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Family Notices

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BOGUS.—May 28, at her residence, Bank-street, Botany,   Mrs. Bogus, the wife of Mr. J. Bogus, of a son.

Both doing well.        

BROWNE.—June 2, the wife of J. W. Browne of Patonga, Blackwall, of a daughter.

CORNISH.—May 26, at Stainburn, Strathfield, the wife of F. H. Cornish of a daughter.

COX.—May 19. at Glifton, at Point road, Snails Bay, Balmain, the wife of James Cox, of a son.

DODD.—April 14, at the Exchange Hotel, Walgett, the    

wife of John Dodd, Mercadool, of a son.

FISHER.—May 23, at her residence, Riverside, Roseby-

street, Drummoyne, the wife of Henry B. Fisher, of a son.

LAMB.—June 1, at Ranger's Valley, New England, the  

wife of W. H. Lamb, of a daughter.

LEWTAS.—May 24, at Thompson-street, Drummoyne,  

the wife of J. C. Lewtas, of a daughter.

MICHELSON.—Mav 31, at her residence, 47 London-  

street, Enmore, the wife of M. B Michelson of a daughter. M'MINN.—May 26, at St. Elmo, Rockdale, the wife of A.

W. M'Minn, jun., of a daughter.      

MORICE.—May 17, at her residence, The Grove, Liverpool-

road, Enfield, the wife of Geo. Morice, of a of a daughter.

PERDRIAU.—May 31, at Tynilba, Burwood, the wife of

Henry Perdriau, of a son.  


BORRAN—CARSON.—February 4 at Newton Tonsil            

ante Nùrgriic Uncasl ./ li ti e llev Cnoill-cn rhra DT/mtorof Uiniuck is »toi bv tho V . It

0 Matthew recto, of M can ind the Ile. Herbert MonkvTraînfSt Tetcrs Won Io U .How. CI..rie; ff ToriI Horton f New on le-V.llowi; lo Muriel fonces third da pht r of tie Bet Tames Carson rector

of Newton nMale.tiell

BROWNE—WALSHE.—March 2, at St. Philip's Church,    

SrdMV bl tie Ven Ireh do um Langlov William iXir volinejcst son of tie 1 if Lmanuel Btnwnp luto

ArThur, youno* t ¡.lighter of ti 0 1 .to

Job Wal* of \dclulc \delai lo paper-please ropy

HART—BUTTON.—Ma\ S at St Tames Sydney bytto   Re. \\ B Motin« v Capta.n mnk» Hart of Ran foncl-co to Annette eldest dnugnter of John Lutton

Setiton Hall, Stanmore.

HOWARD—TOBIN.—Marri. 1 I« li tho Rev T r   Rtaraud at bt T eph s Woollahra T hn Harns, !Ä, f « Hum I' Howard of Woollrhri to Al Rebecca »econl daughUr of ldw.rd Tobin of

Yass, N.S.W.

ROBERTS—DALY.—Mai 5 . 1897 at the residence of the

bride`s parents by the Rev.. Dr Porter, Henry Clarence     eldest son of the late H G Roberts of Wodonga,

Brighton -strect Petersham to Miss Maude eldest dAer of James T. Daly ÜÍSt nelier=,Daniel-street,    


SHIELD—GARRETT.—April 26 at the residence of the      

bride's parents, by the Hon. Chas. White MA ., Edward Ripon youngest son of Mr. R Shield Hobart to Mary,   second daughter of Mr Thos. Garrett, Newcastle.

SMALL—LANE.—April 29, 1897, at the Wesleyan Par-        

sonage, Dowling-street, Paddington, by the father of the        

Sr«« °t"l Tv tie Rot 7 Wnolno U. (Tren lent <f

the fl oleran Conference) Tame» Kirk cid t non of John S fimal of 1 addington to Laura rani accond daughtct of tbo le. G orro I ano

WARNER—COLYER.—Mav 26, 1897, at fit Tania       ^Church Weit Maid ni lv tho Ttev T Weatherby Albert I" M arncl t T. t "ter statl n \rmilale t.A Mar fifth daughter of Um Bet W K Coljcr C L

West Maitland.

