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Family Notices

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BOLTON.—October 31, at Newcastle, the wife of A. S.  

Bolton, of a son, stillborn

BRAY.—Novembcr 4, at Kirkeaton, 319 Crown-street,  

Surry Hills, the wife of Arthur H. Bray, of a son.

BRUNTON.—October 30, at Brunyarra, Strathfield, the  

wife of John S. Brunton, of a daughter.

BURTON.—November 11, at Benbur, Stanmore Heights, Mrs William Henry Burton, of a daughter.

BURY.—November 3, at Kristel, Petersham, the wife of

Thomas C. W. Bury, of a daughter.

CAMERON.— November 4 at her residence, Wingham, the  

wife of M. L. Cameron, M.D., Ch.M., &c., of a son.        

CHAFFERS-WELSH.— November 8, at Holy Trinity Par-

sonage, Mrs. Chaffers-Walsh, of a son.

CHISHOLM.—October 23, at her residence, Wakefield,  

Audley-street, Petersham, Mrs. J. Chisholm, of a son.

CLAPIN.—October 15, at her residence, Waramea, Hill-    

grove, the wife of William Ernest Clapin, of a son.  

DALRYMPLE-HAY.—October 13, at Tareela, Roslyn  

Gardens, the wife of R. Dalrymple-Hay, of a son.

DIBBS.—The wife of Walter R. Dibbs, C.P.S., Waratah, of a son.

DOLE.—November 4, at East Carlingford, the wife of    

Thomas George Dole, of a daughter.

EATON.—October 26, at Holmewood, French-street, North  

Sydney, the wife of John W. Eaton, of a son.

FAULKNER.—Novomber 8, at 40 Levey-street, the wife of   William Faulkner, of a daughter.

FUNSTON.—November 6, at Avondale, Redfern, the wife    

of Edward O. J. Funston, of a daughter.

GARNETT.—November 8, at Newtown, the wife of Sydney    

Garnett, of a son.

GOLDRING.—October 30, at Waiwera, Wigram-street,

Glebe Point, the wife of Magnus Goldring, of a son.  

GORDON.—October 29 at Middleton Cottage, Willoughby,    

the wife of R. H. Gordon, of a son.  

HALL.—November 5, at Mylora, Waverley, the wife of F.  

S. Hall, of a son.

HART.—November 11, at Harris Park, wife of William  

Hart, jun., of a daughter.  

HILL.—October 30, at Strathspey House, 187 Macquarie-  

street, the wife of James D. Hill, of a son.

HITCHCOCK.—October 16, at Oomoobah, John-street,

Petersham, the wife of J. Hitchcock, of a daughter.  

HORDERN.—November 8, at Glenrock, Elizabeth Bay, the    

wife of Cecil Hordern, of a daughter.

HUGHES-CHILDERS.—October 20, at Woollahra, the    

wife of G. W. R. Hughes-Childers, of a son.

HUNGERFORD.—October 30, at St Andrew's Parsonage,  

Summer Hill, the wife of H. B. Hungerford, of a son.

JONES.— October 30, at Gayton, Burwood, the wife of  

Richard Jones, jun., of a daughter.  

KERLE.— November 1 at Holmleigh, Harrow-road,Bexley,      

Mrs. H. W. Kerle, of a daughter.

LEE.—October 27, at Millbank, Kelso, the wife of William

Lee, of a daughter.

LESTER.— October 22 at her residence, Queensland Hotel,      

Erskine-street, the wife of Herbert Lester, of a daughter.    

M'GREGOR.—October 23, at her residence, 11 Redfern-  

street, Redfern, the wife of D. M'Gregor, of a son.

MACMAHON.—October 20, at Valcassia, North Sydney,    

the wife of P. MacMahon, jun., of a son.    

MARJASON.—October 24, at Lincolnshire, The Avenue,  

Hurstville, the wife of Joseph Marjason, of a son.

MITCHELL.—November 3, at Bank of New South Wales,  

Tamworth, the wife of R. A. H. Mitchell, of a son.

