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îfr Cdon George, AT L A , yesterday handed to tia forpublicfction a etipy of tho following letter which ha has forwarded to tho State Premier. Tho letter erplains reasons why Mr Eden Gcorgo has ceased to bo a Mi tust'1 nal supporter, and intends m futuro to advocate a policy oE reform -

To Uio Hon tho Premier Dear Sir,-T much regret to mJurmrou that Your Government can no longer roly on mo as it followûi, and m thus withdrawing ni> support, which hir* been HO consistently ticaorutvl in the punt, I think it is only duo to mvBtílf that T should ttplatn ray reason-»

lor quite l8 rauu'ha paît Ihuve hud giavo misgivings a« to whether vour Government wero not going too far m the mutter of resumptions nnd expenditure and during; the scision before labt, in npcaitmc; upon tho Estimates I gate ?cot to theo misgiving* and fournitd the noto of warning You uro also awAro tint on st\cml (CCOMOU* Iliade counselled >ut to introducn a policy of retrenchment and reform, hut my opposition has been stayed until now, as I had hoped, with tho extra revenue coming: from the Fcilcnl Government. Unit sou, with your undoubted Anuncia! experience and wisdom, would only allow, tho political coat to ht cut according* to ttio (ililli I now hare cone definitely to tho conclusion that tu« is not bung dune 1 ) ho cundid. Id» not think rou art ceeru-ing enough command aud control over jour extravagant "railway to the moan ' Minister of Workn oud works und resumptions ua\ o been plunged into without Uio display of lourusuilpmdentncumcn astohowthej were roiug" to bo pwd for, nnd ragardlc« of Iho con-e quenecs or tho drought upon our rev enuc, until Uio Go- vernment find themselves in a financial mebs, aud it is useless for them to protest further to their supporters to thooontrvry as-thcir actions of bluff &.c, to their credi- tors in order to di liv or pa> ratnt is an ample proof to mo »r tho troubla they are in, na witness the following

Uluttratious -

Borne l8 months ngn your Government resumed »ten- sive property for the purposes of the now rail wa v sta- tion und its approaches binee then the businef s people m the triangle resnmed have been kept in abtäte of chaos, and scarcely antone butthoChurJi nuUionties have gained any Rettlemeat. As » matter of fact grossly unfair and reprehensible tactics aro being resorted, to in order appa- rently to evade just compensation Pho tirst cuso I will quoto is that of u small draper His father-m-Hw was the landlord, nnd consequently ho had ni rood an u leise, though not actually possessing one Uho Government resume nnd he starts paying thurn C4 per week in lieu of his f tthcr-in-law, the late owner After a r_Tif>d the Government gnvo lum notice that his rent was to bo raided to £o per week, aud this m the face Lf the great depression caubcd by tho drought when scarce!v HUT city businesses aro piyin« und rents nrt bding reducesl However, the mun pars the £5, although he had to make some retrench- ment in his houHeholu nifatrs in consequence of the state of his finances After pijing Um increased rentul for ii tuna he recen es a detnutid for vhat is teimed arrears, being It per week roverinrra time before notice of uinruuo «**a gi\en Xlus claim w as so pre- posterous that he diohncdto pay, and ho ii now served with a notic« that unl»s tho amount is paid notfeo to quit shall ICSUC Comment is needless been uno it is patent that nu attempt is being muda to compel thhrmsn to gne up his business in a way timt will destroy any claim ho may li ive for rompí nsatiou Thou another case A professional man has been I roctitting in the tmo placo for a number of jeir», and ho has somo nino years V» run of a lease This man, who»o premises are on land which "M ill bo occupied by tho new street, has bîen given to under- stand that ho ma\ get notice atom tune that tho place will be pulled down within from two to four weeks, sad while this is hanging owr his head ho dure not move if «Äintablo prcmbsj} offer without this notice otherwise ho would destroy Ina cluun for compcnsutiou Lv er) one knows that it is difficult for n professional iran to Beeure suiUblo promises and usually lu mo\ ing ho lo^cs coiLsidcnible pno tioo, and to mj knowledge this mau recently lost nu oppor- tunity of securing mu tibio premises bocnuso he has not re- ceived jinbec to qmt und M un 1er a loase I coula quote other Bises, all of which seem to prove that the Government aro endeavouring to etuniwl thu tenants of this resumed area with and without lease-» to quit without any compen- sation til it Uiey may bo justly entitled to

