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Family Notices

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ALLAN, April 24, at her residence, Orthona, Condor-

street, Burwood, the wife of Alfred E Allan. of a son.

A'BECKETT .-April .10, at Surbiton, Ashlield, the wifo of

M. E A'Beckett, of a daughter

ALVAREZ - April .10, at View-ntrcet, Woolwich, Lane

Cove River, the wife of J. Herbert Alvarez, of a son.

BOULTON .-Jlny 7, at Hiooklvn. ltailwav -street, Peter-

sham, tllD wife of I" J. W. Boulton, of a son.

BAPTY .-April SO, at V nllomln House, Wollombi, the

w ife of A Loo Baplv, surgeon, of a daughter.

BRIGGS - March -1, at her residence, Leichhardt, tho wife

of Allied Briggs, of a daughter

BANKS-SMITH .-April 9, at Cundletown, the wife of

H. Banks-Smith, of a son.

BAKER .-April -26, at Dubbo, Mrs. W. J. Baker, of a son CLARKE -April li), at, Newtown, tlio wifo

of W. J. Harke, tun , of a daughter.

COLEMAN .- May 2, at her residence, 461 King-street,

Newtown, the wife of Ernest Coleman, of a son.

CROUCH -Apnl 30. at her residence, Mcl)ra, Orange,

the wife of li A. Crouch, of a son

CATTlLL.-Mav fi, at No. 4 Cooper-street, Qlcnmorc

rnad. tho wifo uf J C Cuttell, of a daughter.

DODDEMEADE -May 11, ut Ellordio, North Sydncv, the

wifo of l>anris J. Doademeado, of a daughter

DUNCAN .-Apnl 23, nt 37b Cleveland-street, Sidney, tho

wife of Ldward Duncan, of Ba River, l.ji, of a son.

DOYLE .-A pi ii 20. at her re idence, Smith-treet, Summer

Hill, the wife of Q J. Doj le, of a daughter

ELLIS .-April 14, at Harcorn Glen, Paddington, tho wifo

of H X. Lilis, of a son

FERGUSON.-April 20, at The Grove, Woollahra, tho wife

of J. W. I-rgusou. ol a son.

FOWLER -April 2.Ï, at Suniay, Lewisham, the wifo of  

Trank F. Tow lei, of a daughter.

FERON .-Apnl 25, at Lc-lie, Prospect-road, Summer Hill,

thowitoof W. A lehon, of uduigbter.

GRACIE -April 27, ut her residence, Braidwood, the wifo

of William Gracie, of a daughter.

GENTY .-Apnl lo, at her residence, Eaglemont, Minto,

thowifcof lied Gent},of ndaughtoi.

GILFILLAN -May 2, at rorchnni, North Sydney, tho

wifo of N. L. Giltlllun, of ii daughter.

GREEN. -April 30, at her residtMco, Milxhell-road, Alex-

andria, the wife of lt_btrt Green, of a son.

HIGGINS .-April 28, at Tamworth, the wife of Tom

Higgins, of Ukolan, of a son.

HIXSON .-Arid 7. at Bringagee, tho wifo of E, M.

Hixson, of a daughter.

HOOPER -April 30, at Amati, Wemyss-strcet, Marrick-

ville, tho wile of tv. A. Hooper, of a «on.

HARDWICK-May 7, at her residence Riddle-street,

Molong, the wife of Wm. G. T Hardwick, of a son.

HILLIARD - Mav 5, at Cowper-streot, Parramatta, tho

wife of G. D Hllliurd, of a daughter

JACKSON.-May 8, at Gladstone, Eedfcrn, tho wife of G.

Rudkin Jackson, of a sou.

KENNEDY.-April 21, at Wonnaminta, Wilcannia, Mrs.

-rank n. Kennedy, of a son.

LINSLEY.- Moy 8, st Winslow, Darling Point, tho wife of  

W.H. LINSLEY , of a son.

LOCKE -Mnj n, at her residence, rieet-strcet. Summer

Hill, the wife of T. N. Loakc, of a «on.

