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(FROM OUR correspondent.)

Monday, August 2. |

The remains of Hugh Murray, Esq., were conveyed to .their last resting"place; on Saturday last.. The lamented'death of the heat friend Colae ever had. lias, for'days past,.caused a gloom to pervade the entire district;' The1 cortege was the most- e'xten sive'evor; seen ,in the district, numbering over,.thirty carriages and buggies, and nearly one hundred horseman. , 'The funeral service was conducted: by: the Bev Mr Dickie, .• Presbyterian minister. In all matters connected' with the advancement of the district, Mr Murray was ever fore most; his integrity,' ability, punctuality, and'general- business habits, procured for him the respect of all, and a position which brought the highest honors. For eighteen years Mr , Murray. was chairman of the Bench, and.for eight years out of ten chair man of the Boad Board and President of

the Shire Council. In politics Mr Murray was anything but a supporter of such persons as M'Cann, Jones and Company. Ho despised'even tho appearance of cant and humbug, was an admirer of consistency, and ever desirous of assisting those deserv ing of charity.

i jln election' matters there, is not much talk.. For , the Corangamito Biding two members have; to bo elected, one in the place'of'tlie late Mr Murray, who was the returning officer, and on account of no substitute having been appointed a special meeting of the council has been called to appoint a returning officer. Mr Bobert Calvert' is' to take" the place caused by the retirement of Mr Bromfield, bntwhoisto fill tho vacancy caused by Mr Murray's death has not been stated.: On occasions like these many residents eligible for the duties are brought, to thb front, and for tho time their'hames bocomo public property. Messrs Hearn, Bout, Butcher, Strickland,

and Chirig have been' 'mentioned, but,I am. not aware whether either have been asked, or :;if asked.. .whether.. they, .havo con sented. For. .tho Beeae Biding the retir ing 'councillor, Mr J.'1 M'Laughlin, is in the field, -and is likely to he opposed by Mr Hancock, but it is scarcely probable that • tho Beeacites will he guilty ,o£ . suc'.i ingratitude as not to re-elect' one Jvho has served tliem faithfully for several years. - In'[the Weering .riding it appears .Mr Loitch is to be rewarded for liisi past' -services by . tho enjoyment of a walk-over. - It may bo remarked that for a ■considerable time the shire council has been composed of' three Englishmen,- three Scotchmen," and three Irishmen, a composi tion, which cannot fail giving satisfaction, arid to preserve it the Corangamito electors must send Englishman and u Scotch