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Family Notices

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ACHUFF (nee) Munden.-At Oakland, California, on

April 8, to Mr and Mrs. Frank Achuff-a son.

ANDERSON -May 9, 1908, at Nurse Smith's, Harling, 120 Old Canterbury-road, Lewisham, the wife of R.   W Anderson-a son,  

ARMITAGE-May 8, to Mr. and Mrs. H. Traill, Ar , mirage, ol Paabrydc, M_c_.-street, Mosman-a *? daughter.

BAILEY-May 22, at ÏU-ontaa, Cliff street, North

Sydney, to Mr. and Mrs. Wilson J Bailey-a eon.

BRYANT-May 10, at Devon, Manly, the wife of E.

J Bryant-a eon.

CASTLE.-Moy 17, «t lier mdnVnee, Wandsworth, Wardell road. Warrickville, the wifo of James E I Caatle-a son.

CLAPHAM.- May 13 wife of H. L. Clapham, Darley

strcet, Dulwich Hill-a son.

COOK.-May 12, at Glen View, Tasmania, tis wifo

of Cec_o J Cook-a daughter.

CUSTER.-April 30, at Ohio, Geo _e-sr_ct_ Manly, the

wifo ot D W Custer-a son.

DALLIMORE-May 10, nt her residence, Rosemont, _ Eouth-strect, Dulwich IlilL tho wife oí W. Dalli 1 more of a con.

EIZENBERG -Why 17, IOCS, nt 89 ¡Regent-street,

Paddington the wile of 1) Eizcnbcrg, of a Bon

FLOWER.-May 2, at Cooee, Belmore, to Gooree and ?» Ada I lower-a d-iughtcr

GOLDSMITH.-May 10, 1003, at lier residence, Coota, , 70 Wigram-road, Glebe Point, the wile o! Chas

Goldsmith, ol a daughter

HARKNESS -May l8, at Maritana, Bellvue lilli, the

wife ol t i Har-iecs-a daughter

KEMMIS- May 20, at her residence, Cliff Villas, Mil

son's Point, the wife of C E. Kemmis-a son

LOHOAR.-May 10, at her residence. Well-ot, Gerard

street, Neutral Bay the wife of W. Lohoar, jure.-a daugrter Both well

MYERSON-May l8, 1908, at 02 Dickson street, New-   town Sydney, the wife of Isaac Myerson (nee Cissy   Emanuel), a daughter. Both doing well.      

OSBORNE.-May IS, 1003, at Elmwood, Moss Vale,

the wife of Septimus P Osborne-a daughtcr

PRICHARD -At Croydon street, Belmore, the wife

of S A. Pritchard-a son

SPENCER.-May IS, at 21 union -street, radthr_ton,

the wife of Henry J Spencer, of a son.

TOOVEY -April 27, at Braeside, Ben Boyd road. Neu-

tral Bay, to Mr and Mis. J B Toovey-a son.

TRAINOR.-April 23, at her residence, "Cashel," Vas»,

the wife of h Trainor-a da ugh.ter (Paulino Filo jnena)

WIDE--May 17, at 70 Hereford-street, Glebe Point, the wife of Reginald Wide,-a daughter (Marca   Sylvia).  

WEST-May 12, 1906, at Macana, Camden, the wife

of P. W. West, M.B, Ch M..-a daughter.

YOUNG -_pril 10, at tile Private Hospital, Cowra, the

wife of Walter Kirkpatrick loone, Rothesay, Wood- stock-a daughter


AIRD-WALKER.-April 25, 1903, at EL Peter's

Chuich. North Sydney, by the Rev Jas. Kinghorn, Percy John, second son of William Aird, Denley   Beach, South Australia, to Anna Ross Campbell,  

third daughter of Mm J M. and the late Tho.   Walker, Folkestone, Lavender Bay At home, Sher-   brooke, Mary-street, Longueville, May 27, 2Sl_, 29th.   BOLES-WEST. -April 18 at the Thames, New Zea- land, by the Rev. J. Milne, M. A. , J. J. Crawford   Boles, of Te. Kutti, son of John Boles, of Thames to   Stella Melville, daughter of Benjamin West, of Red-  

fern, New South Wales.  

