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" Tho Battloflolda oí Thossaly ; with Personal Ex

.poiionciis in Turkey nnd Grooce. B3* Sir Ellis Ashrnoad Bnrtlott, M.P. London : John Murray.


Sinos it bcoamo tho fortuno of SirLllm Aslimeid Bartlett to bo captured bj a Greok cruiBcr during tho Into vv nr, boforo porsonallj interviewing tho Sultan as nn 1 nglisli sjmpitlneor mid mombcr of Parliament, his iinmo linn become closoly ldontihcd with tho Greco

Turkish struggle 1 von no trngiuil a matter BR war lina its absurd eldo, nnd it hu» been given to Sir L A Bartlett to poraomfj this not less so becnuBO throughout his oxporionoos mid this volume, he persists in taking himself with un- broken sonousnos« Tho book ia mainlj offered as "a nnrmtivo of mj own and my BOU'B personal experiences " but UIDBO experiences aro mado to confirm tho writor in tho conviction that the traditional policj of J uglnnd tow nrds tho Ottom m Lmpiro 19 tho right and just one Ho explains that the otorual necesaitiPs of strate,^, race, and politics, domund tho ratification of lioaconBfitld'fl policy, and tho substitution of hostihtj for friendship to- ward« tho chief indopuidont Mussulinnn Fower of tho world means mischief to British interests m Luropo and Asm but nbovo nil m India Coming lo tho w ar itself, ho does not dignify it bj (ho namo of a great one, but regards UB im- portante as part of tho devoloünicnt of that " otcrnal Lastern Question," ns ho calls it, which has such a grautj for Luglaud It lias strengthened Mussulman solidarity, lio thinks, ant has impressed tho " remarkable BOV o

reign who holds the north western gates of India,"-a dolioato rofcronco to tho Amoor of Afghanistan which will doubtless bo duly apprc

ciatod m tho proper quarter Ho thinks it also means tho sorious declino, if not tho total IOBS of British influonco at Constantinople wlnlo Gonuany is said to havo secured tho support in caso of European war of tho Bplondid Ottoman armj

XTo deprecates in tho most cenBOriouB tarma what ho describes as tho violonco of language- and rock lossnoss of abuso towards tho Sultan and IHR Ministers and officers in which cortam British politicians and a scot Ion of tho press aro snid to hav o índulgod, thoueli ho is caroful to add that ho does not inoludo in this censuro " suitable ami iv ell-conbidored reprobation of tho ov ii deodH that woro dono in Armonía during tho last threo months of 1805 " But ho speaks of journalistio fictions about Sassun, tho atrocities alleged m connection with which placo, this writer arers nov er had any existence at all There waa aro volt, and it was Mipprossod at tho cost of from 262 to 000 lives as variously ostimatcd, ia his ox planation AU other stonos woro fiction, paid for by that Gront Tower whoso obioot is to destroy tho Ottoman Empire, and in so doing dell n deadly blow nt tho dominion of Imgland, Still, it is comforting to loam from tho author himself that when ho had tho opportumtj of speaking to tho Sultan ho impressed on that monarch tho disastrous effect of evil deeds such as thoso porpotuated in Asia Minor m lb!)5, and ox nctcd n premiso that caroful nieasuros would bo taken to provont their rocurrenco

This worthy mombor of Tarliamont throw lum Belf headlong into tho voitox of wat botwoeu Turkoy and Groecc, ho cxplnins, so that ho might observo tho Ottoman army, watch its treatment of a beaten foo, and help to mako penco botw ecu the belligerent« But the principal object-it weighed moro with Sir E Ashmo/id Bartlott than Iho others, ho himself assures ti6-was tho supremo wish to gain knowledgo and Bxponouoo to aid him in promoting at homo the old and necessary policv of friendship tow irda tho Ottoman Lmpiro With thoso preconceived in tonhons it is obvious that tho book -was to all in- tents and purposes planned boforo ho etarlod IIo took Ins son 3 His w ith htm und the two divido tho interest of tho roador Wo follow the pair to the front, and to Larissa, and thou to Vnlostinoa and Domokos Wo aro permitted to seo them captured by tho Groek ships, and earned off to Athone, whero thoy improvo tho occasion by an lntemow with tho King of Greece Thcnco thoy go to Oonstantmoplo to mtorviow tho Sultan, so having tho nniquo oxpononco, ns Sir Lilis Ashmcad Bartlett modestly boasts, of having nudiencos within threo days nnd during a condition of actual warfare, "by both tho Sovereigns of the two combatant« " Tho Greok inhabitants of tho provinces aro m general denounced for their barbarous treatment of TurkB, tho courage of tho Sultan's troops is lauded throughout, and tho book is dedicated to the Ottoman army, " that gallant, lughly-dlBoiplinod, pabont, and indomit- able soldiery "