MORRIS.—November 4, Caroline-terrace, Newtown, the  

wife of D. V. Morris, of a daughter.

MORT.—November 8, the wife of Arthur Mort,of Franklyn

Vale, Queensland, of a daughter.

PERRY.—November 10, at her residence, Ladore, Carra-  

bella St. Milson's Point, Mrs. J. S. Perry, of a son.  

PETERKIN.—November 5, at Granville, the wife of Wm.    

D. Petcrkin, of a daughter.

PRICE.—October 10, at St Saviour's Parsonage, Redfern,  

the wife of the Rev. J. Howell Price, of a son.

RANKEN - October 22, at Broughton Cottage, Leyeceter-    

street, Lismore, the wife of Thomas Ranken, of a son.    

RICHARDSON.—October 13, at Weston, Neville-street,    

Marrickville, the wife of H. P. Richardson, of a son.

ROBERTSON.—November 4, at Hay, the wife of Leslie S.  

C. Robertson, of a son (stillborn).

RUTLEDGE.—November 6, at Craigton, Parramatta Park,       the wife of Percy Rutledge, of a daughter.  

SAUNDERS.—October 30, at Ivanhoe, Waverley, the wife      

of William Henry Saunders, of a daughter.  

SEALE.—October 26, at Ollers, Bogan-street, Summer Hill,    

the wife of J. T. Seale, of a daughter.

SHERLOCK.—November 6, at Inglewood, Stanmore, the      

wife of Richard Joseph Sherlock, of a daughter.    

SLACK.—November 7, at 3 Spicer-street, Woollahra, the

wife of Fyson A. Slack, of a son.

SMITH.—October 26, at Arden, Victoria-square, Ashfield,    

the wife of R. G. Smith, of a daughter.

SMITH.— November 3, at Yester, Wentworth Falls, G. W.    

R., the wife of J. C. Smith, of a daughter.  

TANGYE.—October 7 at Smethwick Hall, Staffordshire,

England, the wife of H. Lincoln Tangye, of a daughter.

STEVENS.—October 31, at her residence, 17 Wigram-street,    

Forest Lodge, the wife of James Stevens, of a daughter.  

TRACEY.—November 6, at All Saints' College, Bathurst,  

the wife of the Rev. F. Tracey, of a daughter.    

TUCKER.—November 1, at Plympton, Beecroft, the wife of    

Chas. Churchill Tucker, of a son.

WILKINS.—November 6, at 31 Lower Fort-street, Sydney,    

the wife of Fred. W. Wilkins, of a son.


ALLEN-LAMB.—September 18, at St Margaret's, West-  

minster, Arthur Wigram Allen to Ethel Grace Lamb.

BALL-BIRCH.— October 28, in this city, by the Rev.  

George Middleton, Arthur James Ball to Margretta Hill


BROOKS-DEANE.— October 31, at St. Paul's Church,  

Burwood, by the Rev. A. R. Bartlett, M.A., Edward  

Ernest Brooks to Isabel Australia Deane.  

CHETTLE-MOTT.—November 8, by the Rev. W. Jack-  

son, incumbent of St. James 's, William Arthur Chettle to Sarah Elizabeth (Isabel Montague) Mott.  

COOPER-MOSSOP.—October 26, at residence of bride's

father, William Cooper to Lily Mossop.

CORRIGAN-WALSH.—October 28, at St. Francis's, Pad-  

dington, by the Rev. Father Fitzgerald, James Corrigan to Sarah Walsh.

COWLEY-COOPER.—November 6, at St Philip's,    

Sydney, by the Rev. J. D. Langley, Robert Harrild Cowley to Alice Mary Amelia Cooper.

DIX-WATSON.—November 4, at the residence of Mr. H. M. Eager, by the Rev. James Cosh, M.A., Francis     George Dix to Harriott Annie Watson.