BYRNE-CONNELL.-April 22, at St. James' R.O.

Church, Forest Lodge, by the Rev. Father J. White, UamcL, youngest son of the late John William Byrne,   of the Robert Burns Hotel Goulburn, to Catherine   (Katie), eldest daughter of John Connell, of Forest   Lodge.  

CARE-DUNSTAN--April 20, at tho Congregational Church, Pyrmont, by the Rev John Beckenham,   Arthur Broughton, onlv son of the late Arthur   Ectford Care, late of Sutton, Surrey England, to   Mabel ethel, second daurhtcr of Mr and Mrs. WU   L Ham Henry Dunstan, and granddaughter of Captain Charles Cocks, of Penryn, Cornwall,, England.  

COLLINS-LEACH-April 22nd, 1908, in the Methodist

Church, Parkes, by the Rev. J. Egan Moulton, B.A-.,     Archibald, fifth son of John Collins, of Wellington,   N.S.W. to Sallie, second daughter of Samuel Leach, of Parkes.  

DAVIS-CORBETT -April "6, at tío Ingar Brie Mc , thodlst Church I y the Rev T B Holmes, J ' Marshall son of ti e Rev J Upton Dans, Ti nbndgc 1 Well«, England to Alice Mahr] ti ird dal chtcr of ' the late John Corbett, Esq of Ra ma ti-im Waverley FINLAY-SMITH -April 20 1908 at Morehead-strcct Redfern by the Rev W M. Dill Macky An       drew E. fifth son of Mr and Mrs Robert Finlay,   of Mitchell road Alexandra to Jane Steel second  

eldest daughter of the late Robert Smith and Mrs.   Smith Morehead-street Redfern  

HILL-BUNCE.-April l8 at St Matthews Botany

by the Rev J W Upj-ih as-rffctcd It tie Rev I F T Tnvctt, George B IT 11 son of Mr I Hill,

Little Bay to Jess e E. Bunqe second daughter of ' Mr J Bunco Bota ry

HOLDSHIP-COWPER -April 21 nt Christ Chm-ch,

North Sydney by Rct J H. Maclean Arthrr Ho f bert, youngest son ol George lloldslip ol Merren Ihm W Ho i"hby rord Nortl Svdnrv t» fij

Blanche, eldest daughter of tho lato Charle« Loth I bridge Cowper ol Sydney

HOLMES-BENBOW -May 0, at St Mary's Cathedral,

by the Right Rev Morodfmor O naran Aubrey Har l conrt, eldest ron of G H, Holmes Moss Vale to I Helen Blanche, younger daurhter of C A. Benbow

' College-street, Hyde Park, Sidney

HOOLAHAN-PARKER.-April 29 1003 at St, Mary's , Church rtldffC-Etrcet, Nortl Sydney by Rev Q I Kelly S.J Richard Hoolahan Neutral Bay fifth I eon of tho lato n ornas noolahan Shoalhaven, to t X«Ila Mary ti ird Kurv ívtng daughter of the late ' Thomas and Mrs. M. A. Parker St- Leonards.

HORSLEY-LAWSON.-April 8, at Cleveland-street     Congregational Church, Redfern, by the Rev. F.     Binns, William Harry, second son of the late John     Horsley, of London to Christina Bovey, eldest daugh-   ter of Mr. Alfred Lawson, of Alexandria.  

KESSELL-McMURTRIE.-March 31, 1908, at The   Braes, Ashfield, by the Rev. J. E. Metcalfe, Arthur  

J. Kessell, son of John Kessell, Sydney, to Grace, youngest daughter of the late George and Mrs.

McMurtrie, Ashfield.

