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Iho citiiOna bude farewell to Lord and the Vis- countess Hampden and also to the Hon Alice and tho lion Doroth) Brand yesterday And they did so by assembling along tbo route which it was sup- posed fhe Vico regal party would take in thousands, and by congregating at and m the vicinity of the Rodefern Ballway Station m vast number» Thera was no display, out of deference to tho earnestly ex- pressed wish of lus Excellency, and .therefore the magnitude of the multitude which gathered at the railway station to prove tho high esteem m whioh Lord Hamp len waa held and the affectionate regard en ter tamed for Lady Hampden and theHons Alice and Dorothy Brand waa all the moro remarkable It was anticipated by the authorities thal there would be a vost assemblage, and accordingly a considerable body of police waa detailed lor duty at tho Btatiou, hut as tho people were exemplary in their orderliness the duties of the officers were of a very light kmd Nevertheless they rendered excellent seiviui in keeping the necessary pansage-w ayB clear It had been arrauged that tho Vico-rogal special train which was to convey Lord and Lady Hampden and sutto should leave the station at five minutes

past 5 o'clock, and as it was a foregone conclusion that many of the moro prominent citizens who had been accustomed to meet the Governor and his wife and the other members of his family on frequent occa- sions would assemble to say "good-bye" tho platform waa wisely reserved for such expected lricnds After 1 o clock those who wished to express their f,ood wxhos to Ina Excellency and his wife licúan to arrive Amongst tho first of these vv as the Pieauor (the Right Hon G H Reid) His Excel- lency the Aduiual ivai> also among the early arrival! With tho Admiral were Flaf-Captaiu Dicken and 1 lag Lieutenant Stewart The three naval officers wcio rendered conspicuous by reason of their being the only gentlemen present, apart from tlio lailway officials on duty, who woro in uulform. rho early arrivals also included the Lieutenant Governoi (Sir Tcedenck Darley), with whom wera Mi33 1C Darloy and Mr Darley The Mayor «nd Mrs MaHhow Harris woro also soon noticed Major General and M rs French also took up a posi- tion on the platform Colonel Itoborts, O M G , and many other members of the General's staff, mustered to sa) " good bye ' Amongst otbers)who were noticed were Sir George Dibbs, Professor Anderson Stuart the Hon J A Hogue (Minister for Fducation) the Hou Dr MacLaunn (Chan- cellor ot the University of Sydney), Mr H O. Russell, C M G (Government Astronomer), Mr Cntchett Walker CMG (Pnneipil Under-Secro tar)), tlio Rev J H Landau, Mr and Mr» W R Campbell, Judge Docker the Hon James Watson, M L C , Captain Charles, M L C , Dr and Mrs Garran, Dr Graham M L A Mr Ashton, M L A , air Anderson, M L A , Mr W W Davis, M L A , Colonel Neild, M L A , Colonel Mucka), M L A , Inspector-General Posbery, Colonel Bell (Consul for the United Slates), tbo Consul for Japan, Mi and Mis H Birton, Mr and Mrs W F Hurley, Mr J S Huwtliorne, M L A Surgeon-Major Vande lour Kelly, blis Aurouson, Mrs J |P Creed, Dr and Mrs Rotb, Mr Hague bniith Ohief Commissioner Oliver, Commissioner Fehou Mr Hugh M'Laehlan (Secretary for Radwuys) and also the uudermen koued railway oflieeis -Messrs lhonias Hall, John Harper, John Kueeshaw, E A Lougtuy, John Purry, Arthur Willis, H ¿aston, Jams Roberta, and H Richardson

The arrival of the Viceregal party at the station was announced to those who had the privdege of occupying tho platform by u demonstration of chceung on the part of those not so fortuuate Loid Hatnpdtm and party wero received at the station by Chief Commissioner Oliver, and by him wero con- duced to the platform About a quarter of an hour was occupied hy the Governor and members of his pai ty in conversing with and receiving the greetings of all around boon uftei 5 an intimation was given that the time of departure waa approaching, and thereupon his Excellency, Lady Hampden, and the other members of the party took hasty farewells of their friends aad joined tho train A minute later carne the -\ arning, ' Stand clear," given m sten- torian tones and the sigual to start followed A lusty call for " Three cheers for the Governor " met with a vigorous response und at the same time, precisely at four minutes past 5, the train steamed out of the station Ihe see le that had immediately preceded the drawing out of the train was an affect- ing one, because it became evident that Lady Hamp- den and tho Hons Alice and Dorothy Brand especially had made many sincere friends, parting with whom they evldenUy found a painful ex-