DURHAM-SOWTON.—September 20, at S Marylebone  

Parish Church, by Rev. T. Waters, assisted by Rev. R. B.   Hill, Charles H. Durham to Beatrice May Sowton.

EASTWOOD-GREEN.—October 22, at St Mary's Cathe-    

dral, Sydney, by the Rev. Dr. O'Haran, James Eastwood

to Ada Green.  

FITZ-PATRICK - SCOTT.—October 6, at Aberbaldie, by

the Rev. E. G. Moberley, Dr. Louis Fitz-Patrick to Agnes  

H. Scott.

FLEMING-BAUMANN.—October 29, at the residence of  

the bride's parents, by the Rev. William Bradley, Ernest   Alfred Fleming to Emmie Baumann.

GARVAN-JESSE.—September 28, at Our Lady of Sacred    

Heart, Randwick, by Rev. Dr. Barry, Denis Garvan to

Florence Jesse.

GILLESPIE-CARAHER.—October 27, at St Mary's    

Cathedral, Sydney, by the Rev. Father Glasheen, Joseph Gillespie to Frances Julia Caraher.

HEGARTY-BARKER.—October 20, at Mount Mitchell  

station, by the Rev. Thomas Johnstone, William Pearce Hegarty to Isabella Vesta Barker.

HILTON-REID.—October 14, at Presbyterian Church,  

Pitt-street, by the Rev. B. Dill-Macky, John Hilton to

Elizabeth Reid.

JACKSON-FACE.—October 6, at St Philip's Church,  

Sydney by the Rev. J. D. Langley, Harry Jackson to

Edith Face.

KEEP-SIDDELEY.—October 29, at All Saints' Church, St.  

Kilda, Melbourne by the Rev. Canon Gregory, Walter John Keep to Alice Lillian Siddeley.

KERSHAW-SOMERVILLE.—November 5, by Rev.    

James Somerville, at Kiora House, Burwood, Abraham Kershaw, sen., to Lily Eliza Somerville.  

M'GRORY-BYRNE .—July 20. at St Benedict's Church,  

Sydney, Thomas M'Grory to Elizabeth Byrne.    

MASON-POTTS.—October, at St John's Church, Balmain North, by the Rev. W. A. Charlton, Ernest.Mason to Edith

F. Potts.

MUSGRAVE—HOLDSWORTH.—October 14, at St.      

David's, by the Rev. Joshua Hargrave, John Musgrave to  

Florence Isabel Holdsworth.  

NELSON-BENNETT.— October 7, at St James', Kid-  

brooke, Kent, by Rev. C. E. Escreet, assisted by Rev. J.   C. Leake, Percy W. Nelson to Gertrude Bennett.

RACHOW-ALEXANDER.—November 10, at Surry Hills,  

by the Rev Joshua Hargraves, George Otto Rachow

to Hannah Alexander.

SIM-O'GRADY.—November 5, at St Stephen's, Phillip  

street, Sydney, by the Rev. Jas. Ewen, John Robertson   Sim to Alice Theresa O'Grady.  

SLOANE-WOOLFREY.—October 28, at the Church of  

England, Dubbo, by Archdeacon Wilson, Thomas Gibson Sloane to Eliza Scholastica Woolfrey.

SOLOMONS-SOLOMONS.—November 4, at the residence

of the bride's parents, by Rev. A. B. Davis, assisted by Rev. Phillipstein, Michael Solomons to Elizabeth Solomons.  

STEDMAN-BUDDEE.—-October 14, at St Paul's, Red-  

fern, by the Rev. F. B. Boyce, George Albert Stedman to

Helene Emilie Buddee.

THRUCHLY-THOMAS.—October 14, at the Wesleyan    

Church, Newtown, by the Rev. James Woolnough, John Alfred Thruchly to Helena Thomas.

TRISTRAM-FACE.—October 14, at Woollahra, before the  

District Registrar, John W. Tristram to Maude Face.

TURNER-GOLDMAN.—October 28, by the Registrar-    

General, Charles T. Blass Turner to Emmie Goldman.  

