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Family Notices

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BOGUS.—May 28, at her residence, Bank-street, Botany,   Mrs. Bogus, the wife of Mr. J. Bogus, of a son. Both

doing well.          

BROWNE.—June 2, the wife of J. W. Browne of Patonga, Blackwall, of a daughter.

CORNISH.—May 26, at Stainburn, Strathfield, the wife of F. H. Cornish of a daughter.

COX.—May 19, at Glifton, at Point road, Snails Bay, Balmain, the wife of James Cox, of a son.

DODD.—April 14, at the Exchange Hotel, Walgett, the    

wife of John Dodd, Mercadool, of a son.

FISHER.—May 23, at her residence, Riverside, Roseby-

street, Drummoyne, the wife of Henry B. Fisher, of a son.

LAMB.—June 1, at Ranger's Valley, New England, the  

wife of W. H. Lamb, of a daughter.

LEWTAS.—May 24, at Thompson-street, Drummoyne,  

the wife of J. C. Lewtas, of a daughter.

MICHELSON.—May 31, at her residence, 47 London-  

street, Enmore, the wife of M. B. Michelson, of a daughter. M'MINN.—May 26, at St. Elmo, Rockdale, the wife of A.

W. M'Minn, jun., of a daughter.      

MORICE.—May 17, at her residence, The Grove, Liverpool-

road, Enfield, the wife of Geo. Morice, of a daughter.

PERDRIAU.—May 31, at Tynilba, Burwood, the wife of

Henry Perdriau, of a son.  


BORRAN—CARSON.—February 24, at Newton Parish            

Church, Wargrave, Lancashire, by the Rev. Canon Pen-   rhyn, D.D., rector of Winwick, assisted by the Rev. R.

C. Matthew, rector of Wigan, and the Rev. Herbert   Monk, vicar of St. Peter's, Newton-le-Willows, Charles Bell Ford Borron, of Newton-le-Willows; to Muriel     Frances, third daughter of the Rev. James Carson, rector    

of Newton-in-Makerfield.  

BROWNE—WALSHE.—March 2, at St. Philip's Church,    

Sydney, by the Ven. Archdeacon Langley, William     Arthur, youngest son of the late Emanuel Browne, late  

of Parrmatta, to Kate, youngest daughter of the late

Job Walsh, of Adelaide. Adelaide paper please copy.

HART—BUTTON.—May 8, at St. James', Sydney, by the Rev. W. R. Mounsey, Captain Frank W. Hart, of San Francisco, to Annette, eldest daughter of John Button,

Sefton Hall, Stanmore.

HOWARD—TOBIN.—March 17, 1897, by the Rev. P. F.   Fitzgerald, at St. Joseph's, Woollahra, John Harris,       second son of William H. Howard, of Woollahra, to Crystal Rebecca, second daughter of Edward Tobin, of

Yass, N.S.W.

ROBERTS—DALY.—May 5, 1897, at the residence of the  

bride's parents by the Rev. Dr Porter, Henry Clarence,     eldest son of the late H. C. Roberts, of Wodonga,

Brighton-street, Petersham, to Mina Maude, eldest daughter of James T. Daly, of St, Heliers, Daniel-street,


SHIELD—GARRETT.—April 26, at the residence of the      

bride's parents, by the Hon. Chas. White M.A., Edward   Ripon, youngest son of Mr. R, Shield Hobart, to Mary, second daughter of Mr. Thos. Garrett, Newcastle.

SMALL—LANE.—April 29, 1897, at the Wesleyan Par-        

sonage, Dowling-street, Paddington, by the father of the        

bride, assisted by the Rev. J. Woolnough (Presi dent of  

the Wesleyan Conference), James Kirk, eldest son of     John S. Small, of Paddington, to Laura Emma, second   daughter of the Rev. George Lane.    

