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The Mayor and Mayoress entertained most of the prominent citizens of Sydney at a ball in the Town Hall last evening. The great building, which has so long been the pride of the citizens, was decorated in a manner worthy of the occasion. Everyone must have felt that when the chief magistrate of the city determined upon enter- taining the citizens he spared no pains mid over-

looked no detail which would contribute to the success of the entertainment. The vestibule   of the Town Hall was itself a brilliant spec- tacle, but it afforded only index to what   lay beyond. Although the famous portraits of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, of the great federationatist Sir Henry Parkes, and of Sir John Robertson were to be seen there, surrounded by unique decorative designs and amidst the colours of many flags , although the magnificent chandelier   sent forth its penetrating electric gleams; it was not here but in the main hall that the full beauty of the   decorative artists' designing was displayed. There was       Mr. Needs's orchestra sheltered on the dais before the grand organ behind a resplendent mass of greenery     interspersed with glowing lights. Palm trees sprung   as though with African naturalness from the railings of the galleries. The rendezvous, which were specially designed by the Mayoress, were overhung with the shields of all the colonies with many Anglo-Saxon emblems, and   with an artistic wealth of ferns and greenery that compelled the warmest admiration. It may be said that this was ungrudgingly bestowed. The magnifi-     cent effect produced by the large mirrors adorned with trailing vines and foliage at the west end of the great hall could not be over-estimated. The reflec-     tions of the brilliant costumes of the dancers and of the

myriads of electric lights, embowered in greenery alone, the gallery railings, combined to produce a dazzling and fascinating ensemble. At the southern side of the hall a dais was raised and sumptuously furnished. It was here that the Mayoress, so to speak, held her court and she could not but have been pleased at the many congratulations which   her guests bestowed upon her for the brilliant   success of the ball. The guests began to arrive about half past 8 o'clock. They found the     gentlemen's dressing rooms on the right from the   vestibule, the ladies' rooms to the left, and the Mayoress ready to welcome them at the entrance to the main hall. Cardrooms were at the disposal of   those not inclined for the light fantastic pastimes. In the opening set of lancers the Mayor of Melbourne (Alderman McEacharn)   danced with Miss Harris, Major-General French     with the Mayoress of Melbourne, Professor Anderson Stuart with Mrs. R. Teece, Mr Justice Cohen with Mrs Dicken, Captain Owen with Miss French,

and Colonel Smith with Miss Fairfax. In all there   were about 1300 persons present. Mr Baumann was

the caterer.


The Mayor wore his official robe, and the Mayoress was dressed in a handsome black satin, the front of the bodice and skirt being formed of a panel in rich iridescent jewelled   passementerie, outlined on either side by dark green satin     and beaded guipure; the bodice was relieved by a corsage     bouquet of red and white flowers; diamond ornaments wore worn, and a lovely bouquet completed the toilette.   The Mayor of Melbourne also wore his official robes which differed somewhat from those worn by Mr. M. H. Harris. Mr McEacharn's robe was of black silk, bordered       with sable and lined with white silk, and he wore a gold Mayoral chain. Mrs. McEacharn's handsome pale blue and     cream beaded brocaded satin trimmed with pale blue chiffon and guipure and diamond ornaments. Mrs G.H. Reid     was in white moire, the tulle bodice being   trimmed with pale pink roses; diamond ornaments.

Miss Harris wore a lovely shade of heliotrope silk, the bodice trimmed with cerise ribbon and a corsage spray  

of cherries ornamented the left side, a bunch of cherries     being also worn in the hair. Lady Manning was in pale   blue, Mrs. Prendergast wore the patent shade of eau-de- nil satin, in front of the skirt trimmed with cream guipure in the design of a true lover's knot; the bodice           had a bertha of cream and gold embroidered lace dia-     mond ornaments. Mrs Anderson Stuart's white silk was       trimmed on the skirt with three inches s of narrow white   ribbon, the bodice was of white tucked tulle and chiffon.   Mrs. Dicken wore white satin and silver-spangled net, the   bodice being relieved with a bunch of scarlet geraniums; diamond ornaments. The Misses French were both in white. Lady Mikiouho Maclay's white brocaded       satin was trimmed with pearl and crystal passementerie and bunches of shaded pink carnations. Mrs. S. Hordern's   grey and black and white embroidered satin was trimmed on   the bodice with white embroidered lisse and a bunch of       shaded green poppies was worn in the hair and on the cor-  