WAY-WINTER. —November 4, at Congregational Church,

Tynemouth, by the Rev. A. Norris, Arthur Hemsley Way to Margaret Dunbar Winter.  

WALLACE-PRYCE.—November a, at Kellyville, by the  

Rev. F. R. Elder, Hugh William Wallace to Ellen Louise


WATT- JOHNSTON.—Octobrr 31, at St Augustine's,  

Neutral Bay, by the Rev. G. North Ash, James Paton Watt, B.A., to Annie Morrison Johnston.  

WOODTHORPE-MEARES.—October 21, at St John's,    

Bishopthorpe, by Rev. E. M. Salinièro, assisted by Rev.

A. Yarnold and Rev. Canon Sharpe, Rev. R. A. Wood- thorpe to Alice Meares.


ALLEN.—November 6, Emor Allen, of 15S Riley-street,  

in his 73rd year.  

ALLEN.—October 31, at 14 Pitt-street, Waterloo, William

Allen, 47 years.

AMESS.—November 7, at Newburgh, Mansfield-street,

Glebe Point, Margaret Amess, aged 59.

AMESS.—November 15, at Hosking-street, Balmain, James    

Amess, aged 17 years.  

ANDERSON.—October 11, at 538 Crown-street, Surry Hills,  

Charles Anderson, aged 69 years.  

BALDWIN.—October 80, at Windsor, Austen Baldwin,

aged 24 years.  

BALDERSON.—October 9, at Amelia House, Newtown,  

Ann Balderson, aged 72 years and 11 months.

BARKER.—November 18 at Madeline-street, Hunter's        

Hill, George Henry Barker, in his 77th year.

BARNES.—November 13, at his residence, Western-road,  

Parramatta, Joseph Barnes, aged 53.

BARNETT.—October 31, at No 8, James-road, Waverley,  

Edward Barnett.

BARTON.—November 4, at Prince Alfred Hospital, Edward

Hugh Barton, in the 42nd year of his age.

BATE.—October 27, at Tilba Tilba, Edward Arthur John  

Bate, aged 28.

BEAHAN. —October 31, at Cowra, D. Beahan.  

BEER.—November 6, at Young, Daniel L. Beer, aged 28 years. BENNETT.— November 7, at Akaroa, Woollahra, Edward

Bennett in his 49th year.

BENNETT.—October 31, at George-street, Canterbury,  

Sarah Bennett, aged 52 years.

BENSON.—October 26, at Fernbank, Manly, Sarah Benson,    

in her 79th year.

BIRD.—November 11, at Mona, Sloane-street, Summer  

Hill, Henry Charles Bird, aged 31 years.

BLACKSHAW.—November 10, at Boyce-street, Glebe    

Point, the beloved wife of J. Blackshaw.

BLOOMFIELD.—At 25 Denison-street, Woollahra, S. E.    

Bloomfield, aged 83 years.

BOUCH .—November 11, at Brisbane Fire Station, Aosntanfc

Superintendent William Bouch, in his 42nd year.

BRACEGIRDLE.—November 1, at Kaikoura, Balmain East,    

Clarence Surre- Bracegirdle, aged 8 years.  

BROOK.—October 30, at Cooma, Arthur Weston Brooks.  

BUDD.—November 2, at Great North-road, Five Dock, Martha Budd, in the 81st year of her age.    

BURTT.—November 9, at Anglesea-street, Bondi, Jane      

Harriet Burtt, aged 52.

CAHALAN.—November 10, at Woodland-street, Ashfield,  

Mary Cahalan in her 46th year.  

CAMPBELL.—November 8, at Rosemount, Woollahra,

Alexander Campbell, in the 80th year of his age.    

CAZENAVE.—November 5, at Yurong and Francis streets,         Woolloomooloo, Joseph Cazanove, aged 45.  

CHABAUD.—October 30, at Binswood, Waverley, Martha  

Frances Chabaud, in her 93rd year.