WATSON—MITCHELL.— Tunuirv "0 at St Johns  

Church Balmain 1 1 the Itov W A Ch irlton Henry rjeprce eldest son of f corge I in 1-nj M iteon T"<q of Birmingham rnbhn 1 to Ros* Tdith elle t dmthttr of Thomas Mrtrhell lj| of Daisy Bank, Balmain.  


ARKELL.—May 26, 1897, at the residence of her gran-    

mother Mrs W Dick, Scott Street, Newcastle, Zoe Arkell, the beloved daughter of C H and Delia M  

Arkell, aged 4 years and 8 months.

ARKELL.—May 29, at her grand ma's 67 Scott-

street, Newcastle, Zoe Arkell aged 4 years and 8 months, dearly loved niece of Jane and Isabel Arkell.

BAYLISS.—June 4, at his residence, Hadleigh, Wemyss-    

street Marrickville, Charles Bayliss, photographer, aged

47 years.

CAHALAN.—May 11, at his res.3ence George-street  

Liverpool John M Cahalan aged 38. R.I.P.  

CLARKE.—May 29, 1897 Kenneth Alexander Mackenzie,  

son of the late James Clarke formerly of Glendhu, River Ouse, Hamilton, Tasmania, in his 80th year. Inserted   by his wife and family, Cawdor, Auntralia-street, Wool- lahra. Sutherland (Scotland) and Otago (NZ) papers         please copy.

COLLIN.—May 17, at bet tepidencc Tagle Tunetion Bni

Une Alice bclotcd wife of Guayate A \ Cillin in 1 cr

47th year.

CREENY.—On Easter Day, at O-cford hill Norwich tho Rev 1\ F Creen. M V 0 jeariMcarof St "Michaels it II orne Norwich and foi raerlf coratt of St rhomn' a S I conarda an 1 aubse qiimtlr wcumbent of St Anna Iljde N.S.W. ,aged 72. CUBIT.—On Easter Mondav at her residence Glonnm  

Ahojhill co Antrim Ireland Ester Cubit beloved   mother of W.J. Cubit 137 Pitt-street Redfern Sydney   Deeply regretted.

DENISON.—May 29, 1897, s residence Violo* Cottage    

Biuchr-.trpet N nrtli Botanv John Denison sen., aged     flyMW native of 1 r id 1 Yorkshire .After a very painful illness. Gathered home.  

Ml ti L pain and gr ef are otcr t.ery .-eitle«s to»sing passed I am now' at pe ice for e. er

Safel> homo in heaven at lost

FAY Air I i 181? at tho Prmee Alfred Hospital

Harriet Louise Fay the nnl> I cloved daughter of     Freâenck and liar- et Borers of typhoid aged °2 yearB Atrest New Zeal ind papers plcaie copy

HALL.—Mav 1 161 at Scone of heart dlsca-e Archi

bald, the lead beloved li nband of Minnie Hall and toongest son of ti e late Matthew TT»nry Hall of Non doirra Aberdeen aged _5 yean and « mouth» Deeply


HALL.—May 23, nt Scone suddcnl. of pne .monia and  

heart di«ei?e Arel le youneeit son of tho late Matthew Henry Hall ofNanl wTn aberdeen

HANKS.—June 4, 1897, at the residence of F. Hanks,  

Harrow road Bexley. Annie widow of the late J. G. Hanks, of Rockmore, Elizabeth Bay.  

LUCAS.—June 1, at lou Ion Kate Allman lelo, ed wifo    

ÍG Will I 1 Tuns lato tf the Ird Dragoon fiurda and yo ingest dnughter of tho lato Hon T W

Smart M.L.C. Bv cable.  

LYON.—June 3, 1897, at Parramatta, James Lyon, aged

87 years.

MULLIGAN.—May 28, nt Tnnco Afred Hospital Feargall      

Mulligán agel od R.I.P.