Your Gciverntncnt ham landed this Sta'c into tufa posi- tion Tho National I)Lbt JIM boon increased nineo the ousting of tho Held Oomnmicntbyovir £17,000,000. und, despite iho desire of tho publia of coniing to borrow and linn/* within our mea na, wehhall b« forced to burrow in the early futuro Home £1,000,000 in onlor to complote the TC surautions nnd works, &c , that > our Government have in hand : nnd it ÍH nilly alarming to ono that instead of view- ing the pwent ixwitura with tlie gravest concern (which it dunnmls) and reassuring the public by starfing to econo- mise, wo flud the sarao uxtraviganco going on. We lind that octopus on the public flnnuces the Publie Works Com- mute.*, mvcutigntmg all kind» of worki that it will be im- posable to entertain for the next 10 reara

The fuwroiuç eomrs my main rea win for withdrawing myfítiptiort; but I entertain i «y serious objection! to the administration of the .Labour Unreatt Tho whole thing is a fire© nnd a gras» nbsttrdit} a« it is carried on U ho uira raissioners arc no mortsfoin missions« tlmn I nrfi ; the) arc simply serrile m-rvuntu of the Minister, and tho onlj duly Uley uro till owed to perform uutraimnUlcd is tho compiling of useless statistics and writing report« on the labour market. They themselves complain of political inter- ference, and us a tnnttur of fact it in no wonder the work- men have become di»-gus ted with the bureau and call for it» abolishment. A man registering tlioro has not a possible hope of getting work witbunt political influence. The men arc told to get » Utter from thmr member, and my biiBineas in con*equcnce of this became a perfect labour bureau, crowds of men of whom I knew nothing exceptúa my constituents waiting for meto yura tbeni lcttriu stating that it was a deserving ease, ¿te. I hire now declined to pim any moro tatura, na I comidcr it degrading to an M 1\ and degrading to the men to bo placed in «nth an HU necessary position, Burtly an M V. is elected far some better work than becomiofr a mero labour agent. I have repeatedly asked yojirMmisler for Work« to end this hum- bug by adopting the rotation system at tlie bureau, but nil to no effect. My heart bleeds for tho great distress exist ing in my electorate, and th a fact that I liavo been unablo Ut help them, and my only resource- is to turn from a Oo\crament who refuse my apócala to alter the syatcm at the bureau, which is ho degrading and disparaging to tho

men in distress

1 am also \ittcrly ind uneompromifiingly opposed to the present caucus pvrt>, nnd it hw becu evident tor some tune thnt your Üo7eruraent seek too much to court its approval Your allowing two seats (I'yfmant and tho Into Sir. M'Tiitjro's) togo to them by default of running a GuMtramcnt candidate, and >ùur refusing to speak out at Tamivoith m Kimniftt of Mr Walsh in consistent suppôt ter of j OUTS), whilo ti labour candidate was in the field, Na {»roof of this I applaud Mr T-itv, a true representative of

libour, for breaking nwtiv when he discovered tho Hccuraed muthods of th J cauens part j,

Tho policy tliat I would wish to see adopted at present is thus .-1. Reduction of members to not moro thou "8 (ni though I would prefer only 50). îî. Reform of the Upper IIouso by mutiny H11 future appointments fur^even years onlv, with eligibilttv for rennmraitlon St Abolish mest of tlie Public He mee CotnmiHBioncrs, which bus out- lived IU utility, and w making exttatagaut mercases and appointments. 4 CmtailniPiit of a quail ht j of thu use- less matter printed und circulated from the Government Printing Uitice. 5 A th trough investigation of every service with a new to reform and retrenchment. G Cessa tiunof borrowing uf ter tho prcent works in hand and re- sumptions aro cotnplttctl, which should be accomplished gradual!), 7_ Devotion ot tho momo received from th» Commonwealth for tho purjKiJCMit works which nore prc vioutilTpiid out of loans 8 Abolishment of thoLabom Commisioners and Bureau, and tim establish meut of it labour office, \uth thrco clerks to register and carry out the rotation system, with dinmif-wil penalty for breaches, so as to prevent political patronage.

In conclusion, Sir John, permit mo to sav that ray per- sonal appreciation of jour groat abilities uud your nobbs character lun caused mo to limber long beforo taking this stop ; but my patriotism to my country «»«1 n. high sen« of my nacrcd responsibility hain- forced mj band in per- forming a duty-tho most unpleasjntthnt has occurred

during in> lifetime

1 am, yours failli fully,


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