -In loving mcinorj of mj dear wife and

our dear mother who died 1 ebruary 3, 189& In serted by her loiing husband Thomas, and children, Mary, Esther, Jim, and Ada

roSTLU.-In loving memory of my dear husband,

Percy taster, ii ho departed this life February 1, 1900 hu cr forgotten Inserted by his loiing


t OS11 R -In sad but loving memory of our dear son,

Pcrc>, who died 1 cbroary 1st, 1908 Inserted by his sorromng parents

rRfcACIL-In loiing memory of dear Edgar beloved

son of C and A French of Brishone, who passed awaj on Februar} 2, 3907, aged 27 Interred Wa lerley Cemetery, No 4920, Church of England por tlon So dearly loved, so sadli missed

HVNTOOK - In loiing memory of our loving mother,

Kilon Hancock, who departed this life January til, 3900 Inserted by her loving sous and daughter» Tohn Harr}, James, Ellen, I irzlc, and Har] Gone, hut not forgotten

Rest, dearest mother, tliy toll is o'er,

thy loiing hands shall toil no more No moro thy gentle ejes shall weep. Heat, darling mother, bently sleep

HURT-In sad and loiing memory of our dear and

only daughter, Adelaide, who departed this life 1 cb ruar} 3, 3904, aged 23 j ears and 5 montlis Inserted bj her loi lug parents, J \\ and M A Alurt.

Dearly loi ed and deeply mourned

HURT-In sad and loiing meinon of in} dear sister,

Adelaide, who deputed this life rcbruarj 1 1904

aged 20 «are and 5 months Inserted by her loiing brother, ^ernon 11 Hurt

Never to bo forgotten

KING-In loiing memory of our darling daughter,

Alma Norms, who passed away on 2nd Icbruan,


No more upon thh earth we see

Her dear and loiing face

There is no one In this ii ¡de world

Can HU our dear daughter s or our sister s place Friends ina} think we haie forgotten }ou

When at times the\ see us smile

But little the> knon «hat a breaking heart

That smile hides all tile while

Inserted b} her sorromng parents Mr and Mrs Iving, also brothers and sister Dove, Chas , M îllic

KING -In loving meinor} of my dear friend Alma,

who died 1 ebrinr} 2nd 190" Her sorroinug lrlcud Mabel Butler Rest darling gently sleep

KNOTT -In loving memory of our dear father, William

Knott who departed this life January 29, 1907, aged 81 years and 4 months. Gone, but not forgotten. Inserted by his loving son and daughter-in-law, Mr     and Mrs Willlam Knott, Brisbane and Melbourne   papers please copy.

MACDON M D -In loving memory of our dearly be

loied and onl} Bon and brother, Cecil John who died at St Wncent s Hospital rcbruar} a, 1900 ipc 1 Q0 i cars and 7 moi ths Inserted by bia lol lnfc,

mother and sisters.

MACDON M D-In loving memorj of our dear brother

Cicil John «ho departed this life hebruar} 2, 390Ö aged 20 }oars and 7 months Inserted bj his »isttr an 1 brother in law Maggie and Geo Dean

M VCDON \LD - In loving niemorj of our dear friend

Cull Hector Macdomld who dcpartcc this hie 2nd, 1 ebruary I90Ö \U stil] misa thy presence m our horai InberUd bj his lownj, friend, C 11 ¡steed

nnd family

N7CH01 TJ3-K tribute of lo, e to memorr of m> dearly

lo.ed husband Tamos Nicholl» who died I-cbruwy 2f 1907 from ctrebril hemorrhage, a(red 53 veara

Hefit m peace m> affectionate husUuid, Siuce Gol ordained it so,

1 or in haste he called ^ou from me, And of course j ou had to go

It wits hard to part with my dear husband, \nd hard to bear the prie!. An I not till God rails mt.

?\\ill un poor h art find relief

Inserted bj his loung wife Miry Ann Nicholii

NICHOLLS- K loving tribute to thi» memory of our

dearly loted father «lame-* Nicholls who died Pel) ruiin 2, }J07, from ctrcbral hemorrhage, aged B3

j cara,

Rest, dcircst father tin toil is o er,

lh> loving- hands sholl toil no more No more tb> Kentle e^es shall weep Keht dirime; father gently sleep

Than irt nat forgotten, dearest father. Nor will thou et er be,

As loner as lift, and memory last We will remember tliec

Inserted bj hi" loving children, Bella, Lizzie, Martha

Aaron and Albert

N1CIÍOILS - A tribute of hne to the memor* of our

dtarlj Hned father. Tam« Nicholls, who died *cb ruarj 2, 130", from cerebral 1 cinorrhat,c, ated 53

j tars

1 ond thoughts, thej linger round our hearts, While tears tin j often flow

And to the place where father is laid. Our footsteps often (,o

Inserted 1 j his sorrow n g son and daughter in law

Tam-*s find Iíoce Niel oil«

MC1ÍOILS-In sal but loving memory of our dear

brother and uncle Junes Nicholl*,-, y\\iQ departed this life «--ebruarj 2 1GJ" aired 53 jean Inserted by his lounj, sister biotbc- in law and nicet Mar tfia Itioinai an! 1 ]isabelU 11 ardua au Gone, but

never to be forgotten

NICUOLLS - In loving memorr of our dear uncle,

Turnes Nicholls who departed this life Itlruarj 2 3907 Inbcrted by his IDMUJ, nlcet ami nephew, John and Fhxa Coolsey

