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Cook and Banks Mementoes.

Tjnique mementoes of Captain lames Cool the greatest of British navigators formed part of Ihe most interesting and valuable selection from the Pethenck tol

lection exhibited in the boran of Federal Parliament House wnen Lord Jellicoe was received there vestcroav evening One wis a page from Captain Cook s journal of Miv o and 6 1/70 written while in Botany Biy lins shows that Cook first called the bay Stingray Bav beciusc of the stingray b which were caught there but crossed this out and gove the name of Botany bo cause ol the great number of plants te

which our gentlemen botanists collected

in tins place Another is the shipwright s copv dated April 25 1"6S showing the alterations which the Admnalty made to the c it built bark vv Inch was rethns tened the rndenvoui in order to fit her for Cooks voyage to Tahiti in the course of which lie explored the cast coast of Australia This copy the onlv one known v as bought bv the Australasian Pioneers

Association in 1011 The e was also a fine model of the Fndeivour bj Norman Lind eai lent by the Public Library tiustees nnd Dance s portrait of Cook as well as other portraits and medallions

Another thing of special m'erest was a catalogue of "19 specimens of paper cloth mide from the biri of trees col

lected during thp tjiree voyages of CapU.ui Cook Tins was published in 1787 and is now exccptionallv starte there is no copy in the British Museum \ touching hiBton attaches to specimen No 31 A chief at Tahiti give a native boy to an officer of the Resolution in exchange for some old iron The officer niturally handed the boy back to his mother who then out of gratitude stripped off the i oil of cloth which she wore and gave it to the ofllcel Trom the roll this piece was cut Su Joseph Banks the companion ot Cook who hn« been called not unjustlv tht Futhei of -Vus traba,' is represented bv a page from the MS of his Manners of the Y\ omen of Otaheite written in 1"iJ to amuse the Pnnccss of Orange

Amongst other exhibits beanng on the early history of Austiulia may be men tioned a copy of the Dinplnn chart of lo- drawn bv Pierre Descehers from a Spanish oi Portuguese original which givea the earliest known evidence of the exist

once ot Viistrahn A book publiai cd at Amsterdam m 164U cives nu account ot Dutch voyages m the South Seis btginning with that ot Schouten und T <* Mane Old Sydnev is represented by the six \ ill able dra v nil's made bv Fd*vird Daves in 1790 for Collins s Account ot the Fngliah Colony in New South W ales Another picture by Day es cUted ISM shorn the shipbuilding tard and slip on the west ad» of Sydney Cove An interesting series of pictures shows the later development of Sydney lhere was a simihr series dealing with the -.rowth of Melbourne A view of Bourke htrept i bout 1682 is considered by some ludecs to be the best of the works of Tom Roberts Another Melbourne cunosity is the tenth ind last issue of T P Fawkner s


The bpeaker who is chairman of the lil i irv committee has decided that the collection shall be on view to the public on Monday between the hours of 10 and