sage. Mrs T. Dalton wore a handsome white and silver   brocaded satin, diamond ornaments. Mrs Slattery's white     striped satin had revers of rose pink velvet. Mrs. Teece   wore white with black velvet bow and pink roses on the corsage Mrs. C. Griffiths was in black satin trimmed with jet. Miss Griffiths wore white.   Mrs. P. Owen was in yellow, the bodice covered with white chiffon and gold guipure. Mrs. John Hughes wore a grey   brocaded satin. Mrs George Mullins was in black, with     shaded pink roses. Mrs. T. Hughes wore white satin and black jetted net. Mrs. Cowlishaw, a handsome dress of grey figured satin brocade, the bodice trimmed with silver-     spangled grey chiffon. Miss B. Roberts was in yellow   satin, with bunches of cowslips on the bodice. Miss   Doyle wore white, with red roses. Miss H. Mackenzie wore black relieved with green. Mrs Ives wore heliotrope   and white brocade trimmed with black velvet. Miss Ives

wore a fancy floral silk, with cherry-coloured ribbons. Mrs. Cartwright Ash was in yellow with diamond ornaments. Mrs. Falk wore white. Mrs. C.E.R. Murray was in     black relieved with heliotrope chiffon. Mrs. W.I. Camp-       bell wore a handsome dress of fawn and pink brocade, trimmed with vieux rose silk and cream lace. Mrs. F. Adams was in pale blue. The Misses Hordern wore pretty dresses of white chiffon, made over coloured silk foundations trimmed with waving flounces of narrow Valenciennes lace, and white chiffon sashes. Miss Meeks   was in yellow satin and chiffon Mrs Matthias wore white,   relieved with turquoise blue. Miss Cook was in pale blue, Miss Smail wore a lemon-coloured surah, the bodice     entirely of small tucks fastened to one side and trimmed with same coloured chiffon deep-red roses and violets. Mrs. Smail wore handsome black moire. Mrs Hallamore wore   a very effective gown of black merveilleux, trimmed with black Chantilly lace and jet.

Supper was served about half past 10, the Mayor and Mayoress entertaining a party of about 30 intimate friends in the Mayor's room upstairs. The table was beautifully decorated with flowers, and most tastefully arranged with

dainties. The basement was converted into a bright and

commodious supper room for the majority of guests, being brightly decorated with flags and lighted with electricity. The programmes were illuminated, and had the date, and "to celebrate the opening of the Queen Victoria Market Buildings " inscribed upon the side. Dancing was kept up with great spirit all the evening, and several flashlight

photographs were taken.


Sir J. P. and Lady Abbott, Mr. R. A. Arnold, Colonel Mrs. and the Misses Airey, Professor Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. L. Alderson, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Atkinson, Mr. and Mrs. C. Ashe, Mr. C. Alderson, Mr. J. Alderson, M. Biard d'Aunet, Mr. and Mrs. F. Adams, Miss Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald, Mr. and Mrs. K. Anderson, the Misses Aarons, the Mayor and Mayoress of Adelaide, Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Alcock, Mr. G. T. Alcock, Mr. T. M. Alcock, Miss Allerdice, Mr. and Mrs. K. Alcock, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Wills Allen, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Addison, Mr. H. J. Aylward, Atkinson (B.M.S. India),

Mr. George Anderson.

Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Brunker, Miss Brunker, Mr. and Mrs. T. Barling, Judge and Mrs. Backhouse, Professor and Mrs. Butler, Mr. H. E. Barff, Mr. J. L. Ballantyne, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Budge, Miss Budge, Mr. and Mrs. E. Barton, Mr. and Mrs. G.S. Brock, Mr. and Mrs. S. Hull,   Dr. and Mrs. Bowker, Mr. and Mrs. Belisario, Miss Beli- sario, Mrs. Barraclough, Mr. H. Barraclough, Dr. and Mrs. Binney, Mr. and Mrs. T. Barnett, Mr. and Mrs. R.J.   Black, Dr. and Mrs. Bennett, Professor Jethro Brown, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Beeven, Colonel Bell, Alderman and Mrs. Burdekin, Miss Burdekin, Alderman and Mrs. Booth, the Mayor and Mayoress of Brisbane, Alderman Beare, Mrs. Punch, Alderman and Mrs. Buckle, the Misses Buckle, Mr. and Mrs. J. Bartholomew, M. and Mdme E. Blanc, Mr. and Mrs. L.J. Brient, Mr. and Mrs.   Arthur Bray, Mr. T. Broughton, Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Bryen, Dr. P. Bowker, Mr. and Mrs. A. Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Brunton, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Bacon, Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Breeden, and   Mrs. George Baker, Mr. A. A. Bastian, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Broderick, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Booth, Miss Hume, Mr. C. F. Brace, Mr. A. Bain, Mr. W. Bain, Mrs. and Miss Brown (Manly), Mr. A. Bowman, Mr. A. Boesen, Mr. S. Bennett, Mr. L. Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. F. Bennett, Mr. Boulton, Mr. and Mrs. Bradridge, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Brennan, Mr. B. Bruce, Miss Bruce, Mr. and Mrs. A. Buckle. Mrs. N. Bull, Miss Bull, Mr. and Mrs. George Bryant. Mr. and Mrs. F. Butler, Mr. Oscar Backhouse, Mr. John Buckle, Herr J. F. Bertram.

Mr. George Colquhoun, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Calvert. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Carruthers, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cook, Mr. Justice and Mrs. Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Coghlan, Dr. James, Mrs. and Miss Cox, Mr. and Mrs. L. Campbell, Mr. C. Chapman, Mr. F. Crook, Mr. Samuel Cook, Miss Cook, Mrs. W. Curnow, Mr. Leslie Curnow. Dr. Clubbbe, Mr. and Mrs. T. Cowlishaw, Mr. Cowlishaw, Miss Cowli- shaw, Mr. and Mrs. F. Curtiss, Mr. Curtiss, Miss Curtiss, Mr. and Mrs. Christian, Mr. Basett Christian, Miss Christian, Miss Amy Creer, Mr. M. C. Mrs. and Miss Cow- lishaw, Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Collum, Miss Hatfield, Mrs.   and Miss Chisholm, Alderman M. Chapman, Alderman H. Mrs. and the Misses Chapman, Dr. H. Cope, Dr. H. Crosby, Mr. and Mrs. J. Caro, Miss Caro, Dr. and Mrs. A.   A. Cohen, Mr. R. M. Cameron, Mr. R. Cater, Mr. M. Cater, Mrs. F. Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Creswell, Mr. and Mrs. Cooke, Mr Cosh, Dr. and Mrs. Collins, Miss Carter, the Misses Cosgrove, Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Carey,     Miss Carey, Mr. and Mr. G. J. Cohen, Miss Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Campbell, Mr. Ernest E. Collins, Mr. and   Mrs. S. Cary, Mr. J. Cunningham, Alderman G. Downes Carter, M.P. (of Melbourne).

Sir Frederick and Lady Darley, Mr. H. Darley, the Misses Darley, Sir George and Lady Dibbs, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Dibbs, Captain and Mis. Dicken, Captain Dangar, Mr. J. Dalgarno, Miss Dalgarno, Judge and Mrs. Docker, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Darley, Mr. and Mrs. H. Deane. Pro- fessor and Mrs. David, Mr. and Mrs. Dallen, Mr. and Mrs. Barton Dibbs, Mr. and Mrs. H. Dixson, Miss Dixson, Mr. W. Dixson, Mr. E. A. Dickes, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Daniels, Dr. and Mrs. Storie Dixson, Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Du Rieu,  

Mr Fletcher Dixon Mr. E. C Decker, Mr R. Deugan,     Mr. and Mrs. T Dalton, Mr. T. J. Dalton, Alderman and Mrs. Dean, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Dean Mr. and Mrs. John Dean, Mr. and Mrs. J.P.Dowling the Rev. Rabbi Davis,     Mr. T.Devitt, the Misses Davies, Sir Dymock, Mr. and   Mrs. Wilfrid Docker Mr. and Mrs. C. Delchery, Mr. and Miss Doyle, Mr. and Mrs. J. Devlin Dr. J. A. Dick.      

