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Family Notices

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BEAMES.- June 5, at Tennyson, Bowman street. Drum-

moyn, the wife of Mr Percy L. Beames, of a son. CAMPBELL.-May 23, at her residence, 68 Brown

street, Paddington, the wife of George Campbell, of a daughter.

DIAMOND.- June 4, at l8 Duxford street, Padding-

ton, the wife of A. Diamond-a son,

FISHER.- June 7, at Armidale, the wife of the Rev W.

Fisher of a. son.

GOLDSBROUGH.- May 25, at Carthona, Woodville road.

Guildford, the wife of J. J. Goldsbrough-a son.

KESTERTON.-May 23, at Broadview, Military road,  

Mosman, the »lie of W IL Gould Kesterton-a son LAWSON.- May 13, at Taymount, Ashfield, the wife

of James R. Lawson-a daughter

LYNE.- May 28 at Redcliffe, Mayfield, Newcastle, the

wife of Charles E. Lyne-a daughter.

MOORE.-June 3, at Riverton, Drummoyne, the wife

of Howard Moore-a daughter

POOLE.- May 31, 1904, at Ivanhoe, Annandale street,

Annandale, the wife of S. D. Poole, of a son.

SINDEL.- June 1, at Kiora, George-street, Liverpool,

the wife of Alderman A. Sindel, of a daughter.

STEVENS.- June 6, at Teralba, Waverley, the wife of

H. J. Stevens-a son (Noel Bertram).

TEBBUTT.- May 7, at her residence, Thornleigh,

Windsor, the wife of J. T. Tebbutt, of a son.


CASEY—DALY.-April 27, 1904, at St Mary's

Church, Concord, by the Rev lather Byrne, Miehael Alphonsus, youn^ebt bon of the late Michael Casey, of Orange, to Claire Edna, youngest daughter of the late Edward VaJy, at Concord

COBB—MOORE.-April 2S, at DobiUn Station, Wool  

abra by the Rev R L Hutchinson, Kenneth ii.

Cobb to Coral S Moore

CRISPIN—WALKER.-May 7, at the residence of the

bride s parents, George Ernest, youngest sou of elie late Wm Crispin, taq , of Derwciit-strect Glebe, to I Edith Mary, third daughter of J Q Walker, Esq ,

Uurstmouoeaux, Vtctonu street, Lewisham. Preset* address, 17 Edward street, bummer liiU, No card.

DIBLEY—WESTRUP.-May la, 1J01, nt AU Sauiis ,  

Petersham, by the \cu. Archdeacon Birtlett, of ! Goulburn, assisted by Rev R L Goddard (Rector), i Arthur, youngest son of Mrs. M J Diblcy, to

Mercy, youngest daughter of Mrs L \\ estrup

FLOOD—TWEMLOW.- April 2 at the residence ot  

the bride ti I ¿rents, Braebi-gin Lavender Buy, by i the Rev James Steele, bunicy Corrabea son of I Edward Flood, ot Randwick, lata of Quambone bta. i lion, to Edith Adelaide, younger daughter of George


GALLI—FARRELLY.-May 21, at St Josephs Wool  

libra, by Rev rather Lawler, Siguorc Leone Galil, 1 of Fra-cati, Rome, italy, to Elizabeth (Lillie), dau_h 1 ter of Peter James -arrelly, Lsq, of holey street

Waverley, and late of Cavan, Ireland

HAYES—HALL.-June 8 at St James Church, Ingle,

burn, by the Rev W II II Yarlington, M A., LL B , I assisted by the Rev Peter l'rcsvvcll (Percy Cope, I youngest son of W G Hayes, l.sq , of Ellerene, Red I cliff, Queensland to Evcljn Lucy, only daughter of I B Leicester Hall, Eso,, of Oaklands, Minto, New

Bouth Wales.

HOUGH—GIBBS.—May 4, 1904, Holy Trinity Church,

Erskineville, by the Rev. Dalrymple, Alic Sydney, youngest son of Thomas Hough (late of Richmond),   to Lucy May, eldest daughter of Thomas Gibbs, of   Coonamble, and granddaughter of Richard Stone, of  


KIDD—MACKENZIE.-April 28, '».4, at Craig Lea, Man_fleld-*trect, Glebe Point, by the Rev Dr Clous ton, Robert McCall, second son of Hector Kidd, to   Lucy, third youngest daughter of the late G B

Mackenzie, of Sydney

LARKE—ROBSON.-May 1, 1904, at the Methodist  

Church, Hornsby, by Rev J C Hill, William Bain, eldest son of J S Larke, Commissioner for Canada, to Ethel Kippax, only daughter of Hon. W Robson,  

M L C., Hornsby.

