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lluniciiml Nominations.

THE nomination of aldermen to serye in the Municipal Council for the ensuing two years, in the room of the six councillors who retire, took place in the Chamber of Commerce, Town Hall, at noon yesterday. The nttendauce of rate- payers was larger than has been observed for some years past-the room being crowded to the doors, anti much, interest appeared to be mani- fested in tho proceedings throughout

The M ivor ,(Mr. Jus. ^trau), who occupied the chair as leturning-ollicer, expiessed his gratifi- cation at seeing so many present, and trusted that the interest which appeared to have been revived in municipal affairs would continuo until the Council "ivas mude «hat it ought to be. (Hein-, hear.)

The Town Clerk (Mr. Marshall) then read the nominations received, as follow :- <


Francis Beattie, Queen-street, nominated by Messrs. John Hardgrave, Fenn lok and Scott, C. Knight, mid a number of others.

James Campbell, Creek-street, nominated by the Hon. G. Harris, Messrs. G. Raff, E. Gaujard,

and others.


David P. Milne, Queen-street, nominated by Messrs. R. Oliver, Grimes and Petty, G. Myers and Co., Thomas Taylor, &c.

William Thorne, Queen-street, nominated by Messrs. S. Fraser, S. Hollander, L. Carmichael, and others.


Arthur Billett, Rogers-street, nominated by Messrs. R. Gailey, John Petrie, R. Hutchins, and a number of others.

Alfred Hubbard, Wharf-street, nominated by Messrs. J. B. Dixon, J. Lebbatt, Jobu Barker,



Dal id Grayson, Vulture-street, nouiiuated by Messrs. J. Gulhiud, W. Pettigrew, A. J. Hoekhigs, S. Fraser, &c.

John Kennedy, River-terrace, noni'nated by Messrs. 13. Bishop, John Fraser, D. Siuclair, J. Wilclo, and others.


Thomas Scanhui, Wooloougabba, nominated by Messrs. Thomas Cain, E. J. Baines, James Darragh, Joseph Darragh, and others.

Herbei» Everett, Kangaroo Point, nominated by the lion. W. Thornton, Messrs. Robert B: dey, E. W. Lamb, Jol i Ti .ionr.»i, &o


John M'Master, Anu-streot, noir-'tiated by Mersrs. George Hall', J. S. Turner, R. M. Stoivart, William Pottic,.'ew, ami others.

John 1). Heal, Wickham-street, norn'mitcd by tho Hon. D. F. Robeits, tho lion. Janies Gibbon, the Hon.- H. B. Fitz, the Hon. 13. I. C. Brow ne, and others.


John Crowther, Queen-street, nominated bj' Messrs. George Rall' and Co., D. L. Brown and Co., and oluora.

William Wallace, Gcorge-sti-cot, uominatod by Messrs. E. B. Southerdeii, R. F. Edwards, William Keith, mid othors.

Henty J. Oxlej', Queen-strool, uoiu-uatod hy Messrs. A'fred Hubbard, William Brookes, L. Carmichael, and others.

Each ward having put two candidates for- ward, it was announced that a poll would in each instance take place on next Tuesdaj-, the 9th instant, commencing at 0 a.m. and clos:ng nt 1 p.m.

Tho Mayor intimated that any of tho can- didates who wished could address tho meeting.

Mr. Beattie said he cb'tl not tl"'uk it necessary that ho should give a i'ciioik! of his actions during lils term of oilice, but be thought the ratopaj'ors would acknowledge that he had not been a lazy alderman, and that ho had always supported such works as would prove of benolit to the ward which he represented and the city generally. He had eveiy confidence that his action dining the past'two years would bo en- dorsed by the ratepayers, nndlhnt they would send lum back to the Couucil as their represen- tative. He had been in hopes that he was not going lo be opposed on this occisión, but oppo- sition was the soul of trade, and if certain of tho residents of the ward thought thej' were not being faitb'tilly set ved, thoy had, of com se, a perfect light to briug forward one whom thoy

