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By Mimosa.

Care of. the Hair.

Your lmir noods the right kiwi 01 Bliampoo to bring bade that softness and lustre. Got a package of stallax from your chomist, and dissolve a tea spoonful only in a cup of hot water. Thl® is plenty for each shnmpoo. After the shampoo, rub a little boranlum lo tion into tho roots of the hair. It is a remarkable tonic and hair stimulant. You can make it by mixing a package of bornniuiu in a quarter pint of bay


Superfluous Hair.

There is nothing so unsightly. Get a paclcago of powdered phominol, and apply a. little directly to the liair. -which will quickly shrivel up, fall away, and leave no trace -behind. It Is qui to" painless, and is especially siultablo for romoviug hair from the


, Slaves to Powder.

Face powders are not very satisfac tory. You will find a solution of cle lnlnito all that you demand. Dissolve a package in four ounces of water, and apply a little of this to tho face in the morning,, rubbing gently in till dry. Tlioro will bo no more "greasy skin," and Hie effect lasts for many hour®. Many ladies have discarded face pow dors entirely, and use this method only. It saves "much trouble, and de

fies detection.

Don't Use Rouge.

If you roally must, have color, just touch tho chocks with powdered col linndum, ond you will bo delighted with tho change. It is quite harmless,

and produces tho hue of perfect health,, and is not obvious like rouge.

Face Peeling.

You can do it yourself at home if you wish. Olilaiu a tin of mercolised wax and apply it. nightly like cold cream. Wash it off in tho morning. Tho action is quite painless, and so gradual that no one can detect what you aro doing; about ten dnys is the nvorago iimo. It works by gently ab sorbing tho worn-out scarf skin that givos the faco its sallow look, but it does not affect tho healthy, active tis sue underneath. It. is used to clear tho skin also of freckles, and tan, and white ®omo skins respond imich more quickly than others to its action, I have never hoard of a failure to benefit in tho end. It cannot possibly grow


Blackheads and Enlarged Pores.

Tho sparkling face-bath treatment is the most, pleasant and effective method

Wedding of Mr. Caleb Shang (D C.M. and Bar, M.M., late 47th Batt.

A.I.F.) and Miss Annie Kassene.

The marriage was celebrated at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. Quing Yen,

Brown-street, Hamilton, on April 2S, by Rev. Norman 1-liggs.

Standing.—Mr. C. Kassene, Miss Olive Shang, Bride, Bridegroom, Miss Gladys

Shang, Mr. W. lvassene.

Sitting.—Miss Alma Shang and Miss Myrtle Quing Yen.

Pictures by Austral Studios, Hamilton.

o£ overcoming this trouble. Get a package of stymol tablets from yonr chemist, and dissolve one tablet in a cup of water. Dab the face with the lotion, and the blackheads will pop out and the large pores close up and efface themselves quite naturally.

Fading Hair.

Tammalite is the most satisfactory drug to restore grey hair to its ori ginal color. One package of the con centrates mixed with three ounces of bay rum is all that you require. . Non greasy, it does not stain the scalp or pillow. Apply with a small sponge.

The students of Newman College have issued invitations for an "at home" at the St. Kilda Town Hall on Thursday, June 21.

.Mrs. Geof. Syme, "Blythewood," Kew,':■■■ and her daughter ;Merdi left Melbourne last weelc for Sydney, and expect to return about May 28. "

Mr®. Herbert Syme lias gon|

ney on a sliort visit.