LAUDER—CORKERY.—April 15, 1908, at Wesleyan

Church, Chippendale, by the Rev. J. Perrman, Elsie May, fourth eldest daughter of Daniel Corkery, of   Redfern, to Leopold Albert, fourth eldest son of   George William Lauder, J.P., of Redfern.  

McFARLANE—FORREST.—April 29, at St Paul's,  

Burwood by the Rev Harry Bryant, Donald Hector third son of the late Allan McFarlane of Wellington   Lodge, South Australia, to Doris Elizabeth, eldest     daughter of Mr and Mrs Mowbray S Forrest,   Capua, Burwood.  

McMASTER-KNOX-April ES, at Turlinjah near i Moruya, hy the Rev T D Murray Angus Donald J third son of Angus McMaotor Eec¡ of Enmore, to r ¡Alice youngest daughter of the lato Captain Kiioet ' of Moruya.

McNEIL - WILSON. - April 22, at the residtmce of the I bride s parcnta, Goodsir-c rcet Rozelle by the Rev

I J Edwards Ale-inder eldest eon of Daniel McNeil

1 Jato of Springwood to Mary Ellen (Tot) cl__t

daughter of John Wilson rozelle.

MILLER-MIDDLETON- April 29, at St John's

Church, Darlinghurst, by the Rev. J. N. Manning, LL D., James Walter, youngest son of the late       Robert Miller of Sandy Wha, Gerringong, to Jessie   Huon Hume second daughter of A. E Middleton   of Verona, Mosman's Bay.    

MITCHELL-FARRELL.-April Î9 nt St Angtrrtfne«  

Church of England B 111 by the Rev P Dowe, (George A- second eunivlng sou of the lato Josej li

.Mitel eil CTM.L-A and Mrs. M tri eil M ¡ton I Bouse Bellambi to Mary M (Mamie) only si r I rrivinsr da ghtcr of Thoa. Farrell, JP, 1 isfail I BuUI and the lato Mrs Farrell

MOORE- WEST -November 9 1f07 at the residence of

the bride a parents byv ti e Pcv John Penman Pre I "dent of the Methodist Conference Milton Moore I of Redfern to Beatrice Mary (Trixie) daurhter of j Benjamin West of Redfern Qnd granddaughter of

the *ato Jarres Melville of W »eteor New South Wales

PARBURY-BLOOMFIELD -April SO 1008 at All . Balnts* Church, Woollahra Sylncy by tie Rev ' Wallace Mort M.A Frederick Claud Strachan I Bcoond «on of Mr and Mrs. C1 aries Parb ry of I Bonth Kensington London S W to Doris Fdith C b I son, only daughter of Mr and Mrs. Andrew Blom

field of Oaklands, Edgecliff road.

PARRIS-WEST -April 21 at Auckland, New Zealand i by the Rev J Wilson Adolphus, fifth son of 1 Ennis Pnrris late of Waihclre to Clnrice Mav ! daughter of Benjamin West of Redfern Svdney ai d

granddaughter of the Uto James Melville of Wind sor New South Wales.

PEGG—NASH.—March 25, 1908, at Berryville, Parra- matta-road, Petersham by the Rev. C. Pickering.    

John Arthur, elder son of the late Alfred Pegg, of   Islington, London, to Edith May, youngest daughter of George Nash, of Sydney.  

PODMORE-FERGUSON -April 14 at St James* , Church, by the Rev Carr Smith Arthur Winiam, I eldest «on of tho late A. 8. Podmore to Fis e I McCuIlough, yoe-test curaghtcr of ArcMbald Fer


ROACH-MOORE.-April 22, at Our lady of the Sa

cred Heart Church R_adwIcL, hr the Rev ratler I Treand James Patrick eldest ron of ti e lute Fd I ward Roach Esq Sydney to Zelma adopted daugh

ter of the late Mrs. Moore Campbelltown.