McGREGOR—YOUNG.-June 5, at the residence of the    

bride s sister, Mrs. P 0 Riches, Marble Bar, W A , by the Rev S Haynes C L, Archibald M Intyre, »on of the late Robert M Gregor, of Glasgow, to Emily May Luci, daughter of lion. J. H. Young,

Devonia, Chatswood, NSW

NOONAN—COSGROVE.-May 10, at St Joseph's, Wool-  

lahra, by Rev Father I itzgerald, O S F , John Noo- nan, of Lineview, Nevertire, to Marie, youngest daughter of the late James Cosgrove, ot Eulalie,


PERKINS—BUCKLEY.- May 14, 1904, at St. John's

Church, Balmain, by Rev. W. J. Cakebread, Bertie   Samuel Perkins, second son of the late James Henry Perkins, to Emily Edith, youngest daughter of the late Noah Buckley, of Balmain.

SELBY—COX.-May 12, at St Stephen's Church,    

Newtown, by Rev Canon lajlor Alfred Lrnest third son of late Peter Selby, of Birmingham Fng land, to hUne Louise, chlest daughter of William It, Cox, of Newtown Sydney

SHADWELL—GORDON.-May 19, at St Mark's  

Church, Warwick, Queensland, by the Rev T L II I I Jenkyn, B A , Leycester Montagu Oswald Shadwell, The Dew , Killarney, Queensland second son of the I late G.A.F. Shadwell The Manor Houses Bod j denley. Romsey, Hampshire, England, to Rebecca Mary Donnell, third daughter ol the late S Gordon,  

Strabane, Co Tyrone, Ireland, and Mrs Gordon,

Saxonia, Waverley

SMITH—HAWKSFORD.-April 27, 1904, at St Augus  

tine a Church, Neutral Bay by the Rev North Ash, I Arthur E O , fourth «on of Fredk. Smith, of VoM-t I man, to Helen, fourth daughter ot James Hawks

ford, oF Sydney.


SELIG-SOLOMON.-At the Great Synagogue, Eliza-

beth-street, Sydney, June 11, 1879, by the Rev. A.   B. Davis, assisted by the late Rev. A. A. Levi, Jacob, eldest son of the late Joseph and Rieke Selig, late of Pitt-street, to Sarah R. Solomon, eldest daughter of     the late Simon and Deborah Solomon, late of Castle-   reagh-street, city. Present address : 134 King-street,    



BAYNTON. -June 10 at his residence, "The Magomadine",  

Charlotte street, Ashfield, Thomas Baynton,    

M R C S , L.S.A., Eng

BENNETTS.-June 10, 1J04 at Sydney Eleanor, wife

of Richard Bennetts Interment at Waverley Ccme 1er* ,4pm Saturday, lltli inst

BLACKLOCK -June 10, at Manly, William Blacklock,  

late of Public Works Department, aged 48, Funeral will leave Corso, Manly, for Manly Cemetery, at

10 a m to-day.

BRUFORD.---June 7 at Killini-ir, Stanhope Grove,  

Camberwell, Mary Toulon, dearly loved wife of H. B llruford of Clam, ol Annadale and eldest daughter of the Yen. P. Teulon Beamish, D D, LL D. CAMPER.-At Ins parcnta reMel-ilce, John J vv    

Camper, the only son of John and Mary Camper,

aged 12 months.

CONLON -June 8, at his residence, Freeman's Reach,

Bernard Conlon, aged 74 years

DOWNEY -At the resided« of Mrs Fitzgerald, Dun

more, Don Downey, a native of county Limerick,

Ireland, aged 64 years R.I P.

HARVEY .--- June 3, 1904, at her residence, 68 Phillip-

street Balmain, Mary Milton, the dearly beloved mother of Daniel Harvey, aged 69 years. RIP.

HODGSON.---May 21, at Yetman, NSW, Frederick  

Hodgson, station manager, aged 40, killed by a fall from his horse, leaves widow and two sons.