LAVERS.-Maj 7. at har residence, IS Castlcreagh-strcet,

Redfurn, the wife of S. Gordon Lavers, of a s.u.

MOONEY -Mann 81. tho wife of 1) J. Mooney, 8 Bar

ecm-avenno, Dirlni-bu-st, of a daughter.

MATE-April 25. at lier residence, Chester, Auburn, tlio

wife of W. E Mnte. of a son.

MACLEAN.-April 28, at her residence, Partis, Eurclls

street, Burwood, Mrs. H It. -laclesn, of a son.

McPHILLIMY.-April 21), nt Bj denham, Petersham, tho

wife of John H MThilhmy, of a «on.

MATHER.-April 28, at Roslyn, Inverell, the wife of

Thos. Mather, of a daughter.

McCARTY .-Mnj 1, at her residence, IIB Derwcnt-strect,

Glebe, the who of Frank M'Cartv, of a son.

McKINLAY -April SO, at Wvvcm, Waratah, tho wife of

C. M'Kinlay, of a son.

MORTIMORE - Apr.l 20. at her residence, Burwood, tho

wife of n. Mortimore, a son.

NETTLETON- April IB. at Homebush, the wife of S.

Nettletjn, of a daughter.

NORTON,-May 2, at her residence. Berry Estate, North

Sydney, tlio info of J. J. Norton, of a daughter

PAGE -April 30, nt her residence, Wagga Wogga, the wifo

of E 6. Page, of a «on.

RHODES -Mo) 4, nt Fioldhurat, Rvdo, the wife of G. H.

Rhodes, of a daughter.

ROWE --- April 8, at Narrandera, the wife of Francis X.

Rowe, a daughter.

ROBBERDS. --- April 24, at her residence, Bourke-street,

Brewarrina, the wife of O. U. Robberds, of a son.

ROGERS. ---April 24, at her residence, 183 Campbell

street, Sydney, the wife of John E Rogers, of a son.

ROSS. --- April 27,at her residence, Kinross, Germanton, the

wife of John Ross, of a son.

STOKES -April 28, nt Lillington, Stanmore, tho wifo of

J. E. btokca, of a daughter

SLOCOMBE.-Mav 10, at Ellerslie, retorshom, thowifoof

A. E blocombo, of a eon.

SCHLEICHER.—April 29, at Moore College, the wife of  

Rev. B. A. Schleicher, of a daughter.

SHANNON.- May 5, at Bramber, Whaling-road, North  

Sydney, the wife of Niel Shannon, of a son.  

SIMPSON.-May 3, at Hunter's Hill, the wifo of A. H.

Simpson, of n son.

SMITH -April 10, at her residence, Warkworth, Shaw-

street, Petersham, the wife of S S. Smith, of a son.

TRIGGS.-April 26, at Linton, Yass. New South Wales,

the wife of Arthur Bryant Triggs, of a daughter.  

THOMPSON.-Mav 2, at Brisbanville, McMahon's Point,

the wife of Captain T. R. Thompson, of a son.

TROUGHTON.—April 29, at Oxford, Darlinghurst, the  

wife of Donald E. Troughton, of a son.

WATERHOUSE.-April 28th, at Walma, Dungog, the wife

of John Waterhouse, of a son.

WATT - Mav ii, at her residence, .15 Septimus-street, Mac-

donaldtown, tho wifo of Goorgo Watt, of a son.

WHOWALL (WALL).-May 6, at Mimosa, Mittagong,

the wife of H.C Whowall (Wall), of a son.

WRIGHT.-May 10, at her residence, Watcrviow, Watson's

Bo), the wifo of 8 Wright, of a son

YORK -Mai 3. ut her residence, Bourko-strcct, Singloton,

Mis. A. Yoik, of a daughter.


AMPHLETT-OLD -April 22, at St. Thomas', North

Sydney, by Rev. D. Davies, assistcd by Rev. S. H. Childe, Edward A. Amphlett to Elizabeth C. Old.

BOWMAN-O'HARE. - April 24, at St Andrew's

Cathedral, Sydney, by the Rev. R. J. Reade, William

Charles Bowman to Clara O'Hare.