CHARLTON.—November 1, at Lorneleigh, Stanmore road,

Minnie Charlton, aged 28 years.  

CHAMBERLAIN.—November 8, at Windsor, from drown-    

ing, Florence Evelyn Chamberlain, aged 18 months 5 days.

CLARKE.—October 31, at his residance, 364 Riley-street,

Surry Hills, Robert Stephenson Clarke, aged 61.

CLEARY.—November 8, at Clarence Cottage, Forest Lodge,        

Honora Cleary, in her 63rd vear.

CLEARY.—November 11, at Clarence Cottage, Forest Lodge,      

Martin Cleary, in his 68th year.

CLEWETT.—November 8, at Clinton-street, Goulburn,    

Mary Clewett, aged about 70 years.  

COLLINS.—At 6 Bowman's-terrace, Waverley-road, Wool-  

lahra, William Collins, aged 47.  

CORBETT.—November 4, at his parents' rcsidence, Rook -

wood, Arthur Ernest Corbett, aged 6 years.  

CORBY.—November 13, at Wharf-road, Concord, James  

Corby, aged 84 years.

COWARD.—November 11, at the Hotel Metropole, William  

Morgan Coward, aged 31 years.  

COX.— November 8, at her parents' residence, Alice Maud

Field Cox.

DALTON.—November 11, at Queen's School, Victoria-

street, James Neale Dalton, aged 40 years.

DENT.—Octobor 31, at 294 Belmore terrace, Paddington,

Jane Dent, aged 81 years.

DONOVAN.—At 542 Crown street, Surry Hills, Sarah  

Donovan, aged 74 years and 10 months.

DOWDING.—November 7, at 80 Marion-street, Leichhardt,  

Jessie Frazer Dowding, aged 86.

DOYLE.—September 27, at Emyvale House, Emyvale, Co     Monaghan, Ireland, John Doyle.

DOYLE.—October 28, at Euraba, Quirindi, Ellen Anne          

Doyle, aged 78 years.

DOYLE.—November 9, at Werriston, Werris Creek, Robert Fitz Doyle, aged 53 years.

DRENNAN.—November 8, at his residence, 32 Union-street,  

Pyrmont, Samuel Drennan, aged 50 years.

DREW.—November 3, at Point Piper-terrace, Woollahra,  

Constance Hughes Drew.

DUNN.—At 16 Liverpool-street, Paddington, Elizabeth Ann  

Dunn, aged 63 years.

ELLARD.—November 8, at Pitt-street, Redfern, Susan  

Aimes Ellard, in her 76th year.

ELLIOTT.—November 8, at Waratah, Marrickville,  

William Elliott.

ELLISON.—November 2, at his residence, Emu Plains,   William Ellison, jun., aged 60 years.  

EVANS.—October 31, at Laurino, Arundel-terrace, Forest  

Lodge, Agnes Mary Evans, aged 53 years.

FAHY.—November 1, at 12 Palmer-street, Woolloomooloo,

Mrs Mary Fahy, aged 82 years.

FOLEY.—October 31, at St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney,  

Owen Anthony Foley, aged 35 years.

FOUNTAIN.—November 2, at Birkenhead-road, Drum-

moyne, Edith Mary Fountain, aged 4 years and 11 months. FULLER.—November 10, at Bumberra Railway Station,  

near Mudgee, Henry Fuller, aged 40 years.

GALLAGHER.—November 3 at Phillip-street, Parramatta,

Thomas Francis Gallagher, in his 36th year.

GANNON.—November 5, at 20 Duxford-street, Paddington,

John Gannon, in his 66th year.

GILMORE.—October 24, at The Manse, Welllngton-square,  

Adelaide, the Rev. Hugh Gilmore.   GOLDSMITH.—October 29, at 14 Iredale-street, Newtown,  

Fanny Goldsmith, aged 67 years.  

GRAY.—November 13, at Heath Villa, Double Bay, Hester

Heath Gray, in her 87th year.

GREEN.—November 11, at her residence, Abbotsford-road,  

Homebush, Maggie Green.