HOPKINS.—June 10, 1904, at his residence, Salisbury,  

Pine-street, Newtown, Thomas Hopkins, in his 56th   year.    

JONES.---June 10, at Lewisham Hospital, John Bren

dan Jones, aged 83 years R.LP

LIDDICOAT .--- May 4, 1904, at his residence, Roche,

Cornwall, England James Liddicoat, dearly beloved father of J T Liddicoat and S. J Liddicoat, Sum- mer Hill, Sydney, In his 83rd year.  

MARSHALL.-June 0, at Iver residence, Brackla, Mon  

tur Btreet, Woollahra Jessie Talconcr, widow of the late Allan A. Marshall of Macquarie place, Sydney Aberdeen, N B , papers please copy.

MACLARDY .---On the 10th inst at Valley Heights

of pneumonia, Wilhelmina Rosalinde (Mina), wife of W M Madlardy, and second daughter of Mr. Justice


McKENZIE.--June 1, at Cowra, suddenly, of conges-  

tion and pleurisy (late Narrabri), Lachlan Neil, eld- est son of John and Marian McKenzie of Milverton- street, Moonee Ponds, Melbourne (late of \oung)

MOXHAM.-June IO, at Boston, Nicholson street, Last

Balmain, William James Moxham aged 72 -care By request, no flowers Melbourne papers please


MURPHY -June 10 at her residence, 850 Bourke

Btreet Surry Hills, Mrs Mary Murphy, the beloved mother of Sydney Smith, of Gladstone-avenue, Mos


MURPHY -June 10 nt her residence, 350 Bourke  

street Sjdne-, Mary, relict of the late Hugh

Murphy, aged 83 years

POWER.-Juno 5, at her residence, Carr street, Blue «

Point, North S¡ liney, Margaret relict of the late James Power, in her 72nd j car RIP

QUIRK-June 7, 1904 at her residence, Wellington,  

May the beloved wife of Joseph H. Quirk, only daughter of the late Narcisse Muller, of Dubbo, aged

23 years

ROBERTSON -Juno 10, 1904, Mary Ann, the beloved

wife of Simucl Treseder Robertson, of 65 Green's road Paddington, In lier 74th jear

SAWYER-June 10, at his residence, 31 Henderson

road, Alexandria, Francis William Sawyer, aged 83 years. _


CHAPMAN -In loving memorj of my dear husband,

Frederick Chapman, jun , who di^d suddenly at New

town June li, 1903, aged 25 Inserted by lila loving ,

wife Caroline Chapman

CHAPMAN -In loving memory of our dear _on, Frc

derick who departed this life on Juno 11, 1903, aged 25 year» Inserted by his loving parents, F and

H Chapman.

CHAPMAN -In loving -memory of our dear brother,

Frederick, who departed this life on June 11 1903, aged 25 years. Inserted by hu loving brothers,

William and Harold.

CONNELL-In ever loving remembrance of our dear

friend and school mate, Roee, who was taken to heaven OB June 11, 1003. A memory that will never fade Inserted by a few of her old companions. Ethel Reidy, Mary and Minnie Evoy, .Maggie and Clare BelL , '

CONNELL.-In loving memory of my dear friend.

Rose, who died June 11,1903 Inserted by her loving

friend, Eva Cranncy

DOUGLASS.-In loving memory of our dear mother,

Elizabeth Douglass, who departed this life June 11, 1902. Inserted by her loving husband Charles Dou- glass, and children, Matthew, Maria, Louisa, Walter, Gertrude, and John. Dead, but not forgotten.

GARSIDE.-In loving remembrance of our darling  

Florrie (Florence), who departed this life June li, 1902 Though lost to sight to memory dearr In Rertcd by loving father und mother, F. aad A. Gar- side 1

JOHNSON -In loving memory of our dear father,

Samuel Johnson, who deported this life nt Albcr marie, Newtown, on June 12, 1901 Inserted by lils loving son and daughter, Arthur and Alice B_.t

JOHNSON -In affectionate remembrance of our dear

father, Samuel Johnson, who departed this life nt Albermarle, Newtown, on June 12, 1901. Inserted by his loving sons and daughter. Samuel,,

and Ruby Johnson.