BATES-McGUCKIN.-April 6, at St. Benedict'» E.C

Church, Sydnej, by the Rev. rather Timone), George

Bates to Mary McGuckin.

BROWN-SINGLE .-Apnl 27, nt BL Luko's, Burwood, by

Canon Moreton, assisted by Roi. B. Hungerford, J. !..

Brown to Janet Singlo,

BLUCK-MACNAIR.-May 3, at St Stephen's, Newtown,  

bj the Kev. Dinon la,lor, Montsguo Thomas Nehno* Bluok to Susan Mary MacNair.

BOOTH-IRELAND. - April 11, at 302 Oxford-street,

Paddington, by the Rev. Dr. Gilchrist, James Alfred

Booth to Constance Maude Ireland.

BRODIE-HUME April»1), at bt .Tames' Presbyterian

Church, Burwood, bv tho Bei. James Lwen, David G.

Brodie to Jessie A. Humo.

BURNSTEIN-COLLINS.-May4. at 700 George-atreot,

by Rev A B Davis, assisted by Rev. AVolinskl, Tobias

M. J. Bumstein to -\nnlo Collins

CHANDLER-PENDLEBURY.- Apnl 17, at Dar-  

linghurst, bi the Roi W O. Taylor, Charles AV. Chandler to Phobo Jane Pcndlebury

CAMERON-RILES -March20, attho Bourko-strcet Con-

gregational Church, by Roi. James Hill, MA., John

Cameron to Cnthcrino Riles

CAVANAGH-HOSEMAN.-April 12, at St. Patrick's

Church-hill, by tho Rei. P. Tíquet, John Brian Caianogh to Sarah Hoseraan.

DELANY-GILCHRIST.-April 20, at Bt. Francis oí

Assissi, Paddington, by tlio Rov. T. A. Fitzgerald,

Denis Delany to Margaret Gilchrist.

DUNLOP-KILLEN April 28, at Riverslea, by tho Rov.

James Adams William Dunlop to Isabella Killen

DYER-CLOUGH.-Apnl 11, at Wesleyan Church, Wick

ham, Newcastle, by tho Rev. R. Caldwell, Rev. Eldred Dyer to Sarah Alice Clough  

EYLES-JOHNSON -March 14, at the rcsidenoo of tho

bride's parcuts, by tho Rev. R. fl Paterson, James Eyles

to Margaret J, L Johnson

FURNISS-MANLY.-April 26, at St John's, Tamworth,

by tho Rev. W. J, K Piddington, Eldred Pascoe Furness

to Dibbie Mead Manly.

FERRIER-WATSON.-April 19, at Honda, Neutral Bay,

bv the Rev. R H Waugh, James Robert Ferrier to

Elizabeth Hester Watson.  

FINCHAM-BINSTED -April 12, by the Rev. W. A.

Charlton, William John Mackie Fincham to Mabel


FORD-WILSON.-April 21, it Tahlee House, Hercford

Btreet, Forest Lodge, AVilliam Ht-nry Ford to Ellen Eliza

bcth Wilson

GLASS-POMEROY.-April 12, at Laira, Homebush, by

tho Rev. G. Bil} ner, Thomas Glass to Alico Elizab-tli


GOULD-VALENTINE-Apnl 22, by tho Bishop of

Rockhampton, assisted by Rev. R. T. Gardner, Joshua

W. V, Gould to Jessie L. A'alentino.

GREAR-BERRIDGE -April 27, at St. Ph.lip's Church,

8>dnoy, bj Roi. J. D Langley, Henry Edward Grear to l-ouisa Mali* Berndge.

GOODMAN-PHILLIPS - Maj 4, at 215 William-strcct,

by tho Roi. A. B Davis, assisted by Roi. D. Wolinski, George L. Goodman to Cal olino Phillips.

HOLCOMBE-RAY.-April 6, at at St. Clement's Church, Marrickville, by the Rev A. B Bellingham, William

Holcombe to Alice Maude Mary Ray.

JONES-STABLES.-May 3, at the Congregational Church,

Leichhardt, by the Rev. J. M. Bailey, Ellis D. Jones

to Jessie Stables.

