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The Rosehill Autumn Meeting, which was auspi- ciously opened on Satuiday best, will be eon h nu ed und coneluded this afternoon, and the bill of fare framed for this occasieu indicates i repetition of the high-class sport of the opening riav The lute rainfall has improved the track and sur- roundings, und as usual tho general arrauge mcuts are such us should give satisfaction to the most fastidious of spotting folk The spocial servite by rail from Redfern includes t-anis at 11 40 a ui (horses and attendants), 12 20 p m (mixed), 12 50 pin (first class), lib') pm (second elassi, 1 p m (first-class), 1 8, 1 JJ and I 43 p m (mixed) The 12 -0, 12 bo, 1 Ü, and 123 p m stop at strathfield to pick up passengers, while tint starting at M3 p m stops ut Petersham, Lewisham, Summer Hill, and Strath- field, thence direct to the course Business opens at 2 5pm with tho Hurdle Race, lu which thu chances of Snowstorm, big net, expectation II, nnd Bengal neem to be the most attractive and Signet, Snow atorra and FxpectntionII may pass the Judge in something like the order numen Kal Viti Milice, Cilford, Damn Manu, St Modaii, and Mulison should have the settlement of the Granville btiikes among them, and Kal Titi, Mulisou, and bt Mudan maj get hnuie as named The Hanson Stake* Bhould bring about x most interesting race Patronage may bo resened for the Rosehill Handicap, nud Tho \ictori, who has sustained a wrench, may bo uu absentee, but the meeting of Cyanide, Abun- dance, und Great Scot should bo responsible for a great content, at the end ut winch the numbers may go up for Abundance Cyanide, and Great boot A large field oaj be expected at the post for the Rail- way brakes, and at the n eights Ans'raha, Yuruuigh, Skein Dhu, Bau Coontha, Idolise, and Marvel Loch seem to have tho best prospects, while the situations may be filled bj Ban Ccontha, bkcinDliu, and Idolise If reserved for it Patronage must be very hard to beat for tho^Roselnll Huudicao, while Ambulance, Ptorlike, Torchon, ftahpro, and Marathon also appear to have fair chuncos

A good race should result, mid the honours may be divided among Patronage, Ambulance, and lorchon The meeting winds up with the Carhnglord Mile, in which Australia, Lord Monmouth, Yaunawaa, Euston, mid Danny Manu should run promiiionlly, und tho j laces may bo occupied bi Euston, Australia, and Lord Monmouth The programme is sub- joined -

Huidle Hace 2m -Snowstorm, 12at "Muraviau list 61b, tug-not list 51b Steelbnak lOstSlb, Orafnell lOat Mb Bonnie Boy, lOat 51b , rrantio li, 1st 121b Abtdare 7etl21b Moth Oat 121b J xpectntion II %t81b Cam- booya II, Oat -lb , Loch Spej »at 21b , 1 oin Ti ol Ost 21b , Champion Oat BenjMl Oat, 13 K, Oat, Ralbi Ost, butan II Ort Jaques, 1st

Gram die Stakes Of -Mallee Sat 81b, Kui Vitl, Sat 81b , Invasion Satilli Ciessr Bat Sib Itossi Bat 81b Culford Bat, Ramil 7st71b A mau "st 71b , Buet 7at71b , Per- fect 7st 71b , Jen Boj 7at 71b Bernie 7at 71b , Lerto 7at "lb Danny Manu "at 31b Burchett«, "st 31b , Loch Lomond îofllb üiehflyer 7at3)b Speculum li 7»t31b

Maid of Lnn CkW2lb Crumble 6stl lb Ls:cba«r;e fst 121b St Modau Ost 1 Jib Coreen tístUlb, Belmore li

Ost 101b , Irro>, Oat 101b . Dolce bst 101b TVhlUug bat 101b Clanilore Ost 101b itubson Ost 101b Lord Lore! B-t 7lh ,, Oat Tib , Muffler Oat 71b , Blenkiron Ost 71b , St. biminer, Cst 71b, Lord Carihgun, bat 71b, WF,ast71b

Basion Stakes (si fa), lm If -Patroiiase 1st 21b

The Victory Oat Cyanide Bst 181b Silver luy 8st Gib (allowed 7lb), Puraer Sst Bib (allowed 71b) Great Scot 8st4lb Abundance bst4tb Bo-c Petal, 7st Sib (allowed 71h) , Euston 7.t8lb (allowed 'lb)

Railway Stakes «Jf-Purrar 1st 51b Cb ppy îsorton 9st Jib, Air Motor Bat Lib, Linly Grafton 8stl21b, Reviser Sat 01b Australia Bat 01b , 01en"urr> Sst 21b, \ umnlfrii Sat 21b, Queens of Sheba bat -lb , Skein Dhu, "at-lb, Oir>,, Portland 1 iRht 7stlJlb, Capn form 7stlJlb, Bothei, 7st611i lîulos "at Dib Carweo TatOlb Idolire 7st01b Seiitrona, 7st 61b BanCeontba 7st fllb , Aiaxeii 7st 51b Milner, 7at 51b, Marvel Loch 7st 51b , Soldeee 7st 51b Gratia, 7at 51b , Malice, ist, Ijinohne, 7at, Hatada, 7nt, Busslnl, "st Cressy, 7«t , llossi, 5»t Point Piper Ost 71b, Lord Lovel, Vat 71b,

Bono fat 71b

Hosebill Handicap, lm 3f -Sir Leonard Oat 71b, Patrono-rc Sst 121b , Palronus Sat 01b , Pcerhlte Bat 01b , Acrasia Sat 01b Air Motor Bst 211) Silt er Hay, Bat-lb , Skein Dhu 7at 101b , Lord Monmouth 7ht(ilb, Vocalist, 7at0lb, Suter lorcat "st bib, AmbuLnee 7st (lib

lonhon 7at4lo Devilment 7st, Nymagee 7st, Nabpru, "at, runt"» "at b reet Arab, bat 101b Circe Ost Ulb , Hie Mite Oat 111b, Orsha, Ost 311b Marathon Bat 71b Blue Spec Cst71h TV reí« Oat 71b Wolloyorang 6st71b

Calllnfflord Mile -Australia lOst 41b, Arrjentum, lOst 4lb Glen¡rarrs lOst 41b Lord Monmouth, 10»t, bilver lorest. Oat 121b, iannuwaa, Hat 1 lb, Fairy Prince flat 121b 'cres Bat 121b Bar One, Ost 71b, Tungus Ost Sib I anfuro Oat Sib, Kal Viti, Oat 51b nnut Star Oat Jib Luatou 1st, Fireclay, Bat 101b Lulonno 8»tBlh Osslau SatOln, Autonim 8st 01b, rit/rcy ast 01b , Culford Sst 21b, Rdcrun, 8st Jib, Naples, Sat Jib , Oblivion Sst 21b , Lego 8at bteelrail Sst, Clvtas Bat St Mod an Bat Danny Munn, Bat, Merry Jest, Bat, rsinyas, Bat, Lacoma 8at

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