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The Agricultural Ground »vas attended yes- terday by fully 25,000 people to witness the match between the Englishmen and tho renre aentativcs of the Sydney Union Tho match Was splendidly and, so far as tho play was concerned, evenlv contested, victor» resting with tho visitora by 8 points to 5 As the result of a con- ference held yesterday morning, nu alteration was made in the placing ot the bull in kicking for gaol, to lit in with the Englishmen's method The Eng- lish custom is that the ball immediately on touching the ground becomes "ali»c" aud may bo charged Hitherto it »vas first placed by the kicker, and then lifted and replaced by another, prepaiatory tothokick belüg taken Ju"t before starting lils Excellency Earl Beauchamp arrived, and »vas received with cheors lti3a»veuther »»as delightfully calm, and the ground in fairly good order

The teams were -


3 M Mahon . C E K Thompson


C White E T Nicholson F Row C Adamson

S Miller E G Nicholls

A M Bucher Tivc-cighths

A Boyd

W Webb C Ellis

tV Dms H Marks 3 Carson C Purdue

A J Kelly Ciuinscj


M MulUneui (cjptaiu)

G Cookson Forv¿ arda

F M Stout

T M M'Gown 1 W Tarman H G S Gray G R Gibson

B I Swaunell W Tudkms

J S Trancomb

Mr. A J raulkucr, of the Queensland Referees' Association, icted iib referee The Englishmen won die toss and uefendctl the eastern end Purdue kicked off aud Nicholls returned, uud the ball went into touch midn ay Some exchaugokicking followed, ann thou M'Mahon twice brought forth cheers for punting into touch midway Exciting play ensued m tho centre, where the bail eventually went into touch at the contre flag X ho throw-in was taken by a local man, but holding on too long ho failed to get a pass in, and Adamson getting possession ran anti then passed to Buehcr, who scored amidst great cheering Adamson took the kick, but tailed to convert England, .1 to nil Hie Kick out was followed by Mm« brilliant passing by the Sydney fornnrdB, in which Kelly was the principal man, and amongst tho others who took part therein n ero Carson and O'Donnoll The scene was thus very quickly changed to tho visitors' goil line hut Hie local mon lo«t the ball, and jull-bick Thompson kicked to M'Mahou, who returned to Thompson, and tho latter ran and then punted well ovci M Mnhon's head and a great and sensational race ensued for the ball Swannell* ginned a few yards on tho ¡sydney full bick, but the latter spurting coached tne ball first and forced It was a most fxcitiug incident, and M'Mahon was loudlj cheered for his saving effort Sydnej returned to the attack, und White almost got m Ho took a pass from Row mid bolted for tho line but vvns forced out into the corner Exciting work tollo reed tho throw-lu, which wound up with a relief lo tho Englishmen Twico m their own half the visitors were penalised for fault} putting ot the ball in the Berum, out nothing Df any moment resulted, aud a beiutiful bit of work was show n by Erancomb, Stout, and anothor, ni passing, and finally Tarmnu got over, and Adam bon kicked a goal England, 8-0 Svdney con- tinually tame with Word, d'Donuell, to White, but * though these passes w ere v orj prottj thoy vv ero

always replied lo soundly by the En "lishmcu How ever, thanks to How, who puuted the ball well down into the visitais' corner, Ward markeri splendid!} amidst cheers Row's kick vvus not sue

ccssful The ball, instead of being forced vvns ktekcet out, and Webb marked in front of goal, hut again Row's kick was unsuccessful, and this time the EngliBhinou forced At half time the seoros vi ere -England 8, Sydney nil


The kick-out was returned into touch in «outrai larritoij Troma" lino-out " al the local" ¿fl " How picked out and punted lo Thompson who mulled lind then appealed to take mittels rather coolly White turned him Kelly tackled, Carson got tho ball and rushed for tho line aud scored, amidst great excitement Kow kicked the goal, and made the gamo England i>, Sydney 8 Sfdney now forced the pace, nud had the visitors hemmed in their comer but tho defcuders found relict from their diflicnltieB bj forcing Nicholls marked and used ilia Uno splendidly, sending out inside the Sydney

2j " but a penalty against the visitais ifiordcd excellent relief, and the ball, by solid forward work, was carried weil down the ground and into toni li

Then White got possession from a pass nnd bolted for the lint, but Nicholls relieved splendidly to the 25 yards ting The I iiglishmeii wero uo»v kept defending tor some time A brilliant: bit of passing by Rovv to Miller, who ran splendidly, but his pns3 »vos not tal on by Boyd, and the ball by means of a scramble »ob carried to the 2r> Here the Englishmen got awa-i, iirst Swannoll passed to Trancomb, »vho went for the line, but a yard uwny ho made i mistake bv attemptinii to pass to Gray, the latter being tackled and losing the ball and Sidney relie»ed Quick us liphtiiiug ii clover tackle hy ah} lilleyman enabled the scene to bo chang«! to the visitors' quarters, but it was shortly changed to midway Hero Prancomb got away with tho throw-m, and ran strongly to the Sjdnej 2-r>, wheto he passed to a comrade, \» ho was well tackled by Wl ile Ihen Mulliuoui put in a »ory clever though short run With the ball in mill- field tho full-tuno whiitlo sounded, the lesult being a »nu for tho Englishmen by 8 ponds (a goal from n trj anda try) to O points (a goal from a tr») It »»as a splendid gime, and wjs in doubt right up tj the finish The Sjduoy men did not play is f ii st in the second hilf, while on tho other band the Bi dishers exhibited improved staying powere

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