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Municipal Nominations,

Nominations of candidates to fill tho positions o! aldermen for the Valloy aud North Ward, rendered vacant by tho resignation of Aldermen Heat and Hubbard, were declared at tho Town Hall, by His Worship the Mayor, at noon yes- terday. There was a moderate attendance, and the proceedings, although occasionally inter iruptcd by one or two rather demonstrative in- dividuals, were on tho whole of an orderly


The following are tho nominations received :?


John Daniel Heal, licensed victualler, Wick ham-street, nominated by tho Hon. H. B. Fitz, the Hon. D. F. Roberts, Vf. Pettigrew, tho Hon. E. I. C. Browne, S. S. Skyring, and others.

John M'Master, grocer, Ann-street, nominated by Messrs. T. Kinney, M. Ward, T. Tutty, F. Taylor, W. Ruddle, and others,


Alfred Hubbard, freeholder, Wharf-street, nominated by Messrs. E. Mac Donnell, W. C. Whitehill, E. Griffith, J. Hislop, A. Stewart, G. Reading, and others.

Arthur Billett, baker, Rogers-street, nomi- nated by Messrs. H. Armour, H. Patten, S. Horrocks, R. Gidley, R. Beeston, and others.

Mr. Heal, in addressing the meetiug, referred to the circumstances which had led to the necessity of another election, and said tho in couveuieuce which the ratepayers would be put to ia recording their votes a second time was caused by the action taken by his opponent, who hid himself been elected under the same system as prevailed at tho last election ; and who, if he han been at the head of the poll on this occa- sion, would have taken no notice of tho illegality which he had now discovered. The ratepayers tad, he said, been put to this extra trouble simply because certain individuals had not been returned ; but he would leave the matter in

their hands, having every confidence as to what

-Would be the result.

'Hr. M'MASTEn spoke at some length on the course ho had taken in the matter, and Baid it was the ratepayers themselves who had been the pnuiary movers, feeling?os he believed a majo 'rity of them did?that they had been grossly in- sulted by the remarks which Mr. Heal had made at "tte declaration of the poll regarding his (Hr. M'Master's) religious belief. He had always considered that religion and pslitics should be kept separate, and said that Mr. Heal himself, and not he (Mr. M'Master), had been the cause of the present election, because, had the remarks referred to not been made, the original election would not have been disturbed.

Mr. Hubbard explained that^the reason he had

resigned was because he did not feel inclined to sit m the Council and exorcise the functions of an alderman, and at the same time be liable to be turned out at any moment a ratepayer chose to move in the matter. At the same time ne thought the action taken in the matter would tavethe effect of adding to the integrity of the elections in the future, and that they would be ramed out with more strictness than they had mtuerto been. He pointed out, however, that, whatever might be the result of the present election, it would not be a true test of the feei- ng of the ratepayers of the North Ward, as jsmv, not having had time to pay the first moiety of the present year's rates', would not be qualified to vote, and could not be placed on tho rolls after that clay, as ono clear week was ro

¦ Clerk them to be milde UP bythe T°WU

Mr. Billett said he had come forward to again contest tho election with Mr. Hubbard, wearne he had been asked by a number of i-ate rVu* ^^ sa He referre'l to the action taken oj ilr. Hubbard on several matters during the ^wt period he had been in the Council, and mentioned his advocacy of the appointment of a wy tngmeer and foreman of works, to do the work which had hitherto been performed by one ?a,as an instance of that gentleman's economy. oe concluded by assuring the electors that, if returned, he would use his utmost endeavors to promote their interests, and that whichever way Wi election went, he trusted he should remain ;? S°od terms with his opponent, and be able to wake hands with him when it was over.

A vote of thanks to His Worship tho Mayor w presiding brought the jiroceedings to a close.

lt was_ stated that the polling for the Valley >ura will take place at the Oddfellows' Hall, frunswick-street, aud for the Ward( at "* fovm Hall, on Tuesday next; the ballot opening at 9 a.m., and closing at 4 p.m.

Mr. James H. Fitzgibbon writes us as foUows: JT,Alr> "> your report of the jwtty debts cases sen ¦°or^in8,B issue the names Margaret Hau twV Fltz6">bon appear. I wish to state t?"'atQ uot the person alluded to in that case,

infnliUf,?ame °f *e defendant been published larv"'ttus explanation would have been unneces