JOHNSON-In loving memory of our dear father,

Samuel Tohnson, who departed this life at Alber lnirle Newtown on June 12, 1901 Inserted by lila loving son and daughter, Roland and Flora Young

KEEFE. -A tribute of tender love and affection to the

memory of my own darling husband, Johnny Keefs, who passed away to a higher life on June 11, 1902 Inserted by his ever loving and faithful wife, Jeannie

Keele. At Scat

KEYS.-In loving memory of onr beloved mother, Mar  

caret Key», who departed this life Juno 10, 1895 Dead, but not forgotten Inserted by her loving _ éauI*h-et^uid'av»lahivr_ Alice and A Stainton,


MEADOWS -In loving memory of the transition of  

Thomas Richard (Tom) Meadows, age 83 at hi» home, Keppel street Bathurst on Juno 12, 1901.

I saw him fading; day by day,

I witched him fade away,

I nursed him with the tendcrest care,

But could not mnl e him stay

Inserted by his loving wife L. Meadow«.

NEWTON.-In loving memory of my dear father,  

Sidney Newton ,who died at his residence, 27 Day street, Leichhardt, June 9, 1903, aged 68. Inserted by his only daughter, Rose Kalvey.  

SAUERBIER. -In fond and loi ing memory of my dear

wife ind mother Barbara Sauerbier, who departed this life lune 11 189S Leaves may wither, but memore Dover Insetted by her loving husband and children ^

SAUERBIER.-In fond and loving memory o! our  

dearlv beloicd mother Balbara Sauerbier, who de- parted this life June 11 1S0S Leaves may wither, but memorj never Inserted by her son and daugh tei in la i o and S Sauerbier

SHEPHERD. -In loving memory of Prudence Shep  

herd who died suddenly at her residence Campbell

street Sur-y III 11s June 11 1903 Inserted by her loving daughter and son in law. Charlotte and Thomas GoWenloek and grandchildren.

SIXSMITH.-in fond and loving memory of darling  

Jim, who was accidentally killed while riding Garvin in the Clifford Handicap at Toowoomba Racecourse, June 11, 1902.

\ sudden change at God a command he fell, He had not time to bid his friends farewell. The summons came without a warning given,

That hado lum 1 asto to meet his God in heaven. Inserted by May Brooks

SIXSMITH.-In fond and loving memory of our dear

son and brother James Sixsmith, who was accident ally killed at ¿toowoomba on Juno 11, 1902, aged 22


Tho one wo loved he now lies low»

The fond true heart is still,

Tho hand we often clasped in our«

Lies non in death a cold chill

Inserted by lils loi Ing mother and Bister and brother

in law

SIXSMITH.-In loving memory of our dear brother,

James who was accidentally killed on Juno 11, 1902 Inserted bv his lowng brother, John, and sister in law Millie SKsmlth

He left his home in health and strength, Not thinking death was near, , He had no time to say good bye, To those he loved so dear

SIXSMITH. -In loving memory of our dear brother,

Junes, who was accidentally killed at Toowoomba Racecourse June 11 1902 Inserted by bis »later and brother. Bessie and John Giles.

SPANGENBERG. -In sad but loving memory of Vf

Bpangvnl erg who departed this life on June 11, 1003 Sadlj missed Inserted by M. Ritchie.

SPANGENBERG. -In sad but loving memory of W

bpangenberg who departed this Ufo June 11, 1903. Gods will bo done. Inserted by Elale, Edle, and

\\ lllie

SPANGENBERG.-In loving memory of my dearly be-

loved father, \\ Spangcuberg who departed tilla life on June 11 1903 Rest m Peace Inserted by his loving daughter and son in law, Matilda and Frederick


TURNER.-In loving memory of my dear husband,  

Charlie Turner, who was accidentally killed at Red fern railway station, on June 11, 1900, aged 36 years. Inserted by his wife, B Turner RIP.

WALL.-In fond memory of our darling Flo, who

Passed way June 11 1900

liait n little longer, loved one. And we soon shall follow thee

Inserted by her loving mother, slaters, and brothers. WALL -In fond and loi Ing remembrance of Flo, my

very dear daughter In law, who left us on June 11 1900 for a bright and better horne with God, her Father Inserted by Jessie M Wall

WARREN -In loving memory of my dear sister, Mag

gie who departed this life on June 9, 1903 In sei ted by her only brolhci and sister in law, Tom and Maggie Houghton.