considered would look after llieir interests to

greater advantage. He had taken a great interest in a" matters connected with the welfare of the city. " There was no denying that the1- fhuincial position was rather d'scouraging ; it could not bo otherwise with the fc.-eat incubus that was hanging over the Corporation iu tho simpo of the VietoVia Budge ; but vi .th such

assistance from the Government as tho me-

tropolis of Queensland win entitled to, ho had no doubl that things might bo greatly improved. Ho was not oue of tiloso who considered the state of Ulinga was causo for despondency especially after the example of bad management show J by the Sydney Corporation ; but believed that Brisbane might he yet made the best metropolis in the Australian group. He had always-objected to tho manner iu which the re- turns of the Corporation had been prepared, as not being sufliciertly explicit ; but, so far as he was aware, the total indebtedness of the city at the present time was-upon the bridge, £121,000 ; upon the Brisbane market, £1500 ; upon tho Town Hall, £20,000; together with £10,000 (general revenue), which was owing to Mrs. Lawson, and which, he believed, had been appropriated for effecting improveinenU in Queen-street. The 5 per cent interest on the bl ¡tige debt, together with working expenses, amounted to £70u0 a year ¡ and as tho receipts did not meet this amount, the deficiency had to be made up from the general revenue. The interest on the market debt had been reduced during the past twelve mouths from 10 to 8 per cent; the interest on the Town Hall debt was 8 per cent.; and that of Mrs. Law- son 7 per cent It might be asked why somo scheme was not devised to reduce tho rato of

interest, but uiifortiihately the city ivies mort- gaged to two individuals- Mrs. Lawson and the liquidator of the Bank of Queensland ; and with-

out come assistance from the Government which ho maintained they were entitled to-this was impossible. This state of things was, no doubt, a check upon the progress of the city, but

he believed a better time would arrive before

long. Ho was in favor of the bridge being matlo free, and considered the Government would only bo acting fairly to tako it out of the hands of the Corporation. (Hear, hear.) As far as he himself was concerned he trusted he had not lost the confidence of the ratepayers of .the East Ward, but would leave the verdict in

their hands. (Applause.)

Mr. Cami'bmj, said he hud frequently been asked to come foi ward os a candidate for muni-

cipal honors,-but from want of lime, i-id being of a naturally retiring disposition-(li-ughter) bud hitherto refused. However, considering that the retiring aldeimau had not quite done his duty during his term of office, he had deter- mined at last, as one of the oldest residents of Brisbane, to contest the field, cud if elected he would promise to do his best for the ratepayers. Ho concluded by suggesting that the Press should, if possible, devote a little more space to reporting the proceedings at the Council meet- ings, in order that the citizens might havo a belter opportunity of judging of the conduct of those whom they sent in to represent them.

Mr. Milxe said this was the fourth time he had been called upon to address them as a can- didate for Municipal honors, and he was not aware tliat, during the eight j-ejirs which he had represented the ratepayers of the M'est Waul, he had done anything to forfeit their confidence. He had always endeavored to do his duty. He had attended all the Council meetings but one, besides attending to his duties on the dif- ferent committees. Jn referring to the creek at the back of Queen-street, he said that, although it had always been a matter of constant annoy- ance, the Council without assistance liad been helpless in the matter. He hoped, however, to see, nt no distent daj', a general sj-stem of drainage carried out through the citj', although he trusted he should never see the day when the offal of the city would be carried' into our beautiful river. The earth-closet sj'stem was not working properly ; but this had been taken out of the bauds of the Council ; and he lund no doubt that the new Local Board of Health, which had taken the matter up, would effect an improvement in this direction. He would leave the matter of his election in the hands of the ratepayers, who would no doubt re-

turn the best man.