HAMMETTER.—November 7, at Leichhardt, Kunigunda  

Hammetter, aged 59 years.  

HAMMILL.—November 2, at Metropolitan-road, Enmore  

Mary Hammill . HARVEY.—At 55 George-street, Camperdown, Mrs. Emma  

Harvey, aged 66 years.

HAY.—November 3, at 86 Sophia-street, Surry Hills, Isabella Hay, 34 HAYES.—November 7, at his residence, 153 Cleveland    

street, Redfern, John Hayes, aged 61 years.

HIGGS .—October 31, at High-street, Carlton, Sarah Sophia

Higgs, aged 65 years.

HOGG.—November 9, at 16 Pearson-street, Balmain,  

William Hogg, aged 32.

HOLLINSHED -November 7, at Purfleet, Elirabeth Bay, Marti a Elizabeth Hollinshed, aged 66 years .

HORDERN -November 9, at Milton-terrace, Crown

street, Thomas Hordern, In his 70th year

HORNE -September 22, at Romford-road, Loudon, Jane Horne HOUGHTON -October 81, at Bosworth-strect, Richmond,   Mrs James Houghton, aged 08) cara

HUNT - November 1, at Tamworth, Bessie Hunt, aged 44 years.

JAMISON - October 31, at Rylstone, William Henry

Jamison , aged 68 years .  

JARRETT - November 5, at Fairlight, Mulgoa, Margaret

Jarrett, aged 68 years.          

JEANE-November 4, at Tamworth, Lachlan Cumming

Jeane aged 68 years.       KELLY-November, athis residence, 200 Kent-street,

Oncn Kelly in his 65th year

KELLYNAK-November 1, at Nowington Collogo, Hov William kolyuu'k aged 6» years

KEMP-Octal ei II, ut Betley, Ernest Norman lung  

Kemp aged 7 month« " . , T .

KENNEDY - November 8, at 214 Crown street, John  

Koimed), agi 167 rears ".,,-_. T .

KETTLE- October 30, at Somerset Hotel, Newtown, John

Louis Kettle, aged 60 years and 9 months.

KING-November 11 at Kokkcdohl, Young, Dorothy

I ethbiidgu King, aged months and 2 weeks

KIRWAN -At hm lather1« residence, Clarendon, Windsor,   William James Kirwan aged 44 »...

LEITCH- Nmomb io at 617 George-street, James I citoh,  

um , late of Liverpool, 1 noland aged 4t

LESTER-At J-gmslovvn, Dalesford, Victorla, William

Lestor, in hie 8'ml) car , _       LEWELLIN-November 0, at Arrawata, Darlinghurst,

William Edmund Lewellin, aged 45

LIGGINS-November 1, at Ridge street, North Sydney, William Fonhfex Liggins uf «118 vi nil

LONG- -Ootober 24, at Arandale, William Long, In his

82nd year

M'ARAN -October 28, at lcn_-etrcet,Hunter'sHill, John M` Aran, nged 76) ears

M'CORMACK -November 4, at Molong, Michael M'Cor-  

mack, aged 46 years.

M'DIARMID -November 7, at Armidale, suddenly, Allan   M'Diarmid, aged 74 years .

M'DONALD-November 6, atJ07 Harris-street, Pyrmont,

Neil M'Donald aged 62 year» /"

M'DONALD-November 10, at 180 Union-street, Mac-

donaldtown, in his S6th vc ir

MACLEAN -October 14, at Bombala, Annie Cameron


MACMAHON -Novomber 2, at Havilah, 100 Darlinghurst

rond, Marla Julia MaeMahon, aged 62

MAHON -September 111 at Westbourne Park-road,

London, Colonol M H Mahon, aged 76 years

MARTINSON -November 6, at 40 Chlsbolni-stroot, Maitln

Martinson aged 60 vears , , , MESNER-November 1 at Paddington, Annotto Violet

Alcacer in her 16th ) car

MILLARD -Vovoinber 7, at 4 O'connell Btreot, Nowtown,

Ix> ima Millard, aged 60) eora

MILNE -October 24 at 1 nnco Alfred Hospital, Emma

Elizabeth Milne aged 2 years  

MILSOP -November 6 Wollongong-road, Arncliffe, Alex-

ander Milsop, aged 48 years

MITCHELL- Novombor 8, at her resldonce, Caddal,

Susannall Mitchell, aged 17 yean

MOFFAT- November 10, at Alston, Globo Point, Ellen

Moffat, agc 1 75 ) years.