In his new volume " Australian Fairy Tales"   (Ward, Lock, and Co.), Mr. Atha Westbury   makes a claim to the liking of Australian children based upon a performance very different from those of the majority of writers for the young here. He simply takes the unkind and the kind spirits of earth and air, as they are in Andersen, or Grim, or d'Aulnoy, or in the "Thousand and   One Nights," and makes them perform their magio service for young and old in Australia. The beautiful prince, hidden under an animal disguise, is restored to his own again, birds and animals speak, the "good people" themselves     appear--certain with a mellow brogue, immi- grants, no doubt All these wonders are strictly in the interest of good morals. Grumbling, idle, and otherwise troublesome peoplo are punished, and tho contrary virtues suitably rowarded. The human guests of faery go up in mar- vellous balloons, ropes of silk and sails of sondai, or down in boats, where Alph, the sacred river, ran through caverns

measureless to man down to a sunless sea. and through it all, somehow, our gum trees and kangaroos, and Blue Mountains and River Torrens, and Mount Pleasants, Williamstown and Mel- bourne, interfere. All the work of magic belongs to the land of the Arabian Nights, and one feels puzzled to meet brownie, kobold, gnome, dwarf, prince, and the rest under our skies. Perhaps   their small Highnesses whose age is undor double ligures may approve.

Lady Howard of Glossop, having, inl895 made A tour of Canada, (ho United StatoB Mexico, presents tho vv orld with tho journal of a good humoured and talkativo lady in a hurrj (" Journal of a Tour m the United States, Mexico and Canada," by Winofrod, Lidy Howard of Glossop, Sampson Low, Marston, nnd Co ) The author appears toha\o had a very good time, indeed, and to havo boon simply indefatigable in hor vocation of sight-seeing and note taking Iho illustrations are not tho loast ugreeablo feature of

this rather breathless book

Tho Rev Dyson Hague, i Canadian Church man, has thought it well to w rito a study of "Tho Churoh of England boforo the Reforma- tion" (Hodder and Staughton I Sinco his objeot has boon to show how completa is tho contrast between tho position of that Churoh then and now, ho is hardly likely to pleaBo that largo section of tho Church of England tho members of which hold to tho historical and doctrinal continuity of tho Church Against this doctrino Mr Hague marshals his ronding of history It IB not easy to roconoilo with the position stated m tho first part of his proface this clause from a later portion of tho samo dooumont -" I earnestly trnst that this volume will givo the render a clearer grasp of tho profound diffcronco between tho Romanised National Church of tho pre Reformation ago an! the Nationnl Church of Lngland since, and of tho marvollous change that was effected m tho dootrino and ritual of the Church without alteration of its episcopal order on tho ono hand, or of its orgamo identity on tho other " If there is profound difference, complots contrast, where is organic identify f

Two now volumes of Mr James Bowden'« colonial library aro Mr Shan T Bullock's "Tho Charmer " and "A Desertor from Philistia," by E Phipps Train Mr Bullock's Irish sketches aro now woll know ii, and for a North of Ireland town or oountry group ho is perhaps as capable a writer na MIBB Emily Lawless of tho South-western Irish In this tale, which ought to havo been ranch I shorter, ho tolls of the glamour of a young English lady who is spending tho honoJTnoon at au Irish ooaat tow n, her husband and self, to escapo cinbairassmonts, passing for brother and sister But though the book ha« good work, tho story is impossible out of Bedlam " A Desertor from Thihstia " is all about a young lady of mixed antecedents, who marnas a clergyman m America and runs away to danoo into famo, wealth, and advontures at

Now York

In Messrs Ward, Lock, and Co s senes also como two now books Mr Hendon Hill has written m " Beacon Fires " a batch of roadablo short stones of land and sea along tho English Channel whon Nnpoleon contemplated in vasion " PhnriBoos " is a long story of a girl's career in New York It contains somo sadden- ing dceonptious of tho search for daily bread to whioh a girl maj bo reduced, and tho episode of Paul Simms is skating on thin ice At longtli all nomos nght, and tho British nobility is balked of &n Amencan heiress by her constanoy to Mr


Messrs Angus and Robertson sond ns a olover >nd amusing nov el in Lotin Kayo's " Drawing »oom Cymo." Tho dialogue, tit« pooplQ tho

situations, tho author's astdcs aro all vory smnrb Mrs Melvillo's Chiongo mothor-in-law, who darkened tho dootrincs of theosophy bj publioly ox pounding thora, is ono of a »ones of portraits of wrinon, nil of them brilliantly, clover, whothor at full longth or smaller, hut few sv mpathotio

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