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Municipal governemt may be said to have been in- augurated at Jamberoo to-day, the first meeting of the borough council in that village having been held in the Protestant Hall this morning. There were present—The   Mayor, Aldermen King, Cole, Fredericks, and Somer- ville. The ratepayers of Jamberoo are well pleased to have in their village a municipal institution, and the members of the council were warmly received by the leading residents of the place. A sum of £880 having been guaranteed some time back for a road from Moss Vale to Jamberoo, the council was informed by letter from the Works Department that three of the most im- portant works on ths road have been let, and will be carried out as quickly as possible. A letter was to hand from the Board of Health, urging that persons not registered under the Dairies Supervision Act abould be prosecuted in accord- ance with seotion 6 of the Act, and that the pre- mises should be inspected beforo registration was granted. The council is aware of this, and will no doubt take action to appoint a permanent in- pector if Mr. Hindmarsh, who was temporarily appointed some time since, declines to continuo to act. The most important business transacted at the meet- ing was the passing of a resolution to have the borough divided into three wards, to be called res- pectively the North, South, and Central Wards. The boundaries of the second portion will be almost identical with those of the present Southern Ward, and the North and Central Wards will be divided by the main    

South Coast road as far as Tate's-hill and from that point to the west boundary of the municipality by the road from Jamberoo to Moss Vale. It was deoided to apply to the Government for a grant of £1200 to pur- chase a recreation ground. It was also deoided to retain the services of the council clerk, who has been 23 years in the office.

A public banquet took place in the Protestant Hall, Jamberoo, last evening, to the Mayor, aldermen, and council of the borough of Kiama, which now embraces only Jamberoo and the southern wards of the former municipality. The banquet was intended to express approval of the conduct of the aldermen and officers of the parent borough, and to mark the introduction of the administration of municipal government in Jamberoo ; and in both respects it was a complete success. The guests present were Aldermen Chas. William Crain (Mayor), Hy. Fredericks, Moses King, Geo. Somerville, and John Thomas Cole, with the council clerk, Mr. J. Somerville; Alderman Henry F. Noble was unavoidably absent, Mr. George W. Fuller, M.L.A., Mr. W. P. Cullen, LL.D.. Mr. Matthews, Mayor of Cootamundra; Mr. Jno. Fraser,   Mayor of Shellharbour; Mr. S. Major, Mr. J. B. Howat, manager of the Australian J. S. Bank; Mr. Kleran Ryan, solicitor, and other gentlemen were present as visitors. The chair was occupied by Mr, D. Lindsay Dymock, J.P., and the vice-chairs by Mr. James Graham, J.P., and W. Stewart. The chair- man, in proposing the health of the guests, made a lengthy speech, in which be referred to the many inter- esting events in the history of the borough of Kiama, one of whioh was the agitation 20 years ago for the separation of Jamberoo and its erection into a munici- pality; the consummation of their wish had now been realised, and he believed that self-government would be found to work well in Jamberoo. The toast

was responded to by the Mayor and all the aldermen present, and the council clerk. Mr. Fraser proposed " The Parliament,'" which was responded to by Mr. Fuller, at L.A., who read o letter received from the Department of Works relative to the pro- posed branch line of railway to Jamberoo, stating that the officers of the department will be sent immediately to inquire and report upon the Industrial and commercial prospecta of the lins. He »toted on the authority of tho Government Geologist that th« best coal «earns in the colony, if not in the world, an in the mountain range« «urrounding Jambo-, roo, and be hoped before long to see them developed by the proposed branch railway to the coast-Une.

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