Mr. and Mrs. H.S Eaton, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ewan, Dr.   and Mrs. Evans, Dr. F.H. Eastwood, Miss B. Eaton, Mrs.     Evans, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Edwards, Lieutenant W.

Easton, R. N.

Sir James and Lady Fairfax, Mr and Miss Fairfax, Major General Mrs. and the Misses French, Captain and     Mrs. Forsey, Mr. W. M. Fehon, Mr. E. Fosbery, Miss   Fosbery, Judge and Mrs. Fitzhardinge, Mr.and Mrs. W.         Feldwick, Mrs. G. Ferguson, Miss Ferguson, Mrs. and     Miss Flood, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Fitzhardinge, Mr. C. A.   Felstedt, Mr. and Mrs. F.B Freehill, Mr. and Mrs. J.   Russell French, Mr. Fitzgerald, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Falk,   Alderman and Mrs. Fowler, the Misses Fowler, Mr. M.         Fowler, Dr. and Mrs. Foreman, Mr.and Mrs J. Forsyth,       Miss Peckhan, Mr. and Mrs. Fotheringham, Miss Fitzhar-     dinge, Mr. Feldstead, Miss Friend, Mr. and Mrs. A. Forsyth,     Mr. E.B. Forrest (Melbourne).    

Professor and Mrs. Gurney, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Gould,       Miss Gould, Mr. Gould, Mr. Mrs. J. Garrard, Captain         and Mrs. Gibson, Dr. and Mrs. Garran, Mr. R.R.Garran,         Miss Garran, Miss Gould, Mr. and Mrs. Grimshaw, Mr.     and Mrs Warden H. Graves, Miss Graves, Mr and Mrs. J.      

H. Goodlet, Mr. and Mrs. James Gregg, Mr. and Mrs. A.   W.S. Gregg, Captain and Mrs. G. S. Green, Dr. and Mrs.       Henry Gullett, Mr. and Mrs. G.S. James Green, Dr. and Mrs.

W.H. Goode, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Griffiths, Mr. C. Grif-     fiths, Miss Griffiths, Mr. A. Gibbons, Mr. and Mrs. G.F.       Garry, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh     Gordon, Miss A Gilfilan, Mr. and Mrs. W. Gollen, Miss       Gollen, Miss Gilkesson, Mr. L. Grist, Mr. G. Gaden, Mr.   and Mrs. G.L. Goodman, Mr. R. Grayson, Mrs. Cornell,  

Miss Gregg, Captain H. W.S. Gibson, R.N. Lieutenant     H. Grenfell, R.N. Mr. and Mrs. Gray (Melbourne),      

Colonel and Mrs. Holborow, Lieutenant Holborow, Miss     Holborow, Mr. and Mrs. R.R.P Hickson, Mr.and Mrs.         W.M. Houston, Captain and Mrs. Hixson, Mr. and Mrs. J.   R. Hill, Miss Hill, Mr. and Mrs. T. Hughes, Mrs. J.   Hughes, Miss Hughes, Dr. and Mrs. Hawkins, Dr. F .W.     Hall, Miss F. Hill, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Hall, Dr. Hughes,         Dr. and Mrs. John Hay, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hordern,       Mr. and the Misses Hordern, Mr. and Mrs.Hordern,          

Mr. and Mrs. E. Hordern, Dr. L. L. Harris, Mr. W. O'G. Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. W. Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. J.       Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. A. Hellicar, Mr. and Mrs. H.     Howell, Alderman and Mrs. Hart, Alderman John and     the Misses Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Hudson, Miss Hud- son, Mr. T.W. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Holmes, Mr.       and Mrs. William Holmes, Mr John Hardie, Mr. and Mrs. John Hughes, Mr. L.J. Harnett, Dr. and Mrs. Gwynne-       Hughes, Miss Harris (Littlebridge), Miss Harris, Mrs. W.   Harris, the Misses Harris, Mr. and Mrs. W.H.Harris,             Mr. and Mrs. George Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Houston, Mr.       Frank Hart, Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Houghton, Mr. J.H.   Harris, Mr. E.A. Hudson, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Hourigan,       Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Hawthorne, Miss Hawthorne, Mr. D.   Heywood, Miss Hasler, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hardie, Mr. A. Hunter, Miss Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. W. Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. S. Hellamore, Mr. John Hourigan, Miss Harnett.  

