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Bv the mad that reached Sycney on Tuesday Mr. W. A. Rand, tho bon. secretary of the New bouth Wales Rugby Union, received a letter from Mr M. Mullincux, who is bringing out tho English foot- ball team, to the effect that the finnl selection would be rando from .T. T. Bj mo, V. M. Stout, Jarra in, Dudgeon, Forest, V F. Fookes, E G. Nicholls, H. Hussev, M. Elliott, Gibson, Bulger, Tranks, C. Bovd, Iimoms, Frnncourt, Cookson, Kipling Schwatz, Marston. Necks, M Mulliueus, Evora, and Dr. Rowland. Byrno is the full back of tho Moseley Club, and bo occupies the carno position for tho South of England and for England in the international matches. Ho has represented England for bon oral joars. Fookes is a mem- ber of the Sowerby Bridge Club, and was ono of the thioo-Qiiarters foi England \ Ireland this ye-ir, and in tho samo ongagemont H W. Dudgeon pla) oil as a fornard. Hie lattor's club is the Rrh moud. F. N ¡stout v> as also ono of the Eughih forwards ugaiust Ireland, and Nichols und Hussey wcro played on behalt of Wales against Eugltnd. M. Elliott (Howick) claims Scotch international honours, and L Bulger has pluj ed for Ireland. C. Boyd and J G Franks are both merni» rs of the Dublin University fifteen, the former as full back and tho latti r as a for» ard, and Dvars played as a forward for Moseley Club, which claims the inomberslnpof a great man«, ol theteam, mid amongst thom tho organiser, Mr. M. Mnllineus, who is ils halfback 'I nero aie two Marston'« included in the Moseley forwards, but thcro is a doubt as to n hich ouo was a candidato for selection, as tho lotter doea not contain initials Francourt and Cookson play for Lancashire, Kipling for Middlesex. Schwatz is a South of EngUnd mau, and Necks plays for Gloucester. Four of the 23 mentioned Byrne, Bovd, Bulger, and Mullinoni-wero in the représentât!, o team that visitod the Capo. A reason- able conclusion to arrive at from the foregoing is that the combination ought to be a fairly represen- tative one of the strength of England, Wales, Ire« land and Scotland Rugby football

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