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W The following is a list of the Governors of New JSouth AVales since the foundation of the colony -< SCentain A. Phillip, R N., from 2Gth Januara, lTbS, ino 10th December. 1792 . Cautain F. Grose* Lieu«

, jtenatit-Gaaoinor from 11th Decemboi, 1702 to 12th

ISDecBmhor, 1791 , Captain Pnteroon, N.S.W. Corps, jLieutenant-Govornor from 13th December, 17') t, to

slst September, 1795 , Captain Hunter, R.N., nrom. Hitli faeptomber, 1795, to 27th September, 1800 , Cnp< I jj)tam P. G. Kuig, H.N., from 28th faoutombor, 1800,

tto 12th August, 180G, Canta n W. Bligh, R.N.. trom

|l.!th August, 180G, to 2Gth .Tanuaiy, 1S03 . during ^Governor Bligh's suspension tho government avast ^successively administered by Linutenant-Colonel G. iJTohustono. Lioutenant-Colonol Toveaux, and aColonol William Paterson, from 2Gth January, 1808, i Äto 2Sth December. 1809 , Ma|or-General L Mac Kquarie, from 1st January, 1810, to 1st December, «1821 , Major-Goncral Sir T. Brisbane, K.C.B., from Slst Dccomber, 1821, to 1st December, 1825, Colonel Jstowart, 3rd Rogiment of Buffs, Lioutonaut ÍJGovornor from Gth to 18th December, 1825 , Lieu Itenant-Gcnoral Sir It. Darling, from I9th December, i J182S, to 21st October, 1SJ1 , Colonel P. Lindsay,

!3C B , Lieutonant-Govornor from 22nd October ta 92ii(l Doconibor, 1831 , Ma|or-Goneral Sir It. Bourke,

JSIC C.B., from 3rd December, 1831, to 5th December, I H1S37. Lioutouant-Colouel IC. bnodgrasa, Lioutonant"

Hßovornor fruin Gth December, 1S37, to 23rd Fob ' JSruary, 183S , Su* Geoigo Gipps, from 2 Hil Fobrunry,

«1838, to 11th July, 1810 , fair Maurico C. O'connell,

, Sjfrom 12th July to 2nd August, 181G , Sir Charles A.

¡jritrroy, from 3rd August, 184G, to 17th January, |l855 ; Sir William Thomas Denison, K.G.B., from

320th January, 1S55, to 22nd January, 1801 , Lieu gtonant-Colouel J. P. Kempt, Administrator from |2did January to 21st March, 1SG1 , Right Hon. Su jj. Young, K.C.B , G.C.M.G , Administrator from ;J_2ud March to 15th May, 18G1 , Goaornor-in-Chiai ïfrom lGth May, 1801, to 21th Decomber, 1S07 , bil Slroaor Chuto, ICO B., Administrator from 25th Do. ¿¡comber, 18G7, to 7th January, 1SG8 , Right Hon. ¡.Earl of Belmore, from 8th January, 1868. to 22nd ¿February, 1872 , Sir Alfred fatcphen, K.C.B., Chiel [ i Tustice, Administrator from 2 ¡rd February to 2nd. Bjune, 1872 , Sir Hercules George Robert Robinson, lo CM G., from 3rd June. 1872, to 19th March, 'Ï1879, Sir Alfred Stephen, K.C.M.G., C.B., Admi ) 'Jnistrator fiom 20th Mareil to 3rd August, 1879 ;

rjLord A. W. T. fa. Loftus, G.C.B . from 4th August, ,«879, to 9th Novouibei, lSSo , Sir Alfred Stephen, KG.C.M.&., C B., Administrator from 10th Novetnbor ,vto 11th December, lSfe'i, Lord Carrington, 'KG C.M.G., fioin 11th December, 1S8.">, to November,

01890; the Earl of Jersey, P.O., G.O.M.G;,, iiom * November, 1890, to January, 1893. ,

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