Alderman and Mrs. Ives, Miss Ives Mr. H. Ives, Mr. and Mrs. T. H.Ivey, Dr. S. Isbister, Mr. and Mrs. W.   Ives, Mr. G.M. Long Innes, Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Inglis,       Mr. and Mrs. S.F. Ives, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Ives, Mr. and  

Mrs. F. S. Isaacs.

Mr. and Mrs. Whittingdale Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. A. O   Jackson, Dr. and Mrs. Jenkins, Alderman and Mrs. Jean- neret, Alderman and Mrs. Jessep, Mr. and Mrs. Trevor- Jones, Miss Trevor-Jones, Mr. Noel Trevor-Jones, Mr. F.   Jones, Mr. W. Jones, Mr. and Mrs J. W. Johnson, Mr. J.W. Johnson, jun., Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Russell-Jones,    

Mr. Arthur Jeanneret.

Sir Edward and Lady Knox, Consul-General and Mrs. Kempermann, Captain Kyngdon, Captain and Mrs. King, Mr. and Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Mr. and Mrs. D. Kirkcaldie, Mr. and Mrs. Kellerman, Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Kendall,   Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Knox, Dr. and Mrs. P.J. Kenna,   Alderman and Mrs. Kippax, Miss Kippax, Mr. Kessell, Dr. and Mrs. Mailler Kendall, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Keary, Mr.   and Mrs. T. H. Keigwin, Mr. and Mrs. George Kiss, Mr. Herbert Kirkcaldie, officers of H.M.S. Katoomba.  

Sir John and Lady Lackey, Professor Liversidge, Captain and Mrs. Legge, Mr. S.H. and the Misses Lambton, Mr.     and Mrs. A. Parry Long, Major and Mrs. Lee, Mr. and Mrs. J. Lumsden, Miss T. Lumsden, Mr. M. Logan, Miss Maud Logan, Mr . H. Levey, Commander and Mrs. Linde- man, Mr. and Mrs. W. J Lyne, the Hon. J. S. and Mrs. Larke, Alderman and Mrs. Lees, the Misses Lees, Alder- man and Mrs. Landers, Mr. and Mrs. Langton, Mr. W G. Layton, Mr. and Mrs. G J. Lee, Miss Loneragan, Mr. M.   S. Love, Mr. H.H. Lamb, Mr. Norman Lockhart.    

Sir W. P. and Lady Manning, the Misses Manning, Lady Manning, Miss Manning, the Mayor and Mayoress of Melbourne, Mr. G. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. J C. Maynard, Mr. and Mrs. C. E.B. Maybury, Mr. Justice and Mrs. Manning, Judge and Mrs. Murray. Miss C. Martin, Dr. and Mrs. H. Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Meeks, Miss Meeks, Mr. and Mrs. D. Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. James Marks, Mr. Walter Marks, the Misses Marks, Mrs. Moon, Mr. J. and Miss Meins, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mahony, Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Moreton, Captain and Mrs. Mergell, Miss Mergell, Dr. and Mrs. Maraso, Miss Marks, Mr. T. Marks, Dr. and Mrs. Maguire, Mr. R. and Miss R. Mackay, Mr. and Mrs. J. Lane Mullens, Dr. and Mrs H. Maitland, Mr. and   Mrs. R. Miller, Mr. and Miss Miller, Dr. and Mrs. Mathias, Mr. and Mrs. D. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. C. Martell, Dr. and Mrs. Angel Money, Mr. and Mrs, John Meeks, Mr. Ethel Meeks, Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Moreton (Burwood), Mr. James Merriman, Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Marsh, Mr and Mrs. J. H Maiden, Mrs. Marshall, Dr. and Mrs. Mullens, Miss Moxley, Mr. and Mrs.W.B. Mitchell. Mr. and Mrs.     A. H. Moore, Mr. Moore, Miss Moore, Mr. W. L. Mere- wether, Mr. T. G. Muir, Miss Muir, Mr. J. O. Meeks, Mr. and Miss Maiden.