ROSENTHAL-WILSON -April 28 1008 at Adelong

NSW Samuel third son of Martha Rosenthal Mel

I bourne to Allson eldest daughter of the late David

Wilson of Sydney

SHEPHERD-EDWARDS -April 7 at ti e Ifotho 1 st

C1 ureh lllawarra-roa I Marrickville by the Rev I »John Penman Sarm el Bartley third Bon of Joseph

Shepherd Esq Glencourt Perry street Mamck I ville, to R by Ma 1 youngest daughter of nenry I Fdwards, E q Addington, Perry etzect Marrie


VINCENT—NICHOLLS —April 22, at the Methodist    

Church, Bondi Junction, by the Rev. T. B. Holmes, Arthur Leslie, eldest son of Mr N. Vincent, of     Oxford-street, Waverley, to Jennie, second daughter    

of the late Mr. E. R. Nicholls of Millthorpe.


CAMPBELL-WATKINS. -May 23, 1883 at the resi-   dence of the bride's father, by the Rev. James Adam,     M.D., Kenneth only son of the late James Camp-       bell, Luddenham, to Martha Catherine second daugh-      

ter of Richard Watkins builder, Waverley. Present   address, St. Marys, W. Line.  

COLLIER-SMITH. -May 23, 1883, at St James's King-   street, Sydney, by Rev W Hough Thomas Henry   seventh son of Charles Henry Collier of Southamp-     ton England to Alice Sarah, eldest daughter of     John Smith, of Glebe, Sydney Present address, 79  

Westmoreland-street, Glebe.  

JEFFRESS-HENDRY. -May 23, 1883 at Glebe Sydney by Rev. J. Penman, assisted by Rev. J. Gardiner,   William eldest son of the late Charles Jeffress, of       Pyrmont to Emma, second daughter of John Hen-  

dry, also of Pyrmont. Present ad hess 402 Dar  

ling street Rozelle.

MURRAY-FERROW - May 24 1883 at St Mary's

Church St Leonards by tro late Rev Father Kelly   John Murray to Margaret Ferrow Present ad-   dress, Australian Hotel Cumberland street


BATEUP. - May 11, at her residence, 49 Cameron-street, Paddington, Alice S., widow of the late Mr. S. Bateup of lsland Park, Picton.    

BYRNE.- m i* hcr l?**1 "»Menee Spring Valley . near Goulburn Ann, relict of the lato John Byrne, I lind mothar of Mrs. Johnson, 44 Walker street North

Sydn-y D.1P ^

CLARK.-May 20 1908 at Creymouth New Zealand

Marla, I eloved mother of Rev Henry Clark, Bur- wood Haw In 1er T7Ui year 1 Thean. Iv, 18-18. COX.-May 0 IBM at Warren, of tetanus Dr Harrie , Cox, dearly beloved husband of Nlnl Cox, aged sa ' year».

DAVIS. -Coy H, lit Balmain Benjamin Janies son o(   I the Ut» Bmjtmln Rnd LI»* Davis, of Davistown, i BrisSane Water aged 80 years. At rest

FARMILO. -April l8, at his residence Atl ol^treet 1 Coogee Edward 1 armllo sen aged B8 leavinR a jt vnSa and fanflfo to ^t-»-y ücir lotis. lioBlQ Papers *l I^Htß mt<~ __,l*C__..rP«

DEATHS.   GRINSTED-May 18 1908 at his residence, Main-

street, Lithgow, after two days' illness. Henry Per- ' cival, beloved son of the late F and Mrs. Grinsted (formerly of Orange), aged 22 years.

