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The progress made by the Royal Agricultural Society during the last score of years is a great testimony to the popularity that may be achieved for an institution.This year the ground has been ex-     tensively improved all through, and the work has   been efficiently carried out.Among the latest im-   provements Mr. Webster has given effect to are the erection of a fine brick structure, to act as a members' club, at the entrance to the grand stand lawn. The work is being carried out under the supervision of Mr. L. L.Ramsay. Diagrams illustrative of the     positions of the various sections of the exhibition will be placed in prominent places, at convenient distances, and the erection of finger-posts bearing the names of the streets or avenues will materially   assist in the location of any particular pavilion, parade ring, or section. Bent-street has been thoroughly ballasted, kerbed and guttered, and ex-   tended to the back of the Federal Stand. The bicycle track has been renovated in order to permit of exhibitions of automobile racing each afternoon during the currency of the show. The machinery section has been filled in and levelled, and will con- siderably minimise the inconvenience experienced in wet weather of inspecting that branch. The Depart-   ment of Agriculture is making elaborate pre- parations for its exhibits. The dog and poultry pavilions have been limewashed and disinfected, and a system of septic tanks is under immediate   consideration. Visitors to the show in vehicles or mounted have been provided for, as a seven-acre paddock has been added at the back of the blood horse pavilion, in which the horses and vehicles can be located as desired. The City Council materially assisted the society in the   consummation of this work by supplying the earth for filling-in purposes. It is not within the province of the society to house all the horses entered for competition, but provision will be made for all pedigree stock and others as far as practicable. A   new office has been partitioned off for the secretary, which will enable those who have business to trans- act with Mr. Webster to do so with privacy. It will interest the younger folk to learn that the entertaining side-shows will be reintroduced this year, and the Randwick side of the ground, near   the federal pavilion, has been apportioned for that purpose. A prettily designed medallion in yellow   metal with enamel centre has been adopted. Under the Royal coat of arms at the top is indicated the official position of the wearer : the large badge should serve as a pleasing souvenir to the officer of the occasion. The Railway Department will run special excursion trains from the country districts at holiday rates, and the Inter-State Commissioners have granted the concession of a single fare for the double journey to judges attending the show. Particulars of the dates of the closing of entries will be found in our advertising columns.

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