Lady d Mikelouho Macleay, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. McLachlan, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Mr. McLachlan, Mr. and Mrs. W. McCourt. Colonel and Mrs. Mackenzie, Mr. and the   Misses Mackenzie, Dr. and Mrs. MacLaurin, Professor and Mrs. MacCallum, Miss McCarthy, Dr. Gordon McLeod, Miss McGahey, Dr. and Mrs C. MacLaurin, Miss Louisa McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. F.McLeod, Mr. and Mrs. H. McLeod, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McCredie, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McCredie, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander McCredie, Mr.

and Mrs. G.McRae, Mr. and Mrs. E. Macdonald, Mr. S.  

Macdonald, Miss E. Macdonald, Mr. and Mrs. W.A.     McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. P. McMahon, Mr. H. McMahon,     Major Mrs. and Miss McCutcheon, Dr. W.C McLelland,     Dr. McMurray, Mr. S.M. McCaughey, Mr. Duncan McMaster,     Dr. J. Macpherson, Mr. F.P.G. McRae, Mr. J. McCarthy,    

Miss McFarlane.    

Alderman and Mrs. Norton, Mr. V.V. Nathan, Miss   Nugent, Mr. A.W. Nathan, Mr. and Mrs. Noake, Mr. and    

Mrs. Neustadt.

Mr. Justice and Mrs. Owen, Lieutenant and Mrs. Olive,   Mr. and Mrs. C.N.J. Oliver, Miss Oliver, Mr. E.O. Sul-      

livan, Miss O' Sullivan, the Misses O'Brien, Captain and   Mrs. Percy Owen, Mr. O'Callaghan, Mr. and Mrs. R. E.   O'Connor, Mr. J.G. O'Neill, Mr. and Mrs. John Osborne,       Mr. J.B. and the Misses Oliffe, Dr. and Miss O'Neill.    

His Excellency the Admiral and Mrs. Pearson, Mr. Hugh Pollock, Miss Pedley, Mr. and Mrs.E. Playfair,     Dr. and Mrs. Pickburn, Dr. and Mrs. Purser, Mr. Mrs.   and Miss Paul, Mr. and Mrs. R. Prendergast, Mr. W.P.  

Plunkett, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Phippard, Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Phippard, Consul and Mrs. E.M. Paul, Mr. and Mrs.       E.T.J. Parfitt, Mr. and Mrs. J. Portus, Miss M. Plumb,   Mr. W. and Miss Price, Alderman and Mrs. Penny, Mr.   and Mrs. James Poole, Mr.P. Pemell, Mr. and Mrs. J.    

Plummer, Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Palmer, Miss Pateson, Miss   Prescott, Mr. A.D. Playfair, Mr. C.N. Payten, Mr. W.     F. Penny, Mr. and Mrs. J. Pemell, Miss Pemell, Mr. H.C.     Parr, Mr. W.H. Palmer, Miss Palmer, Mrs. Punch.    

Sir Arthur and Lady Renwick, Mr. and Miss Renwick,   Sir Alfred Roberts, the Right Hon. G.H. and Mrs. Reid,     Colonel and Mrs. Roberts, Colonel and Mrs. Rowe, Mr. and Mrs. C. Robinson, Mr. And Mrs. E. Reading, Mr. C. Reading, Mr. and Mrs. R. Richards, Miss Richards, Mr. and the Misses Butter, Mr and Mrs. H. C. Russell, Miss Russell, Mr. W.O. Reynolds, Miss Reynolds, Mr. and   Mrs. H.E. Russell, Mr. and Miss Russell, Mr. and Mrs.   C.J. and the Misses Roberts, Mr. D. Reid, Mr and Mrs.       T.R.Roydhouse, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Rofe, Mr. John     Rae, Alderman and Miss Rainford, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Riley, Dr. W.H. Reid, Mr. H. and Miss Rundle, Mr. and   Mrs. R.C. Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Richards, Mr.     G. Robertson, Mr. Mrs. and the Misses Ronson, Miss Rus-     sum, Mr. H. and Mrs. Robey, Mr. Mrs. and Miss Rigg, Misses Maud and Gertie Riley, Mr. S.B. Riley, Mr. C. A.   H. and Mrs. Redgrave, Mr. and Mrs. H. Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. R.G.C. Roberts, Mrs. Ratcliffe, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Rundle, Mr. C. Rudkin, Dr. and Mrs. Bougier, Mr. and

Mrs. Richards.

