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Ashfield.-The various candidates for municipal ho- nour* baie been active during the wee e*peciaEy where contenu aie likely lu the South Ward tha candidates announced tu ior ure Mettra atraliord, the retinue, alderman, and W P Blackmore and VV Low den in tile North tait Vi ard the reunnj, alilernun, Mr S Inzer will go to the poll with Mr 1 VV Aubin. Messrs E. C V, Broughton il LA. and VV L V Hobson luve been re cleected unopposed for the North and East wards respectively

Berrj - Nomination» i> bproule, VV li Watts, W U Nales Auditors J Lugh.h and A Waddell

BruubUton V nie Gouncil -Keuruie, Robert Glarkc, James Walker Auditors A Waddell and J J Dev lit.

Burwood-Little interest in the municipal election Is bung taken m the district No opposition has jet been announced against the retinni, aldermen. Messin. W L Hawkins li bhutc, and _li Garden

Concord -Concord hui mg become entitled to more aldermen a good deal of activity is beiuc, manifested b> candidates vldcrrAen I) Cumming and LI Zoellcr arc candidates for the ordinary lacancics while tor tile three extraordinary lue nicies Messrs. II A. God dard 1 J lern, J J Slllple) 11 lliUlcT li lod

hunter G ltottiivell ure announced

Corowa -Nom nations R Mi g, P li Ritchie, T Pirldii (retinue, member*; mid v A I l_ii> vim tors A li Woodman W H Lautier (retirait), and E

E Archer

Gootamundra -1 or Aldermen Vltlemicn Bartle) and Stratt ii and Viciera b il Dickson and E R Laver i or auditors Monars V launcet and Williams

Enfield -In this district ti e rcsigiiaiiuii ot me Major (Vld mian H C Pilcher) Ima caused an extraordinary vacinev No candid ite for lils scat has yet been un nounccd Mr U li Rason and Mr G li Leighton ure candidates tor the two positions vacant m the Eastward Messrs VV 11 tuckwell and L 1 ord arc con tc-tint, tile Central Word vacancy Alderman i Hod son u not opposed foi tho West Ward Alderman U G, Ll| scomb is the returning oillccr

Gundagai.-Nominations-Last Ward O C VI Gregor T J Learv, J C Morlcj Middle Ward Messrs b A Smith, J B 1 ngelen West Ward Me_- L Marshall VV U Carr, V Hunt Vuditors Messrs J J 1 oomis and W 1 kyle

Katoomba.-Nominations Lewis Duff, Joseph 1 d v lrda, \ L Ptacock, A S Hyam, II Scope W Inman, J Pannell \udItors \\ J Cariosa, H Coul sa i It Gibbon, \\ Hamilton, O \\ Craik

Molong-Tin. following candidates are nominated for thrco \acancici - Me^r. John BIJOÎ P I \ Kunu, \V 0 Bennett f J Coj and J I Wynne

Murwillumbah -Nominations * (il\e ^aca^cIea)

Al Ilrath and \\ i tilford (retired aldermen) \rthur Budd, George Skinner I dward 0>orne, George I leek, 7 Holstein, and It. Berth elson

Musw ellbrool -Meshrs Alexander Robertson Long, Daud I leming, Vkxandtr Wudminn, and alfred South combe lim been nominated for the Udcrmanic lacaru cies the fir^t three being retiring councillors I or an extraordinär} vacincv caused b\ tho resignation of alderman Bu Iden Mr J G Sparkes has been nomJ

nated and for audilore. William Valentine Parkinson and Dalmnhoy Dünlc Campbell

x on ra - Nom n liions South Shoalhaven Ii M Ken 7ir Ja in M Davis, and Í J Lnicrv The retiring alder


Paddington -Alderman \ T Kcnnv is opposed by

two local refii lents who are candidatT for Glenmore Ward Messrs W Nobln and C Crane ha\o an nouneod their candidature Alderman T Dillon for Middle W an! \ ill be oppose 1 1 j ex Uderman ftobln son Udcrnnn C \\ Oakes M.L A will again con test fhe scat for Upper Ward

Hnj mond Terrace - Mdcrmanlc nominations - Messrs. M Intyre O Boots T A Donnott, T Todd. The first two are retiring alcforoiui

Singleton-~\oniiintionH Sn_lelnn, for alderman three taeanJcs T A Bennett, A C Bolín on, £ K Lambert, O B Moid and W n eringa im lor auditoiB Messrs I e\ i ^cotton and A 1 inrfc wore

auditors Mr-sirs lou Cotton and \ h icrk wer* I

% nth Slngletou -T wo \ »c-inoie* Tenrfre Hindi» Thonnw Gilson V Deni« Charlea Matthews, and J

Bir Islet Vu it r M wa \ Gi unger and A I Bruten were returned uiiu| poFcd j

Strathfield-Mdimnn f W BcuW ec having r

Rcnel in o\trioi IHUM \ K inn ii to be filled in, nlîition to the tluci» ordiirrj \acinrtoR \lderman T r 'lï Mac.ceti te M h A Is the returning officer

\\ norie* -The Mator CAIdormm V T Bluntl will

le opposed ht Mr A Pari MU Mr V R Abigail ' al Ironed a meeting on Mond-n night and rocohed ni í.0^1 1 pinn?

Ï omi"-Nominating Tierney riTHel» lïintonl and IU Queen I or auditor? Cinnon Wright Reynold«

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