WATERS-In sad and loving memory of our dear

daughter, IsalelLc, who departed this life June 11, 3MM Inserted by her loving father and mother. George L and M Durrcll

WATERS-In loung memory of our sister Isabelle,  

who died June 11, 1«U.. Inserted hy G W. and K.


Return THANKS.

Mrs W EASY and FAMILY, of Taree, Catherine

street, Leichhardt desire to express their sincere and heartfelt IHWhS to their many kind friends f r express ons of svinpatln floral tril utes tele grams, cards, and letters, received during, their rt

euil H 1 beieuveli elie also to tile many lucius who attended the funeral of their late beloved son and brother

Mrs JARMAN, of Newtown, Mrs TUCK and

Mrs WALTHAM desire to return their sincere Thanks to all kind friends for expressions of sympathy, letters of condolence, and floral tributes   so kindly sent in their recent sad bereavement.

The Messrs SONENFILD and their FAMILIES desire

to return sincere 'JU\NKS for the many e-vpros mons of sympathy received during their sad bereave-


Mrs EMANUEL and SONS desire to return their sin

cere TIIAMvS to all friends lor their expression c1 sympathy in their Bad bereavement, also for floral

tributes sent

Mrs O NEILL and rADHLY of 40 Dawson street, Straw-

berry Hills and Mrs CUSSEN desire to return their UlAMtS to tho many kind friends for their kind expressions and floral tributes in their recent Bad bereavement and specially to the Doctora and Nurses of the Sidney Hospital for their kindness

Mrs JANE MITCHELL and FAMILY, of Dalsybank,

Balmain desire to return their most sincere THANKS to their many kind" friends for letters telegram« floral tributes and other kind messages of evmpathy in their recent sod bereavement, and especially to Dr Sinclair Finlay and the employees of the Govern ment Printing Office for their kindness and attention to the late Lrnest Mitchell

Mrs MICHAEL WILLIS 20 \ ictorla street Rozelle,

returns her vcrj sincere TUANh.9 to all Kind friends for letters telegrams and floral tributes in her recent sad bercaicmcnt

Mr and Mrs G LINCOLN and FAMILY return their

heartfelt 1 HANKS to their many kind friends and re- lations alao doctors and nurses of Sydney Hospital, for their 1 Ind attention to their late beloved daugh ter riorence Fanner whoso death took place on the 28th inst after a Bhort Illness and to all who at tended funeral or sent floral tributes cards, and let- ters of sympathy In their recent sad bereavement

Mrs A SCOTT and TVMILY desire to THANK their

many kind friends for expressions of sympathy In their recent sad bereavement.

The CHILDREN of the late Mr JOHN BATTING desire  

to return THANKS to their many kind friend« who so dceplv sympathised with them in tho losa of thelr dear father and will bo ever grateful to Nurse M Cowan and Rev A Illingworth of Melbourne, for great kindness shown on this sad occasion


BENNETT wish to express their sincere and heart felt rilANKS to their many kind friends and relative» for sympatliy and floral tributes in their Hate «ad


J CURTIN and FAMILY dcslro to return sincere

THANlvS to the many friends for their Kindness In sending letters cards and telegrams in their recent

sad bereavement

Mr H CLIFTON 39 Cooper street Waterloo, and Mr

and Mrs E BLOIS Paddington, desire to return their sincere THANhS to their mai.y 1 Ind friends for ex pressions of sympatliy, cards, letters, telegram«, and floral tributes received during their recent Bad be

real ement

Mr JOHN ANDERSON and FAMILY 297 Abercromble

Btrcet, Redfern, tender their heartfelt THINKS to all lund friends and neighbours for expressions of sympathy, letters telegrams etc, received during

their late sad bereavement


sire to return THANKS to their many kind friend« and neighbours for their sympathy, telegrams, cards, and floral tributes received by them In their recent ead bereavement

Mrs ERNEST MITCHELL of Hazeldean Balmain, de-

sires to return THANKS to her many friends and re- lations for letters telegrams florall tributes and other «-pressions of sympathy In her late and sad bereavement and especially Dr Sinclair Finlay and tho officers and staff of the Government Print ing Office for their kind Attention to her late bus


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