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Theuunual mooting of tho Sydnoy University Boat Club was hold at tho Oxford jlotel King-stroot, last ovoning Hiero was a lur_,o nttendauco of members

Mr. Gcorgo Rich proBidod llio iiollng soorobiry road tho fifth annual report, which, on the motion of Mr C Schrader, soconded by Mr II Coi., was adopted lho report silted that the club was to bo congratulated on its continued and increasing prosperity, lho Lbiof ovont» ot tho year had hoon tho lntor University Eight oared Races, two of which had boon rovvod in tho current club year -tho race for 18J0 rowed at Molbourno on Juno li, and won by a crow consisting of A J M Monbon (how), W I Coylo (2),]«" Lloyd (J), B bnwyor (1), I C Wood (6), L II Scott id), I It do B Lope/ (7), W A. Conlon (Btroko), L vi btophon (cox ) Molbourns nnd bvdnoy took part, and the Svdney roprosoulatlv os succeeded in winning easily lins nuccoss they had repented this year, when, in the raco rowed on tha Parramatta on April 4, Sydnoy won by six iongths from Molbourno, and It! from Adolaido lho local re proseniatives in this raco wero C II Hclsham (bow), R J Millird (2;, M A Conlon (!) I II Scott (4), B Suwyorp), It W. lhoinns (0),U Cox (7), I it do B Lope/ (atroko), L M btephcu (cox J On, tho ovoning of tho race a supper wjs givon to lho rom neting crews in tbo L,roit hall of tho Univorsitv, whon lho Lhaneollor presided, mid his I xtelleucj tho Governor and a largo and representative cuthering of University men wero pi eton! lho thanks of lho club were especially duo lo Mi AC Millard, who as coat li accompanied both thoso crows to thoir training quartors in Molbourno and on the Parramatta, and ni tho latter race Mr Ionium Pell, of Quceusluad, had rendorod great aesiBlauco in co tching the crow, lho record for the y oar in intor-cluh races wiib not us good as might bo wished lho club was represented unsuccessfully in a maldon four-onrod raco at thu St Ignatius' Colicúo regatta, also in A

maiden four-oarod ruco at I err unalla Row iuir C lull's

roejilta, but ngiin unsuccessfully, our roproBontalivcs finishing third on each occubIuq Iii eonior races tho olub )iau boen roprosenti d m a senior eight-oared raco, which took place in Mcpfombor last over the ohauipiun course on lho Pur^umtitta Rivor, hut without sullcbs. lho annual trial fours, which attracted no less Ulan eie,ht cruwu nud resulted In nome excoliont racing, waa ultiniatoly won by b Mack (bow), A J M. Blupbon

(2), I Rosoby(l) R I Millurd (stroke) A rato for

fours on fixed seats was wen bv W II b M Kon/io

(bow), I II Gadon (2), C 1 VV Hunt (J), li W. lhomnii (stroko) lho club had nocossariiy lucnrrod hoavy cxponse this y mr, owing lo tho two Intir University races and the lucre iso of mumbnrahip, ¿le, in conséquence of the formation of tho bporls Union lho llniintca of tho club wero now under tbo control of lho union, and tho club retelvcd from tho union from timo lo timo molloy to nicol tho nucossarv exponeos lho financial position of lho club was 'curuforo in- separable from that of lho union, und, accordingly no bal inco-sheutwits published with report It might bo mentioned, howovor, that tho union had, during tho year, lound all noeessary funds for lho purposes oí lho club, and had paid oil largo part of tha debt ontniand îng un tho club shod lho liomin) of Mr A J M. btophon, who had rowed iu tho winning eight in Mel- bourne, was roforrod to lho club hud lost the soi vlces of Mr li indey or, its honorary secretary, who was compollod to rosigu that position on having for a visit to i ngland lho success of tho club wau now


lho election of offlcor» resulted as follows -Patron, his I xoclleuoy Lord lorsoy president, Sir William Mnnmner, chancellor, vice presidents, lions Dr Ken- wick and E ilnrtnn, Ms L C , Prof essor Soott. I ro fosBOr 1 bonus Uutlor, 1'roi ensor 1 ¡tt-Cohott, Messrs. Geo Rich, A C Millard, T Harris, N 1 Baril, R. iooco. Consett Stephen , captain, Mr G W Millard , vico-captain, Mr W N Conlon coinmittoo, MoBsrs. V B MaeDormott, II Cox, I II Scott J P Pick burn, W H Palmor, lion socrotnry, Mr W I P.

Cuy lo, bon tro maror, Mr II i bomas , trusteos, Pro- I fosior Scott and Mr R fclinith, auditors, Monars M J. llrown uud 1 L Rnsoby

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