KENNEDY-KEATS -Aprü 12, ot Bj denham. Palace

street, retén-han), Horatio S. Kennedy to Edith H. M.


KNAUER-SPRULES -Apnl IB. at St. Mary's Church,

A\ ai uley, by the Roi R. M'Keown, Georgo Frederick

Knaucr to Matilda SprJles.

KYLE-NORTON.-April Ó, at bt John's, Darlinghurst,  

by tho Roi. A AV. Pain, AVilliam Edward Kylo to

Morion Amy Norton.

LINDSEY-ARCHER -May 8. nt lho Church of St Taul,

Hornsby, bj Rev G. North-Aah, iiamucl Arthur Lindsey

to rjurenco Beatnco Archer.

LAMBERT-McCHEANE.-May 3, at the residence of tho  

bude'« parents, AVilliam Lumbcrt to Laura Anna


LEWIS-HALL.-April 2H, at St. Augustine's, Neutral

Baj', by tho Roi. G. North Ash, M.A., Oswald Henry

Lewis to Loui. a Isabella Hall.

MACREADY-CAMPBELL- April 20, at tho residence

of tho bride's parents, by the father of tho bridegroom, George Legate Mncready to Helen Thompson Campbell. NEALE-SMITHERS - April 2nd, at All Saints Church, PETERSHAM-

By REV C Barber, assisted by REV. G. Middleton,   Alfred John Neale to Gcrtrude SmitherS

OWEN- PAINE -April _0, at St. Stephen's Church, Wil-

loughby, by the Rov. D. Murph}, Albert Edward Owen to Ein Juno Paine ,

PAYNE-SCOTT-DUPPUY.-January 27, 1872, at St.  

Potci's, Laton-squnro, Belgravia, London, Dr. H. Payuo

Scott to Agnes Duppuy.

RICHARDS-KING.-April l8, at Christ Church, Sydney,  

bv the Rev. Chn« Sidnoy Smith, AVilliam Richards to Honriotta Maud King. "..,__,"

ROW-WALLIS.-March 16. at Woollalira, bj tho Rev.

O. Etead, Thomas Bow to Eliza Minnie Wallis.

RICHARDSON-LEE -April 23, bj tho Roi. J. Har

graie, at Bt. Dai id's Parsonage, T. 8. Richardson to STRUTHERS-JOHNSTONE-April 4, at St John's,

AVarrcn, by Rev George Spencer Oakes, James Strutlicrs

to Clara May Johnstone.

STURLER-WATSON.-March 16, at St. Goorgo s.

Hanoier-squaio, London, by the rector, Rodolph Albert

StUrler to Floience Emily Watson

SULMAN-MASEFIELD - April 27, at St Luke's, Bur-

wood, by Rev. Canon Moreton, assisted by tho Ven. Archd. Gunther, John Sulman to Annie E. Masefield.

SAXTON-WILSON -Maroh 29, ntPitt-street Co__ro

fational Church b> tho Eev. W. Scott, Alexander

axtein to Janet Wilson

SOLOMON—JACOBS.—April 26, at Cleves, Blaxland's

Point, Ryde, by the Rev. Joshua Hargrave, Barnet Solomon to Eleanor Maud Jacobs.  

TILBURN-BOND -May 5, at the Scots Church, Church

hill, by the Rev. Wm. Morens Dill Macky, William  

Ernest Tilburn to Elizabeth Ada Bond.

VINDIN-DYE.- - vpnl.b atbt Philip s Chnroh Svdncy

li) tho Rev ei end 11 C Vindm, tv alter Mullens t uulin

U> tnnie t\ vnae Die

WEIRICK—FLETCHER.—March 30, at the residence of      

the bride's mother, by the Rev. T. J. Curtis, Sydney  

Isaac Weirick to Grace Esther Fletcher.    

