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Tlio new vessel built to tho ord*r of tho Melanesian Mission, tho faouthern Cross, has armed at Auckland It was hoped that Bishop Selwyn would hine como out to New Zealand by the now ship, but as is already known, his health has so much given way that it is unlikelv ha will ever make another voyage to tho Britain of tho Southern Seos Ihe Southern Crow waa built by Me<srs Iorrcst and Son, Wji euhoo. England, and was launched m Moj of last year, her trial ti rp taking placo in Auirust hutt Bho isvery stronglycon-dructed of wood, copper-sheathed beJow tho w oter line, and w us built under Lloj d'- special survoj, in which registry she has obtained tho highest classification He i tonnage is HW tous j acht measurement, or J**) tons grong register, and herpnneipal dimensions aro -l_ength between perpendiculars 131ft , beam, 2Gft Gin depth of hold, 14ft 3iu. Bho is rigged asa bngantine with three masts and is fitted with Cunningham's patent reeling gear, wherebv bail can bo shortened from the deck rhcro is accommodation for eight Europeans and 56 names, in addition to her crew of 14 men. Thora aro two deck teak houses tho forward ona of which contains tho officers* quarters, ponti\, and gallcv In tho hitter a special copper has been litted(setm brickwork andecment), which is in tended for tho cooking of Mima-the -tapie natue food Iho after deck houso contains the Kaloon, in which is a dming-table at which 10 per&ons can be seated Iho saloon is plainlj but bubs tant nilly furnished 'lhere aro bunks for six mission ancs and au joining aro two comfortable stato rooms, on for tho bishop and one for the guest In tho samo houso, aud opening aft, is tho captain s room Below there is a comfortable and airy foruastle, which i_ well provided with lockurs Aft of this is a large cabin, extending aft to tho forward engine-room bulkheid, fitted with bunks to accommodato four natue bojB Under all tho lower bunks iron boxes to stow shins biscuits in havo been fitted Another cabin situated oft of tho enpine-room, and similarly fitted for 10 natue boys, communicates with this bj a passago closed in from tho engines, and aft again is another room for 12 natue girls In each of these three cabins there is a large table amidships, and they can bo utùVod as cla__rooms as well as living rooms for tho natue convert« On this deck are storerooms, sail locker, and bathroom Iron ballast is embedded m tho e«ment of the floor of tho vowel, and tho space between tho cement and tho deck beams is fitted with water tiuka mado to fit exactly into tho space available for th-in, in which can be carried 25 tons of water-11$ tons for drinking purposes, and 10J tons for tho boder lu tho bilge is a small well, into which the buctions from tho steam and hand pumps oro fed Haatie's patent hand-gear is used to steer tho vessel with, and Stcvens's patent rudder-controlling gear is also fitted Thero ia a windlass and steam deck-winch, the latter of which waa presented to the Mission bv tho boj s of tho Bdton School i ho A es'el carries fl\ e largo wooden boats Iho engine room is very spacious and airy and ia fitted with a com- pound eigino of about ISO-horse power (indicated), mado by Messrs Plenty and Co, of Newburj

Hie cj linders are lim and 22in diameters, with a stroko of 15m The boiler is an ordi- nary multitubular marino boiler, 8ft long by 7ft Gin diameter, with two furnaces, adapt«! for burning either coal or wood Tho steam pressure is 1001b Tho screw is mado of gun-metal and is on Bevis'a patent feathering principio, by which tho pitch can bo altered so that the drag of tho propeller can bo avoided when tho vessel is proceeding under Fail alone The vessel depends chieflj upon her sail power, tho engines being onlj relied on in caso of cairns or for emergencies, such as working her off a lee shore Ihe Crop's trial trip took placo at Harwich, and the vessel behaved herself verj creditably The weather had been verj storroj for somo dava previous, and It was blowing verj hard at the time of tho trial 'Iho teasel kopt herself exceedinglv tead>, and her decks quite dr>, proceeding under all fore-and-aft bails, and under steam, and she averaged about 12 knots under thc5o con- ditions tho engines making nbout 100 revolutions with lOOlb steam and 20 n of vacuum Under sail alone nearly 11 knots was attained 'Iho vovago out was made under canvas, and occupied 108 dora

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