HAVILAND -Miy 22 at his residence, Bracondale, I

Livingstone-road, Petersham, I dwin Ilaviland, aged 85 j cars. Service at All Saints' Church at 1 p m. runcral at Woronon Cemetery, Sutherland, this (Sa- turday) afternoon, by train leaving Sydney at 2.10

HEATH.-May 2" 1003, it the residence of her son in

law, Alfred ldwarl Leith Links Bill} ard al enuc, I llzabcth Bay bydney, Mary Heath, v, idow of the late Vt lllmm neath of Bog-i and Syoncy, aged 71 years. 1 tineral 2.30 p m to-day (Saturday), for Waverley Cemetery.

HUTCHINGS -May 18, at Tamworth, T. R. Hutchings

(late of Orley), aged 75.

HUTCHINSON - April 12, 1908, at North road, Darling-

ton, England, Charles, dearly beloved father of Mi o James Kinder Vi alton, of Manly, aged 77 years.

MUNRO - 4pnl £0, at Port E-irwin, of enteric fever,

James third son of late Hon. James Munro, of Ar- madale, Victoria

O 'HALLORAN -Mav 18, 1908, at his late residence. No

5 Rowley street Alexandria, Joseph O'Halloran, aged   27 years May his soul rest in peace. Inserted by his loving taster, Florrie

SHOVELLER--May 21, at Grafton, Thomas Eastmann

Shoe oller, only surviving son of the late Dr John Shoveller, LL.D. of London, and dearly beloicd lather of Mrs Samuel West late of Neutral Bay, and Mrs Lenore O Sullivan, Miller's Point, in his 81st year R.I P London and New Zealand papers please copy.

THOMPSON -Maj 22, at S3 M--all Btrect, Petersham,

Mary Lthcl, the beloved daughter of Mrs Mnry Mcintyre, and only sister of Mrs. Summers, Trongate street, Glanville and Mr W A Thompson, Marion street, Harris Park, aged 2S years Beloved by all

who knew her

TRAYNOR-May 33, at Burwood, John Woolman

(Don), dc-irly loved only child of _urse Traynor, Railway parade, Burwood, and of J P. Traynor, of 2_ Abercrombie-strcet, ia his 10th year. Interred at


WALLACE.-May 22,1908, at his residence, Allandale,  

George street, Marrickville, Oliver Wallace, in his

60th year No flowers.

WOODHILL.-May 22, 1903, at Burwood, Alfred Mere-

dith Woodhill, beloved husband of Jane Woodhill, aged 72 years.

May 19, 190S, William Wells, dearly beloved husband

of Sarah Cork, of Mt Pleasant, Milton, a_- C1 yeaT

II months


ALLISON-In loving memory of our dear son and

brother, Leslie, v. ho fell asleep in Christ at 14 Andreas street. Petersham, on May 23, 1007, aged 10 years 0 months Inserted by his mother and father

and brother Will

Until the day dawns

And the shadows flee away.

BINGHAM -In remembrance of my beloved mother.

Matilda Louisa Bingham, relict of Edward Bingham, ' Esq , Clydesdale, Rowntree-street, Balmain, who de-   parted May 24 1903. So sadly missed by her loving daughter, Claire. P.R., North Sydney  

BIRD - A tribute of everlasting love to the memory

of my dear wife and our darling devoted mother,   Agnes Bird, who departed this life on May 24th,   1902, aged 51 years ; also my darling little son and our brother Percy Williaim (Willie), who died May 29th, 1901, aged 5 years and 3 months. Sweet Jesus, have mercy on their souls.

They are not forgotten, never, never,

Though the grave may hide from view. Once we love we love for ever.

In this world beyond it, too.

Inserted by her loving husband and children, Thomas   Bird, Nellie, Katie, Florabel, and Edgar.

BIRD - A sorrowful but everlasting remembrance of

our darling mother Agnes Bird, who departed this life on May 24th, 1902 aged 51 years, also our dear little brother Percy William (Willie), who died on May 29th, 1901, aged 5 years and 3 months. May

God rest their souls.

