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  • JenCWPearson 1 May 2012 at 02:56
    Check to see if this is Alfred Windeyer from Bombala, NSW

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BOWRAL, Monday.

Mr George Lewis, local government officer, met the aldermen and ntopavors at tho Town Hall to-day, to consider tho petition winch had been sent bv tho tatcpaycrs for a division of the municipality into wards He examined a number of persons interested, and tho petition was with- drawn on tho understanding that tho council

would submit amended boundaries

ARALUEN, Monday.

The thieo men charged on remand with robbing slmco-boxos wero brought before tho full local Bench to-day After occupying all day, the caso

was dismissed


The annual meeting of tho Western Auxiliary of tho British and roreierti Biblo Society was hold to night The roport stated that 100 Bibles and 10ü Testaments had b°en sold, being an lncreaso of 92 over the snl°s of tho previous year. There was a credit balance of £32 13s lid

BERRY, Monday.

For the Berry show, which opens to-morrow,

2000 entries havo been loceivod


On Saturday fat stook averaged £3 There wero good sales of wheat at is 2'cl to 2s 3d

COWRA, Monday.

Dr Byrne, Roman Catholic Bishop of Bathurst, arrived hero last Trida} night On Sundav the Bisnop opened and blessed tho additions recently completed to tho convent, which is conducted by thoBngidine Sist"is At tho 11 o'clock Mas3 tho ceremony of the reeep ion of the postulant Bugi diuo took place The Bishop officiated, assisted bv F ither O'Kenuedy, parish priest of Cowra lhere was a crowded congregation Tne Ecrmon was preached bv lather Dowling, of St Stanis- laus' College, Ba'hurst \- collection taken up in aid ot tho budding fund amounted to about



Tho annual meeting of tho Crookwell Butter Factory was held last week Tho report pro

sented announced that tho company had begun to ship dire-t to tho London market, 7 iGOlb of butter having been forwarded lh« result is not vet known During tho year tho i"ctory c'ealt with I39,7J2 gallons of milk, roturniug IS 1,1321b butter The gross returns are £fib A ISs 7d Messrs Georgo M Donald mil b L Vidler w ero re elected directors A résolutif n was carried to deduct a

farthing pel gal'on from Bupnhois till all unallotted shares in .ho company aro taken up

Mr William Kenuedy, J P , president of the local agricultural society, has been chosen to ropiescnt tho society at tho Agricultural Confer- ence at Sydney on the 13th February


The returns collected by tho police give tho population of tho Clarence district as 19,582, besides 3JG abougmes Grafto-, with its suburbs, has a population of 7o3S

Up to the end of January 033,841 bushels of last year's crop of raaizo and 3o00 tons ot tho last cron of pot i oes had been shipped from tho Clarence to Sydney

GUNNEDAH, Monday,  

A farewell was given in the Courthouse Hotel on Saturday night to Mr. Alfred Windeyer, late manager of the A.J.S. Bank branch, now    


JUNEE, Monday

At the police court to-day, belora Mr Bayliss, P M , uni Mr Hammond J P , B L Davies, hconbeo of tho railway refreshment-rooms, was hut 1 £30 ou a ehargo of having sold liquor to Con

stablo Walsh, ho not being a persan arriving und departing by tram Mr Mitchelmore appeared for tho defendant, and Mr Thom, solicitor, Ä atched the case for tho Railway Commissioners Notico of nppcs>tjT-as given


This morning, while crossing in a ferry boat the child of John Partridge, of Summer Island,   fell out of the boat into the river and was drowned

At the last met*mg of tho Maclean Agricultural Association, Mr Lnoch Rudder was soleoted to roprescut that society at tho lorthcoming confer- ence in Sydney


At a mooting of the Narrandera Pastoial aud Agricultural Association, Mr Lester b Donald

sou was appointed dolcgato to tho conference arranged by tho Departmont of Agriculture to bo hold lu Sydney on 13th matant

NOWRA, Monday.

Mr T N Gnomon, lato manager at Bodalla, died on Sunday afternoon at tho Albion Hotel from congestion of the lungs


A demonstration, promoted by tho local fnendly societies in aid of tho Hawkesbmy Bonovolent Societj, was holdycs*erdav, when thero was a vory laige attendance The collection amounted to over


R\ LSI ONE, Monday.

A daughtor of n woll-known rosident namod Willis, agod 12, residing at Narrango, was sent out in searoh of tho milking cowa, but got lost in the bush, and a search paity was out all night, A young man named lung was successful m find- ing tho girl lato to-day, inuoh oihausted, with

her clothes all torn

Tho eorn crops in tho district never lookod botter, and thero is gruas and herbage in abund-



An Afghan hawker named Abdul Khan, in a (mint of bravado, swam several ttffiçs across ft0

Wollombi Creek when It wita flooded! Suddenly ho sauk, and Was drotfhedi

ULMARRA, Mondayi

Thirty thousand gallons of milk wfêre supplied lo tho factory during Jrtnlmryi and suppliers frere paid 5jd, and for butter fat at equal to 2d per gallon. Mr. James Rstallick WBB tigaih elected

chairman of directors.

WAGGA, Monday,

Henry Stanley, 48 yoarsi temporary gloom at tho Criterion Hotel, has been killed by falling

from a loft.

WALCHA. Monday,

Tho Minister for Mines and Agriculture has definitely decided to open tim show herd on i2th March, and arrangements wi'l bo ¡nada for his rccoption.


A general meeting of the Wellington Farmers' Company was hold ou Satiitdliy. Messrs. Haynes, M.P., Barnen, Dawabh) Nâiicartow, ahd Roas wero elected direotors. ïlle company will ooiri uicnco operations at once.

WEST MAITLAND, Monday. Tlio Rev, T. R, Regg, nb present locum tencua at St. Luke's, Liverpool, lias been appointed

incumbent of St. Paul's.


Tho first mooting of shareholders of tho Wagga Wagga Co-oporativo Butter Factorv was held at the TownHall on Saturday. About .00 shareholders attended, the Mayor (Alderman J. J. M'Gnith) presiding. Tho report of tho provisional dil colors stated that tho company had boon successfully floated. Tho following direotors wero appointed : -Messrs. J. J. M'Grath, B. B. Bennett. R. M. Chapman, C. K. Horwood, J. Angel, AV. Shaw, R. Dunn. It is intcudod to establish threo oroamories in tlio district in oonncction with the main factory at Wagga Wagga.

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