MORRIS - November 11, at his resldoneo, Oiloy-strect,

Bowral, John Goorge Morris, In his 60th year.

MOULDEN.—October 31, at Statenborough-parade, Nor-

wood, S. A., J. Eldon Mouldon, in his 80th year.  

MULLARKEY -October Jl, at 02 Buckingham-street, olly,

LÜ70 Mullarkey, u_-ed 78 years.

NELSON -November 6, at Dulwich Hill, Mrs Amy Nelson,

aged 77 years

NEWTON -November 13, at Wychhazel, Croydon, Lily

Newton, aged 21

NIXON -At Lynnwood, Bland-street, Ashfield, William

Nixon, aged 03 ...

O'BRIEN -November 11, at 22 Belvoir-street, Strawberry

Hills, Patrick O'Brien, aged 63 .

ORMISTON -Novomber 8, Brooklyn, Kogarah, James

Edward Ormiston, aged 82 years

PAGE -November 8, at hi« residence, 81 Oxford-street,

Arthur L Page, aged 81

PARNELL-Novomber 27, at Ashfield, Neridah ¡¡ _*


PARNELL -October 80, at ABUflold, Roacoo Parnell, agod

24 leara and 10 months

PARKINSON -Novembei 9, nt his residence, Hol0

borow- street Ashfield, agod 87 years.

PARSFIELD -November u, at Water Reservo, Botany,   William Hamilton Parsfield, sen , in his OlUi ) year .

PEARCE -Novombir7, ot 81 Barcom avenue Flielia Ann

Pearce aged 78 Also on November 8, at the same place, June Pearce, aged 48

POLLARD - Novembre 12, »t No 6 Johnston-street,

Annandale, Jam«! Harrison Pollard «god 02 )cors

POWELL—November 7, at St Vincent's Hospital, John

T Powell aged 27 years

PRICE -November 6, at Ardco, Woollahra, Hornet Jcf

roio-s Price, ago 172

PRICE- November 0 at St Savioui'a Parsonage, Young

street, Redfern, William Goorgo Price.

RAE-November 2 at dram Ills, Maud Filen Rae, aged 24


RIORDAN -November 2, at Clyde nouée Surry Hills. Mar) lano } Isio Riordan, aged (I years und 8 months

ROBARTS-November 1, at ltosoivyii, Petersham, James William Hobarts, aged 70)iars

ROBERTSON -October .1, Moray-street, Brisbane, Emily

Robertson aged 77 years.

ROOKE- November 2, at Blackfriars, Charles Robert

Rooke aged 28 years 1 month.  

RUSSELL.—October 27, at Grafton-street, Goulburn, Mrs.    

A. T. Russell.

RYAN -October 20, at her residcnoo, 166 Macquorie-street

S «ith, Samh Ryan

RYDER.-Novombor 11, at her resldoneo, Marona,

Burwood, Juno li v der  

RYGATE. -November 2, at Wellington, NSW., Jane

Rygate, aged 63 years.  

SACHS—November 8 at his late residence, Oceanside, Manly, Leopold Ferdinand Sachs M.D., aged 71.    

SAXBY.—October 31, at Taree, Manning River, N.S.W.,

Jane Ann Saxby.

SIDDINS-November 2 at Macquarie LIghthouto, Joseph

I iehnrd Siddins, aged 68 year«

SMITH-November 5, at Roslyn, 15 Kellett-street, Darling-

hurst, Mr. J Skey Smith, aged 32 years.