YORK-O'HARA.-Al ni .7 at the n sidenco of the bride,        

Ncrth fndne) by tho llev li Mkiuuoa, William Alfred York to Lizzie 0 Hal


ANDERSON -Ma) 7 at lu« residence 02 Queensgate,

London Sir Jntnes Anderson in his tilth )ear

BATES-Ma) 4, at North bjdne), Allco Bates, aged  

BANKS -May 10 at his residence, 15 Talfourd-street,    

Glebe, Edmund A Banks, in his 38th year.

BOWDEN -Miv 10 at her residence 1.! Newtown-road,

Darlington lto«auna Bowdi.ii aged 4 i years

BEHRMANN March 27, at Hamburg, Germany, Frau  

Dr Behrmann in her 80th year.  

BLOOMFIELD -May 7, at Melrose Marrickville, Mar  

Saret Blotuiillcld

BOYLE.—May b nt tVaterloo, William Gcorgo Edward llo)le need 8 months G d i) s

BREAKWELL - Mav 2 at Balmain, John William

Breakwell, in his 55th year

BOYD - April 25, at Dapuvispe, Ashfield, Alico Alleen

Ilovd, aged 7 months.  

CARVER -March .4 at Bristol, England, Henry Dando

Carver "in his o.udvear

COLLIER -Ma) 10, at tile Sydnoy Hospital, Th.mas

(oilier aged .1 )cars

CRACKNELL-May, 12 at 41 Selwyn-street, Moore Park,

Catherine Cracknell

CRONIN -May 1_, at Kincora, Balmain, Beatrice Helena


DEITZ -tiny 0 at Harhorne Wentworth-road, Burwood,  

tV Uli im John I tit? aged 1 2 venrs

DAWSON -Ma) 2 at t ro) don, Dulcie Dawson

DARNLEY- At 1 lo id-street, Lciclihardt, Frank Leslie

Darnley aged 1 months

EVANS- Ma) 7, at deo Villa, Neutral Bay, Ada Jano    

Linn« aged 36 years.

FEWER -May 1, at 1 Clive-terrace South Sydney, Mar-

garet C. Fewer, aged 11 months

FOSTER -April .8, at 101 liourke-street, Mrs Elizabeth  

losttr aged 69 years

FORD -April 30, ut fat t mccnt's Hospital, Bridget Ford,  

aged 29 years.

FABRIS -Ma) 8, of parálisis Cristofero Fabris, aged 00


GALE -Ma) 2, athis residence, Bclmoro-stlcet, Penrith,

William Gale, aged 20 years  

GRAHAM-Athis residence Cross Roads, Wollongong,  

Archibald Graham, mu aged bo v tar«

GILLES -tia) 1, ut Hinemoa, Ldbccliff road, Carolino  

Ringrose Gilles need 41) cars

GLADWIN -April 4 at Hackney, London. Sarah Bell

Gladwin, in her 84th year.

GLASHEEN - May 1, at St Vincent's Convent, Victoria-      

street, Sister Mary Albeus Glasheen

GLISSAN -.May 7, at North Sydney, Mary Helena Glis-

san, aged 2 years.

GOODE -Mov 7, at Beatrice-street, Auburn, Harold

Guthner Goode, ngtd I. )iar«

GOODE -May _ at Cailton-strcet, Granville, Ernest

Howard Goode aged 35 )ciu.

GRANT-Mav 0, at Ctolgotnne, Pyrmont, Anna Bolla

Grant aged 58 ) ears

GRAHAM -tlarch IS, at Coldoch, Perthshire, Seotland,

Robert Graham

HARE - Ma) 4 at Sydney, from injuries accidentally re-

ceived Hairv Hurt, ugod 11 )eni_

HEVERS -tlai b at Balmain, Margaretta Clotilda    

Hovers aged 5)ears

HODGES-May 7, Eliza, the beloved wife of Charles

Hodges, Belltrees, Scone N.S.W. in her 68th year.    

JAMES -Ma) 0 at tho Mansi, Bendigo, t letona, Isabel

lames need 31 years

JOHNSON -May 9, at 17 Kellett-street, Darlinghurst,

Alexander Johnson, aged 63 years.

JOHNSON -April 9, at Murrurundi, the wife of Albert

Johnson, aged 42 years.  

