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Few mining men in this State know that in the Barraba district there exists an enormous copper belt, sections of which are adding considerably to the copper production of this State The chief mine in the belt is the Gulf Creek, Limited, but there are others which show most favourable prospects from the little work that has been done upon them. Mr W H. Trewenack, who is developing and equipping the Gulf Creek mine, has within the last two years aroused considerable interest in the district in mining circles, and to him may be given the credit of reopening a mine which had previously een refused by expert representatives of   the miing industry.SUCESSl has attended Mr.   Trewenack's efforts on every, band, and upon a close examination of the Gulf Creek mine I am able to state that it looks like turning out one of the big copper producers of the coloy., The cupriferous belt, it may be stated, continues practically in a north and south line for many miles in fact from Gulf Creek to a point some miles norteast of Bingara .A lengthy report of the Gulf Creek mine appeared in the " Sydney Mail " recently

N'otv 1 nm ublo to gue moto definite» information concrning location» on too belt aa Inch had i ot been examined ou the date that the " bjduea. Mail " repoit wa» written I ii»1-, it is necesnry to »a\ that the cuprifoiou» bolt is one of tile many Silurian existiug lu this btate wbero similar lurr a and vory permanent copnor riupoait» havu been lound, and are now being worked with oon'ideiublo gain to the oavupra The belt la skirted on the weitoru side hv a

continuous »crpentiie run, and on the east hv tho verv pstenjive bolt of grauiloo of tbaTaetv l-ii(,lnid district Tbo Silurian b-lt, whore the slate doe» not come to surface, 10 capped by deposit» ot ironstone, goBsaus, quartz, qu»rt7ites, 111 largo compact bodies, and in fragmentary purticles about tho »ur tace Tbo belt at sight ia at once recoyuwd as ono containing mttallifcroa-t contents, nut! m development it has not bien deceiving Tor the purposes of tin» reuort it 1» Intended to gene- ralise on whit thtt writer 'iss been rather wau givo a di tailed repmtof each location Starting at Gulf Creek, Limited, it might he woil to state that tho locality is reached staking train from binney ti Manilla, tlienco bv coach 2b miles te Bnrrnba Reach- ing there ut about li 'Ü a ni , the liaveller hu» Iho option of going the balt-.uce of the jouruov to thu mint-, iO mile-», bj taao rimtu« ono m nu taaterly direction, an 1 tho other via" tho Cíngara main road north for 11 mile», un-t then due cast, aa} , 1> nnl«r lhe iiiiigura route li the better of tho two One 13 surpiised on reaching Gulf Creek to und a now anti perma- nent mining village established, with lb« necesa»r\ business and privuto houses and a population uf over uOl? »ouis I-or the length of time that thu mino has been 1 p»n it 1» wonderful what stride» the camp has made. The continuous quantities of red met-1 produced is, however, responsible for tall this, and it socola highly probable that the popula tutu will, before the end of tbe Near, still further luigolv increase The p.ope'ly n one coiupri»iug 30,001) £1 shares, ihn greater portion of which ure owned bv British investor« It waa purchased from the former owner« ut a iiominal sum of money, and about two \ears aga operations were start-d. Tho furmor owners, known 113 the Cornish Copper Complain, mined couMilerabie quantities ol ore from the mine, but their c£t.:ts were re- stricted to shallow level» aud limited areas, owing mainly to the want of sufficient louds to work on 11 much larger scale Ihn has be°n tho case with inanj of the good mine» of New bouth Willes which to-dav aro tho mainstay of the industry, lhe lirst elf ort» of the new owuers wera directe? to developing olher por

lions of the lode, and in nil the openings a lo'te'bf mammoth proportions and ol higb-coproi grado w is disclosed. Tho uiei of Ino pioperti 1» 310 acres, giving Tully- a milo on the lo.Iu strike north west 07 south-east lu the vionilv ot the main shaft, by »tupping a tew feet of the surface earth, ivhat appesra to be a western lode, quito diuiuct from the maia lode worked by tbe Cornish Company, hu» boen disclosed In fact, the wcsti-ru It de, lroin ita open iug at some 48ft from surface aud for it distance aloa*-* ii maia drive uf some 150ft south, appeau« to be the malu lode of the mine, und waa not riiaMo«orl whun tho original owuers worked the propel Ï- At the bouth end of tho drive the contour of the a -nuiry ia considerably highor than at the point of rom rucuceineut frooi malu shaft, about -0ft in fact -lilli» 1 will ha seen 'hat where the dn\e is holed through by air shift lu the Routh end it is some 18ft fiom surface At diftcrent pointa along the drive covenug the full distauce of 4 lOft

crosscuts havo been driven acres» thu ore hodv, also au undtrcuttmg ¡t'ope has be'ii run for the same dis- tance carrying the oro body lo both walis showing tlita average tbickne-s of lodo to ba from JSft to 30ft, and the glade as shown by actual return» lo bo abiur. I' per csnt copper per ton About bOOO ton» have been put through the smelters, aud

tnere 1» 11 large pile of oro at gra'S The lode has a distinct pitch to tho oast about 17 decrees , the strike us before »tute I 1» S W by *» E . lhe oro bodte» occur iu lenticular blocks, and in a rrre-it many in- stance» the«e block» overlap oath other The cha actor of the ora is a dense sulphide from ti--a carbonato ¿one, which apparently lives down to about aoft On the north side of the shaft (about 40ft ) a go-go or lavino occurs, und the sulphides come mar the surface, the capping be ng tl-nudetl Therinae

Iront the 4Sit level shall ¿omg north |

nu th» western lode ha» been extended from j 7»ft to 80it on tin lodo which appears even strongci. but 1« a shade lo^er in grade On the north »ido of the ravino at surttto a ven «(ring go-sou outcrop occurs, impregnated with copper cir

bonntea of higo grade. Whether tin» outcrop is on the elstern or wettern lode it is impoeaiblo toaav until lurther work has been done A tunnel lotel haï bean driven into the hill Ililli, nni the oro boda, is vcrv strong beneath tho gotaan capping The tunnel is being continued a further distance, ami it ia proposed to put in a cros-tour. weat to demónstrate whether or not there uro ore bodies west ol tho 1 n expoa I III the tunnel

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