the train by which Lord Hampden'» party is travelling is drawn by an engine of tbo largest oxprcss t) pe, and the driver of which is Alexander Head Besides the engine the train consists o! one lavatory sleeping composite car, lus Excellency's Btate coach, and also a Pullman car-there being three carriages in all At Moss Vale the train waa to ho supplemented, aud it had been arranged that refreshments should bo served en route With the tram Mr W Clissold travels as guard, and general supervision devolves upon Loco -inspector Chud- leigh

Ihe Governor's party consists of the Viscountess Hampden, the Hou Alice Brand, the Hon Dorothy Bran I, Captain Feilden, Private Secrotnry to Lord Hampden, Major the Hon G L Bryan, ADC, and Captain Pelham, acting lu a sinulur capacity

Optaiu reddon and Captain Pelham will not go ' beyond Melbourne

A happy idea waa cirriod out in connection with the preparation of the time-table Often these things aro ifiurtistic in the extremo degree, but in this caso the idea was acted upon of dostgnmg a

timo table which should serve aa a Bouvemr of the colony The card was folded, tinted and printed m colours On the title pago was a Beroi! which bore a record showing the special occasion on which tho table waa used 1 hen came the railway mono- gram Setting off tin] was a skilful grouping of Australian flowers, among which the flannel flower waa conspicuous The lower portion of the page was occupied by a vignette of Government House The back page of the timo cabio was adorned with a sketch of Stanwell Park, which ovorlooka the (Pacific Ocean, and the feature of which ia nome cabbage tree palms, which raise their beads until they seem to be almost lost m the clouds The train waa timed to reach Albury at 1 d3 this morning lhere a special train sent by tho Victorian Govern- ment was to bo met, and tbo lourney was to bo re- sumed at 6 o'clock Bonalla vv as to bo reached at 10 minutes to 8 this morning, uud there there was to be u halt for half au hour, the tram resuming ita jour nc) at '0 minutes i oat 8 Melbourne is to bo reached at half-past 11 o'clock this morning

Lord and Ladv Hampden will bo pa»senDers for London hy the R M b Oruba, and will join that vessel to-morrow The steamer is announced to sail at 1 o'clock to morrow afternoon


The departure of Lord and Visi ountess Hampden from Government House grounds was not signalised by any official coremony Yesterday afternoon a crowd collected luMucquano-Btreet near tbo Colonial Secretary s outee Probably, when the Viceregal carnage appea-ed at Government House gates, about iOOO persona had assembled tu the vicinity and along Macquano-streot, whioh formed portion of tbo route to tile station 1 ho escort consisted of a full »tall of ordorbes, two of whom roda m front of tim carriage und two at the roar Ihe sorrowful circumstance connected with Lord Hampdon's de- parture was mads fully réalisable ween bia Excel- lency appeared outsido the gates Some of the moro juvenile portiou of the assemblage, who wera possibly not fully impreasod with the cause of the private and unofficial procedure, cheored. fairly vigorously as the carriage passed the gates Tho cheers, however, wore speedily suppressed Tbo Governor bowed lita acknowleüRmeut veiy quietly, and no furlhorfarewell greeting was mudo, although a fow haudkerchiefs wore afterwards waved and many oí tiloso who lined the footways respectfully raised their hats Whou the gates were closed and the carnage disappeared in tlie distance the crowd dispersed



Tho ceromony ot administering the oathB of office i to the Hou bir Frederick Matthew Darley

Is. O M G , Lieutouant-Govornor of New South I Wules, ou his assuming the government on the de-

parture of his Excellency tlio Right Hon Vlacount Hampden, will take placo at Government nauoe at noon to-day, and will bo markod by the usual salute and military honours Among thoso invited lo attend tho ceremony aro members of the Execu- tive council, the Judges, members of tho Legislature, naval and military olhoera, foreign couauls, minis

ters of religion, the Mayor and aldermon, " and such other of the inhabitants as may think proper to be presont ' 1 but ia tho phraseology used in the

olhcial notification

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