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The presentation of prizes in connection with the Girls' High School took place on Friday. There was a large attendance, The Ministerfor Education, Mr. J. Perry, presided, and was accompanied by Mrs. Perry, and Sir William and Lady Lyne. Invitation» bad beca issued to tho following ladlee and gentle- men, most of wnom wera present -Mr. and Mrs. Maynard, Mr. and Mrs. Bridges, Mr. Waterhouse, and the assistant masters of the Boys' High School, Mis. and Miss Badham. Mrs. Jackson, Miss Walker, Rev. W. I. and Miss Carr-Smith, Mr. Weigall, Mr. and Mrs. Maclardy, Cauon aud Mrs. Sharp, Mr. and Mrs, A. B. Piddington, Profossor and Mrs. Maccallum, Mr. and Mrs. Skillman, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Bart!, Mr. and Mrs. Dawson. Misses Hodge, Miss Macdonald, M.A, Misses Johnsou, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Darley, Mrs. Curlewis, Mr, and Mrt, F. W. Woodhouse, Miss Dickinson, Mrs. Creed, Mr. and Mrs. Willis. Miss Fidler, B.A., Miss Newcombe, Dr. and Mrs. Morns, Professor and Mrs. Wood, Mist Nicoll, Professor anti Mrs. David, und former msmbers of the teaching staff, and former pupils.

The Premier said he bad no doubt they had looked forward to the presentation of prizes, and be hoped that they would enjoy themselves during the coming celebration more than ever they had enjoyed them-

selves in Sydney before.

The Minister for Education said the success of ths school was crediticio alike to the teachers and to the scholars They had done woll this year, and he hop-rt next year tbe school would do better. It was the object of the Government and thu Legislature to have an educated people, and therefore the money devoted to education was willingly given

Mrs Guivin the bead mistress, then read hsrrsport, which slated that the work of the school lay princi- pally tu the preparation of pupils for tho University

examinations At the Junior Examination 20 candi- dates passed lhB various psBses were sutisfactorr, aud Ida Leeson sbowed pi eximo accessit for the medal for arithmetic Fotircanaidatcsweresurcesstul in the University Senior Examination Edith M. Fry was proximo accésit for History of Europo, Ancient History, Fngllsh, and Fieuch. She also obtained second class honours in Frencb She passed in IO subiects, and qualified for entrance into the Depart- ment of Engineering Claro Armstrong was proxi- mo accessit for English and Frencb, gained the medal for Germau, socoud class honours in Latin, tint class hououis in Geiman, Hist class honours in French, and tho Lithgow Scholarship for French and Germau Isabella Maccallum was proximo accessit

tor Eu g1 Uli and French, and won Grat class honours an French. The school accepted tho conditions offered ny the Comité de .'Ailinnco Française, and three girls competed for the prise for con vort att ou ixl French. The prize was awarded to Clare Arm- strong, but Carno Thurburn pussed so creditably that she (Mrs.Garvín) decidedtoawardheranecond pn/e. Ida Leeson gamed the highest award, the gold medal offered by Messrs. Angus and Robertson, for writing ; also first prize for the first class. Wilhel- mina Muller also won a prize for this subject. The school inspection wus on tha whole satisfactory, and the class examinations showed a high standard of work and m many cases excellont results. Clare Armstrong carried off the gold medal as head of the school. For tho last four years the number of toholaraand consequently the quarterly payments had steadily in ere a fed.

The Univen.ty certificates and prizes were then presented by the Premier, after which cheers wera Riven for I« I ra. Garvín, the Premier and Lady Lyne, and Mr. aud Mrs. Ferry.

The falloWUJK.13 the pn?o list : -

Bunour LUt-Sénior 1. da«.-Medallist, Clare A. C. Armntrong. Latin : Clare A. C. Armntronjr. French : Edah May Fry. German : Beatrice .Larkins. Drawing : .Edith May try.

.Senior It. Claw.-Dux, Bessie Dalyell ; second, G lad va Muriel ttouithtun. Latin : Florence Denise Griffiths,

french ' Florene«] Denise Griffith.*. Mathematics : Jean ' Elizabeth Glatuford.

«Tumor 1. C1 as*.-DUT, Edith Lennox ; necond, Mary Elisabeth Dent Latin* Clarice Mitchell. French, Divi-

sion 1. : (lance Mitchell, French, Diusion IL. Mar I Baikcr ant) Mico tiobbiun (bracketed). Drawing: Jessie M* Cr eil it* una Susan M'lutoth (biacketed).

«TumorII. OU«»» -Da*. Irene Mildred Booth; weona, Hilda Dcnm*. Latin : Maud Margaret Uitelue. Trench : Dum Marjory Nor mun und Ida Hartnell (bracketed). Mathern UICA : Irene Mildred Booth. Drawing . Duns

Janet Evana.

II. A, Upper Clam-Dm, Mildred Marion Smith ; Reoond, Lilian Sneath. Latin Durotnea Stüla Murphy, french : Caroline Stewart M'Ohee. Arithmetic : Lilian tiatiith. Draw mp; : Edith Ernestine Lewis.

ILA. Lower Ctiifi*.-Dux, Horenco Emily Newcombe ., second. Nellie Cooper. Latin, Division I. : Margaret M*In tyi*e, îat. Clair Maclnrdv, Latin, Division II. : Florence 1 nilly Newcombe, Fnnch, Division I Ldith Mabel Sptncer. Trench, Diusion II. : Jessie Flora Macdonald. Arithmetic, Florence Emily Newcombe, Drawing : Florene»« 1'mily Newcombe.

ypecutl Prm-s.-Prizo for Trench conversation, presented by I'Alhanru Trinruiae, to Clure A. C. ¿»rnmtrouK : fécond Drue for French eonvtisation, presented by the Girls' High behool, to Ennie thurburn ; sjrecnl prize, presented by tho training fttaff Girl*' High School, to C lara Lowick ; cold modal, tlrrt prize for writing, presented by Monars. Anffus and Robertson, to Ida Lmily Leeson, Eccund pn?e Wil- helmina Muller , prizes for needlework, presented by the (?ewin,: nrntrcii«, to Mildred Manon Smith, Nancy Koffn tree. Nellie Cioptr, nud Mary Lester.

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