SMITH- November 13, at the Sydney Hospital, Lola Blanche


SOLOMON -Novembor 12, at hi» residence 370 Harrls  

street, Ultimo, Henry Solomon aged 68

SPOFFORTH—October 28, at Molong, Anna Spofforth.

STARKEY- Novembei 10, Jame i fctarVey, agu! 78 years    

STEVENS-Novomber 2, at 17 Wlgram-stroot, Forest  

Lodgo Alice lane Stovons aged 27 v ears

STUCKEY -October 7 at Bungoonu, Emma Frances       

Stuckey aged 64 years

SWAN-November S, ufcthe lesldcneo of Mrs Gallager,

Philip-street, Parramatta Nurse Mina Swan

SWIFT -November 12 otRailiui>-avenuc,Stunirioro,Mur)

Swift ogod 4 )e im and 7 months

TAYLOR-Neu emlcr 4, at aoderlck-Btroet, Perth, WA,

Ornee favlor age 1 tiJ years

THOMAS- November 1, at Rovol Hotel, Granville, Mondo

Ellen Thomas.

THOMAS-Novembor l,at Sydnov, Now South Wales,

Man Josephine Thomas, aged 12 years

TINDALL.—November 9, at Woniora Park, George's River,    

John Tindall.luto of Liverpool, NSW. aged 71 years

TINDALE-Nnvember II at Wantirortll-strcot, Harris

Park, Sarah ríndalo in her 7Jnl ) ear

TOWERS-Novomber li, at hi« residence, 21 Unlvcult)

street , Camperdown, Joseph Towers, aged j9 years.

TROUT-Novomber 1, Willloui \u_uirtiis Trout, late of

Bathurst, aged 64 ) years.

TUCKER- Januar) 17, D5 Duncan-terrace, London, Sarah    

Ann Tucker

TUDEHOPE -Died suddenly, Edith Margaret Tudehope,


VAN-November 6 at Van'« I amity Hotel, Waverley,

Kate Van, aged 60 years.

VAN DE VELDE-October 6, on board S S Lulu Bohlen,

South African Coast, V Van do Voldq

WAGER -October 30 at her resldouoo, No 4IS HJloy

street Surry Hills, Eliza Wager

WALKER-Octobor 12, at 0 Willoughby-street, North

Shore, Sarah Walker

WARD-Ortobor24, at Imperial Hotel, Macdonaldtown,

David Ward, aged 62 ) cars and 7 month»

WEBB-Novombor 1, at Bt Aubyn, Armándolo, Ellen


WEST.—November 1, at No. 11 Holt-street, Surry Hills,   Henry Jesse West, aged 11 years and 8 mouths.  

WEST-November 4, at Appin, Spencer Murdock West,

aged 14 years and 10 months.

WEST -November 4, at his mother's residence, George-  

street, Enfield, William John West, in his 36th year.

WILLIAMS-November ti at No 6 fit Go irgo a-teiraeo,

Fanimatta Margaret Williams, uged 02 ycius

WILSON-November 9 at Kamarai, Victoria-street, Ash-  

field, Jane Weir Wilson

WILSON -Ootober 28, at Albury, Donald Hugh Wilson,

aged lil month«

WINDRED-Ootobor 26, at Orange, Sarah Silk Windred,

iiged 70 loora

WOODWARD-October l8 at Little Bourke street, Surry Hills, William Ralph Woodward In his 56th year

WRIGHT- Nov»mbor6, at Croydon, Thomas Wright. In

tho 't.inl year of his «go

WYNNE -Novemboi 4, at 71 Union-«treut, Pyrmont, Ann

WvTino, aged 66 5 oat»

WYLIE -In loving memory of Annie, my dearly-beloved  

wife, who departed till« llfo November 6, 1800 J B Wybo

ZIMMLER-Noyomb-r 1, at his nuldciico, Gulgong.

Charlea F T 7lmnüor, aged 03 B K'

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