WARNER—COLYER.—May 26, 1897, at St. Paul's       Church, West Maitland, by the Rev. F. Weatherby,   Albert F. Warner, of Tribuster station, Armidale, to A.       May, fifth daughter of the Rev. W. K. Coyer, C.E.,  

West Maitland.

WATSON—MITCHELL.—January 20, at St. John's    

Church, Balmain, by the Rev. W. A. Charlton, Henry     George, eldest son of George Lindsay Watson, Esq., of         Birmingham, England, to Rosa Edith, eldest daughter of     Thomas Mitchell, Esq., of Daisy Bank, Balmain.  


ARKELL.—May 26, 1897, at the residence of her gran-    

mother, Mrs. W. Dick, Scot-Street, Newcastle, Zoe   Aileen, the beloved daughter of C. H. and Delia M.  

Arkell, aged 4½ years.

ARKELL.—May 29, at her grandma's, 67 Scott-  

street, Newcastle, Zoe Arkell, aged 4 years and 8 months, dearly loved niece of Jane and Isabel Arkell.

BAYLISS.—June 4, at his residence, Hadleigh, Wemyss-    

street, Marrickville, Charles Bayliss, photographer, aged

47 years.

CAHALAN.—May 11, at his residence, George-street,  

Liverpool, John M. Cahalan, aged 38. R.I.P.  

CLARKE.—May 29, 1897, Kenneth Alexander Mackenzie,  

son of the late James Clarke, formerly of Glendhu, River Ouse, Hamilton, Tasmania, in his 60th year. Inserted   by his wife and family, Cawdor, Australia-street, Wool- lahra. Sutherland (Scotland) and Otago (N.Z.) papers         please copy.

COLLIN.—May 17, at her residence, Eagle Junction, Bris-

bane, Alice, beloved wife of Gustave A. A. Collin, in her  

47th year.

CREENY.—On Easter Day, at Oxford-hill, Norwich,  

England, the Rev. W. F. Creeny, M.A., F.S.A., over 20 years Vicar of St. Michael's-at-Thorne Norwich and for-   merly curate of St. Thomas's, S. Leonards, and subse-       quently incumbent of St. Ann's, Ryde, N.S.W., aged 72. CUBIT.—On Easter Monday, at her residence, Glonnan,  

Ahoghill, co. Antrim, Ireland, Ester Cubit, beloved   mother of W. J. Cubit, 137 Pitt-street, Redfern, Sydney. Deeply regretted.

DENISON.—May 29, 1897, at his residence Violet Cottage,  

Blucher-street, North Botany, John Denison., sen., aged       65 years, native of Yeadon, Yorkshire, after a very pain-ful ful illness. Gathered home.

All the pain and grief are over,     Every restless tossing passed, I am now at peace for ever,    

Safely home in heaven at last.

FAY.—April 4, 197, at the Prince Alfred Hospital,  

Harriet Louise Fay, the only beloved daughter of       Frederick and Harriet Rogers, of typhoid, aged 22 years.   At rest. New Zealand papers please copy.

HALL.—May 23, 1897, at Scone of heart disease Archi-

bald, the dearly beloved husband of Minnie Hall, and   youngest son of the late Matthew Henry Hall, of Nan.   dowra, Aberdeen, aged 25 years and 2 months. Deeply


HALL.—May 23, at Scone, suddenly, of pneumonia and    

heart disease, Archie, youngest son of the late Matthew   Henry Hall, of Nandowra, Aberdeen.

HANKS.—June 4, 1897, at the residence of F. Hanks,  

Harrow-road, Bexley, Annie widow of the late J. G.   Hanks, of Rockmore, Elizabeth Bay.  

LUCAS.—June 1, at London, Kate Allman, beloved wife        

of Colonel H. F. Lucas, late of the 3rd Dragoon Guards, and youngest daughter of the late Hon. T. W.  

Smart, M.L.C. By cable.  

LYON.—June 3, 1897, at Parramatta, James Lyon, aged

87 years.