PLOWMAN.—May 30, at her residence Kite-street,  

Orange, Margaret the beloved wife of Sinclair Plowman,

aged 65 years.

SKINNER.—June 4, at Turramurra JAmes Skinner, aged77 years

SMITH.—June 2, at the Coast Hospital, Little Bay, Mrs. Hanorah Smith, aged 76. R.I.P. Interred at  


THOW.—June 2, at Irr r-i dei ce M nodlaw« Waicrlev

.gne* the beloved w fe of William Thow agel fl years ,  

In Memoriam.

ANDERSON.—In 1 ving rememl ranee of our darling  

Stella May who liri Time f tj 1S9! nt Pnnco Alfred Ilosriitol of typho 1 feur nued r lean an 111 months Ijiierted bj her loung father uni mother J and L


BYRNES.—In loving memory of Mary Byrnes, the beloved         wife of B. Byrnes, who died at her residence, Monona     Lodge, Marrackville, 6th June, 1884. Requiescat in pace.     GETLEY.—In loving remembrance of my dear mother       Clara Getley, who departed this life on June 6th, 1896,     «berr(ju)nni.e I ln«doivnr T ivcrpoul road Coy Ion nicrted by her lo. mg laughter Annie Gone before but not forgotten.

GRAHAM.—In living morv of Tame« Albert Graham

whoaied T. north m 11.0I 10 tears Lc.vosmai

wither b itmem n nriri Insenel by his lonng mother ,

Hers andonlvl other Oilier


Tin rl not foi gotten Blanche dear,

N ri 11. "ci .lo

As 1 1 g as life and memory last

I will remember thee

Inserted hy her lot ng brother T K Henderson

HOGARTH.—In loung memon of Hetbert George Ho ÏÏ. j j*' Mn °f B O andr Hogarth ino Dock S"°,<M on rth T"e l«i of typlml at Um Western s ib irbs c tta-e Hospital Tnflcll aged 1" lt»v "tNl ' > 'ii" lorrowint. parents

MANLY.—In oTlnR rememl ranee of mr ¿oar         roomer Mar a Mont who died ut Adelaide feouth Aus-

tralia June 't! IM,

Im uintl co in ailcnce,

None Heemewocp Bit nil.-. '

Iaserted bv her son M J M inly

MIMINAGH.—In loving memory of our dear sister Sarah Miminagh, who died at Nundah, Queensland, June 6th     1896, aged 39 years, daughter of the late James Ford Neale, of Pelican street, Sydney.  

One by one we cross the river.    

Inserted by her loving sisters, Mrs Davis and Mrs Rowles. PURTELL.—In memory of our dear mother Mary Pur- «" wh leparte I ti " 1 fL Time 6 li 1S<K aged ao years

Yo 1 ar not f ¡.otten mother deat,

Norci rwlljoilo

.,' "K "'I fenn I m mort ¡ist


RICKWOOD.—In sad but ever-lov,nb memotv of, Jiarteathií "'í* of"AlbMt wWwool »ho le goUen ti -.'. ,"e,"h Isq4 Vmt lutnotfir PÍckwood y lo,lng husband Albert W SEAMAN.—r'^Trfíí i1"""1 mo,non nf midearhu.bamlanl

Juae lui , ,P!1? ?" w,u '«iatnathintonthostll .ndcb,M?o""L,;/V,'.>Tr._ ln3erkd bs ""lQ«°f t'

nf» 1T. Return Thanks.

Mrs. JOHN DENISON and FAMILY desire to return

etnLsñn.t'""'"' '," «'Wm mi kmd friends for tho Scon, »M BS n '1"" ». « eir late i ei y »ad bcreave uoral tnbuie' ' numero 11 telegrams, letters and

ft«^kVto«Lnni:r i10?-» * Bymn rotum "nMre

tliït Mdb,""ni,"nd fl"n1" ulsu for wreaths in «..CI»». iXIss^ance "" ' """^ TVmm* °f

»«legraT »"WS" t0 U Clr ^""^ f" ti e.r letter

Me bereatcZnt C5Lra" "'" 0t "f"^^ in their

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