NICHOLII-In sad but loving memory of our deir

brother in law lame* Nicholls who died 1 cb mary 2 1907, aged W jcais Inserted b\ Mr and \Trs \\ Riley mid i!r «nd Mrs J] Bindoo

Tilt VILI irN -In kn mg memon of our denr fall cr

Thomas I rci illicit, who dtpartvd this life tebruarj

lit, 39C-G

Dearest fit her lion wo into theo

\nd the time, is flettmg bj

An J we II ever Io\e th> memorv

Till wc meet theo M and bye

Inserted by hw lo* ing sons and daughter io law Will, Amie, and Phil

TREMLLIFV -In loving memory of mj dear father

Thomas Trevillien who died 1««.binary 1 JOOf Gone hut not forgotttn Inserted by Ins loving son

Charlo-«, T Trc\illun

TUMULUS- In loung memorj of im dear fath-r

Thomas Tr-trullicn who depara. 1 this life J-clinun 3 3000 fhough lost to sight to minion deni Inserted h\ his daughter aud bou in Iuv\

N and G Poole

VAUGHAN -In loving memory of our tle-ir fither,

William Hcnrj ^aughm who departed tins life on January 24, 3^S o^rd Gd j cars Peace, perfect peaee Inserted I \ his loving son and daughter? Jack riiîubeth I ruder ce, and- tiiiih

W \IUtEN -In lo\ing lncmorv of my dear husband, J

T Warren, who departed this li/e on february 1, 1004 Inserted bj bia loving wife and child-en


Misses and Mcesrs H\UMAX>, of 93 "liomerah avenue,

Darlinghurst usters and brother» of tile 1 ito Mrs. A J bells return «ince ïllAAhS to their man} friends for I ind cxpreFsionB of sympathy and con dolcnco dunns their ead bereaiemeat

Mr A J SLL1G and TAMILS sincerely Ï1IAMC their

numerous friends lor kind expressions of sj mr alby during their recent ead bercaieniuit

Th- CHILDI» \ of the late HI MU 1 01 LLL, S.1"

behool North Cram ilk., deelre to return smiere IHVNKS to tlicir numerous friends for kind «jin path) during tlitir recent sad bereavement

Mrs GASÏU1Ï and rAMIL\ desire to return sincere

rilVMiA to tlieir many kind friend« for floral tri butes, letters tcleeraini «nd cards received m their recent sad beuaiement

Mr and Mis IOIL\RD desire to return sincere HUNKS to thur many kind friends for letters tclcsnams cards and Iloral tributes recen ed bv them during their recent sad berça*» ement

Mr and Mia UlANh IIDDEN and Mr and Mr« J0I1"\

HY\JN, of 1- arundel stret 1 orcst LA ÍUTL desire to return their Bincerc IHANhS for the manj kuli letters telefrriius and floral tributes rtcened bj them in their lcccnt sad bereavement, also to l>r ?smith Montroie Glebe, an I Nurse llatliieson, for

their prompt uni kind attention

lire SWAN mid FAMIL\ diaro to return sincere

THANKS to their iiraij kind fucnds for floral tributes, letters, and cards received bj them m their recent sud bcreaicment "

MARTIN-Mr and Mrs MARTIN and TAMIM, of

Farleigh 379 Glebe Toint road, desire to return then sincere 'i HANKS to their many kind friends for let tors, cards and fiord tributes of 6ynipalh} receive,! b} them in their late sad bcreaicment, Cipcciallv his late fellow employees

Mrs MADOB DI NT, 010 Bourke street, desires to

leturn her heartfelt flUNKS to numerous friends for kindness and svmpath} shown to her in her lecent sad bereavement, and specially to the Sidne} lios pltal, to medical itaff, to Nurse Swift, and nnrscB of T Ward, and to all nursea of H Ward, for kind atten lion during the lout, lillies« of her late dear husband HORKNCE MURPHY, 1LÏ Hizibcth street, «trawheni

Hills, desires to return her sincere 'IlUMifa to her nianv kind friends, capeciallv l>r Wille end nurse ilso the emplo}ees of Heinrich Peemoller for thou kindness in her late sad bereavement.

Mrs HANNON and FAMILY, of 15 Raper itreet. Ne«

town, desire to return THANKS to tnelr many kind friends for floral tributes telegrams, etc, received during their recent sad bereavement.

The FAMILY of the late llfrs OSGOOD, of Newtown,

desire to express their sincero Ï HANKS for kind 6}mpathy and floral tributes, alto to Dr Sinclair

ind the Rei Mr Langlo}, of St Stephen's Church, ! Newtown for their Lind attention during their late

cud bereavement.

Mrs M. A COMBELLAOIÎ, of 73 Lennox «trcet. New-

town, and FAMILY, dartre to return their «Incere THANKS to their many lund friend« »nd relatiTe« tor letter», messages of sympathy, and ñorml tribnte» in their ead bereavement, also specially thule ,Prt

i ßsiteuA JfcKtosv Xw MUA* ^ÖSSÖHUH, J_^

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