KENT -April 29, at 1 nsor, Melbourne, Lucy Mary Kent,

aged 32 years.

LEES.—April 22 at his residence, 17 Esther-street, Surry      

Hills, William Baker Lees, aged 43 years.      

LUSTED - May 8 at Sydney Hospital, Frederick James

Lusted of Campbelltown, aged 16 years.        

MAYES- Mav 11 at Mid Rest kingston road, Camper-

down Edward P Ma)cs m his rth)oar

McDOUALL-Apnl J, at lorquo), Lnglond, Isabella  

Kate ti Douall

McKENZIE -flu) 8 at 12 rcrrj-rond, Glebo Toint,

Dou.l is Challes M Kinzie

JERRARD -Moy 4, at -Tttfalgar Hotel, Custlereagh

btrect Helena Carolino Jen ard

NELSON -Mav 4 at 86 Vietona-strcct North, Abraham

L Nelson, 0(.cd 54 rear«

O'CONNOR -April 29, at 37 Riley-street, Woolloomooloo,    

Catherine O'Connor  

RYRIE.—April 28, at 3 Hughenden-terrace, Stanmore,      

Janet Ryrie.

READING-At hi« residence, ti ellington-strcct, Wool

lulim Richard Grant Reading, J P m his bith vear

ROBINSON -Ma) 4, at Poik-avenue, Burwood, Sarah

Ann Robinson in her [10th J ear

ROSS -May 2 at Greencliff, North Sydney, the Rev. John

Miller Ross in his 67 th year

ROSS-May 3, at Newcastle, Agnes Ross, aged 7 years

and 6 months

REYNOLDS- April 10, at 10 Chapman-street, Edmund

Charles Ro)nolds aged 07 vears

ROSS -tia) J, at Groeucliu, North Sydney, tho Rev John M Ross, in lils 07th) ear

SCULLY.- May 6, at Chippendale, James Joseph Scully,

aged 39 years.  

SCULLEY.-May 6, James Joseph Sculley, aged 39 years.  

SELKIRK -Mav 2 nt Glen Innes, London Errol Sell irk,

aged 5 years and 6 months  

SAMUEL -April 29, at her residence, Katoomba, Phoobo


SHANNON - May 6 at Bramber Whaling-rood, North

Sydney, Archibald Walter Shannon.  

SHAW -April 4, at Belfast, Ireland, Mrs Mathcw Shaw, "2 ) ears

STEVENS- May C at Princo Alfred Hospital, John

Ldwin Stevens, aged 24 )ears

STAFFORD -tlai 3 at 286 Palmer-atreet, Woolloomooloo,  

Margirot Stafford aged 49 )t_r«

ST CLAIR -Apnl 17, at Wedderburn, Frances Carbo

St Clair, aged 3 ) eui.

SWAIN -May 3, at Hospice, Victoria-street, Nelly

Swum, aged 23

SLOAN - May 11, at Wavcrle), Sister M Francisca Sloan,

m the 10th vear of her ago

SLOAN -Ma) 2, at Glen Innes, Loudon Errol Selkirk,

aged 0 v ears and Ü months

TAIT -Mav 9 atricton, lohn Tait

TAYLOR-Moy 5 (b¡ cable), at Wood Green, London,

tv dliom Ta)lor, aged 6J

THOMPSON -May 8,at Brisbaneville,Mc Mahon's Point,      

the dearly beloved wife of Captain T. R. Thompson

TIPPER. -May 4 at St. Thomas-street, Waverley, Irene

Gladys Myrtle Tipper.  

TRENGROUSE- April 29, ot Anglesea atreet, Bondi,

Fliza -.ingrouse, aged 79 years

TURNBULL-Apnl 30, at 142 Beurkc-streot, Woolloo-

mooloo Marv Davidson Turnbidl

VINCENT -lebruar) 25 at Aligurb, North West Pro-

vîntes India ttilliamA Vincent ngodT3\cai

WILSON -May 8, at 219 Oxford street, suddenly, ¡Mary

Ann Wilson

WACE -May 2, at King's College, London, tho wifo of the    

Rev Dr Wace.

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