Mr. Thorne had no personal feeling against Mr. Milne, whom he believed to be thoroughly honest in intention ; but it was quite possible

foi a man to bo honest \v ithout being able to git e s tisfaction as nil alclei mun Not li it mg been -sitished with Air Alilue, he (Ali ilioine) bul eonie foit\aid to contest the election wttb lum Ile con nlciatl it the dutj of etorj alder ,1111111 to mike hhusolf* thoiuughly acquainted with the huaucinl position di the Goipoiatton , md c\.pre»sed an opinion that one of the gleitest dilhcultics in thi ttnj of the liai momoiis w nkiug of the Alumeii d Council was the pettj jcalousj tv Inch bad been too often exhibited amongst its membeis ,Ho consul« eel that theAlujoi should be elected bj the îatepajcr», and not bj the nldei men , and, if elected, he should etuleat 01 to ¿et m Amendment Act pos-ed, nlteimg the law m that íespeet l[o piomised, it elected, to do

what he could to lolw ml the mtetests of the West A\riud and of tho eitj

Ali Bn eeTi saul tins w as the sixth time he had appeal ed bofoie them m Ins pi esent position, mid desn ed that, if nuj one hud unj chin gos to make igainst him as nu iildeiman, he would do it openlj, m oidei that thej might bo answeied Ile îefeiied to tho luipioveuients winch had been earned out in Ins waul since he enteied the Council, and contended that an aldeiman of long oxpeiieuco would bo of much molo Use til in ouo taking up the position foi tlio hist time

Mi Hunnvitu eonsidoicd tint Ali Billott hail boen too long in his pi esent position, and com plained tint tho thucicnt nnpiot ements on the streets of the eitj weie cn ned out in a most uu satisfnctoij mannet the budge tt is i clog to tho Coi poi ition, and it vt as onlj i ujil that it sh mid be taken otu bj tho Government Othei budges on the btglntajs of the colonj woie flee, and as things stood at piesciit the people ot Bl isb me, bj conti lbuting to the ¡,enei ii i ev elmo ot the eolonv, had to support them and to paj a toll on then own at the same tune llie sow oi it the back of Queen sti cot had aheiidj been the cause of a gieat deal of fotci, but until some great cilnuntj happened it did not appeal tint auj action would be taken to lemodj micteis He concluded by i h inking Ali AVnkc field, who had been a candidate, foi i otu ing m his behalf, anti e\pi csetl l"s intention ot addi ess mg tho íatepajeis on auothei occasion

Mi Gnvïsot iidilusscd the meeting at some length, complaining of the ti o itmont ho h id met with in tim Council fioni Aldeimm MMistei, md detailing tho dillciont mattets m which he had mtei ested himself din mg h s tel in of ofheo He s ml he might in some occasions hat o been ha tj, and Into done vt ion«, but ho lind ultvnjo hld the welfaie ofjlho i xtepajeis at lient, and it le olectod, ho uiouiiseel to cont me lo do all m his powei to foiwaid then nitoiests

AL M'AI vsti it, in tho coiu-e of a few l oin n ks, de mod tim ti nth of the iDeyitions which had been mudo bj tho pieti nis speakoi, lind notified his intention of addie sing the olectois of tho A'allej on i f ulm o occasion

Ali Hi vi e\pieased lmnse'f thssitisfied with the conduct of Mi AI'AInstei dilling Die timo he li id been m the Council, mel Uludodtosovci U nil

pi )\ements to tlio wind, which had been initiitodbj lum (Mi Hoal), but had not boen subsequently untied out Ho ttiiK mfatoi of making tho hi ulgo fi eo , md, mspcikmgto the question of di mulgo, said he hld, when m tho C limul, aeltocatcd the oiloinig of tiiOO foi com petitive designs foi ii gouoi-vl sjstcni of diainago, but lus leleas lind not beon cm nul out 11 ¡iel this bttii eloile, the Cm poi adnu would h no hid some definite plan to hey bofoie the Government, and i bettei chance of obt.ilnmg issisttnee fioni them Would lute beon the îesult Ho consitleitd that the debt of thccitj should be consolidated, mel that the Government should, m c nsidoi

atlon of the lands wlneh thej had sold in the eitj, lcnelci the Cot]ioi ition alistante

A vote of timuka to tho Majoi eoiichuleil the pioceeelmgs_