We will never forget our mother or little brother,

Though years may pass by, For in the lonely graveyard

They are sleeping side by side  

Inserted by her loving sons and daughter- in-law, John Bird and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bird.

DOBBINS -In lovwf memory of my dear son, George,

tv ho departed thu. life May 23, 1007 aged 21 years 11 months So dcorlj lovi_d, m eadly nnsscd. In eerted by his lonng mother and brother

DOBBINS-In loting memory of our dear cousin,

Ceorge Dobbins who departed tin. life 2Srd May, 3007 Inserted hy lus loving cousin«^ Les Reardon. and son Stephens

DUFFY. -In loving memon of our dear brother in  

1 law and uncle James DuCv who died May 2i 100G

Inserted h) hm bruth-x and suter in law, nephew,

and nieces.

FANE.-In ead but loving memory of my dearly be-

loved mother Lllcn Pine who deported this life on May 23rd, 1007, aged SS years DcarJy lot ed, and oil, how sadly nu*.ed. Inserted by her loving d lughter and friends. Nellie Brumfltt and Trod Bundy

GOODIN-In loving remembrance of ray dear wife and

our dear mother Elizabeth Cootlln, who departed this life May 39th, 1903 Inserted by her loting husband ond family

HAYLOCK.-In Icffing memory of my dear husband and

onr dear father, J Ha) lock, who departed this life at North Sydney, May 23 2J0Í, aped 07 veors. Cone, but not forgotten. Inserted by his loving wife, eons, and da-iglitera.

HODGES.-In loving memory of my dear husband and

our father, Stephen Hodges died May 24th, 1905 at his residence, East Somerset. Croydon- road. Hurst ville. Inserted by his loving wife and family.

INGLIS.-In loving memory of our dear mother, Jane

Elizabeth* who departed thin life May £2nd, 1007 At rest. Inserted by her loving son and daughter, Arthur and Maud Ingb,

LETT-In ftad but loving memory of ray dearly de

loved husband and our fa-her John S Lett, who departed this life Maj 23 1893 Inserted by Ms loving: wife Mrs. J S Ivett, and family. Gone, but not forgotten.

I A precious one from os is ¿.one,

A voice we loved is stilled, A place Is vacant In our home

Which never can be filled.

LEWIS.-_i pad hut loving memory of our dear father,

Samuel, who died May 23 1103, Junction Hotel 1« Maitland. Inserted by his loving children, Esther,

Hannah Ben and Ttidah Deeply mourned* j

Beside thu sliining crystal sea, Where tempests all are o'er,

Thy loved ones wait to welcome _ice.

And we shall part no more.

McANDREW. -In sad but loving memory of our darling

baby, Gilkinson, died at Balmain May 23, 1906. In- serted by his sorrowing parents, James and Mary


MARTIN-In loving memory of our dear sqn and

brother, Leslie Martin, who paused away 24th May,


God shall wipe array all tears,

There'B no death, no nain, nor fears, And they count not fimo by yeara, For then; is no "night there."

Inserted by his loving father, mother, and elster


MARTIN.-In sad hut loving memory of our dear ne-

phew and coutin, Leslie, who died May 21, _)07,

aged 19 years

Just as the morning wai shedding

0 cr earth ita gilds ol love,

Softly the angels bore our cousin

1 o his Heavenly home above.

Tnsirted by his loving uncle, aunt, and cousins, J.

Martin and family

MOORE -In fond and loving memory of my dear wife

and our darling mother, Jane Coriithwiiito Moore, who died Mav JSrd, 1902. H_crted by her loving

Imsbard and farrulv

NOLAN. -lu loving remembrance of my dear husband  

and our dear father, Patrick Nolan, who died at Ins r-sidence £5 Otford street May 24 1904 R LP Ins-rted by his wife and children, haime, Syd , and


NORMAN-Tn loving memory of our darling mother,

Ro«o Norman, who departed this life May 24, 1805 Inserted by her loving con and daughter in law, Leins und Emily Norman, and her loving grand child, Lewis Jack. Dearly loved by all who knew her Home papers please, copj

PURSLOWE.-In loving remembrance of my dear bro-

ther, Harold, who departed tills life May 2t In s-rtcd by his loving brother, Oswald.