Sir Julian Salomons, Mr. Justice Stephen, Mr. Justice and Mrs. Simpson, Mr. Justice A.H. and Mrs. Simpson,     Colonel Smith, S.C.U. Major Savage, Mr. Sydney Smith,     Professor and Mrs. Scott, Professor and Mrs. Anderson   Stuart, Flag-Lieutenant Stewart, R.N. , Mr. and Mrs. T.     M. Slattery, Mr. and Miss Spain, the Messrs. Spain (2),  

Mr. and Mrs. John See, Mr. and Miss See, Mr. J. M. and Mrs. Smail, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Shipway, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Mark and Mrs. Sheldon, Mr. Alf Saunders, Mr. and Mrs. Shadler, Dr. and Mrs. Sawkins, Mrs. Soldene, Alder- man and Miss Smail, Dr. H. S. Sheldon, Dr. H.S. Stacey,   Mr. W.H. Simpson, Mr. Fairfax Smyth, Mr. S. H. and Mrs. Solomon, Miss Stewart, Mr. T. and Mrs. Saywell,   Mr. L .M. and Mrs. Sheridan, Mr. G. H. and Mrs. Smithers, Mr. D. and Mrs. Storey, Mr. T.F. Spalding,   Miss M. Sherlock, Mr. W. Mrs. and the Misses Smythe.

Dr A and Mrs Thompson Professor and Mrs Threl- fall Dr G. H. Thomas, Mr. Allen and Mrs. Taylor, Mr. R.  

and Mrs Teece, Mr. J. T. and Mrs. Tillock, Mr. E. and Mrs. Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Trelawny, Mr. W. L. and     Miss Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Thompson, Mr. H.   P. Triggs, Dr. and Mrs. R.H. Todd, Alderman Mrs. and   the Misses Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. G. Thornton, Mr. A. G. Taylor, Mrs. C. Taylor, Mr. Mrs. and Miss Twynam, Mr.   and Mrs. W. Tough, Mr. J. Toole.

Mr. W. L .Vernon, Miss Venables.

Mr. Crichett Walker, C.M.G. , Mr. F.W. and Mrs.         Webb, Mr. J. H. Want, Mr. G. A. and Mrs. Wilson, Pro-

fessor Wilson, Professor Warren, Professor Wood, Mr.   W. G. and Mrs. Whiting, Dr. and Mrs. Warren, Dr. and  

Mrs. Murray Will, Mr. W. Mrs. and Miss Walker, Miss Woolley, Mr. J. Westgarth, Mr. West, Mr. H. and Mrs. Woolley Messrs. H. and F. Wood, Mr. T. R. Woodhouse,

Dr. Gregg Wilson, Miss Maud Webb, Mr. C.H. and Mrs.  

Woolcott, Dr. R. Worrall, Mr. F.E. Wood, Alderman and

Mrs Waine, Judge and Mrs. Wilkinson, Mrs. and Miss Weiss, Mr. and Miss Waters, Mr. G.C. and Mrs.Waldron, Moss. and Mdme. Wiegand, Mr. John and Mrs. Wade, Mr. W. H. Watts, Mr. Burns-Walker, Mr. W. and Mrs.   Walker, Mr. J. and Misses Watson, Mr. P. B. Walker, Mr. J.T. and Mrs. Wilshire, Mr. J. and Mrs. Wheeler, Mr. Watson, jun., Mr. Alexander Wilson, Mr. J. Wil-   kinson. Mr. J.H. Mrs. and the Misses Young, Mr. John and

Mrs. Young, Mr. Young, jun., and Mrs. Young.

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