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Tho funeral of the late Herr Carl Ludwig Sahl, Gerin HU Consul, took place at the Waverley Cometer} yesterda} afternoon The procession left the deceased's late residence, I ongnood, shortlyafter dp m On the coflm were pi iced the late Consul's sword, oflicial hat and the decorations bestowed upon him b} tho Gorman Emperor iho plate on tho coflin was inscribed as fol- lows -'"* ÍTI Ludwig fcabl Imperial German CoiiBtl Bora January S 1810 died April 1 1897" A ver\ tong tram of carnago«i, teatifvmg to the esteem in which the deceased was held by all classes of the ommiunt}, followed the remains to Iho cemetery Both the Gorman warships, Falko und Bussard, and the -Vus trian warship Albatross bent detachment« iho combined bands of tho Falko and Bussard were present and plavcd a Lutheran hymn as tho collin was being cal ried into tho hearse Among thoao who tollow ed were-Herr Poldram (Con sul-Geiieral for Germain), Colonel Bell (United States Consul), M Bmrd d Aunet (Ironeh Conbul-General), Herr Paul fttuasiau Consul), M Maumchr (Creak Consul) Mr Uaegeorgo (Consul for Peru), Mr T B Treo hill (Conbul for Spam) Mr Boescn (Consul for Denmaik), Ciptein T Mcrgell(AuátriunCaiisnl) Mr J F lillock (Ariícntiuo Consul) tho comm indar» ot tho foreign warship*) Ciptaitin Krieg, '\\ inkier, and Von Miulir DIN Holms Fichier and Lillie

Mr Tesson M LA Messr» f B lairfav, Joseph, H Mort \V Mort L Molt Gibs Tuckson and re- presentatives from the Germán stcietiea uni most of tho shipping firms inbidno} ihe chief mounieis were Mrs Sihl who was accompanied ly Miss Binnia nu I Herr Otto Biuer (comm of the de- cease 1) The service at the grave was eon ducted in tho Gorman language by Pastor behenck I «theran minister A number of beautmil wreath« wero »mt hythe following - Mr ant Mrs Otto Bauer, Herr Peldram tho com- manders md ofheers of the 1Mb Bussarl and ralko Dr Trllro the oíhco stan of Messrs lïabono, Tee/ and Cn, Mr T Margal 1 the steff of tlie Ger- in nt Australian s s Company, lieutenant Colonel Walker Mrs and Miss Mitchell, Mrs A G Milson, Mr and Mrs lieu? Mrs Von der llajdo, Mr aird "Mrs \\ II Henderson, Pastor and Mrs Schenck, Messrs Fotts and Paull, Mr and Mrs Lohnuuu, Mr and Mrs llothe, Mr and Mrs Boesen, Mi C Winnecke Mr and Mrs A Loughnan Mr and Airs T C «HI« the Misses Tost and others, thoGeimaii Club Mr M Rutlv, tho Gemían Con- cordia Club, Mr MeeH7-wski, Mrs and Miss Binnie Mr an 1 Mr« II Muehui Mr Killam, the German Mea ( lub tho worn in s comnntteo of tho German Chunh, t"*ipkain Stäben (Gorman barque Ucean), Ciptain Muller (GanninshipTika), and the servants at Longwood

ihe majont} of tho wieaths wcio provided b} "Mess^ ^oirl und honî and Miss Goodenough The funeial arrangements wire carried Dirt 1} Mrs 1* Kirby an 1 Sou

lncoiibcpjence of the death of the German Consul Herr ^nhl, not only the Gorman officers mid man} of the hhip°, but also the foreign consulates in b} due} had their li igs at half must yesterday

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