REID.-In fond and loving memory of our dear daugh

ter, Susie Mai, who departed this life 23rd May, 1907, aged 17 years also our dear little son Earney, Mho died 27th July, 1905, aged 4} years.

Safe in the arms of Jesus,

Safe on Ills rentlc br-xst There by His love o'crshadwl.

Sweetly their souls sliall rest

Inserted hy thor loving mother, Rebecca. Reid.

REID -In sad and lovmg remembrance of dear Mary,

who was called homo on May 23rd, 1907, aged 17


rairer than the flowers above her.

Lying on her utill cold breast

Placed by gentle hands that loved her,

Darling May has gone to rest

Inserted bv her loving companions of the B A.T Company, Park street

ROBINSON-In fond and loving memory of my dear

hurband and our dear father, John Weld Robinson

who died May El, 1902. Inserted hy his wife

and children

SCHOFIELD -In loving remembrance of Edwin Scho-

field who departed this life May 23, 1895, aged 47 years and 11 months. "Thy will be done " In rertcd by his loving wife sons and daughters

THORPE.-In sad and loving memory of our darling

Elsie who departed this life May 24th, _1908, aged  

16 years.

Do not asir, no how we miss her,

There is such a vacant place

How we misa her weU known footsteps,

And her dear awcet Girdling face.

Inserted by her ever sorrowing mother and sister Lily, and brothers George and Will

THORPE-In loving memory of our deor sister, Elsie

Maud, who departed this life May 24th, 1900, aged 10 years A bud on earth, a flouer in heaven. Inserted by her loving brother and ulster In law,

Charlea and Minnie

THORPE -A tribute of love to our dear friend, Elsie,

who died May 24, 1900, Insorted hy Nett Gus, and


WHELEN. -In loving remembrance of our dear bro

ther, Christopher H Whelen, who departed this life May 24, 1907, aged 29 years. R.I.P Inserted   by his loving sister and brother-in-law, Mary and  

Jack Charles.

WINDLE. -In loving memory of our dear children,

Edith, died May 23rd, aged 2 years, and Thelma June 1st 1907, aged 10 months, also Alfred, died May 18th, 1908, aged 8 months.

Death took the loved ones from our homes, But never from our hearts.

Inserted by their loving parents.


Mr. JOHN RYAN and FAMILY, of Paddington, desire  

to return THANKS to th»ir manv friends and rela- tions for _ie_- expressions of kind sympathy, let

tera, cards, telegrams, andrfioral tributes in their recent sad bereavement, ana to espcciaUy thank the Rev I ather Ljwlcr, Sisters, Doctors and Nursing Staff of St Vincent s Hospital tor Hnd attention shown to their beloved wife and mother


all kind friends for condolence and wreath and let tera in their late ead bcriavcment

WOODGATE-The Sons and Daughters of the late Ed-

ward Woodgate deslre to return their sincere   THANKS to their many kind friends and relations   for, expressions of sympathy, letters, cards, tele-   grams, and floral tributes during their recent sad bereavement; also to express their special THANKS to the Rev. E. Claydon, Rev. E Noble, and Dr, Jen- ner, for their great kindness.

Mrs. J. QUINLAN, Clonbrook, Hurstville, desires to

return ter sincere THANKS to her many Hnd friends for letters, cards, telegrams, and floral tri- butes In her recent sad bereavement

Mrs and Miss SELINA WELLER desire to THANK Miss

Magney. Mr and Mrs W U Gocher, Mr and Mrs K, Boyle, Miss Hoddon, and other kind friends, for 1 sympathy, during their, recent pad bf-rcwement.

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