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A council meeting of the NSW Rugby Football     Union was held last night. Mr J F Alacmanamev occupied the chair Messrs M 1 Cooke, II Read A D F\lea, S II Wickcrson (bon secretaries rospectiv ely to tne follow mg unions -Northern bruich, A\ çst°ru brunell, Central \* estera and ISew England', requested that a pp^ci ii meeting of the uuion be held in Sydney on some convenient Satur- day uvonmg for the purposo of considering certain pioposed amendments to the bylaws It was decided to call the meeting for October IG

The fiuance committee rnbmitted its report It was recommended that Mr Mulltueux (who bad started the correspondence) bo written to, inviting him to bring a team of ï nglmh playeis mentioned m his letter, such team to como under tho auspices of the Rugby Uuion (Engliud), *uuder the followiug terms -Hie team to nay its pass ige to and from Syd no}, tho local umou to pi} all intern ii ©\pcnecs m ISew South Wales, and to allow tho team JO per cent of the net profits up to the amount of such passage to consist of 21 members inclusive of manager, aud to play two m itches a week only, and to lca\o England and play here m Tune, m toi nat expen cs to include dill} tin iff at hotels and travelling expeuses with m the colon} as at ranged by the council

which will make the neces«u} irrangemeiits with New Zealand and Queensland Um matter was much discussed Itwis geneisll} admitted that 20 percent of the net profit would be much too small to offu aud finally an imp ml ni mt by Mr Henderson ivas carno 1 tlmt tho offer bo >0 per cent up to the amount of Ibu passage, and thut the mattet be loft in the hands of the union's lepresentafave in England The anuuul domtion to the Civil Ambulance and Transport Coi ps wns increuod from ii 2s to £5 Is Hie report with above amendments was adopted £20 wasgrmted to the picnic under the auspices of

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