MULLIGAN.—May 28, at Prince Afred Hospital, Feargall      

Mulligan, aged 59. R.I.P.

PLOWMAN.—May 30, at her residence Kite-street,  

Orange, Margaret, the beloved wife of Sinclair Plowman,

aged 65 years.

SKINNER.—June 4, at Turramurra, James Skinner, aged 77 years.

SMITH.—June 2, at the Coast Hospital, Little Bay, Mrs. Hanorah Smith, aged 76. R.I.P. Interred at  


THOW.—June 2, at her residence, Woodlawn, Waverley,    

Agnes, the beloved wife of William Thow, aged 51 years.      

In Memoriam.

ANDERSON.—In loving remembrance of our darling      

Stella May, who died June 5th, 1896, at Prince Alfred   Hospital, of typhoid fever, aged 5 years and 11 months.   Inserted by her loving father and mother J. and E.


BYRNES.—In loving memory of Mary Byrnes, the beloved         wife of B. Byrnes, who died at her residence, Monona     Lodge, Marrackville, 6th June, 1884. Requiescat in pace.     GETLEY.—In loving remembrance of my dear mother       Clara Getley, who departed this life on June 6th, 1896,     at her residence, Lansdowne, Liverpool-road, Croydon.     Inserted by her loving daughter, Annie Weaver. Gone   before, but not forgotten.

GRAHAM.—In loving memory of James Albert Graham,

who died June 5th, 1895, aged 39 years. Leaves may

wither, but memory never. Inserted by his loving mother,    

sisters, and only brother, Oliver.


Thou art not forgotten, Blanche dear,  

Nor will you ever be ;

As long as life and memory last    

I will remember thee.

Inserted by her loving brother, J. K. Henderson.  

HOGARTH.—In loving memory of Herbert George Ho- garth, eldest son of R. G. and E. Hogarth, Five Dock, who died on 5th June, 1895, of typhoid fever at the Western Suburbs Cottage Hospital, Enield, aged17         years. Inserted by his sorrowing parents.  

MANLY.—In sad but loving remembrance of my dear       mother, Maria Manly, who died at Adelaide, South Aus-  

tralia, June 5th, 1895,

I mourn thee in silence,

No eyes see me weep ; But still in my bosom Your memory I keep.

Inserted by her son, W. J. Manly.  

MIMINAGH.—In loving memory of our dear sister Sarah Miminagh, who died at Nundah, Queensland, June 6th     1896, aged 39 years, daughter of the late James Ford Neale, of Pelican-street, Sydney.    

One by one we cross the river.    

Inserted by her loving sisters, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Rowles. PURTELL.—In memory of our dear mother Mary Pur- tell, who departed this life June 5th, 1895, aged 46 years.        

You are not forgotten mother dear,    

Nor ever will you be ;

As long as life and memory last  

We will remember thee.

RICKWOOD.—In sad but ever-loving memory of Edith, dearly-beloved wife of Albert W. Rickwood, who de- parted this life on June 4th, 1894. Dead, but not for- gotten. Inserted by her loving husband, Albert W. Rickwood. SEAMAN.—In loving memory of my dear husband and father, John Seaman, who died at Bathurst on the 5th

June, 1895, in his 35th year. Inserted by his loving wife and children, Lizzie Seaman.  

Return Thanks.    

Mrs. JOHN DENISON and FAMILY desire to return

their sincere thanks to their many kind friends for the expressions of sympathy in their late very sad bereave-           ment conveyed in the numerous telegrams, letters and floral tributes.

The FAMILY of Mr. JOHN A. SMITH return sincere

thanks to their many kind friends, also for wreaths, in their sad bereavement. Also for prompt payment of the Citizens' Life Assurance. Mr. and Mrs. W. TAYLOR, and FAMILY desire to return their sincere thanks to their friends for their letters.

telegrams, and other expressions of sympathy in their    

late bereavement.            

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