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the steeplechase won by isis

remarkable success op new

south wales horses. (BY OUR SPECIAL REPORTERS.)


Tho Cup was run to day amid a sceno re

prescntatlvo of tho strength and wealth tho fashion ind prosperity of tho Common wealth Tor a few hours tho attention of tho vast majority of Australia s widely scattered population was concentrated on rieminglon to lay The dlbplay was worthy of iii Ina i menso patronage Balmy weather au enor " mous crowd and magnificent racing mado it reminiscent of rieminglon s greatest days The rain which fell on Sunday night had dis

pcrsed tho heat of Saturday and restored to the courso any freshness it had lost ty tho passing of tho crowd on Derby Day Tho morning broko dull but fresh As tho hours advanced a cool southerly breeze sprang up and during tho afternoon chased tho light clouds across a bright bluo sky Tho day was tono of quickly alternating sunshiuo and BhEde which showed with lino effect on tho B50 richly carpoted acres which comprise tho course and tho brilliant assemblago of seventy thousand spectators Horse racing is open lo many charges but In Aus

tralla It is at least freo from any imputation of half heartedncss Its patrons-and whom do thej not Include»-know no tired fooling The intensity with which tho sport that cul

minâtes annually in Cup Day is followed is startling Doubtless Melbourne feels its in- fluence most strongly but no llttlo township in any of tho six States is freo from it A pessimist might seo in such a spirit nothing that is commendable and might ask what result might bo expected from eaually wide and united interest In any question of national material advancement That how- ever demands no consideration to day Aus- tralia s manhood aro too busy picking or attempting to pick winners at reasonable prices to think of graver matters Sport has the arena complaint is only called for if the game is not well played bo all who can go out to I lemington 'Ihoao wbo cannot attend In person aio represented by their bit of cash Next to going thoy Uko to back their fancy or to cast for fortuno in a golden promising sweep Tull of Intel est in a hundred way« 13 this Cup meeting Tor j cari past Victoria has boen accustomed to "o on holiday from end to end Schools post offices banks and business places closed by common assent Those who objected to the procc lure on moral grounds grow weary of protest and made tho best of tho matter by having a day of rest or indulging in a picnic Ibis sear however thero has boen a change Tho Commonwealth Covern

mont decided that all post offices bejond Melbourne limits should not bo closed The banks In tho country towns followed suit and doubtless the general parálisis of business of formel years would bo less marl

ed But this had no effect on tho city By 2 o clock Melbourne was practically deserted I or hours before tho population bad been streaming towards 1 lemington towards tho sea the races tho parks nnd gardens and anywhere else that provides reBt or leciea tlon rho îaces o£ course aro supremo in nubile attention but Flemington great as nro Its grassed enclosures vvould not hold the mass of people who wish to make holiday on Cup day 1 rom 11 o clock thero is a scramble to roach tho racocourso The majority mako tho trip from the city by trains which undor oxcollont management convey tens of thousands to tho scone of tho racing Tho trams aro also crowded but the fe-tturo of tho transport Is tho variety of vehicles engaged Everything that boasts wheels is pressed into service inc. motor cars steer a hazardous courso through a bewildering procession of stjlioh drags anl dogcarts carriages and phaetons buses and cabs lorries and vans The courso reached the crowd -drafts itself into three divisions of stand hill and flat It is moro a question of inclination than means There aro thousands on the flat ouo could never Imagine nt caso on tho stand while the tall batted host who cluster nbout the elms would cut a ludicrous figuro among the jostling but good natured happy fiattltcs On the Hill to day thero was scarcely stand Ing room Pations of this quarter aro a bus} earnest section They look for winners as a necessity In unhappy seasons many of them may bo found on tho flat and given a couple of winners on Cup day tho frequenters of tho latter section promoto themselves to the advantages of the hill for tho Oaks It Is to the stand that all eyei aro attracted Perhaps the dominating feature oven to tho ^discriminating malo observer was the bravo show of ladles dresses Tho soft aud varied colouring of hundreds of flowing graceful gowns had an admirable setting in shades of green on the extended lawns tho brilliant llovver pots the tiled terrace and tho fleh foliage of many ornamental trees Iho cal

rlagc paddock was crowded and corks popped merrily at gay luncheon parties Thero wero no speeches to dn> and tho king of toasts was

\!> Cup fancy Passing before the stand one approached the elms wilclo groat voices roared tho odds that were echoed by tho babble from other parts of the course On tho hill and flat cuto

gentlemen who wert In the know sold dead bird Ups to tho credulous for a bob The., did good business too It nilght striko somo peet le that It would pay the vendor better io keep his tip and back it than to sell It but to pay Is easier than tp reason There were 1"0 policemen unong tho multitude but the pet nid thimble and tlnee card e\ pouents flourished as of old 'Vv dehors were not missing and ono of tho m'ost honest races of the afternoon was witnessed across the flat Ml wero triers but tho wolchoi hod pace and escaped

As on Derbj Day Vice regal parties wero numerous Tho Governor General and Lady Tennyson and party reached the courso early

and about the lawns in the afternoon woro Sir Harry Tlawson Lady and Miss Rawson Sir Gcorgo nnd Lady Clarke Sir George Lo Hunte Sir 1 rodet Ick and Ladv Bedford and Mee Admiral Tanshawe and Mrs ranshawe Others noticed woro Sir Edmund Barton Mr G H Reid Sir J Torrest Sir W Lyne Sena tor Playford Mr Irvine Mr Crick the Lord Major of Sjdnoy and manj members of the Tedcrol and the Stato Parliaments

Tho Cup vvns run at half past three The first three laces on tho card went to outsiders and backers wondered when the run of 111 luck initiated on Derbj Day was to bo broken Tor tho great race of tho afternoon wagering was vcty open Lvorj

thins seemed to carry a lot ot monoy Tho excitement as the horses went to tho post was very intense and tho brilliant vlctorj of the heavilj backed Lord Cardigan after a splendid rnce In vvhich the great Wakeful was on!} beaten in tho last CO yards ovokod a populat dkmonstiatlon Tho Steeplechase which followed fell to tho favourite and tho public was bnpploi than nt any timo slnco tho meeting opened but with tho settlement of the Cup feverish intorest goes out of tho carnival nnl Indeed out of racing for the jear V hen littlo Godbj who by tbo way is an Armidale boy on Lord Cardigan flashed past the post at the head of tho field ho put an cul to thousands of rostless dreams Tho re muinlng events bolong to the sporting public The Melbourne Cup is tho property o£ the

people as a whole

Anjono who sppnds Cup week in Molbourne must cease to question whj the southern city fosters the sport Monoy easily made is freely spent and tho amount that flows into the business channel via rieminglon is enor mous There mny bo gravo objections to tho argumont that the impetus which horse racing gives to breeding overshadows anj evils re

sultan) from gambling to tho communltj as J whole The sport maj bo Injurious but to Melbourne the material gain must bo voiv great Money is attrncted not only from all «Um lclmin »ut from all parts of Australia wJiethei won or lost a heavy percentage Tm°r lc"CB Iho metropolis The meeting

. ! le continued on Thursday when Tho Oaks will be the ehiof ovonl

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